Two F***ing Years at University

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I’m Sarah. I’m a university student. A student almost at the end of her second year at university.

I’m also quite sexually active – and not always from choice!

I was thrilled to be accepted to university – one sited away from home, in a town that is predominantly a ‘university town’. I was naïve when I enrolled – and probably still am.

One of my first challenges was to find affordable accommodation. I was thrilled to be interviewed by Jim Baker, a local landlord who had some rooms and houses available to rent close to the university – and was even more thrilled to soon be offered a one bedroom apartment to rent.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but Jim only interviewed young girls and the interview was ‘profiling’ applicants to identify those who might subsequently find they were unable to always pay the rent on time.

Jim expressed concern that I enjoy university, and indicated he would do everything to help me to do so. Once I had signed the lease he told me he had two daughters who had also been to university and, somehow, got around to asking me what contraceptive protection I had. When I indicated I would be relying on condoms he said “that’s no way to be able to enjoy everything at university. I suggest you to go straight to the student medical service and ask for a contraceptive implant, get a receipt for the cost and give it to me, and you can deduct what you paid from your next fortnight’s rent – that’s the least I can do to welcome you to university, in exactly the same way that I ensured my two daughters had been on the Pill when they went to university.”

What a marvellous gesture to a new student, I thought.

I had come to university underfunded. I had hoped to secure a steady job that would help pay my way through university, but knew from the start that earning money would have to become something of a priority. Mum and Dad are not well-off, and I have two sisters they also have to raise, so their contribution had to be minimal.

Jim explained that I was not the ideal risk for a landlord, but he said he liked me and was willing to give me a chance. He presented me with a ‘take it or leave it’ lease which stipulated that rent must be paid on time and in full each fortnight and that an appropriate penalty, acceptable to both parties, would be exacted if I failed to meet this condition (or the other conditions) of the lease. I asked him what this meant in practice and was told “it’s not something you should worry about, because you will be paying the rent on time and in full every time.”

Well, you can guess what happened. Towards the end of the first semester I had been partying and drinking a little too much, and I had been unable to find a regular job, so money was tight and I was unable to immediately pay one fortnight’s rent.

When Jim came around to collect the rent and I didn’t have the money, he reminded me of the penalty clause. “What did your Dad do when you were younger and failed to do things you had promised to do?” he asked.

“He’d give me a smack,” I replied.

“Well, as a friendly warning, I’ll just give you a smack on this occasion. Jeans off, bend over, and repeat ‘I must pay the rent in full, on time, every time’.”

And he laid his hand, fairly firmly, on my panties on my backside three times.

I got the message…

But early in second semester I again found I didn’t have the money available when the rent was due to be paid.

“Jeans off, panties off this time, bend over, and repeat ‘I must pay the rent in full, on time, every time.’…and next time that you don’t, you can expect to receive something much more than a smack on your backside,” he advised.

I was totally uncomfortable with this.

I pleaded to keep my panties on, but was told this was Jim’s standard punishment for second-time defaulters, it was accepted by his other tenants, and “if I wasn’t happy, I should pack my bags and leave the unit immediately.”

So what choice does a girl really have?

I slowly dropped my panties whilst trying to shield my private parts from his view. I bent over, as instructed.

And my buttocks received five good whacks – plus a few gentle rubs (or, more properly, feels) between each whack – from Jim’s hand on that occasion.

And, I was warned: the next time I didn’t pay the rent I could expect to be ‘penile-ised’ – not just ‘penalised’.

Of course, it was not too long before – for the third time – I had no money for Jim on rent collection day.

Jim explained that he needed the rent paid on time to meet mortgage commitments, indicated he would have no problem finding a tenant to replace me, and suggested I might now offer him a ‘reward’ to convince him that I should not be immediately evicted – which, on this occasion, meant stripping off and allowing him to give me a “damn good fuck.”

This was again presented to me as a ‘take it or leave it’ proposition – with my immediately being evicted if I chose the latter.

I must admit, antalya escort I was not a virgin. In fact, I had quite liked the sex with the guys who had previously penetrated me.

But this was the first time I had been coerced into providing sex, and I was not looking forward at all to having Jim’s cock up my vagina…or Jim’s cum deposited inside me…as a reminder of my lack of budgeting expertise.

But I had little choice.

If I wanted to sleep in my own bed that night, then I had to invite Jim to join me there first, and to accept his erection.

So I decided, if I was going to agree to his demands, I may as well do my best to enjoy the situation.

But I was also well-aware that, if Jim concluded – after he had entered and inseminated me – that I was a ‘damn good fuck,’ he would surely find reasons to be back demanding more.

From very much earlier in life, I had fully understood the sexual vulnerability of females. Friends had told me the only way to get ahead was to expect to have to ‘screw your way up the organisation’…that if you didn’t give guys what they wanted you would soon have a widely-known reputation for being ‘frigid’ or being ‘a lesbian’…if you didn’t perform well in bed, then guys would rapidly let their friends (and you!) know…and if you performed too often in bed, then you were a ‘slut.’

And now I was experiencing exactly that female sexual vulnerability – at first hand, and probably with no other realistic choice.

Jim also suggested that if I had ongoing financial problems, he could help me overcome these by offering my availability – “providing you prove to be a good fuck tonight” – to his friends at $75 per time.

“So you are suggesting I prostitute myself?” I asked.

“No,” he replied. “I’m suggesting you pay your rent on time, in full, every time.”

So the “reward” I was giving him for my third late payment of rent began with him removing my clothes – my jeans, my shirt, my bra and, finally, my panties.

The way that Jim then gleefully looked at me made me think, for a few seconds, he had never seen a cunt or a pair of teenage boobs before. I hoped it just meant I was a good-look, standing there absolutely naked.

I think I have an attractive body – nicely rounded breasts, a shapely waist, not overweight nor underweight – which attracts its fair share of admiring glances whenever I am at the beach or the pool.

I don’t rate the area between my legs as particularly attractive, although guys must think otherwise as they seem more-than-willing to look at it, to play with it, and to lick it. So overall I feel happy with what I’ve been given (and, equally, I’m happy when I’m feeling what I’ve been given!!).

Jim reiterated he was not punishing me. Rather I was recompensing him for my having failed to yet pay the rent – and he insisted that I now be as loving as possible and, in return, he would be as gentle as possible with me. He was, he explained, “not expecting a quicky, but a really rewarding fuck for being so patient with me.”

So, naked…I was laid on my bed…and fondled…and kissed, as if I was doing Jim a huge favour.

His fingers or hands touched, felt, explored, probed places he really had no right to be exploring – my backside, my tits and nipples, my anus, my clitoral slit, my clitoris, my vagina.

Whilst his hands were roaming my body, Jim asked how often I had had sex. I told him that was none of his business.

Then he asked if I enjoyed sex. Again I replied that was none of his business – but I must have done so a little too brusquely.

He, in a friendly way, he then reminded me I was “rewarding” him, hopefully willingly, and that he could make things quite rough and unpleasant for me should he choose to do so.

So when he asked how I wanted to have sex – mentioning missionary, doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and several other positions I had not previously heard of – I replied “missionary will be fine, this time,” adding the “this time,” not because I was expecting there would be a next time, but as a gesture of friendliness.

As all this was happening, Jim could soon feel that I was reacting and, involuntarily, getting noticeably damp.

So he positioned me, and his erection, so he could gently and slowly push down into my vaginal canal.

Once in, he held his manhood as far in as possible for a few moments and then started thrusting…rhythmically, just as a girl likes, and then with an increasing tempo and force.

Jim was obviously experienced – perhaps from being “rewarded” by more than a few of his tenants.

When he came I was delighted that he had earlier suggested I have that contraceptive implant, because now I could just enjoy the wetness he had shot into me without having to worry about possible future consequences.

I held him in for a while before allowing him to withdraw, signifying I had – somewhat, at least – enjoyed our conjugation.

Whilst re-dressing Jim remarked jovially to me serik escort “I have the answer to my two earlier questions: you DO enjoy having sex, and you’ve had it on many more than one occasion…so perhaps next time I should see how much you like taking it in the butter-churner position.”

I was not too happy with having to provide sex to Jim’s as a “reward” for the late payment of my rent, but Jim was not a bad fuck. I had certainly experienced very much worse!

In fact, I had quite enjoyed what he had given me, so that the thought occurred to me that I might have to pay my rent late on some future occasion to be penile-ised by him again!

Things that year did not improve and, on several more occasions, Jim had his cock well up my vagina as I “rewarded” him for late payments of rent. (And, yes, I did accept a delivery of Jim’s cream on one occasion whilst in the butter-churner position…and, mmm, how good was that!!)

Finally, I decided “fuck it, I’m here to enjoy university and not to constantly worry about whether I can pay the rent.”

So I asked Jim to arrange for three of his friends to come around and give me what I needed to be able to pay my outstanding rent.

I treated all of them as ‘income.’ They all had to wear condoms, they all were given a ‘quickie.’ But two of the three of them I’d be happy to have back again.

I discovered from one that Jim was taking $85 for arranging for them to screw me.

So Jim was screwing me too!

I confronted him. I told Jim I had agreed to ‘entertain’ his mates in return for their helping pay my rent – not to provide him with an additional “nice little earner” – so he should immediately credit my rent balance with $30. I also told him I was no longer willing to pay him any penalties and, if he wanted to fuck me in future, he could deduct $85 per visit from the rent account each time he visited.

I was surprised to find he agreed with my demands – and he indicated that he indeed wanted to be first to fuck me if I needed to raise money for future rent.

I also discovered, talking to the other girls in our block of units who were renting from Jim, that several had had their panties removed and some had also been fucked by Jim as their “reward” for late payment of rent.

Like me, all had assumed this to be a standard practice that Jim’s other tenants willingly accepted.

* * * * *

You might wonder why I returned to the same unit this year, probably to be faced with the same challenges, the same ‘penile-ties’ as I had paid the previous year. The reason is quite simple: finding any affordable accommodation near university is virtually impossible.

I decided – even though I knew my lease only allowed one person to live in this unit – to find a flatmate (who would be equally-desperate to find any accommodation!) who would help me pay the fortnightly rent.

And so Lillian – a typically tiny, slim Asian girl who had parents who had migrated from Hong Kong, and a first-year student – moved in. She was quite un-worldly, obviously coming from a conservative family, so university was really opening her eyes to life. It was interesting watching her discover things that I had taken for granted, and I enjoyed mentoring her about aspects of life and about university life.

A month or so later, Jim became aware I had a housemate. He immediately ordered both of us out of the unit – unless both of us were willing to “reward” him with a “damn good fuck.” He explained that after he had received this from both of us, he would allow Lillian to remain.

So that night I had to have a serious discussion with Lillian.

I explained the terms of the lease, and Jim’s set of “penalties,” and asked what she wanted to do.

I then discovered that Lillian was a virgin…although she had intended to lose her virginity soon after starting university, so that she might then partake in all the usual campus activities that most students enjoy.

She and I had, as I indicated, developed an unusually good rapport and Lillian really didn’t want to leave the unit. And she felt primarily responsible for the situation we now faced – feeling she should share the “penalty” that Jim was imposing on us.

She burst into tears when she indicated to me that she would accept his fucking, if it meant she could stay.

“And Sarah,” she added, “you’ll have to instruct me in exactly what I will need to do when he takes my virginity, because I really don’t know what to do. I’m really scared it will hurt, I’m really scared that I won’t do it right, and he’ll just get more upset with both of us.”

I was both embarrassed and really annoyed, so I thanked Lillian for her understanding and indicated I would negotiate a more-favourable package for her from Jim. And, I assured her that Jim provided a quite enjoyable fuck, even if she might not think so that first time she was penetrated.

And I promised Lillian that the next evening I would help prepare her side escort for her ‘first time.’

Earlier that next day I confronted Jim.

“I’ll accept my penalty for taking in a flatmate, but we can’t agree to your demand to also give my flatmate a fuck as a penalty for this,” I started.

“Then both of you will have to go,” he insisted.

“I have another offer, if you’ll agree that she can stay,” I suggested.

“She is a dainty Chinese girl. She is a virgin. I imagine you have never fucked a Chinese girl before and I’m sure you’d love to take her virginity. Well, she is willing to allow you to do both if you first pay for her to get a contraceptive implant and if you also agree to waive a fortnight’s rent for the two of us.”

“Now, I reckon that’s a really good deal for you. She will have a very tight cunt…she is a virgin…she will probably bleed…you’ll probably never be offered the chance again to deflower another young Chinese virgin. What do you think?”

It didn’t take Jim too long to agree. He was going to have the opportunity to fuck me again, then he was going to deflower Lillian, she was going to receive contraceptive protection for the time she would be at university, we were going to get a fortnight’s ‘rent holiday’, we would still be living in our little unit…and I was going to have to instruct Lillian how best to prepare for losing her virginity!


I went down to the shops, bought a bottle of wine for that evening and bought a zucchini that was, as far as I could tell, about the same thickness as Jim’s engorged penis.

I started by asking Lillian about her previous sexual encounters. She knew about the birds, the bees, and birth. She knew about the theory of contraception from high school sex-ed classes. She knew virtually nothing about actually having intercourse or about surrendering her virginity (except, of course, that it would be a painful experience and she was likely to bleed!).

I asked her ‘how far’ a man had gone with her previously – the ‘farthest’ being one day when her uncle had undressed her and fondled her breasts and her privates a few years earlier “because one of his duties as my uncle was to ensure that I was maturing normally, and this was something Mums and Dads understandably felt uncomfortable doing for their daughters!”

I was a little surprised he had only examined her on the one occasion…but was I surprised when Lillian told me the examination included digital penetration?

And he had subjected her to anal digital penetration…and vaginal digital penetration.

I didn’t let Lillian know what I thought of her uncle!

I also enquired whether she had even seen a video of a girl losing her virginity.

She hadn’t – so for the next 40 minutes she and I watched a video after I had googled “free video girl losing virginity.” It was one of those formula videos – actress arrives and plays coy, man removes her top and bra, asks for permission to touch and kiss her breasts, removes her panties, he removes his jeans and displays his penis, asks the girl to suck it, eventually penetrates her, she exhibits pain, he withdraws with the obligatory blood on his manhood, he congratulates her for having lost her virginity and asks her to recommend his services to her other virgin friends.

But it was enough to give Lillian some idea about what would soon be happening to her.

And I tried to explain Lillian, in detail, exactly what should expect.

I then asked her to strip off so I would have a better idea of what Jim would soon be facing.

I’d never seen a naked Chinese 18 year-old before.

But, I can assure you, Lillian is…cute as!

Very cute as!!

Tiny tits…a small, well-rounded ass…a slit about the same length as mine (and, contrary to that tasteless male rumour, it runs vertically – not horizontally, parallel to her attractive Asian eyes)…

and an incredibly black bush.

My first suggestion was that her pubic hair had to be trimmed.

So while she stood on a beach towel in our bedroom, her legs spread a little apart, I gave that jet-black bush between her legs its first-ever haircut – ensuring the pubic hair she retained was trimmed well-clear of her little virgin hole.

That looked a lot neater, I thought…and suggested that she could tidy it up further by carefully shaving around the remaining pubes when next shaving her legs.

I explained to Lillian that Jim would want to feel her body, that perhaps she should close her eyes whilst he did so, and that she should try to enjoy the sensation…her objective being to get her feminine vaginal juices flowing freely.

She asked if she should insist he wear a condom. I told her that decision was entirely hers – but I thought not because, as a part of losing her virginity, she should also be able to enjoy her first experience of cum being shot deep inside her and the spreading feeling of dampness she would then have within.

I explained he might also ask her to give him oral sex, or pressure her to accept anal, and recommended she firmly tell him that only one of her holes was on offer to him that night.

Lillian was, again understandably, worried about possible pain, possible bleeding and “doing it right.”

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