The Taylor Family Ch. 06

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Big Tits

As the car cruised towards downtown that Monday morning, Ann distractedly tuned out the playful banter between her two little girls.

She was a bit preoccupied at the moment thanks to what happened between her and her husband Roger the night before. He had returned from his excursion with their daughter Ruth in a very odd mood indeed, taking her to bed right after they finished the pizza they’d had delivered. He had been very insistent that they should make love and she had finally acquiesced.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have sex with her husband exactly, but she had been pretty worn out after her day of forbidden fun with her daughter’s.

Besides, sex between the couple had long since become a very routine affair. Without any trouble at all, before they ever started she could have described every move that would be made by either one of them, every sound that would be uttered. It was as much her fault as it was his that things had gotten so mundane between them, but neither of them had yet been able to find a way to shake things up at all.

Last night had been quite different, however. Last night had been anything but routine or mundane. No, last night had instead been all about raw and undiluted passion. Last night had been a wild and strenuous evening of steamy sex and she’d soon lost count of how many times he’d brought her to orgasm.

It really had been an incredible night and, when coupled with all of the fun she’d been having on the side with her girls, she was still quite exhausted even now.

She thought it lucky that she had agreed to let her daughters stay home today so that they could all do some shopping for lingerie and sex toys. She never would have managed to get up early enough to get the two of them off to school. Of course, she had been careful not to mention to her spouse that Kristen and Ruth wouldn’t be at school, not wanting to bother with coming up with a lie to explain it away.

In the meantime, Ruth had not yet told her mother anything about what she and her father had done together while they were out, not wanting to reveal that until she had found a way to ensure that their future was full of family foursomes. On the other hand, she had been careful to tell her sister every single detail of their adventure in that parking lot.

Kristen still seemed a bit nervous about being with a man, but the other girl’s enthusiastic descriptions had at least succeeded in arousing her curiosity.

* * *

“Ooooh! Doesn’t that look hot!”

The little boutique was named Angelique’s and – according to it’s commercials, at least – it sold only the finest in lingerie for the discriminating woman, not to mention make-up, perfumes, and so forth. Things cost a little more here to be sure, but they swore that they had things here to spice up your love life that you just could not hope to get at any of those big name stores.

This morning, Angelique’s had been invaded by the Taylor women.

Holding onto her mother’s hand tightly, the nineteen year old Kristen was enthusiastically rushing from one display rack to the next, pulling the older woman along behind her. Examining each of the sexy undergarments with the critical eye of someone who knew fashion inside and out, she had taken the lead just as soon as they arrived.

Rushing up to a rack of teddy’s, she loved how sexy they were but refused to get any of them as she thought they were too fragile and would not stand up to the kind of abuse it would see in her bedroom.

Going over to a display of corsets, she was impressed by how fabulous they looked on the nearby mannequin, but could not bring herself to get one as she didn’t think the style would really suit any of them.

There was a to-die-for baby doll that the young woman absolutely loved, convinced that it would be perfect for showing off her little sister’s slightly top-heavy figure, but she had to turn her back on it when she saw that it cost only slightly less than a used car would.

And so the search continued.

Hanging back a little from her mother and sister meanwhile, the eighteen year old Ruth watched it all with an amused smile. There had been a time not so long ago that her sibling’s obsession with shoes and clothes had driven her crazy, but she found that she was a lot more patient with her foibles now that they were getting naked and sweaty together.

Besides, Kristen was right more often than not when it came to this sort of thing.

Glancing around the store idly, she took note of all of the looks they were receiving not just from the other customers, but also from the staff. It was becoming evident to her that these people just weren’t used to seeing a middle-aged woman being led around by a couple of teenaged girls who really should have been at school, the three of them eagerly discussing what bit of lingerie they thought each other would look best in.

Even if none of them could guess that they were an incestuous family, it still must have presented rather pendik escort a weird picture.

“Oh. My. God.” The words came out in a blissful sigh that reminded Ruth of what her sister sounded like when she was having an orgasm. “Just look at that!”

Ruth did look and found that her sibling had let go of their mother and was now holding up a strapless bustier in black satin with sheer sides and shelf cups that would support breasts but also leave them almost entirely exposed. It was paired with the tiniest little black g-string the tomboy had ever seen and she noticed that Kristen was already looking at stockings to go with it.

It was indeed an incredibly sexy outfit, Ruth could hardly deny that, but she did have a question. “Who exactly were you going to put in that?”

Kristen looked her straight in the eye. “You, little sister. This will look fabulous on you! It’ll really show off those beautiful tits of your’s.”

Ann’s eyes darted around the store worriedly. She desperately wished that her girls wouldn’t make it quite so obvious that they were related to each other, but also fooling around with each other. In her mind, she could easily see some busybody slipping away to call the cops and report them as perverts.

Regarding the garment uncertainly, Ruth worried, “I’ve never even thought about wearing anything like that in my life. I wonder if I would even know how to put it on . . .”

Kristen scoffed at that even as she passed the lingerie to her. “Don’t be stupid, Ruthie. It’s not like it’s rocket science or anything. Now go into the fitting room and try these on.” Turning the other girl, she gave her a little push to get her started. “Anyway, if you run into any trouble at all, you can always call on me and mom for help.”

Ann cringed, noticing that she had gotten a very odd look indeed from the girl behind the counter at that. Even as one of her daughters walked away with her armload of sexy stuff, she threw an arm around the other one and pulled her in close.

“Um, sweetie?” she hissed, glancing meaningfully at the people around them. “Maybe we should be a little more careful about what we say in public?”

Kristen just gave her a smile and kissed her firmly on the lips.

It would only be about ten minutes or so before Ruth returned to them to somewhat sheepishly ask for help. With the bustier a tight fit, just as it was designed to be, and with it’s little hook and eye closures running up the back, she was having absolutely no success in putting it on by herself.

Whether or not the youngest among them really needed some help or was just hoping to have some fun in the fitting room, both Ann and Kristen leapt at the chance to help her get into the lingerie. It was the younger girl who carried the day however, adamantly insisting that she didn’t want their mother to see what she or her sister looked like in their new underwear until they got home.

Watching the two girls dash off for the fitting room together, sagged back against a display with a resigned grumble.

It was not until after she’d received three funny looks from passers-by that she realized with great embarrassment and a flaming face that her hand had inadvertently come to rest on a dummy’s breast, making it look like she was copping a feel.

* * *

The two teens hurried down the narrow aisle that led between the fitting rooms, three on either side.

Kristen noted with some interest that only one of them seemed to be occupied at the moment, it’s little privacy curtain drawn. She was led by her sister right past that one, going all the way to the back and entering the one on the right.

The fitting room itself was unimpressive, but about what she had expected. It was no larger than a walk-in closet, she observed, with a little wooden bench along one side and with a full length mirror hung on the wall opposite. The lingerie her sister had been sent to try on lay in an untidy pile at the end of the bench. Pulling the curtain closed behind them, she saw that it easily covered the opening but that it ended almost a foot off the ground.

Just as soon as they were separated from the rest of the world, Kristen turned and attacked her sibling, crushing their mouth’s together in a long and feverish kiss, her arms wrapping snugly around her neck. Ruth happily returned the kiss, her arms going around her sister’s waist as she accepted her sister’s tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” Kristen purred, keeping her voice pitched kind of low because of that other occupied fitting room, her lips moving to the other girl’s neck. “I’ve been dying to get my hands on you all day.”

Ruth giggled, totally sympathizing with her. “Who would have thought that fucking members of our own family would have turned us into nymphomaniacs?”Her hands trembled a little, wanting to sink down and grab her sister by the ass, but she forced herself to resist that temptation, at least.

Kristen laughed. “We’re not nymphomaniacs, Ruthie”

As maltepe escort far as she was concerned, they were simply in the honeymoon phase of this new and illicit romance, where everything was still new and exciting. Things were bound to calm down and settle into a routine if they continued committing incest, which she was okay with so long as it didn’t get mundane and routine like their parents’ love life apparently had.

The young women shared one more long, hungry kiss, but then pried themselves off each other.

“Now come on, Kris. Mom will kill us if she finds out we slipped away to have a little fun without her.”

“I know, I know. Keep your voice down though, okay? Mom’s getting worried that we’re attracting attention.”


* * *

Mrs. Raylene Matthews could hardly believe her ears.

The middle-aged housewife had come to Angelique’s today in search of something that might rekindle some heat in her bedroom and, after much deliberation, she had settled on a silk chemise that she was sure would finally get her husband to pay attention to her again. She had been just about to try it on when the teenager’s arrived and started talking about what sounded worryingly like incest.

And so she sat as still as a statue, her head cocked to one side as she strained to hear what her neighbors were saying. Untouched, the chemise was still on it’s hanger to one side, but the woman herself had her blouse and pumps off and her slacks down around her ankles.

As she listened to what sounded like deep, wet kisses between two young women, to their throaty moans of appreciation, and to how they were talking about having sex with their family members, Raylene wondered just what she should do about it.

She did have a cell phone in her purse and she supposed that she could call the cops, but she talked herself out of it with the idea that the owners of this store might not appreciate the kind of publicity a police raid would certainly bring. On the other hand, she also might have gone to speak to the manager, complaining that someone was fooling around in one of the fitting rooms, but simply couldn’t force herself to get up and do it.

Her mind may have been telling her to do something to stop what society told her was a perverse crime, but her body was giving her a very different message. Her skin was flushing warmly, her breath was getting shorter, the peaks of her breasts were hardening and threatening to stab holes through her bra, and the crotch of her panties suddenly had a growing damp spot.

Running her hands slowly over her bare thighs, the woman continued to sit and carefully listen.

* * *

Sitting her sister down on the bench, Kristen grabbed hold of the other girl’s shirt and pulled it right off.

Because she knew it was how the other girl liked it, Ruth had chosen not to wear a bra on this morning’s shopping trip and so she was left completely topless when that shirt came off, her big breasts bobbing slightly as they were exposed. She couldn’t resist a wide, happy smile at the way her sibling now stared at her bosom, running her tongue slowly over her lips.

Remembering how her Kristen had been mesmerized by the sight of her butt back when they went on their date and seeing how she was fixating on her boobs now, it was no secret to Ruth why her sister wanted her in a g-string and a shelf bra.

Reaching out, she caught hold of one of her sister’s hands, pulling it straight to a full tit and holding it there.

“Ruthie . . .”

“Yes, Kris?” The expression on the younger girl’s face was a facade of innocence.

It was a real test of her will power, but Kristen managed to pull her hand free of the velvety smoothness before she lost all control of herself. The look of disappointment that flashed so briefly across her little sister’s face at that was mirrored by the one on her own.

Kristen next went to work on her sister’s jeans, pulling her back up onto her feet so that she could attack her belt. She wasn’t sure how long she would be able to resist indulging in some fun and games once she had the other girl naked, but she told herself that she had to get her down to her birthday suit if she was really going to try on that lingerie.

Fortunately, the younger girl behaved herself and did nothing to provoke an amorous interlude as Kristen knelt to guide her pants down to the ground. Even when her panties followed, Ruth said nothing and did nothing to draw her sister’s attention to the aroused twat that was uncovered.

As if Kristen could have been focused on anything else at that point.

Ruth sat down on the bench again, lifting first one foot and then the other as her sister took her shoes off for her and then finished removing her clothes. This left Ruth in nothing but her socks, sitting in front of her kneeling big sister.

Now the girl struck, wearing a wicked grin as she spread her legs wide open, leaving Kristen to stare in awestruck fascination.

“Hey, kartal escort big sis? You gonna eat me or not?”

* * *

Raylene angrily blamed her husband for this.

If he could only be bothered to pay a little more attention to her, after all, she wouldn’t be in this store right now desperately looking for something that would get him interested in her again. If she had not come here, then she wouldn’t be sitting here right now getting all hot and bothered over a couple of young women playing in one of the other fitting rooms.

And she certainly wouldn’t be feeling like some kind of sick weirdo because she knew that the lovers who were so exciting her were a pair of sisters.

By now, the woman’s mind was filled with images of what must be going on in the other fitting room and she was breathing so hard that she might have been on the verge of hyperventilating, one of her hands still stroking her thigh while her other slid down inside the front of her panties to slowly stroke herself while she listened.

She hadn’t been this aroused in what seemed like a lifetime and, very soon, Raylene realized that she was simply not going to survive if she didn’t do something about it. She would need to do something to release the powerful emotions that were now overwhelming her and do it fast.

Rising from the bench just long enough to haul her panties down, she kicked them off and then spread her legs wide open, sliding a finger into her boiling depths.

* * *

It took every ounce of her strength, but Kristen finally managed to drag her eyes away from her little sister’s pussy, giving her a disapproving glare as she pushed the young woman’s legs closed again.

“No, Ruthie, I’m not going to eat you right now,” she told her, her voice sounding strained as she struggled to suppress her lust for her sibling.

Ruth’s grin did not dim one bit, her legs starting to open again. “Are you sure?”

“No . . . I mean, yes.” Kristen gave her a warning look this time, pushing those legs back together and holding them closed. “Mom’s out there waiting for us. Besides, we’ll have plenty of time to play once we get back home. Now, let’s hurry up and get this bustier tried on so we can get out of here that much faster, okay?”

Her little sister wore a playful pout, but did not argue any more.

Kristen hid a relieved sigh. She found this young woman damn near irresistible and if she had kept hitting on her for very much longer, there was no way she would have been able to continue saying no.

Rising to her feet again at long last, Kristen took the other girl’s hand and hauled her back up as well.

Turning her to face the full length mirror, Kristen grabbed up the bustier and wrapped it around her sister’s body, pulling it tight. It was necessary for Ruth to scoop up her big boobs and carefully maneuver them into the cups that would support them but not conceal them, a process that Kristen watched with keen interest. When everything was where it was supposed to be, the older girl pulled the bustier even tighter and then hurried to do up all of the hooks at the back before anything could shift.

Moving up close behind her little sister, Kristen looked over her shoulder at the reflection in the mirror, thoroughly enjoying what an incredible vision the other woman was. Without turning, Ruth reached behind her to grab her sister’s arms, wrapping them snugly around her middle even as Kristen’s chin came to rest on her shoulder.

The strong young body she was wrapped around felt so wonderful against her own and Kristen was in no hurry to bring it to an end. As was her custom, Ruth had worn no perfume today, but she found the natural scent of this sexy little tomboy utterly intoxicating nonetheless. Ruth’s hair was soft and silky and made her sister shiver with pleasure when it happened to brush across her cheek.

What made it all the more delicious for Kristen though was how obvious it was that Ruth was enjoying it just as much as she was.

Reaching up and back with one hand, Ruth tangled her fingers in her sister’s hair, smiling big even as she purred happily. Her other hand came to rest atop one of Kristen’s, closing around it and moving it from where it had come to rest, steering it downwards. Opening her legs a little to make room, Ruth took her sibling’s hand straight to her crotch and pressed it home.

Unable to resist, unwilling to even try, Kristen deftly pushed a finger up into Ruth’s swampy cunt, forcing a grunt out of her.

“Hey, Kris?”


“Are you sure we’re not nymphomaniacs?”

* * *

Straining to listen in on what was going on in the neighboring fitting room, Raylene’s mind was inventing scenes that would have made for a best selling porn movie.

Lolling sideways on that bench now, desperately trying to find the most comfortable position to be in while doing something like this, she was by now pumping two fingers in and out of herself vigorously with one hand while using the other to work the large clitoris above her slit. She hadn’t masturbated this hard and this fast in many a year and some detached part of her mind wondered why she wasn’t bursting into flame down there thanks to the friction.

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