The Photographs…

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It was my first long weekend at the lake with my cousins and older sister. I had just turned 18 and they said as long as I didn’t leave the camp, I could have beers with them. It was fun, we never got too wild so we didn’t attract attention. I woke up on the Sunday morning earlier than the others and intended to go fishing, something at the edge of the campfire caught my eye though, looked like a pile of partially burned polaroid pictures. Only one or two were actually destroyed, the rest were fine but they were shots of a naked girl from the neck down. Her hair was either short or held up but there was a few pretty great poses where I could see her full breasts and shaven pussy. I quickly put the undamaged ones in my pocket and made sure the others burned in the few embers that were still hot then went to my fishing spot.

I caught a few fish and cleaned them at the lake and had the fire going again by lunchtime, with the fish I caught and some of our supplies I had enough to feed us all.

“Well if this is how you are on lake trips little brother, you can come back, this is good.” Said my sister Amber as she ate some fish.

“The fishing up here is great, I know what lures are best.” I replied.

We had some fun on the kayaks and paddleboards, I had almost forgotten about the pictures until I went to bed but looked through them again and picked my favorites and since they didn’t look like anyone I knew I laid them out and jerked off to them. I became addicted to them. When we got home I found a good hiding place and most nights I’d pull them out, jerk off then hide them again, it was my secret addiction.

A few months later, my Mom had got a new job and we were all moving into a bigger house across the city. Our Dad had vanished when we were very young so it was a big deal for mom getting her promotion. My sister was helping me with the last of my boxes, as she picked one up the bottom split a little and my pictures fell out. I turned round as she picked them up, her face was red.

“Wh… where the fuck did you get these?” She said after looking at them.

“I found them at the lake, they were thrown on the fire but only a couple were burned. I figured they were Jay’s ex or something.” I replied.

“Why did you keep them, what are you doing with them?”

“I… I uh, jerk off to them.” I said, feeling my own face go red.

Amber stared at me for a few seconds.

“Why?” She finally said.

“She’s sexy as hell, I’ve never seen a woman so sexy, do you know who she is?”

“Yes I know who she is. It’s me.”

My stomach dropped.

“I don’t believe you!”

Amber handed me the picture that was essentially a close up of her breasts and then pulled her shirt off and pulled up her sports bra letting her breast spill out. I practically had the picture burned to memory, she had a pretty distinct trio of freckles by her left nipple that drove me wild and there they were, right in front of me.

“I… I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you, I swear.” I said.

“Did you mean what you said, about me being sexy?” She said, covering herself back up.

“Y… Yes.”

“Keep these safe, do not tell a fucking soul that you have them. Have you ever shown anyone else?”

“No, I swear.”

“Lets get the rest of this stuff moved, we’ll talk about this later. I’m not mad at you okay.” She said then kissed me on the cheek. She stuffed the pictures into the box again then carried it out to her truck.

We spend the rest of the day unpacking, Mom’s company had hired movers who had done most of the work so we just had to arrange the little things and unpack a few personal boxes. I sat on my bed as I unpacked the box that had the pictures in it and had just put them away when Amber came into my room. She smelled like she was clean out of the shower and was wearing a robe, her hair up in a towel. She closed the door behind her then sat on the bottom of my bed.

“Mom’s gone to that dinner party, she said to just order pizza for ourselves.” She said.

“Her new boss really likes her huh?” I replied.

“She should, 2nd day there and she won them a $3 million account.”

“Nice, she’s been so busy I’ve hardly seen her.”

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend little brother?”

“I… I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“That they won’t like me. When I was in gym class the guys said my cock is gross and deformed, I couldn’t face another woman if one seen it and laughed or something.”

“You have a foreskin, most guys don’t, Mom said she refused to conform when you were born.”

“I’m sure it’s not that, my friend has one too but they don’t make fun of him.”

“All cocks are different little brother, don’t worry about it okay.”


“Do you still have that camera that Mom bought you last year?”


“I don’t like those polaroids, my ex took them and he’s a dick. If you promise to not put them anywhere online and never show anyone I’ll let you take new ones with your camera.”

“But, they’re naked pictures.”

“Marcus, ataşehir escort bayan you’ve been jerking off to naked pictures of me, I want you to have better ones so I can burn those polaroids.”

“I, okay.”

I got my camera from my box and set it up, I was shaking though and Amber started laughing.

“Oh sweetie, you’re so nervous, all your pictures will be blurry.” She said.

“I can’t help it.”

“Here, put the camera down and sit on your chair.”

I did as she said, Amber stood up and faced away from me then slowly let her robe fall from her shoulders and onto the floor. Her ass was amazing, she looked over her should at me and I felt my cock harden. Before she turned around I did my best to adjust but I couldn’t hide it, when she faced me, her beautiful naked breasts right before my eyes I was hard and almost drooling at their magnificence.

“Well I’m taking that as a compliment.” She said, looking down at the tent I’d made in my shorts.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“Sweetie, relax, I am giving you this. I’ll tell you a secret, I get off on showing off.”

“Well you’re very sexy Amber, I can see why you like the gym.”

“Thank you. Now have you finished shaking?”

“I… I think so.”

“Good, I’m going to lay on the bed and pose for you, make sure all the pictures you take cut off my head, zoom in if you want, get as close as you want, I’ll check your work when we’re done.”

I took dozens of pictures of her, I did as she asked and kept all the shots below her face but I got close ups of her nipples, full body shots and close up shots of her pussy when she opened her legs for me. I noticed she was wet too, her labia were glistening with her juices. She sat up and smiled when she’d given me a few of her beautiful ass too.

“Lemme see. Ooh, these are great sweetie, I’m deleting this one though, can see my face.” She said, looking through my camera.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s fine, one picture out of all these. I love them, I may want a copy of the disk for myself. Will you let me take some of you?”

“I uh, I suppose it’s only fair.”

I wasn’t as graceful when I stripped, I stood before her, not knowing what to do with my hands and worried what she’d think of my cock.

“Holy shit. Do you know why those boys made fun of you baby?”

My heart dropped, I thought she was going to be mean.

“N… no.”

“Your cock is magnificent, you’re huge! I did not expect you to have this beautiful monster between your legs.” She said, staring at my cock.


“Yes baby, those little boys fucking knew you’d put their little dicks to shame. Can I touch it?” She said, I didn’t get a chance to reply before she had her fingers round my shaft.

I’d never had a woman touch me in any way before. I didn’t care that she was my sister, her hands were warm and she was stroking my cock and I was in heaven. I stammered that I was going to cum but Amber kept going, getting faster as she tightened her grip. I hadn’t jerked off in 2 days because of the move so I was pretty full, my first spurt hit her in the face then the rest of my climax splashed over her breasts as she kept stroking me I gasped and moaned in pleasure.

“Holy fuck, I thought you were never going to stop cumming.” She said with a grin.

“I haven’t been able to touch it in a couple of days.” I said, still catching my breath.

“This load’s just from a couple of days? Wow. I, am going to shower again, as a thank you for agreeing to burn these Polaroids I want you to join me. We can take pictures of you later.”

“Join you, I…in the shower?”

“Yes sweetie, I’m going to work this shy out of you and we’ll start by you washing your cum off my tits.”

Our main bathroom had a pretty amazing double shower with dual heads and even a little bench to sit on for the steamer function, Amber got the water to temperature then pulled me in with her, put her shower gel in my hands and told me to wash her body. I was nervous as hell but once I started rubbing soap over her I relaxed a little and when I got to her breasts after washing her back, my cock responded accordingly and I was hard again in no time. Amber noticed of course and grinned as my breathing got heavier when I washed closer to her pussy.

“Stand right here.” She said after rinsing the soap off my hands.

She positioned me facing the bench then stood facing it and bent over, using it to hold herself up. I wondered what she was up to but she reached back and took my cock then placed it at the entrance of her pussy.

“Are you sure about this Amber, I’m your brother.” I said, my inside voice telling me to shut up.

“Do you want it?”

“Y… yes.”

“Good.” She said then leaned back into me, taking my cock inside her.

It took her a few thrusts but she took my cock all the way inside her and just held still.

“Oh fffffffffuck that feels good. Your cock is filling me like I’ve never had baby. Take escort kadıöy it slow to start but hold on to my waist and start thrusting.”

I did as she asked and was soon groaning with pleasure. I’d jerked off with lotion and baby oil but I had no idea being in a woman’s pussy would feel so amazing. I kept it slow to begin with but as my orgasm approached I increased my pace and started slamming into her. Amber was almost incoherent with her moans and whimpers, I felt her pussy almost spasm on my cock and before long I felt that wonderful feeling then I was spraying my cum deep into my sisters pussy. Amber was cumming so hard with me, her back had gone a bright shade of red and I almost had to hold her up with her legs getting weak but when I was spent she stood up and pressed her back against me and had me hold her close as she caught her breath.

“Tha… that was the most intense orgasm I’ve had in my life little brother.” She said, moving my hand up to cup her breast.

“I enjoyed giving you my virginity.”

“What? You’ve never fucked a woman before?” She said, looking over her shoulder at me.

“No, shy remember.”

“Well, I’m going to make this the best cherry losing day ever. Lets get dried and go to my room. I hope you recover well, I want to ride you.”

The excitement and anticipation of getting to fuck her again had me semi hard the whole time, she laid me on my back on her bed then slowly sucked my cock back to hardness. It ached a little but I didn’t care, I had a sexy woman practically worshiping my cock and it felt wonderful. She straddled me and slowly took me inside her again and spent at least 30 minutes riding me slowly, getting close then backing off until she felt I was going to cum again then slammed my cock into herself until I pushed up to cum inside her again. She collapsed on my chest then when I started to soften she got off me and snuggled beside me. I’m not sure how long we napped for but she sucked me until I was hard again then got on all fours.

“Now this position lets you get pretty deep, try not to slam too hard, I’m a little tender already but I want to fuck you all day.” She said.

I managed to do as she asked and just enjoyed looking down at her beautiful ass as I fucked her. I lost count of how many times she came but she was almost in a daze by the time I sprayed what seed I had left inside her. We napped again then after cleaning ourselves up, ate our pizza then snuggled together on the couch to watch a movie.

“I don’t think I need to tell you but don’t tell anyone about this okay? Tomorrow I’m going to start showing you how to eat pussy and how to use that awesome cock of yours to really please a woman and I promise I’ll help you be less nervous around women okay?” She said to me.

“I’d love that.”

Mom came home really late but Amber and I were already in bed. She had enough time to say Hi to me in the morning but was gone by the time Amber crawled out of bed. She walked into the kitchen with a slight limp.

“So, we’ll be oral only today my dear, my pussy is throbbing and not in the good way.” She said, kissing me on the forehead before sitting down.

“I’m okay with that.”

I made her breakfast and coffee then we headed to her room to begin my ‘education’. I think to each time I came in her mouth, she had maybe four or five orgasms. The next morning she had me start by eating her then she had me fuck her, I was on cloud nine having my own woman to fuck all I wanted at home and was walking around with a constant grin on my face. One morning Amber came to see me in my room, she was still texting on her phone.

“I have a surprise for you later. You will follow my instructions, you will not speak a single word and in return you’re going get something awesome. I need a picture of your cock, I’m going to suck you hard but don’t cum.” She said.

I didn’t argue, Amber sucked me long enough to get me hard, took a picture with her phone then got up to leave.

“Oh, no jerking off!” She said then left.

A few hours later I heard someone at the door, Amber sent me a text telling me to stay in my room so I didn’t see who arrived. About 5 minutes later she quietly opened my door and told me to strip naked. I did as she told then followed her to her room. I was stunned, one of her friends, a stunning Asian chick she’d went to school with was laying naked on her bed, her legs open and her shaven pussy glistening with her juices. She was wearing a blindfold too so couldn’t see me. Amber whispered in my ear.

‘I’ve licked her a little but you take over, when I give you thumbs up, you can fuck her.’ She said to me. I just nodded.

I got between her legs and licked her how Amber had been teaching me and when the girl started to moan, Amber tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at my cock, hard from licking the girls pussy.

“Are you ready for the biggest cock you’ve ever had Miss Karla?” Said Amber.

“Y… yes.” She said.

Amber nodded at me and I slowly pushed my cock into the Asian girl. She maltepe escort gasped and moaned in pleasure as I filled her, taking my time to let her get used to me. Eventually my balls were resting against her soaked pussy lips, full and ready for her.

“Oh, fffffuck, it feels so fucking good. Fuck me hard my mystery stud, I can take it.” Gasped Karla.

I did as she asked and enjoyed the look on her face as I began to thrust, she was soon cumming almost constantly and her tight pussy felt like a vice grip every time she orgasmed. I lasted longer than I expected to, putting it down to Amber’s training but I couldn’t hold back any longer and pushed my cock deep into the girl and blasted the contents of my balls deep into her pussy. Karla screamed “Oh MY GOD” as I filled her and I’m pretty sure she blacked out at one point too. When I was done I pulled out of her slowly and watched my cum flood from her pussy. Amber sucked the juices from my softening cock then led me out to the hallway.

“Stay in your room until I come and get you, I’m totally fucking you when she’s gone, that was hot as fuck. I took some great pics for you too.” She said, lightly slapping my ass towards my room.

I did as she said and waited until she came bouncing into my room with a huge grin on her face.

“So Karla is a big dick queen, she loves huge cocks and I told her I found a guy with one and said I’d let her have a go. She wants you again next week when her husband is away for longer, I said I’d think about it.” Said Amber.

“She’s fucking married? What the hell Amber!”

“Relax, he’s a cuck, she’s off home to make him eat your cum.”

“What the fuck is a cuck?”

“Cuckold, basically she makes him watch and he gets off on watching her get fucked by other men. He gets off on it and she loves it. Now, can we talk after you’ve fucked me please, I’m horny as fuck.”

I was given to 5 other women over the next few weeks, I was loving it and between Amber’s friends and herself, I was getting all the sex I could handle.

One morning though, after we assumed Mom had left for work, I was being ridden pretty hard by Amber when Mom came into her room. Amber was enjoying herself so much she didn’t realize she was there at first but when mom cleared her throat she froze, slowly sinking to the hilt on my cock.

“Well, no wonder you’re always smiling young man. Amber, get off him please.” Said Mom.

Amber’s mouth was sitting open, Mom gasped when she seen my cock.

“Well you do not take after your deadbeat Father. I’m going to overlook this and turn a blind eye but you’re going to do something for me. My boss just went through a pretty nasty divorce and to put in bluntly, needs a good fuck. I think she’ll not be able to walk for a day after you but she needs it. She’s hot so don’t worry but you’re going to pose as an escort, give her a good time then leave, I’ll text the address, do not tell her who you are and don’t be late or I’ll send you both to separate coasts for college. Amber, you’ll have to wait for your fun, I want him full.” Said Mom.

“Why me?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve been watching all these pretty young ladies coming and going on our cameras, a day later Amber deposits cash into her account. I put a spy camera up in the hallway and watched him come in naked, leave breathless and dripping so… I have to leave, no fucking until he gets back tonight, you, don’t be late.” She said to us both then left.

“You were getting paid for me fucking them?” I said to Amber.

“Yes, I was going to surprise you, I have your share in my dresser, I know you’re saving for a new computer.” Replied Amber.

“Well since I’m not allowed to cum you better sit on my face so I can get you off.”

“You’re not upset with me?”

“Oh yea, totally, making all these hot women fuck me is infuriating.” I said and laughed.

The ‘date’ with Mom’s boss was actually really fun, she was older but really kept in shape and had an amazing body. She actually managed to wear me out too but I enjoyed her. After I’d cum a second time she snuggled against me and stroked my chest.

“Oh if I was 20 years younger I’d not let you out of my sight, that was the best sex I’ve had in I don’t know how long.” She said, smiling.

“Not many can keep up with me never mind wear me out but you were amazing, thank you.” I replied.

“Well thank you. I know who you are too but I won’t spill, it was really sweet of your Mother to arrange this, I was pretty depressed and thought no man would want me again but you showed me otherwise. I wasn’t even naked and you were hard for me.”

“You’re a stunning sexy woman Lisa, your ex is an idiot for letting you go.”

“Well thank you, he wasn’t one for enjoying what he had, more interested in his golf but he paid for it. Anyway, may I have you again this weekend, I have a cabin up north and I’d love this big cock of yours to wear me out in every room.”

“What time should I be here.” I replied, grinning.

“I’ll pick you up Friday night.”

When I got home, Mom was waiting for me, she had a big smile on her face and hugged me.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Lisa just texted me, she said you were very sweet, made her feel alive more than her ex ever did and genuinely made her feel wanted. Was it okay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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