The Next Night With Bob

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Dusk was turning into night as Beth Wilson approached the driveway to her detached garage. She smiled. She’d been smiling a lot lately; at least over the past 6 days since “The Night” with Bob.

“I can’t believe it’s been less than a week since I discovered Nancy and Louise in bed with Bob,” she thought. That discovery led to a fantastic night of sex between Beth, her daughter Nancy, Nancy’s best friend Louise, and Bob. Oh, God, BOB! What a fantastic lover! He’s HUGE! And the man’s stamina! If I hadn’t been there, I never would believe it! Beth was so distracted and flustered with the memory she almost missed the driveway to her own house.

Seeing the F-150 in the driveway reminded her that this was the night they had arranged to meet again. Of course, she had been nervously looking forward to this night for several days. She felt herself getting wet with the anticipation. Her sexual re-awakening at the hands (and cock) of Bob Johnson was just what she needed. Divorced just over a year, her work schedule left her little time for developing a new relationship. Besides work, she tried hard to maintain her relationship with Nancy.

At 18, Nancy was getting set to graduate and go off to State College. Beth knew she would miss her terribly when the time came, so she was trying to make the most of their time together. Now, as a single parent, perhaps she was spoiling Nancy, if that was even possible. As an adult, Nancy was smart, street-wise, and pretty. She stood five and a half feet in her pretty bare feet. Her long brown hair and a trim athletic figure reminded Beth of herself at that age. I’m only 35. There’s nothing wrong with this body either! My breasts are full, my stomach is flat, my hips have no fat, and I have a lot of energy. Man, do I have energy!

Without a steady boyfriend, Nancy spent most of her time with her friend Louise. Neither girl was a virgin, even before Bob. Both Louise and Nancy had experimented, as most kids do, with straight and lesbian sex. Beth wasn’t certain how many partners that Nancy had had, but she was certain that Nancy was not hurt by any of them. Louise seemed to be a good influence. The more she got to know Louise and her family, the happier she was for Nancy to have such a friend.

Louise’s killer smile and her fuller figure looked great on her slightly taller frame. Beth recalled being jealous of Louise’s perky breasts the first time she saw them as she lay in bed intertwined with Bob. It was Louise who introduced Bob to Nancy, that introduction leading to a night of unbridled sexual passion that left them all exhausted.

My daughter has certainly grown up. I never dreamed we’d be sharing such intimate moments as we did last week. I’m glad I can share in her happiness with a passion of my own.

Passing the truck in the drive, she pulled into the garage, gathered her things, and crossed to the back door. Sounds of laughter came from within. The smell of pizza made her mouth water, as she temporarily put aside her arousal in favor of hunger.

“Hi, Mom!” Nancy was seated at the kitchen table next to Louise. Both were dressed (barely! thought Beth) in tank tops and their volleyball shorts. Bob was seated across from them, dressed in a red muscle shirt and shorts. He smiled at Beth as she entered.

“Hi, y’all. Hope you left some of that for me.”

“There’s plenty of everything!” said Louise. “Bob was just telling us about the time he was hunting beavers in Canada.”

“Oh, Louise, you are so gullible,” said Nancy. “He doesn’t mean the animal beaver, he means the kind of beaver you and I have!”

“Oh, yeah, well, I knew that…”stammered Louise.

Just as Beth dropped her keys in the dish on the side table, another man entered the kitchen from the direction of the living room. With a start, Beth jumped, not expecting anyone else.

“Who…” she started.

Bob rose from his seat and said, “Beth, I’d like you to meet my son, Jon. Jon, this is Mrs. Wilson.”

“Oh, hi, Jon. Pleased to meet you. I remember Bob saying he had a son.” Indeed, Bob had mentioned it when they were “getting acquainted” last week, saying only that he was 20 years old. Reaching out to shake his hand, Beth couldn’t help but be stunned by Jon’s youthful good looks, tall stature, and massive physique. Clearly, he toned and exercised regularly.

“Jon’s a fullback for the Northland University Bears,” said Louise, referring to the chief rival of the State College Cougars.

As if that was not already obvious, thought Beth. The boy can fill out a jersey without shoulder pads. And is that bulge in his shorts for real?

“I hope I’m not intruding, Mrs. Wilson,” stated Jon as he gazed into her wide blue eyes, no doubt seeing the direction of her gaze on his body..

“Not at all. Call me Beth, please. Welcome to our home, Jon. You too, Bob. Just let me freshen up, and we’ll get to know each other.”

“I don’t doubt that!” said Nancy, with a grin that spoke that she had already gotten to know Jon, and liked what she knew. Rival team to her future college or not, etiler escort there was an obvious attraction between them even a mother could not be blind to.

With Beth out of the room, Bob said, “Well Jon, still good to go?”

“Go? Aren’t you going to stay?” asked Nancy.

“Yes, I am. He meant, what do I think of your Mom. She’s hot, by the way. Nancy, you never told me you had such a hot momma.”

“She’s all that, and more, as you might find out if you’re nice,” said Bob.

Without a blush, Jon replied, “Sounds good. Can I have another beer?” The big guy helped himself from the stock in the refrigerator.

The group was still chatting around the kitchen table, when Beth came back. She had changed into shorts, sandals, and a loose fitting t-shirt. Bob looked up and said, “Wow, Beth, you look fantastic!”

“Flattery will get you…something,” replied Beth, glancing at Jon. She was still unsure about Jon’s presence and whether what she though they planned could take place with Jon there.

Bob noticed her uncertain look. He said, “Beth, you should know that Jon knows about us and what we did. I didn’t gossip or give him details, but he and I have shared more than your typical father and son ever do, including the former second Mrs. Johnson. Not that I blame him. I married her too soon after my divorce from Jon’s mother, not realizing what a slut she was.”

“But damn good in bed,” interjected Jon.

“That’s true,” laughed Bob. “We never did her together, but we have had other playmates together. Is it all right with you if he stays?”

Without a thought, Beth replied, “Sure! Get me a beer, Jon. I see you know where they are.” She slid into a chair next to Bob and snagged a slice of pizza.

Jon jumped to the fridge as three sets of female eyes watched his tight butt. It was Louise who reached out to grab it.

“Nice butt, Mr. Football.”

Jon stopped, beer in his hand, not resisting as Louise openly groped him. “Like that, do you? How’d you like it if I did that to you?”

Standing up, Louise said, “I don’t know. Why don’t you try it and see.” As she pressed her body to his, he reached behind her to fondle her ass.

“Hmmm. Nice and soft. Just the way I like it.” As he pulled her closer, he nuzzled her neck, kissing just beneath her left ear. Jon could not help getting aroused by Louise’s hands, which were now pushing up beneath his jersey and lightly scratching his back. It was obvious that Louise was also getting serious. She pushed her hips forward, making contact with his groin and the rapidly hardening lump within his shorts.

“Hmmm. Not everything is soft, I see.” On tip toes, Louise attempted to push her groin into Jon’s, but she, being so much shorter, succeeded only in feeling his lump pressed against her stomach. As her fingers continued the dance on Jon’s back, they continued to neck, oblivious to the three others watching them.

That’s got the ball rolling, so to speak, thought Beth, as she noticed Bob’s hand on her bare leg. He leaned to kiss her and she responded with a full face and open mouth. Bob thought he could taste pizza as he probed her mouth with his tongue. His hand slipped ever higher up Beth’s leg, coming in contact with her shorts, and pushing underneath. Beth held his shoulders, helping him turn toward her in the chair.

Wondering why he didn’t turn to face her, she looked down to see Nancy’s face looking up at her from under the table! She was caressing Bob’s cock through the material of his shorts. The caress had its intended effect when the tip of his ever lengthening cock was exposed, to the delight of Nancy, who pulled at his shorts to expose even more. The more she played, the harder his cock became. With increasing discomfort in his position, Bob shifted, allowing Nancy to tug his shorts completely off. “Ahh, that’s better,” he sighed.

Fully exposed, his semi hard cock was immediately enveloped by Nancy’s eager mouth.

Beth watched as Nancy opened wide, guiding the red mushroom shaped tip between her lips. Her tongue licked out, looking to Beth like she wanted to enter his pee hole with it. However, Nancy’s tongue just pressed the tip and twirled around the head. Holding his swollen dick with both hands, she looked like she was trying to swallow a baseball bat.

Beth’s hand caressed her daughter’s hair as Nancy unsuccessfully tried to take more than a couple of inches of Bob’s cock into her mouth. Nancy slid her two-handed grip up to her lips, then back down to the base, where Bob’s huge balls lay on the chair like meatballs on a plate. Slowly jacking him, she continued to suck the head of his cock until she could take no more within. Releasing, she backed off, letting most of his member slid out. Before it was totally released, she again pushed her head down, engulfing as much as she could. After two headers, Beth could see the sheen of saliva left by her daughter’s lips on the outside of Bob’s organ.

Bob leaned back, enjoying the blow job. Beth was feeling fatih escort beneath his shirt with one hand, and rolling it up his torso with the other. She pulled it over his head, leaving him clad in nothing but his sandals.

“Come on, Beth. Take your t-shirt off, too,” he encouraged. “Or do I have to rip it off?”

With scarcely a glance at Jon and Louise, who continued to dry hump each other near the refrigerator, Beth slipped the shirt off, leaving her breasts free. Why am I not the least embarrassed about this? Maybe because this is exactly the way things should be right now. She leaned toward Bob so he could kiss and fondle her ample tits.

As the two got closer, Beth could reach into Bob’s lap, under Nancy’s chin, to gently fondle his ball sack and the testes within. The slurping noises made by Nancy as she bobbed her head in Bob’s lap, combined with the scent of sex in the air, completely evaporated any inhibitions on Beth’s part.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s get more comfortable in the other room. These chairs are too hard. Get off your knees, my little cock lover, and let him go.”

Reluctantly, Nancy released her hand and mouth grip from Bob’s organ. He sighed with a little “Ohhh”, and stood, helping Beth up. With his ten-inch cock sticking out, covered with Nancy’s saliva, Beth thought I gotta get me some of that thing! She grabbed Bob by his cock and led him around the chairs toward the living room.

Dusk had fully retreated to night, leaving little illumination. Quickly, Beth lit several strategically placed candles, throwing a warm, inviting glow over the room. Beth loved candles. The light and scent combined to ease her mind and her body, especially when she had a long soak in her big tub, embraced by the dimly lit softness of the bathroom. With a click of the remote, soft music began to play in the background.

Bob plopped down on the overstuffed couch, which was conveniently covered with a blanket. Nancy positioned herself in front of him. Slowly, she swayed side to side, swinging her hips seductively to the beat of the music. Her hands pushed her hair high before letting it fall again to her shoulders. Bob could only gasp at the sight of her lithe body moving as if to seduce him. Indeed she was, as she had done before. She knew Bob loved to see her dance, and she performed for only him. Her eyes locked on his, he encouraged her with his smile. Nancy’s hands passed down her body in a self caress, pressing the material of her skimpy clothes even closer to her athletic curves.

As Nancy slowly strip-teased for Bob, he felt a hand on his cock. Beth had joined him on the couch. Although she could not completely encircle his girth with one hand, she used a light touch to spread the pre-cum he so generously leaked over the tip of his cock. No need for lotion now, she thought. He makes his own right when it’s needed. I’ll just spread it around. I can’t wait to see the other lotion he produces. I still recall the massive amount he sprayed on me and in me last week!

With Nancy’s seductive strip nearly complete, all that was left was to roll her thong off. She turned her back, bent over at the waist, and slowly, oh so slowly, pulled the straps down her long legs. With Nancy’s tight ass wiggling in little circles just out of his reach and Beth’s stroking, Bob almost lost control. No, not yet, he thought, clenching down. I need to pleasure them first.

Tearing his eyes away form Nancy’s young body, he turned to Beth. She had already made short work of her shorts, and sat naked next to him. Gently, he pushed her back until she lay on her back, one leg hanging off the couch and the other with her knee propped up. Fully exposed, she displayed the charms he so intimately knew and desired. Whether it was pheromones or just lust, he quickly assumed a position allowing him to kiss her from her navel to her knees and everywhere in between.

As his lips brushed her skin, kissing lightly and licking hungrily, Beth felt sensations like never before. God, this man sure knows how to make a lady feel like a queen! With one hand under her backside, he lifted her glistening pussy to his waiting mouth. The first thing to touch her was his tongue, as it probed along the slit of her sex. With each successive lick, he pushed deeper, finally extending as deep as he could to tickle her clit. Wiggling his strong tongue, he pressed harder. He could tell she did not need much more before cumming. With a shudder and a “Ohhh, YEAH!”, Beth let loose with a small gush of woman cum, which Bob eagerly lapped up until she pushed his head away.

“Oh, you made me cum so fast! I thought I was just getting higher, when I hit the big O!” Beth laid back, one arm tossed over her head, breathing heavily. “But I’m just getting started. I want your cock!”

Nancy was quicker, however, slipping onto Bob’s lap and spreading her legs on either side of his hips. His giant cock was pointing up between them. As Nancy raised herself up, offering her breasts to Bob, the tip of his cock slid fındıkzade escort down her body until it rested between her legs. Using one hand for balance, Nancy used the other to hold his erect shaft as she slowly lowered herself on it.

His pre-cum lubricated cock pushed itself inside of Nancy’s opening as she continued to lower herself. Feeling some resistance, she raised up slightly, only to resume pushing lower and taking more of him inside her hot wet slit. Wiggling her hips side-to-side, she slowly sank onto his stiff cock. Bob let her set the pace, because he knew if he helped, he’d pump her until he erupted, filling her tight pussy with the juice she so desperately desired.

After a couple of bounces, he could feel himself hitting bottom, filling her so completely he doubted there was any room left inside. She’s so tight, I can’t stand it! Nancy bounced on Bob, her breasts bouncing in rhythmic time and her hair flying above them both. Beth watched this erotic lap dance, hoping for her turn soon. Absentmindedly, she fingered herself, keeping herself on the brink of another climax, totally absorbed in the sight of her daughter riding Bob’s horse-sized cock like a rodeo cowgirl.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Louise and Jon continued her heavy petting. Jon rolled her shirt up and off her body, exposing her full breasts. Feeling weak, she dropped to her knees in front of him. As a result of their bodies pressing together, the bulge in his shorts had grown longer and harder. With his back to the refrigerator, Jon looked down into Louise’s eyes as she lifted the waistband of his shorts over the tip of his erection and slowly pulled his shorts down, exposing him. He was massive! Just like his father, he sported a huge cock. Ten inches of red-hot pulsing meat flopped out, bouncing off of Louise’s nose, and pointed directly at her face.

“My god, Jon! I knew it felt big, but WOW! This thing is a cannon!” Louise exclaimed.

As he kicked off the shorts, Louise grabbed his cock, arched her back straight, and pressed it between her breasts. Squeezing her tits together, she rubbed them over his thick hard cock. He was too tall to do that without stooping, and he could not hold that position for very long.

Releasing him from the tit fuck, she opened her mouth to take him in. As thick as it was, she was able to work her lips over the knob and down the shaft. It filled her mouth so completely, she almost choked. Backing off, she said “I don’t think I can take all of this.”

“Try again, baby. That’s it. Slowly. Ahhh, that’s it. Take it in.” Jon gently held her head in both of his hands, not wanting her to stop. She sat back on her heels between his legs, feeling as hot as she had ever felt. Wanting this huge cock fueled her desire. She leaned forward again, sliding more of the massive missile down her throat. Holding his cock with her right hand, she steadied herself by hanging on to Jon’s leg with her left arm wrapped around Jon’s thigh.

“Oh, yeah, baby. That feels so nice. Suck my cock. That’s it, go deeper. Take it all in your pretty mouth.”

As Louise jammed as much of his cock into her throat as she could, she could feel the heat it radiated. The thick, cum-filled vein on the underside seemed ready to explode, and Louise wanted to take it all when it finally erupted.

Fucking her face like this, Jon wanted to let loose and spray her with copious amount of cum. He’s been saving it up since he knew he’d be coming over to the Wilson’s earlier in the week. Now he was a charged up powerhouse, horny as hell, and wanting to cum.

Louise seemed willing to take it in her mouth, since she did not slow down. As she sucked, she pumped his cock so that her lips followed her fingers down, and up, and down again, in a rhythm no man could stand for long. The combination of suction and friction was rapidly bringing Jon to the point of no return.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum real soon unless you stop!”

Looking up at Jon above her without releasing his cock, she gave a muffled hum and resumed her slow and steady rhythm. As her right hand held him, her left hand pushed upward from behind his leg, gently probing between his legs. Tickling his asshole, she pushed with her index finger until she entered it one knuckle deep.

“Oh baby, I gonna give you my cum. I’m gonna fill your pretty face. Uh, uh, uh,” he grunted as he pumped her face. Giving in, he continued to guide her head with his hands, bucking his hips forward as she sought to swallow him whole. Very soon, he felt the pressure build within. Louise felt his cock swell even more in anticipation of its release. He tried to jam as much as he could down her throat in a fury of thrusts until he could hold back no longer.

“Oh, Lou. Here is comes! Ahhhhh!” He exploded in her mouth. Louise felt the first strong pulse of cum jet upward through her grasp, slamming into the back of her throat. Having closed her throat, she did not choke, but she backed off simply because there was no room for the wads of cum being injected into her mouth. Quickly swallowing the first glob, another pulsed with force into her wide open receiving mouth. She held him tight, aiming his jetting cum into her mouth. Wad after wad shot out, until, after seven or eight, it filled her and began to dribble out onto her chin, eventually dripping on to her bare breasts, shining like pearl droplets on her skin.

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