The Rainy Day Game: Final

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The Rainy Day Game: The Final Chapter

I stretched out full length on Erik’s firm body, my face against his, licking the delicious Gina juices. His left arm circled me and held me close. Our body centers were aligned, my feet dangling at his knees. After cleansing his face like a good mama cat, I settled down with my head fitting neatly into his shoulder niche. Gina knelt next to the couch, kissing Erik and chatting with him. I drifted off to the sounds of their voices and laughter, feeling very loved and relaxed. I could feel Erik’s hand on my hip, Gina’s soft touch on my back. The storm was continuing outside, the lightning flashing dramatically in the room. I could hear the steady rain on the window, soothing me and lulling me to sleep.

I am not sure how long I slept. I woke to Erik’s moans. I had turned in my sleep. I was lying against the back of the couch on my right side, his arm still around me, my head still on his shoulder. His hips were moving beneath me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. At first, I thought Gina had left, then I heard it. The unmistakable sound of someone sucking a cock. Not just sucking, but sucking with gusto. Now, I was aware of Gina’s soft hair rubbing on my belly as she was busily sliding up and down on Erik’s hard cock. The sensation of her hair on my skin was wonderful. I watched her head bobbing up and down, looking up to see the happiness on Erik’s face as he thrust his cock deep into her willing mouth. I turned şerifali escort his face to mine and began kissing his delicious mouth.

He had one hand in her hair, encouraging her to continue her sensual rhythm, one hand running slowly up and down my back and ass. Gina glanced up and saw us kissing, and welcomed me back. She turned her face to include my smooth pussy in her ministrations. Now, she moved back and forth between us, licking my shaved mound and then sucking Erik’s straining cock. Her tongue was so wonderful, touching with just the right amount of pressure, going deeper with each stroke of my quickly swelling slit. Now, she concentrated on me, leaning across Erik as her fingers held me open and she buried her face between my legs, sucking and licking my hardening clit. Erik alternated between watching her and kissing me, his fingers now circling and pinching my nipples.

Ah, hands and mouths everywhere, touching all of me, making me moan and wriggle and need. I could feel myself becoming wet, engorged, needy. Gina was thrusting her tongue into me, deep into the pink of me, holding me open so she could get as deep as possible. She had a magical mouth, capable of driving me to distraction, making every move more sensuous than the last. I was quickly approaching orgasm. I could feel the heat building and the need pressing on me. I was kissing Erik and moving my hips frantically now, moaning and begging for release. Gina stayed suadiye escort between my legs, licking and sucking, her fingers busily fucking my hot cunt, encouraging me to let go, to come and let her feel my throbbing heat. As my body stiffened, I knew I was about to lose control.

Gina was stroking me with four fingers, in and out, faster and faster, deeper with each thrust, while her mouth continued its tantalizing game of nipping and circling. As the screams tore from my throat, I wanted Erik’s cock inside me. As if reading my mind, Gina pulled away and helped me turn, helped me position myself on his throbbing dick and guided him into my pulsing depths.

At first, I just stayed very still, appreciated his fullness inside me as my orgasm continued to rip through me. Then I slowly began to ride him, enjoying the feel of his heat moving in and out of my needy pussy. I would lean forward to kiss him, allowing his cock to almost slip out and then sit back quickly, forcing him deep inside me again. While kissing him, I became aware of the most delicious sensation. Gina had climbed onto the couch behind me, her face against my ass, licking and kissing all the smooth skin of my cheeks. Then I felt her tongue sliding between them, licking up and down, her tongue flat and smooth against that tender skin.

I held very still, willing her to go lower, to lick my tight bud, to kiss me there. Again, we seemed to be perfectly in sync and ümraniye escort her tongue moved down my ass, dividing it and licking it, stopping against my rosebud, licking me there. Her tongue probed me, moving slowly up and down and then into me. Occasionally, I would feel her move down even further and I knew she was licking Erik’s cock as it fucked me. Envisioning the scene was incredibly exciting for me and my orgasm continued, pulling him deeper inside me, while my ass beckoned Gina. As her tongue slipped fully into my ass, I felt Erik stiffen and fill me with come, hot and plentiful. I continued to ride him, feeling him spurting his come deep inside me. I could feel Gina, still fucking my ass with her loving little tongue, feel her moans against that private place.

Erik started whispering to me, telling me that Gina’s hot little pussy was against his knee, that she was fucking his knee and he could feel her wetness as she rubbed him there. Her mouth was moving, from my ass to my dripping pussy, still joined to Erik. I felt her licking us both, gathering our juices and could hear her swallowing them with pleasure. Erik was describing the feeling of her open pussy on his knee, the feel of her hard clit as it rubbed him, and I could tell from her breathing that she was close. Her tongue was moving faster, licking in time with her own thrusts against Erik, until I heard her calling out, gurgling and babbling as she came against him.

We collapsed in a heap, our heads snuggled on his shoulders, one arm around each of us. When we finally caught our breath, we began to relive our amazing afternoon, happily complimenting each other. As Gina and I kissed Erik’s jaw and smiled, she told him that his computer work was safe….for today!

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