The Panty Teasing Niece

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I always loved my Aunt Patty while growing up. She made sure the family got together from time to time and never failed to invite me to stay with her and Uncle Jeff whenever I was in their city. She seemed to understand the value of our family relationships and wasn’t going to allow time and the miles that separated us to diminish these ties.

My Uncle Jeff was always my favorite uncle too. He and Aunt Patty were both really artistic and he seemed to have a knack for making money too. When I graduated college…after six years, he gave me $500 as a gift. And it was all in twenties, tens and fifties! He said it was “Sleazier” that way. What a guy! I remember once visiting him when I was en route home from school one December and we ended up having sex. I didn’t mean for it to happen but he asked to see my new tattoo and, well, I showed it to him. One thing led to another and, Oh, I’m ashamed to admit this but we ended up kissing in the spare bedroom and then he touched my panties.

I knew I should have stopped him but…but I didn’t want to! It was so exciting to have my big strong and handsome Uncle all kissing me and everything. He went inside my panties and then I stopped him. Well, for a minute. I was still a virgin back then and I didn’t really know what to do. I think he would have been satisfied to masturbate while I showed him my pussy but I got all excited and my judgement went south and I did something I probably shouldn’t have done: I got on my hands and knees and asked him to take a closer look at my tattoo. My tattoo is just at the top of my butt crease.

Uncle Jeff pulled my panties down and I let him look at everything I have back there. Then he wanted to rub his penis in my butt cheeks and I didn’t stop him then either. Oh, who am I kidding? I wanted Uncle Jeff to fuck me and really show me about making love! I’m pretty sure he wanted me also but he’s a gentleman you know? So he was rubbing his big stiff cock in my ass cheeks and I was really getting all horny and wet and I kind of lowered my little tits to the mattress and, somehow, his cock slid into my asshole! I complained to Uncle Jeff but I think he didn’t understand what I said because he took hold of my waist and pushed hard and all of his hard cock went sliding into my tight little asshole!

I knew it was hopeless to try and stop him and a little part of me didn’t even want to. So I let my uncle screw me back there. Right on the bed in the guest bedroom of his home. He’d given me this silly story about how male sperm can make your tits grow so I let him ejaculate on my little tits at the end. No, it didn’t seem to work but it was still kind of sexy fun. You know, to let your uncle, whom you grew up admiring, shoot hot come onto your tits.

I felt bad about what I did with Uncle Jeff because of Aunt Patty. It wasn’t a nice thing to do to her after all she’s done for me and everyone in our family really. So I decided: Never Again! Which was easy for the next three years because I was usually away at college and didn’t see them much.

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Patty made the trip up North for my graduation which they certainly didn’t have to do but I really appreciated them being there for my special day. Then Jeff gave me that wrinkled envelope with all that money and I almost cried! That was and still is a lot of money! I can’t honestly remember having that much money in my hands at one time ever before or since!

So, of course I wanted to visit them when I rode back down to Southern California and they graciously invited me to stay a couple of days at their house when I made the trip.

Aunt Patty made her famous “Prosciutto wrapped Chicken” for dinner the night I got there and, after some spirited conversation, I finally hit the hay. It had been a long day and I was sure tired.

By the time I awoke the next morning both my Aunt and Uncle had left for work so I made some coffee and settled down to watch some TV. Of course there’s not much on TV on a weekday morning. Well, unless you need to buy some crazy kitchen gadget or something. So I let myself into Uncle Jeff’s study to use his computer. I needed to check email and then I wanted to mapquest an address I needed. I got the address but, when I went to print it up, there was no paper in the printer.

I wasn’t snooping! I really wasn’t! I was looking for computer paper when I lifted some things in the bottom drawer of Uncle Jeff’s desk and found some pictures. They were pictures of my Mom and she was naked! I think they might have been taken after my little brother was born because her normally tiny little tits were…Big! Like she was still nursing him I guess. She was wearing a cowboy hat and boots but nothing else. She has a pretty good growth of pubic hair so you couldn’t see her pussy lips or anything but still, she was nude. My mom had this kind of sly grin on her face too. Like she was hot and she knew it.

Where Uncle Jeff got these photos ataşehir escort I don’t know but It got me to thinking. Uncle Jeff and Mom are obviously sweet on each other and I think they could have been, you know, married if they had met each other first. I wondered if Uncle Jeff had helped my mom with money some time in the past. Lord knows she needed it. She and Dad were always in some kind of financial fix.

I found myself wondering if Uncle Jeff had been comparing me to Mom when I got undressed and let him fuck my asshole that day three years ago. Yeah, he probably was. I fished around underneath my Mom’s nude shots and there was an envelope with some polaroids in it at the bottom of the drawer. You guessed it: Naked pictures of Aunt Patty and Uncle Jeff!

My hands were trembling as I sifted through the pictures. Aunt Patty is a beautiful woman but to see her naked…Wow! She is a knockout! Gorgeous breasts with nice pink nipples. Red hair on her pussy and not much of it. She got on her hands and knees and showed off her ass. I compared it to the rear shots of my Mom and they were almost identical. Family resemblance! Then there was Uncle Jeff…standing there in a Santa Claus hat and sporting a big stiff hardon! Well, that I’d already managed to see first hand!

I found one picture of Aunt Patty holding Uncle Jeff’s cock and it looked like she was about to suck it. I started getting wet from looking at these nasty pictures and I knew I needed to touch myself. I set the pictures down on Uncle Jeff’s desk and moved my hand down to my sweat pants, and then inside. I began to touch my pussy through my panties and tried to imagine a picture of Uncle Jeff with Aunt Patty on one side and me on the other…all of us naked! I bet he’d like that. Then I tried to imagine a picture of Uncle Jeff with me on one side and my Mom on the other. I think he would like that even more!

Oh, I was rubbing my hot little pussy now and looking at the pictures before me. Uncle Jeff’s cock was so big and hard! I thought about that day when he had me and all the sexy things he’d said to me. How he told me he loved my little tits…how much he wanted to see my naked pussy. I thought about how nasty I was to kneel for him and invite him to inspect my tattoo. Tattoo heck! I wanted him to check out my bare ass and pussy and he did too!

Now I was all wet and horny and rubbing for all I was worth but it was frustrating! I needed a real cock and not just my fingers. I was no longer a virgin and I understood the thrills a man’s touch can bring. Thrills that my fingers just couldn’t produce! But I did the best I could and I was almost there when, incredibly, I saw Uncle Jeff’s car pulling up outside! Good Grief! I quickly threw the pictures back into the drawer and bolted into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I showered for a good ten minutes and killed time for a while after that while I practiced my “Oh…Uncle Jeff! You’re home!” routine. I assumed he didn’t look at those pictures every day so he was unlikely to notice that I’d been in there fooling around.

I put on my panties and then my robe and went out all ready to be “Surprised.” Uncle Jeff was in his office and the first thing I saw was I hadn’t closed out the driving directions. The second thing I saw was the three pictures I had neglected to shove back in the drawer! I was caught!

I’m sure I was in the process of turning beet red when Uncle Jeff greeted me. “Jennie! Great to see you honey!” He began. “How was the ride down from Eureka?” As he said it he casually packed the photos together and slipped them into the top drawer of his desk. Good old Uncle Jeff. He wasn’t going to embarrass me even though he had every right to.

So I stood there…like a silly little teenager, making small talk and all the while thinking about the awkward situation I’d created. Uncle Jeff knew I’d seen those photos and probably all the rest of them too. What must he think of me? That’s the thanks he gets for letting me stay in his home? A niece that snoops around in his private stuff?

But he didn’t seem mad or anything so I just sat down and continued to chat while Uncle Jeff looked for a tee time online. He was always golfing! How he ever made all this money he always seemed to have was a mystery to me. I was sitting in his recliner and it moved back a little just from my weight. I had my legs a little bit apart and, when Uncle Jeff was speaking to me, I saw his eyes look down at my robe for a brief moment.

“Why he was looking for a ‘Shot!'” I thought to myself. A shot up my robe! Uncle Jeff chatted on and I found myself thinking again about the last time I visited him. He got a lot more than a shot that day!

“How do you like my new chair Jennie?” He asked me.

“Real comfortable Uncle Jeff!” I replied. He pointed to the lever at the right side of the chair and said “Go ahead and pull on that handle.”

I kadıköy escort bayan didn’t realize the footrest was spring loaded so when I pulled the handle it lifted my legs quickly up to my waist. And Uncle Jeff was treated to the shot he’d tried for a moment earlier! He saw my panties!

“Ha ha!” He chuckled. “Worked like a charm!” He turned back to the computer screen all pleased with himself.

“Uncle Jeff!” I exclaimed, trying in vain to sound indignant. He didn’t buy it for a second. “Ahem.” Was his only comment as he opened the drawer and briefly waved the pictures to me.

“Now we’re even Jennie.” He smiled. I was embarrassed but I couldn’t help asking where he got the pictures of my Mom. He said she’d left them on the kitchen table one time when He and Aunt Patty were there on a visit.

“Right on the kitchen table?” I wondered. He explained that No, they were actually in one of those yellow envelopes you get at the drug store when you get your pictures developed but he helped himself to a few figuring she wouldn’t miss them. I found myself thinking my Mom might have left them there on purpose. She was extremely self conscious about her small bust. She might have welcomed an opportunity to let her “Secret Pal” see her temporarily enlarged breasts. So…he was a sneak too!

Somehow, that put us on even footing the way I saw it. So, knowing I was asking for trouble, I lifted my knees up and put my feet on the seat cushion. Now Uncle Jeff could get a better look at my panties that he was so interested in a few moments ago. My robe had fallen out of the way and my brief white panties were all I had covering my pussyl

And he looked too! I had a sly little smile on my face as I showed him my panties. He drank in the erotic sight I’d presented him with and smiled back.

“How’ve you been honey? Everything OK?” He was just so handsome! His eyes burning into mine as he said it. I pulled the lever down and got up out of the recliner. Uncle Jeff stood up to meet me and gave me a nice hug to welcome me. A real nice hug. And considering he’d just been treated to an intentional look at my panties, he didn’t just squeeze me for a second and let go.

I felt his warm body against me and all I had on was my robe and my panties. I looked up at him and he leaned down to kiss me. I loved my uncle and I returned his kiss and felt his hands travel down the back of my robe until he was feeling my butt cheeks. “You’re looking real good Jennie!” He told me softly. “How are the boys at college treating you?”

“Oh…fine I guess Uncle Jeff.” I replied. “But…but they’re just boys.” I looked up at my uncle with a heavy lidded look that he recognized right away. His lips met mine again and I pushed myself against him even tighter. I wanted to feel his big penis getting hard and I figured out a way to speed the process along.

I reached between us and undid the tie rope of my robe and let it open a bit before pulling my uncle against me again. Now my little tits were poking him in the chest and I could feel his cock beginning to harden against my little panties.

“We…I shouldn’t be doing this Jennie.” He protested. He protested alright but it wasn’t like he was going to stop or anything. I remembered how fun it was to do all the teasing we’d done the last time we were intimately together. So I went along with his comment.

“I…I know Uncle Jeff.” I said quietly. “But…but I got excited looking at those pictures of you and Aunt Patty.” I tried to get a little tremble in my voice when I spoke my next line. “Couldn’t you just…just touch my panties a little and then we’ll stop?”

Uncle Jeff gasped when I said it and immediately moved his hand to my panties and began to clumsily grope me there.

“Wait Uncle Jeff.” I stopped him. I dropped my robe and then sat back down on the recliner and lifted my legs over the upholstered arms. Now my barely covered pussy was totally available to him. My titties were bare and I watched his eyes for his reaction. I could tell he liked what he saw. He quickly knelt down on the carpet and reached out to stroke my exposed panties!

I moaned when I felt his touch on my barely covered pussy and then shut my eyes and leaned back to enjoy the experience. It had happened so quickly but here I was…almost nude and my favorite uncle was touching my panties! It was thrilling but I needed more!

I allowed Uncle Jeff to touch my panties for a couple minutes more and then I reached out to his zipper, intending to fish out his by now, surely hardened cock. He beat me to the draw, pulling his pants and briefs off and showing me all of his manly penis! It was even bigger than I remembered it and I swooned at the mere sight of it!

“Oh Uncle Jeff!” I couldn’t help myself now…”Let me rub it on my panties…just for a second and then we won’t do any more!”

My Uncle didn’t verbally respond but he moved up escort maltepe in front of the chair and parted his legs so his cock was even with my widespread thighs. I tentatively reached out and took hold of his stiff hardon and slowly brought it to my panties. I looked up for his approval and then delicately touched it to the flimsy white fabric that covered my pussy.

“Oh Jennie that’s so nice honey!” He gasped. I rubbed his thick cock head all over my inner thighs and then returned it right to the quick of me. Right into the crotch of my rapidly moistening pussy! Up and down, up and down I dragged his big stiff penis as he gasped in pleasure from the sensation.

“Here Uncle Jeff…” I began, “I’ll let you touch my bare pussy just for a second and then we’ll stop.” With that, I pulled the legband out of the way and let Uncle Jeff see my pussy. I’d shaved the hairs and so it was nice and pink and warm for him! I then gently guided his prick to my smooth pink pussy lips and touched it right in the center!

“Oh Jennie we can’t honey! He gasped. “We just can’t!” He moved away from me and I was disappointed for a moment but I wasn’t done trying.

“Maybe you could…you know, rub it yourself and, when you’re ready to finish up, you could squirt it on my…my pussy!” It was the best I could come up with. Then I pulled the legband of my panties even further out of the way and began to tease my pussy with my fingers. Uncle Jeff was looking on excitedly as I lewdly masturbated in front of him and he began to stroke himself as well.

I watched in awe as Uncle Jeff fingered his manhood, his eyes never leaving my exposed pussy. I scooted forward on the recliner in an attempt to show even more pussy to my uncle while wondering how long it would be before he came. I wanted that hot come on my pussy, that’s for sure! “Are you…are you almost there Uncle Jeff?” I quietly asked.

“Uh huh…” was all he could muster in response. His hand was moving faster now…up and down his impossibly hard cock. Now, it was time for my last little treat.

“Hold on just a second Uncle Jeff…just a second more now…” With that, I took the waistband of my panties and began to pull them down. I wanted my Uncle to come right on my bare pussy! I didn’t need my panties anymore. No, they’d done their job: Helping me tease my favorite uncle into coming! I took my panties off and motioned for Uncle Jeff to approach me.

I laid my still warm panties on my thigh and opened my legs wide apart and told him to “Come on my pussy Uncle Jeff!” I moved right up to the edge of the cushion when I said it.

“Aw Jennie!” He called to me. “I can’t help it honey!” Then Uncle Jeff finally took charge of the situation. I’d teased him plenty but now it was time for him to do what a man does in this situation. What he didn’t do last time. He put his bloated cock head right up to my little pink ribbon of flesh and then pushed hard! I cried out as he surged into me and fucked almost all of his frustrated cock into my teasing little pussy!

“Oh Jeff!” I cried out in surprise and delight! He pulled back before I had a chance to react and then squeezed his butt cheeks together and shoved himself into my well lubricated pussy. He gave out a deeply satisfied moan of pleasure and then began to rapidly fuck me and I laid back there on the recliner and took it. Oh, he fucked me good too! Stroke after stroke he stabbed himself into my soft little pussy while I murmured encouragement to him quietly.

“Oh that’s it Jeff! Oh fuck me good now…I’m…I’m sorry I teased you. I saw those pictures and I got all excited and my pussy was all wet and…”

“I know honey…” He interrupted. “I saw your panties and I got excited too! I love your sweet little pussy honey. You’re…you’re the best!”

I couldn’t help but ask “Did…did you and Mom ever…?”

“Not yet.” He answered with a smile. “I love your Mom and I hope she knows that. In a perfect world, I’d have both Patty and your Mom.”

Somehow, tears began to well up in me and I began to move to meet my uncle stroke for stroke. I was going to come now and so was he. I took hold of my recently discarded panties and gestured to him. Uncle Jeff just nodded and moments later he slammed into me repeated and then jerked his cock free of my desperately clinging pussy. Oh, and then streams of white hot come began to pour into my panties as I offered them to him. I reached out and stroked him softly in an attempt to coax out every drop of sperm he had and he had plenty!

I wondered what would have happened if I’d simply taken that load in my pussy. I wasn’t on the pill or anything and I might have become pregnant with his child. I know Uncle Jeff loves my mom. Maybe that would be as close as he could ever get to really having her. They would have made quite a couple that’s for sure.

I really feel bad about Aunt Patty but I know I love Uncle Jeff and I hope God doesn’t punish me for teasing him and everything else that happened that day. I’ll try to do better in the future. But, doggone it, I have this nasty little part of me that wants some nude shots of ME at the bottom of my Uncle’s desk drawer! No! No, I’m not doing that! No Way!

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