Things Get Steamy in the Bath House

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I recently visited California and a friend suggested to me that if I had some spare time that I should visit a certain communal bath house for a steam, but I was warned that it was mostly fully nude and Sundays were mixed gender.

Not to be perturbed and having my curiosity heightened I looked it up and it was quite close to where I was staying and it just so happened that i had a few hours spare on Sunday afternoon. I read up on some of the reviews and my curiosity continued to grow with comments such as, “not for the feint hearted.”

And, “Sunday is mixed gender, clothing optional, and although there is officially no sex taking place I saw plenty but nobody seems to mind and everyone is very respectful.”

I arrived at a two story building in a quiet street, and enter into a crowded reception area. There were two couples in their late thirties leaving as I arrived and when I approached the counter I was met by a cheerful young lady who looked way too young to be there but I guess she must have been over eighteen to be working there. I purchased a three hour pass and she rapidly explained the facility. She then exclaimed, “well since you haven’t been here before I will show you to the locker room, she handed me two neatly folded towels, a robe, and a pair of sandals and beckoned me to follow her down the stairs.

We passed a few couples and a few singles of both genders walking here and there all draped in there robes then suddenly we walked past an open room that had no door clearly marked “LADIES LOCKER ROOM” and as I glanced in there was a tall blonde lady standing in front of a mirror tying her hair, she was completely naked. Next room was marked “MENS LOCKER ROOM” and again no door.

She ushered me in and the first thing I saw was an older guy, probably early fifties, standing butt naked as he was dressing into his robe. The young attendant walked straight in and past the guy without even blinking at the nakedness she was confronted with. She showed me to my locker and gave me more directions and exclaimed, “enjoy your visit!” Then she turned and walked out.

As I was undressing I looked across towards the entrance to the locker room and there was another room just across the narrow hall marked, “THERAPY WAITING ROOM” and sitting at the entrance to the room was a very attractive full figured lady in her early forties dressed in her white robe sipping on a drink and sitting comfortably in a sunken lounge. She was looking across at me and smiled broadly and made no effort to look away as I continued to undress.

This scene alone was very arousing for me and I was quickly fully naked and draping the robe around me as my curious onlooker continued to smile and sip away at her drink while fixing her gaze on my cock. My heart was now racing at the anticipation of what was to come when I entered the bathing area and steam rooms.

I was not disappointed. As I opened the door to the steam rooms I was slightly taken aback. The place was full of people, mostly fully naked, walking about in all directions, in and out of the various steam rooms and spa baths and through other doors to the pool room. There were probably more men than women but not by much. I walked down another narrow hall and this is where the patrons would hang their robes on the hooks on the wall and enter the adjoining steam rooms with their towels only, mostly draped over their shoulders.

As I walked down the hall there was a group of about six guys and one girl, all in their early twenties, hanging their robes on the wall and turning fully naked to enter the steam room, all jovial and chatty and not at all phased by the lack of clothing.

I entered a large open area that had several long wooden bench chairs, a large hot tub, several shower cubicles, and a plunge pool. I decided to take a seat to get my bearings and decide what to do next. There were a few others sitting on the benches, two guys sitting next to each other both naked and an older lady, probably in her fifties, wearing a one piece bathing suite. I removed my towel and placed it on the bench and sat down.

As I looked about I noticed a couple in the hot tub sitting back taking in the spectacle. He was probably mid thirties and she was much younger. There were two ladies in one of the shower cubicles, and there were several people standing in small groups chatting. Two young ladies walked slowly by giggling, both early twenties, one of them was about 6 foot tall with very large breasts and thick thighs, short dark curly hair topless and wearing a tight pair of brief bikini bottoms that showed off the shape of her round ass. Her friend was much shorter and very thin, redhead with small pointy breasts with both nipples pierced, she was fully naked and had a thick bush of ginger pubic hair. I found myself staring at her body as they both paused nearby me, they were both looking around and as I continued to stare at her she turned to look at me and rather than take offence to my leering she had a broad grin and with her shoulders pushed back she slowly izmir escort bayan arched her back in front of me seemingly inviting me to continue to look on. She was clearly relishing the eyes upon her then they turned and walked towards the hot tub and stepped in to join the couple already in there.

At this stage I am naturally becoming aroused and am suddenly conscious of the likelihood of an unwanted erection. I look around and didn’t see anyone else with the same problem then to my surprise the couple in the hot tub begin to stand to leave and I couldn’t help but notice his cock is semi erect and he is making no effort to cover it. His partner however appears to be more self conscious and tries to cover him with his towel but he takes the towel and drapes it over his shoulder as he steps out of the hot tub and his engorged cock sways close in front of the two young ladies who continue to giggle and whisper to each other. He is now standing out of the hot tub and helps his partner out and they walk towards the steam room, he fully naked with his large semi rigid cock proudly swaying in front of him and her trying to cover herself with her towel as they walk across the large open area.

Now thinking I should move on and explore the rest of the facility I begin to stand when suddenly the young lady attendant who showed me to my locker appeared with a couple and paused in front of me as she was explaining where everything was and giving directions. She then walked off and the newly arrived couple were standing close in front of me looking around, clearly both were very nervous. They were an Indian couple and he was very tall and well built and she was very short and petite, both were probably early twenties. Her eyes were fixed on a trio of guys walking past and stepping into the shower cubicles. She made no effort to be discrete with her gaze and was blatantly staring at their cocks as they walked closely by, then her head turned to stare at their asses while they entered the showers.

She then turned to look at me and quickly looked down to stare at my cock as her eyes widened, without averting her gaze she slowly removed her own towel and was standing in front of me fully naked. Her beautiful caramel skin was glistening and her small perky tits were highlighted by her dark pointed nipples. As she continued to stare at me I felt my cock beginning to throb, at this moment her partner who was looking in another direction turned to realised that she had removed her towel an appeared quite agitated and went to usher her along as he realised that she had her stare fixed on my pulsating cock. As he walked her away an older couple, probably mid fifties, walked past them, her stare went straight to his uncircumcised cock then as they stopped by the narrow hall where people were entering and exiting the steam rooms I could see even from this distance that she froze at the sight of the smorgasbord in front of her.

I now stood to venture towards the steam room and as i did a male attendant appeared and along side him was a very attractive Asian lady, early forties, with her towel tightly wrapped around her curvy body. I could clearly make out her shape and could not help but notice the towel was only just covering her ass and the sight of her plump buttocks showing had me instantly aroused. As I slowly walked past with my towel over my shoulder i could see and hear the male attendant describing the facility to her and I could see that she was listening to him but staring at me. As i passed we brushed slightly and our eye contact was held like in slow motion.

As i was nearing the steam room I glanced over at the small plunge pool and could see a trio standing in the waist deep water. A very attractive young lady, short dark hair and I could see she was heavily tattooed. Her two colleagues were very fit looking young guys giving her ample attention. She was passionately kissing one of the guys while her hand was tightly holding his cock meanwhile the second guy , much taller than her was standing behind her, leaning down and kissing the back of her neck while his erect cock was pressing up against the small of her back as his left hand was reaching around and squeezing the ass of the other guy. As tempted as i was to join the small group of curious onlookers to watch how this scene plays out I instead continued on my way to the steam room. As i went to open the door I looked over my shoulder and noticed the hot curvy Asian lady standing alone amongst the parade of nakedness still tightly holding her towel around her and staring intently at me.

As I entered the steam room I was surprised at how large it was. There was three tiers inside and right in front of me was three young ladies, one laying face down. I cautiously stepped past them and made my way to the top tier. It seemed like nobody else in there but as I walked up the stairs I noticed that the top tier had an alcove and I quickly counted five guys, all fully naked laying around engaged in casual conversation.

I quickly sat down and was escort izmir immediately trying to plan my escape from what I thought was a gay spectacle. As I was about to stand and discretely walk out I noticed another couple entering and to save us awkwardly passing on the short narrow steps I sat back down. He was probably early fifties, tall, muscular, balding hair, and a huge thick swinging cock. She was probably late forties, large breasts, dark curly shoulder length hair, and a prominent bald pussy.

As he walked past the three young ladies at the entrance they all halted their conversation and turned to stare at him in silent awe. They both walked up the steps toward me and before I could move she sat next to me and he the other side of her. Before I knew it we were introducing ourselves and their bawdy banter had a calming effect on my awkwardness. They seemed so relaxed and comfortable with the environment I was prompted to ask them if they were regular visitors. His response was,

“yes, we come here every week, she loves to stare at cocks and get fucked by strangers.”

She laughed loudly and slapped his leg, at the same time I noticed her glancing down at my cock then she moved her gaze to the group of five guys laying and sitting naked not three metres away.

There was a bustle at the door as the three young ladies were leaving and the skinny red head and her friend were entering. I then looked down next to me and she was stroking his massive cock and I noticed he waved to the skinny red head and she waved back suggesting that they were familiar with each other. Then the door opened again and entered the hot curvy Asian lady, still with her towel wrapped tightly around her. She quickly made her way up the steps and sat in the only spot still available, next to me on my left.

I could see that she was trying not to look around but when she moved her head to the left she took in the sight of five naked guys with one of them now stroking himself. She looked past me and sighted the lady on my right whose bare flesh was now pressed against my thigh and was stroking her partners hard nine inch thick cock.

Somehow amongst all the emerging debauchery in front of us, I managed to start a casual conversation with the hot Asian lady sitting on my left.. I discovered that her name was Mabel, she was from Brisbane Australia, she was recently separated from her husband and was travelling with her sister and she was celebrating her birthday today. I chuckled to myself thinking “Mabel” seemed such a fake name but it didn’t bother me and my heart starter to race as I noticed she had opened her towel and I could glimpse her magnificent breasts.

The lady on my right suddenly stood and walked over to the five naked guys and positioned herself amongst them at the same time her partner beckoned to the skinny redhead who reacted quickly and made her way to his side. After some whispering she knelt before him and somehow slowly swallowed his massive cock in one slow motion.

Mabel went silent at the sight of what was happening on our right then we both turned to the left to notice the other lady was bent down sucking the cock of the guy who was stroking himself earlier while another one of the guys was on his knees with his face deep between her ass cheeks.

I had to close my eyes and take a deep breath and then realised to my delight that Mabel’s hand found its way to my thigh and was moving up and she leant toward me and her forearm pressed against my cock. This was enough to promote me to full arousal and I was now erect. We both looked again at the redhead as she stood and began to position herself reverse cowgirl on him. Mabel looked over at the other lady to see her completely surrounded by the five guys, her legs spread wide, one was fucking her frantically, she was sucking another as the other three were standing over her stroking themselves.

Mabel then took a firm hold of my cock and began to lean down. My heart was thumping loudly as she positioned herself with her ass presented to the group of five guys, her left hand squeezing my rigid cock, and to my surprise she began to lick my left nipple, she slid her tongue over the sweat beads on my hairy chest and slowly down my stomach and around the base of my cock and balls. As she was doing so my left hand reached over and was rubbing her smooth pussy from behind.

As she continued to lick my cock and balls I don’t think she realised that a small crowd had gathered at the base of the steps including the petite Indian lady and her partner. I could see from here her eyes were eagerly taking in the sight and maybe unwittingly her hand reached down the touch her own pussy. I was watching her reactions out of curiosity and was even more curious as she broke away from here nervous partner and walked up the stairs to look around the corner at the five guys gang banging the now noisy lady who was moaning loudly even though she had a mouth full of cock.

As the skinny redhead continued to ride the monster cock next to me Mabel broke izmir escort away from me, stood, looked around to take in the surrounding scene and appreciative audience the she sat back down on her towel lifted her knees and spread her legs wide and in a deeply sultry voice she asked, “Do you want me?”

I stood in front of her, she leant back against the wooden bench and I ran the back of my hand over her pointed nipples and cupped her amazing breasts as she looked back and forth to the redhead and the gang bang scene which now suddenly included the petite Indian who was now on her knees sucking the cock of one of the five. Mabel blurted out, “Just fuck me already!”

I held my throbbing cock in my hand and as I moved closer to her engorged pussy lips I started to slap her clit with my cock and she was now writhing and I could see the intensity in her eyes as she looked down then looked up at me and with a raised voice she demanded, “fuck me now!”

As I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy she flinched and both hands gripped her towel so tightly her knuckles were white and she was looking down and now panting heavily. I slid my cock into her warm wet pussy and thrust it deep into her in one motion. She moaned loudly, so loudly that I could see from the corners of my eyes that the others around us momentarily paused what they were doing to look over at us, however this was only momentary as the Indian lady joined in with loud moans of her own and as I glanced over to her I saw that she was being fucked in the ass by one of the five and was now screaming with ecstasy while her partner was now standing nearby watching on while he stroked himself.

With all the activities going on around us Mabel didn’t avert her gaze from the sight of my cock thrusting deep into her only to look into my eyes with haunting intensity. At one stage she reached forward and grabbed a handful of my chest hair and ripped away mercilessly. This drew me closer to cumming and before I did i pushed her back further and thrust once more and held my cock deep in her and in this position my balls we pressed against her ass hole and she was now more than moaning, she was slapping me and almost squealing.

I withdrew my cock from her and held it in front of her and the first shot of my cum splashed onto her chin then a second squirt onto her tits then she took my cock back into her mouth to capture the rest of my cum. I broke away from her and she wiped my cum from her chin and tits and was licking her dripping fingers.

As I stood back I noticed that the skinny redhead and the older guy were now laying back watching us intently, his cock now limp but still monstrous. I looked around and the other group were now a tangle of moaning bodies and there were a few more onlookers who had moved closer to us.

Without a word to Mabel, I draped the towel over my shoulder and walked out leaving her there amongst the crowd. I dont know why I didn’t stay with her, I think I panicked with the awkwardness of the public spectacle. As I was walking out of the steam room I looked back and she still had he legs spread with one of her knees bent and her eyes part shut and she was still breathing heavily.

When I opened the door to exit, an odd looking couple probably in their forties walked in, she was very curvy with a full bush of dark pubic hair, he was shorter and much thinner than her with a tiny semi erect cock walking closely behind her. As I brushed past them in the doorway she stepped toward me so that her thigh pressed against my cock as she gave me a cheeky smile.

I was thinking now I should make my escape but instead I walked into the adjoining pool area. By now I think the crowd had grown however surprisingly the pool area was very sparse. I walked past a thin lady laying on a bench chair reading a book which I thought was curious. It must have been a good book as she did not even look away from the pages as I walked past her closely. Then there was a young couple in the pool embracing by the stairs and again not looking up but rather concentrating on themselves as they embraced and were kissing each other passionately.

I jumped in the warm pool and was leaning at the edge looking through the doorway towards the steam room door and watching the naked jovial people walking in and out as my thoughts were on what had just occurred with Mabel as it was without doubt was the most intense sexual experience of my life.

I was about to get out of the pool and head back to reality when I noticed Mabel walk out of the steam room with her towel again tightly wrapped around her. My heart was pounding as I was debating if I should go after her then I was worried about what I would say to her. Then she vanished from my sight into the steam and the crowd. I got out of the pool and made my way to the showers and change room.

Once I had showered and dressed I walked back to reception while I ordered a car to collect me. As I was making my way up the stairs towards the reception my heart again began to pound heavily as I saw Mabel now fully dressed in a long floral dress a straw hat and large sunglasses. My heart now skipped as she turned to look at me and my heart sank as she didn’t acknowledge me but rather looked away back to the receptionist.

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