The Party Ch. 1

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The music was loud as I sat there, feeling naked in my black teddy, matching thigh highs and 4-inch heels. Sammy, a close friend and suite mate, told me about the party and promised that it would be fun. “Besides Kallisti,” she argued, “You need to let your hair down and forget about Brad.” I knew that she was a bit wild and into orgies, and I think that this was why I had confided in her about Brad. I wanted to do something to really piss him off after finding him and my roommate fucking the past weekend.

As I was talking about my need for vengeance she mentioned this party, an ex-boss (she had interned the previous summer at a prestigious law firm) was hosting it with whom she had kept in touch. I was uneasy about the idea at first, but with her prodding and pleading I eventually gave in. However, an orgy was not exactly what I had in mind for my revenge. Brad had told me about his fantasies about me having sex with another girl, specifically Sammy. While we were about the same height (about 5′ 8″) and weight (125 lbs.) we were opposites. She is a natural, almost platinum blonde while I am a brunette. I wear glasses while she opts for contacts. I’m a C cup and she’s a D. I dress conservatively while she dresses provocatively. Got the picture?

I found the prospect of sleeping with her appealing, and I had heard rumors that she was bisexual. To be honest I think I was crying on her shoulder in hopes that it would lead to a kiss that would lead to more and the story would get back to Brad. The fact that he would have missed it would have drove him mad. As she tried talking me into the party I thought about this, and realized that a social situation involving alcohol may just be the gateway into her arms. When I said yes she squealed with delight, and threw her arms around me giving me a hug. As our breasts ground into each other, and the smell of her hair perfume invigorated my sense of smell, I could feel my pussy getting wet. I prayed she would feel the same and kiss me.

Instead, in her excitement, she let go of the embrace. “Girl, we’ve got to get you the right outfit! Come with me!” She hopped off the couch in the common area of our dorm suite.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“To California Nights!” I had heard her talk about the store. It was an upscale lingerie boutique where ladies would model the lingerie for the customers.

“Isn’t that expensive?” Sammy’s family was loaded while mine was not; I did not have the money to spend on expensive underwear.

“Yes,” her excitement dwindled as she paused şişli escort to consider what I was saying. Then she perked up. “I’ll cover you!” With that she practically pulled me the distance to her Porsche.

* * *

At California Nights Sammy requested a private room where the models usually showcased the store’s wares. However, since we were shopping for ourselves, she told our Consultant that a viewing would not be necessary. As we were changing into a second set of lingerie, I began to instinctively dance to the store’s piped in music. I did not realize I was doing it until I heard Sammy laughing, I immediately blushed and stopped dancing.

“Oh no!” Sammy exclaimed. “Don’t stop! I was enjoying the show!” She stood up. She had been in the middle of trying on a white leather and lace teddy. I watched her walk towards me. She was barefoot in white thigh highs that she had attached to her garters. The teddy was half off exposing her beautiful tits but leaving her pussy a mystery. She had a look in her eye I had not seen before. As I focused on her tits, I suddenly became aware of my pussy becoming increasingly wet which in turn made me aware that all I had on were my black thigh highs and heels. She came very close to me and whispered in my ear: “I’d pay to see that.”

“Oh would you?” I said in the flirtatious way of women.

“Oh yes…” She said in a steamy bedroom voice, “and more.” As she finished whispering I felt her hands begin caressing my body. With her left hand she gently pushed the hair off my neck and with her full lips kissed my neck and ear while her right hand played with my breasts. I sighed and gave in; her touch was so soft and so unlike that of a man. “Do you want to be my bitch?” She asked in her bedroom voice.

“Yes.” I said breathlessly, firmly giving her control of the situation and my body. She took full advantage of it as I felt her move her hands to my eager pussy and ass. With one hand she massaged my ass while expertly manipulating my clit with the other

“Now keep dancing.” She instructed me, God her voice was driving me nuts! Or was it the two fingers she had buried in my snatch? In rhythm to the music I began to slowly dance, teasing my hair while she teased my ass. As she played with my clit and fingered my pussy I ground my thigh into her crotch. Finally we were facing each other just right to allow a deep, passionate kiss. Aggressively she frenched my eager mouth, and I sighed with delight as she touched the right spot inside taksim escort me with her fingers.

About this time she moved her hand into the crack of my ass and began playing along the rim of my asshole. No one had ever done that before. I had been curious about anal sex but Brad thought that sticking his dick in my ass would be a slippery slope into homosexuality. But this felt good, and Sammy picked up on it and soon she had slipped one finger into my ass! I was hers at that point and she knew it. I could feel her lips on my neck, her fingers on my clit & in my pussy and her finger in my ass. I was in heaven. Brad had never fucked me like this! Already I could feel myself beginning to cum.

Sammy sensed this and doubled her efforts. Usually I’m a moaner but right now all I wanted to do was scream, again Sammy showed how attentive of a lover she was and kissed me harder to muffle the sounds of my ecstasy. As I started to build she kept increasing the intensity of her masturbation until I finally came. The orgasm seemed to last forever, and it felt as if all the moisture in my body was flowing out of my cunt. “My God that was good!” I exclaimed breathlessly.

“Good, I’m glad you liked it.” She was still using her voice. “Now my dear, its my turn.” She unsnapped her garters and slipped off her half-on/half-off teddy. She pulled me close and led me over to the room’s single chair and she had a seat.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” I said meekly, standing naked before her naked body. I felt like a serf before the Queen. I owed her as much as she gave me, right?

“I’ve heard Brad brag that you’re the best blow of his life, right?”


“Well how do you please him with your tongue?”

“I just suck and lick while I watch how his body reacts and how he touches me in return.”

“Okay,” she responded, “do you masturbate?”

“Yes.” I said somewhat embarrassed.

“Well then, combine your oral technique with how you masturbate.” She smiled a disarming smile that I returned. “Now get on your knees.” She said adding a devilish twinkle of her eye to her smile.

I did as I had been told. As she spread her legs and I snuggled in between them, I got my first good look at her pussy. She shaved it allowing me to easily find her clit (her excited state also helped!). I started out my gently licking it and caressing her legs and tits. She ran her fingers through my brunette hair, and then gently used my hair to pull my face out of her snatch. “I’m topkapı escort a little too turned on for foreplay,” she said, “don’t worry about being gentle.”

Gently she placed my face back into her sweet smelling snatch. Aggressively I began sucking her bulging clit. “There you go!” She said, beginning to buck as I sucked. My hands moved from her tits and legs to her pussy and ass so that I could return the favor. Her bucking became harder as she used both hands to shove my face deeper into her crotch. I could feel her bare feet on my back. I cold taste her sweet juices as they flowed out of her. “God yes, yes, yes!” She said as I felt my pussy getting wet once more.

She grabbed my hair and held my head in place as her body tensed, “Oh God!” She said breathlessly and as her body relaxed I felt her hot juices run down my hand and finger. Gently she pulled my head out of her cunt and guided our lips together. We kissed and caressed each other. “You make a good dyke.” She flirted. I blushed and coyly looked away.

In the end she picked the black teddy I had been wearing before my “strip tease”, as she called it, for me to wear to the party. In turn I picked out the white leather and lace teddy she has half-wearing. She put both outfits on her credit card.

While we were driving to buy shoes I could tell something was bothering her. “Kalli,” she finally said, “I don’t want to lead you on.”

“Okay.” I said, I began feeling nervous.

“You were a great fuck back there, but” great she’s dumping me I thought, “I’m not ready to get serious with anyone right now.”

“I understand.”

“No you don’t. Tonight at the party I want cock.” She explained. “I still like to please men, but enjoy being with women also. I don’t know which team I want to commit myself or if I even want to commit at all. I do know one thing, I want to keep sleeping with you, but…”

“But you want an open relationship.” I said, and I was happy. Brad was the first guy I had slept with and I got too involved too fast. Besides I wasn’t ready to become a full-fledged dyke yet anyway.

* * *

I thought of that conversation as I sat there watching Sammy mingle. Finally she came over with a handsome man on each arm. The hunk on her right held one glass of champagne while the hunk on the left had a drink in each hand. “Kallisti I would like you to meet Rob.” The hunk in boxers she had her right arm around, extended his free hand to shake mine.

“Nice to meet you Kalli…Kallis…”

“Ka-lees-tea.” I slowly pronounced my name to end his painful butchering of it.

“This is James.” Sammy introduced the more handsome man with two drinks. “He’s been bugging me to introduce you.”

“Samantha tells me you like amaretto sours.” He handed me a drink. “I prefer whiskey sours myself.”

“Thank you.” I said as I took the offered drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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