The Stepbrother Ch. 02

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The Stepbrother

or “The Morning After”

When she awoke, Courtney’s nether regions felt sore and wet with a sticky substance oozing out. The odor was unmistakable and immediately brought feelings of dread. She had slept with her step-brother only a few hours ago and the product of that encounter was seeping out. Her uneasiness wasn’t because the sex was bad, but because she feared a pregnancy in her future.

The uncomfortable feeling in these early morning hours prevented her from falling back to sleep, so she decided to roll out of bed and check her smartphone. She found a pharmacy nearby and although it was only five thirty in the morning it was already open. She left the room where her biological brother Aiden was sleeping on the twin bed across from her. He hadn’t woken when she had come back to the room last night, and she was grateful for it. She didn’t plan on telling him or anyone else in her family what had happened with her stepbrother.

The house her mother and stepfather were renting for Thanksgiving had three bedrooms, but only two bathrooms, so she had to walk quietly downstairs in a lacey nightgown, a hairdryer in one hand and change of clothes in the other.

She sighed when the warm water of the shower hit her back. She washed away all of the cum she could as it dripped onto the tiles of the shower floor. Some of it had dried against her leg like a layer of crispy fish scales that she flaked off with a loofah. She finished rinsing the shampoo from her hair, and after scrubbing her shapely hourglass figure clean with the loofah and soap, she turned off the shower.

She wrapped a towel around herself and used the hairdryer to blow out all the moisture from her golden blonde locks. When she was finished, she put on the clothing she had brought to the bathroom, pink low-rise panties, a rose colored off the shoulder bodycon pencil length sweater dress, with a strapless pink bra beneath, a pair of high heel knee length leather boots, and her white wool coat. She looked quite sexy, but also very fashionable, she thought with a smile.

When she finished, she walked upstairs to the end of the hall where the other bedroom was. As she approached slowly, she looked down the hall in the opposite direction before peering into the room with the slightly open door.

Her step-brother Marlon lay face down on a full-sized bed, his toes hanging off the edge of the mattress. The sheet only covered part of his legs, the rest of his light brown skin was bare. Courtney took another look down the hall before she entered the room and closed the door behind her. She looked down at Marlon’s fit body, her eyes lingering on his round muscular butt.

“Marlon,” she said softly. There was no response. She spoke louder and tapped his shoulder gently, but he still didn’t wake up. She said his name a third time and pushed his shoulder back and forth.

“Uh,” he moaned. He stirred, his eyes opening. “Hey,” he said. “What time is it?”

“About six.”

“Fuck, what do you want?” he asked, his eyes closing again, still lying face down.

“Do you have a car? Can you take me somewhere?” She asked.

“Why?” he replied.

“I need to go to the pharmacy,” she said, as she folded her arms below her breasts with a stern expression.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” he replied. “Right fucking now?” he asked. He flipped over, his big cock and balls slapped against his leg. Courtney’s eyes were immediately drawn to his large genitals. She blinked quickly and then looked back at his face. He was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Umm.. could you cover up?” she asked, rolling her eyes and, pointing to his crotch.

He chuckled, and smiled but didn’t comply. “Can’t you Uber or something?”

“No. I tried yesterday, but there’s something wrong with my account.”

“Why the pharmacy?”

“Please?” she begged. Marlon lay back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

“What’s the big emergency?” he asked.

“Last night…,” she struggled for words as she looked at his limp cock again. “Remember… you didn’t use a condom, and you… came inside me.”

“Yeah..?” he said, slightly opening his eyes. “I warned you.” She tried to keep her eyes on his face, holding a hand up to shield his genitals from view.

“I’m not on contraception, so I need to go get the morning after pill.”

“I’m really tired,” he said, closing his eyes with a yawn. “Why don’t you ask Ashton?”

“Aiden,” she said crossly. “And no way, I don’t want him to know about what happened,” she said, her voice level rising.

“Why aren’t you on the pill?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“If you are going to be fuckin’ random dick you should be on the pill.”

“I…” she sighed angrily. “I don’t take it because I gain weight when I’m on it. Please drive me to the pharmacy, unless you want to be paying child support?”

“I’m sure your rich parents can manage, why don’t you ask your mom for a ride?”

“You want mom and your dad to know? And if my…boyfriend… found out that I slept with someone ataşehir escort bayan else… let alone a my stepbrother he’d… I just need that morning after pill. I could pay you later. Or maybe…”she paused.

“Or?” he said, arching his eyebrows.

“Well, no I mean… like…” she sighed. “Is there something you want?” she said with a wince. He grinned. “Not… not sex again,” she said. “Last night was… a mistake. We shouldn’t have…”

He stared straight in her eyes and she became silent.

“I guess I’ll have to think of something,” he said getting out of bed. Courtney turned, so she wasn’t looking at his naked body. Last night was so dark that she couldn’t see how toned his body was, but the morning light shining through the window left nothing to the imagination. If there was an ounce of fat on his body, she couldn’t see it. It was difficult to explain, but the fact that he was so hot almost annoyed her.

“Uh, I’ll wait downstairs for you.”

“Wait a second, I just gotta get my pants on,” he said. “Could you hand them to me? They’re right by the door.”

She grabbed them, the belt still looped in, and held her hand over her eyes as she handed the pants to her stepbrother. She only saw a little through her fingers, his curly pubes and the defined veins of his lower abs. She felt his large hand briefly on hers.

“Ok,” he said a few seconds later. She lifted her hand, watching as he grabbed a shirt from his bag and pulled it over his head. “You sure it’s open this early?” he asked.

“Yeah I checked online.”

“Ok, I’ll take a piss and then we can go,” Marlon said, pulling on socks and shoes. They walked downstairs to the bathroom and Courtney waited outside, in the hall, for her stepbrother. The sounds of his urination seemed loud and long until she finally heard a flush and the sink as he washed his hands.

“Ok let’s go.”

Courtney noticed that the sky was overcast and the air was cold as they entered Marlon’s car and he started the vehicle.

“Where’s this pharmacy?”

“ACG pharmacy: turn left and it’s on the corner a mile down on the right,” she said as she looked at her phone directions.

“Ok,” he yawned. Marlon plugged in his phone and began playing Indy music through the car stereo before he pulled onto the Pacific Coast Highway. Courtney took a pair of large black sunglasses from her purse and placed them over her eyes.

They drove without talking, which Courtney didn’t mind, because she didn’t have much in common with her step-brother anyway.

When they arrived at the pharmacy, he parked in the nearly empty parking lot and turned off the car.

“Ok, hurry up,” he said. “I think I figured out how you can repay me.”


“I’ll let you know when you get back.”

“No, you have to come with me.”

“Why?” he asked.

“My credit card isn’t working. That’s why I can’t Uber.”

“Now you really owe me,” he said. They both left the car and walked inside the pharmacy. Courtney’s large black sunglasses were still over her eyes.

“I’m going to get something to drink,” Marlon said, leaving her to stand alone in the front entrance briefly.

“Welcome to ACG,” an employee in a green vest said. Courtney looked down at the floor, avoiding eye contact and immediately went to the ‘Family Planning’ section. If only he had put on a condom, she thought.

When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she went to one of the clerks and asked for the morning after pill.

“We don’t have that,” the older woman said.

“Do you know if another store would have it?”

“No,” she replied flatly.

“Thank you very much. You’ve been very helpful,” Courtney said, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

Courtney started looking for Marlon and found him peering through a glass refrigerator door which he opened as she approached.

“Where is it?” Marlon asked.

“We have to go to a different pharmacy, they don’t have it.”

“Ok let’s go,” Marlon said with a sigh, closing the refrigerator.

Courtney pulled out her cell phone from her purse and called another store as they walked to the car. She was able to confirm a pharmacy that had the pill before she hung up.

“D-Mart has it it. Just drive a couple blocks farther down the highway next to the Choco Grill.”

Marlon nodded as he started the car. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick.

“What? ” she said.

“This is how you’re going to pay me back.”

“I said no sex.”

“Just suck me off.”


“I can always go back to the house,” Marlon replied.

“No, I’ll do it,” she said with a sigh. She grabbed his big brown cock which felt warm against her skin. She looked back and forth on the road out of Marlon’s tinted windows, seeing if any cars were near them. Satisfied she wouldn’t be noticed, she put her head down, her mouth enveloping the tip of his soft dick.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Marlon smiled. He pulled the car back on the road and started driving towards where she had indicated.

She escort kadıöy began to stroke him, while he pushed against the back of her head.

“It’s too big.”

“You don’t need to stroke my ego, just my dick,” he said, pushing her sunglasses up onto her forehead.

She licked from the base to the tip of his cock and then all around the head.

“Not bad,” he moaned.

She could feel him getting harder as she stroked him. She pulled away and looked up at his face while she pumped his caramel-colored meat in her hand.

“You said D-mart right?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah,” she replied. She noticed he was looking down at her. “Hey, pay attention to the road,” she said, his cock popping from her mouth.

“Bitch, pay attention to that cock,” he retorted, pushing her head onto it. The car bounced a bit as he drove, and after turning again he parked the car, shutting off the engine. Courtney’s lips kissed up and down his big brown sausage, as the subtle flavour of his dick entertained her tongue. She looked up at his hazel eyes, with her baby blues, and then pulled his dick from her mouth.

“Are we there?” she asked.

“Behind the D-mart.” Her head popped up. “Hey you’re not done” he said.

“Let’s go in before it gets too crowded.”

“Finish what you started,” he said firmly.

“It’s almost six thirty she said, looking at his watch. I don’t want to go in while it’s busy in case someone notices me,” she complained.

“Really Hollywood?”

“Please,” she said.

“Ok fine, but you finish this when we get back,” he said shoving his half-hard dick into his jeans.

“Sure,” she agreed, noticing the outline of his big dick in his pants.

They walked from the back of the pharmacy to the front door and split up again. She assumed Marlon was looking for something to drink while she looked for the pill.

She looked across the ‘Family Planning’ section of the aisle, up and down, but couldn’t find it. She swore under her breath. Then she made sure her sunglasses were in place as she approached a clerk filling the shelves.

“Excuse me, I can’t find what I’m looking for.”

“Ok what is it?”

“The uh… morning after pill,” she said quietly.

The man nodded and took a scanning device from a loop on his belt.

“What’s it called again?” He asked as he got off the ladder and walked towards Courtney.

“The morning after pill,” she said clearly. “I don’t know the name brand,” she said, nervously scratching her collar bone. The older gentleman typed her description into the scanning device.

“There’s a Next Day and Prevencia EC, do any of those sound right?”

“I’m not sure. Could you show me where they are in the store?”

“Sure, it’s aisle 11,” the man said, quickly walking her to the exact location. “Here’s one,” he said handing her a box labeled ‘Next Day.’ “And here’s the alternative. Will one of these work?”

“Yes, thank you,” Courtney replied, after seeing the words Emergency Contraception on the side of the box. She noticed Marlon approaching her with an energy drink.

“Looks like you got it?” he asked as the clerk walked off.

“Yeah,” she said.

They walked silently to the front. The cashier wasn’t there, so Marlon tapped a small bell on the counter. As they waited, Marlon locked eyes with Courtney and then he turned forward again to the counter. She started thinking about last night and how fast things had escalated to sex. She’d never had an orgasm like that before and wondered if it was the size of his dick, or something else like how he used it. His penis curved a bit up in a way that she hadn’t seen before either. Maybe that made a difference? Thinking about all these things, she realized that she shouldn’t care exactly why sex with Marlon felt so good. It was over now and she was going back to LA this afternoon. As the cashier walked up Courtney discreetly placed the box containing the single pill on the counter.

The woman scanned the morning after pill and the energy drink quickly and placed them in a plastic bag.

“Is this all?” she asked.

“No, one more thing,” he said. “A box of…” he turned to Courtney. “What do you smoke?”

“Avi Lights,” Courtney said.

“Avi Lights and a lighter,” Marlon said.

The cashier got the box from behind the counter and scanned it.

“In the bag?”

“I’ll take it,” Courtney said. She placed it into her purse as Marlon placed his credit card in the slot.

“Ok that’s sixty-eight, ninety-nine,” the cashier said after totaling up all the items.

Marlon whistled in appreciation and Courtney winced. She was tired of being broke. She had just bought some Christmas presents a week ago (although most were for herself) and all of her accounts were locked. Although she was on a popular soap opera, she had a spending habit and shoes were her kryptonite.

After paying, they walked back towards the car. Marlon handed Courtney the bag after taking out the energy drink. Courtney removed the pill from the box and threw maltepe escort the container and bag into the dumpster. She waited at the passenger door of Marlon’s car, but he lay back against the wall of the pharmacy on the other side of the car.

“What are you doing?” Courtney asked.

“Come here,” Marlon said.

“Let’s go back to the house,” she replied, “And let me take a sip of your drink to wash this down,” she said, indicating the pill in her hand.

“Not yet, come here first,” Marlon said.

Courtney complied, walking around the car to where Marlon was standing.

“How about you finish what you started before you take this pill,” he said, grabbing her hand that held the pill, and tapping on the bulge in his jeans with his other hand.

“Not here, someone could see.”

The pharmacy faced the ocean with a front parking lot, but they were in a small area in the back with a couple parking spots labeled Facilities. Marlon’s car was parked facing out, the back end a few inches from the structure between where Marlon was and a dumpster at the corner of the building. All they could see was a empty field of long dry grass.

“There’s no one here. You should get to it,” he smiled.

“Alright,” she sighed, dropping the pill in his hand. She unbuckled and pulled down his pants. His cock pushed forward, out of his pants, still half-hard. Marlon opened the energy drink with the pop-top as she held his dick and wrapped her plump lips around the tip of his cock.

She crouched in front of him so she would have as easier time fitting him inside her mouth.

As she pushed him deeper, Marlon pulled off her sunglasses, grabbed the back of her head and pushed further. She struggled against him and then broke free with a gasp as he set the shades on top of the car.

“Don’t do that,” she said.

“Come on you’re a big girl you can take it.”

“Fuck you,” she replied.

“Come on, be nice, you owe me.”

“Just let me catch my breath.”

“Fine,” Marlon said, taking another drink.

She tried again and was able to fit a little more, but then she pulled back her head, fighting his hand that was pulling her closer. His dick popped free from her lips.

“Damn girl, just a little more.”

“You’re too big,” she complained.

“Don’t give me that bitch. You know you can try harder.”

Bastard, I should just bite it off, she thought briefly.

He was getting fully hard and now it was even more difficult to fit him inside her mouth.

She took a deep breath, and then, opening her mouth as wide as she could, descended onto his big cock. Marlon pushed again and this time she was able to fit the head of his cock completely and even a few more inches. Then she started to choke and immediately pulled her mouth off him, gasping for air.

“That’s it,” he grinned. “You got it in.”

“I told you, don’t force it. It’s too big,” she said.

“Ok, take your time then, but make it good,” he said with a disappointed sigh.

Courtney put both hands to his dick and pumped it as her lips went back and forth over the top of his cock. She licked up and down, until his cock was shining with her saliva.

Marlon squeezed her breasts over her low cut dress and strapless bra.

“Fuckin’ big tits,” he said with a smirk.

Courtney shoved her mouth down again over his glistening meat.

“Hey pull these tits out, I wanna see them wrap around my dick,” he said.

“You’re keeping at eye out right?” She asked, looking around.

“Yeah, don’t worry girl,” he said.

She pushed her breasts up and out over the top of her strapless bra and dress.

“Nice, Tig ol bitties,” He said, placing his cock between her cleavage. He squeezed her breasts tightly over his dick which thrusted hotly between them. “Fuck that’s beautiful.”

She looked down at the tip of his cock and as he pushed it up out of her cleavage she opened her mouth and allowed it to enter. She began to rub her breasts up and down his dick while her mouth sucked the head. Her chest and neck felt flush as the contact of his dick against her skin was driving her crazy with pleasure.

“Damn you got some great tits Courtney.”

“I know,” she said, licking the underside of his cock.

He moaned while staring down into her baby blue eyes.

Her feet arched in her knee-high boots began to cramp in that position, so she stood, his cock falling from her breasts and mouth. Then she grabbed the base and sucked on the tip.

“Why’d you stand up?” he asked.

“My feet were hurting from sitting like that,” she said.

“Fuck that was great.. hmm, I have an idea,” he said with a smile as he took another drink and set the bottle on top of the car. “Take off your coat.”

“It’s cold, what do you have in mind?”

“Just do it,” he said.

She took off her coat and purse and he tossed them inside the car. Her pink nipples were hard in the early morning air.

“Now come here,” here said.

“What are you..-wait what?”

Marlon lifted her by the waist and twisted her body upside-down, so her legs were up in the air and her head was down, facing his hard dick.

“Ah! You better not fuckin’drop me,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” he said, holding her tightly against him. “Now you shouldn’t have any foot problems.”

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