The Magic Book

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There’s really no other way to explain this, except perhaps to begin at the beginning. I know that many who read this won’t believe a word of it. But for those few who do, or might actually think about what’s been written here, they’ll begin to understand, wonder and possibly even question some of the things they might have done lately, or some of the situations they’ve recently found themselves in.

It was early in the summer when my wife and I and our dear friends decided to spend a few days camping together at one of our favorite spots. The reason why the girls liked it so much was because it had a few necessary conviences that made camping for them a bit more tolerable, mainly, clean bathrooms, which also included hot-water showers. It wasn’t the kind of camping that included large RV’s hooked up to power outlets or anything like that. Most of the spaces were just large enough for one or two tents, and included enough distance between campsites to give some moderate illusion of privacy and wilderness. For Jim and I, that also included a nearby fishing stream where we could both go and relax and also pretend in a small way, that we were really roughing it.

By the time I’d concluded my fishing for the day, I’d returned back to camp just in time to see my wife Charlene and Kristy busily preparing the evening meal over a small camping stove.

“Honey? We’re going to need some more wood for the fire if you want baked potatoes.”

My mouth was already watering at the thought of nice thick juicy steaks cooked over an open grill, naturally smoked along with a big fat baked potato. There were plenty of fairly large sized logs and broken down trees nearby, but it was the dry brittle stuff, “kindling” that seemed to be in short supply. I remembered passing an old fallen tree that had plenty of long ago dried branches that would suit that particular need perfectly.

“Got it!” I said smiling. “I’ll be back in just a few,” heading off towards the old fallen tree.

I found it soon enough and began breaking off a number of the brittle dry branches when I glanced towards the remains of an old stump. Interestingly, it had an opening that could have easily served for some sort of home for one of the many forest type creatures that lived in the area. Both wary as well as curious, I decided to investigate it, mainly because what I saw barely sticking out of the opening, appeared to be a piece of leather. I couldn’t help but wonder if some squirrel or some other animal had discovered a person’s wallet and had brought it home with them to use as some sort of building material. Reaching in, I discovered that it certainly wasn’t a wallet, something much larger in fact. Taking it out of the opening, I held it in my hand and discovered that it appeared to be some sort of book, and old book judging by the well-worn leather cover. Curiously, I opened it and got an even greater shock to add to my curiosity. Though the pages appeared well worn and old in design, they were far from being brittle or crumbling away. But even more note-worthy, they were blank. There wasn’t a single solitary word written on any one of the fifty odd pages contained within the small book.

“Damn! That’s interesting!” I thought openly. “I wonder how long this has been here?”

I imagined that it had to be at least thirty, maybe even forty years old just by the leather binding, but the fact the pages had held up for so long without fully deteriorating really had me stumped. Still, it was an interesting find. Placing the small book within one of the large-sized bush pockets of my pants, I quickly gathered up my horde of dry kindling and headed back to camp.

The second odd thing was, all throughout dinner my mind kept wandering back to the book still carefully concealed within my pants. For whatever reason, I’d decided not to share my interesting little find with my wife, nor with our friends either. And as much as I’d looked forward to a nice thick juicy steak and baked potato, I hardly remember eating either one, my thoughts so drawn to the weird looking little book. By the time Jim and I had cleaned up from dinner, which was one of our agreed upon chores, the girls had already headed off towards the bathroom and the hot cleansing showers.

“You interested in playing Cribbage?” Jim asked

“Hmm, maybe later,” I told him. “I think I’ll head back to the creek for a bit before sunset. Saw a nice sized ‘brookie’ swimming within a nice underwater shelter of rocks just before giving up for the day. Think I’ll head back and see if he’s still there first.”

It was kind of an unwritten rule amongst fishermen that went fishing together, you really didn’t fish together. Each of us wandering off to find our own little spots and spend whatever time we felt fishing there until moving on, but always ensuring there was plenty of space between us.

“Wanna come with?” I asked throwing out the polite request so that Jim wouldn’t feel slighted by my turning him down for a game of Cribbage.

He bağcılar escort considered it briefly, and then shook his head. “Nah, think I’ll settle back with a beer instead,” he informed me.

I quickly headed off back towards the creek, fishing gear in hand. But I’d also added one additional piece of gear that I hadn’t included earlier. I’d quickly fished through the ‘Yahtzee’ game box and came away with one of the pencils. Slipping it inside my pants pocket, I headed off towards a secluded area nearby the creek, and spend some solitary time with myself.

As a young boy, I had often written short stories for friends and family. They were always filled with wonder and adventure, and by the numerous comments received, appreciated by all. I certainly didn’t consider myself a writer, not by any means, and it had been years now since I’d actually sat down and written anything. But for some odd curious reason, I felt compelled to do so now. As to what, that I still didn’t know.

I didn’t even bait my pole, simply propping it in such a way as to appear as though I were fishing. Settling down amongst the tall boulders that lined the banks, I found a grouping that provided me a semi-comfortable place to sit while I pondered what it was, and even ‘why’ I felt like writing something. Which is when I heard voices, or rather women’s voices a short distance away down stream. As anyone knows, sound can really travel across water, and though they were still a goodly distance away from where I was sitting, I could still make out bits and pieces of their conversation. Obviously, they had come down to the creek in some sort of exploration, and were now teasingly splashing water back and forth against one another. Undaunted even by their playfulness, their mere presence had given me an idea, and so I began to write.

I began to write about the actual area I was in, describing in great detail the large moss-covered boulders, the simple turn in the bend where the water bubbled and boiled up over a fallen down tree that had collapsed into the small river, creating a nice little fishing hole that I’d discovered earlier. But in addition to that, I suddenly found myself writing about the two women who I now occasionally observed while they continued to wade into the creek up to their knees, still laughing and splashing water towards one another. After the heat of the day, I could only imagine that it must have felt cool and refreshing to them. Once again looking up, I noticed that one of the women had removed a scarf she’d been wearing, dipping it within the stream, then applying it against her neck, face, and even between the cleavage of her breasts seeking the waters coolness.

I smiled. I’d been feeling just a little bit randy all day, looking forward to later on this evening when Charlene and I would retire for the night. Another reason I so loved going camping was that Charlene always found making love “beneath the stars” as she referred to it as a natural aphrodisiac. And though we didn’t exactly make love directly beneath the stars, or at least not when camping with friends all the time, the mere thought of being out of doors always made Charlene particularly horny.

As I now found that I was.

Once again looking at the two women, even at this distance it was easy to imagine what they might look like naked. My imagination already leading off even before I had reset the pencil I held in my hand to paper. Looking at them as I wrote, I began to visualize the two of them suddenly disrobing, though cautiously perhaps, still playfully goading one another into it until they were both fully and completely naked. I’d no sooner finished writing those very thoughts when I looked up, once again spotting them, only to discover to my utter and complete surprise, that they were naked! They were in fact standing there still splashing water back and forth against one another, but had now included attempting to dunk one another in the shallow slow moving creek, though periodically taking moments to look about themselves in order to ensure they were still being unobserved, or…so they thought.

But it was in re-reading what I’d just written that had dumfounded me:

“From where I was sitting, I could see the tall good looking red-head as she circled around the blonde, playfully pinning her arms behind her before dunking her briefly into the creek.”

Suddenly, I saw the redhead surprise her friend, spinning, then coming up from behind her, pinning the woman’s arms just as I’d described before briefly dunking her into the river.

My second thought however was, “wasn’t she a brunette?”

I could have sworn the redhead had been a brunette when I’d first spotted them, though with the rapidly fading light of the setting sun, it could have easily been a trick of the eye. But still. But even more importantly, both women were naked now, and they were continuing to grope at one another in exactly the same way that I’d described bahçelievler escort it.

“What the fuck?” I wondered as I continued watching. Glancing at my watch, I realized that the girls would be back from having taken their showers by now. And if I had any hopes of getting laid tonight myself, “stars or no stars” I also knew that Charlene would be expecting me to take a much needed shower myself. Tucking the book away back inside my pants, I quickly gathered up my fishing gear, glanced once again down the river towards the two women, and saw them as they’d quickly just gotten dressed already scurrying back up the river bank in the direction of wherever it was they were camped.

I could still just make out their final words before they reached the riverbank. “Honest Stacy, I don’t know what in the world got into me, I’ve never done anything like that before!”

In minutes I was back at camp, ensuring Charlene I was already “on my way to shower” which I’d answered her unasked question though she smiled and winked at me in acknowledgement, and headed off. By the time I’d returned, the three of them were involved in a three-handed game of cribbage.

“Wanna play?” Kristy asked me as I approached. She wasn’t too fond of playing actually, and had asked me in hopes that I’d take over her hand for her.

“No thanks, you go ahead and finish playing, I’m just going to do a little reading here while you guys do that.” Grabbing a beer, I settled in to one of the nearby camp chairs, opened my curious little book and prepared to write. What I discovered however disturbed me. Everything I had penciled into the book down by the river was gone! Not a single solitary word of anything I had written remained. All fifty odd pages were once again just as blank as they had ever been. For a moment, I sat thumbing through the pages, wondering if I had in fact actually started writing somewhere in the middle. But I hadn’t. Not a word, not a single word of what I’d written down appeared anywhere. For a moment, I wondered if I’d actually fallen asleep and had dreamt all that perhaps. Perhaps I hadn’t seen those two other women at all, and that it had in fact been nothing more than a dream, albeit a rather interesting one. But surely…

Hearing laughter, I glanced up towards my wife and our friends. They were still busily engaged in the game they were playing, and not paying any attention to me whatsoever. Taking out my pencil once again, I turned to the first page after assuring myself that it was indeed the first page, and began to write.

“What’s say we play strip cribbage?” Jim suggested. “If someone scores ten or more points in their hand, the other two have to remove an article of clothing.”

“Sounds interesting,” my wife answered, which is exactly the way I’d just written it.

Ok, admittedly, this was getting weird. For starters, though Jim was indeed a bit of a flirt, and had done so often around my wife, she never took him seriously about it, and though she often teased and flirted back with him, it was always done openly and in the same frame of fun in which he had. Like I said, harmless, good-natured flirting, teasing and kidding, but never ever taken beyond that. But more importantly, never in a million years would my wife ever agree to actually participate in a game of strip cribbage, or strip anything for that matter. But it was Kristy’s comment that got my attention. I’d excluded her entirely in the few words I had written down.

“What the hell?” She asked worriedly, “You’re not being serious are you Jim?” she asked half sitting up from the table, I saw her shoot a troubled look towards my wife, expecting and anticipating Charlene’s assurance that she’d only been kidding, not taking Jim at his word.

I quickly scribbled, “but then Kristy decides it might be fun after all, and decides to go along with Jim’s suggestion.”

“Oh hell, that might actually be fun after all!” she says grinning, sitting back down. “Though I think I could use a nice stiff drink to bolster my courage before we really get started here.”

I smiled as I placed the book face down momentarily, already standing up.

“Since you’re odd man out at the moment, would you mind fixing us some nice stiff drinks?” Charlene asked me.

“Not at all honey, not at all,” I grinned inwardly, already thinking ahead now as I made my way over to where we’d stored all the liquor we’d brought with us. I’d been pretty general in my description, though I’d summarized in as few words as possible the whole idea, and what all might be involved in playing “strip-cribbage”. Adding the idea of mixing some stiff drinks gave me a few moments to think ahead and allow the three of them to continue playing. I was also mildly curious to see how long they would continue to do so, how long things would continue going on without further written suggestions as well. It didn’t take long to figure out and realize, that things remained within bahçeşehir escort the parameters of whatever I had vaguely suggested, and unless I added to, or took away from, things remained going along just as I’d imagined or explained them out to be. As far as I knew now, the three of them would continue to play the game, even to the point that all of them would end up naked, continuing to play until such time as I changed those parameters, or closed the book. Either one.

Whatever it was I’d found, I now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it was something special, something magical. But I still didn’t know what limits there might be, nor did I know if merely keeping the book open would continue the enchantment, if that indeed what this was. Either way, I had to find out. And…now seeing both women, entirely naked made me realize the possibilities. It was when Jim finally lost the last of his clothing that I realized they’d reached an end point, and I once again found myself writing furiously.

“I can’t believe we did this!” Kristy suddenly spoke as only then realizing what they’d been sitting here doing all this time. “What if someone else had come along and seen us?” Already she was reaching across the table to retrieve the tank top she’d removed earlier.

“Must be the booze,” Charlene added nervously. “Have to admit, can’t quite believe we let Jim talk us into actually doing this!”

“Me?” Jim shouted out in his defense, but by then, I’d managed to write a new paragraph, glancing up towards the three of them nervously, already penning a few additional words.

“What we should do, is take this inside the tent,” he grinned with a lusty leer on his face. “Mack? What do you think?” he asked me.

“Sounds like a great idea!” I told him, “You light a lantern to carry inside, and I’ll make a fresh round of drinks!”

I used the time to outline an entire idea, using as few words as possible, but careful not to paint myself in any corners. I’d included a little dialogue for myself as well, wondering as I wrote it down if it would in fact ‘trigger’ the thoughts and ideas I’d penned after having said it. Deciding to test my theory, I then carried in our fresh drinks, along with my magical little book, and carefully placed it face down, though still open on the floor of the tent.

“This really is naughty,” Charlene giggled, as did Kristy accepting their drinks. “Who’d have ever thought we’d ever end up in a situation like this,” she added wondrously.

“Yeah, who’d of thought?” I tossed out, though it hadn’t been one of the lines I’d written in for myself, though the next one was. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have two women sucking my dick at the same time,” I said finally…wondering if my vulgar blunt language would cause any problems.

“Well then, guess its time you found out isn’t it?” Charlene said looking towards me. “If it’s alright with Jim of course,” she asked though winking towards him.

“Fine with me, provided I get the same treatment in return,” he said sitting back to sip his drink.

“Always wondered what you looked like,” Kristy suddenly admitted shyly speaking. “Jim and I have often discussed the possibilities of fooling around with another couple, but until we met you guys, we never thought it would actually ever really happen.”

I laughed, also adlibbing that. Charlene and I had often ‘discussed’ the very same thing, though only half-seriously, and never really with the intention of actually doing it, always as a ‘fantasy’ thought/game/naughty sort of thing. “So have we,” I spoke, also not one of my “written thoughts” but so far…so good. I’d see how far things would go, smoothly, before planting another idea or suggestion, directing traffic so to speak. Only if I saw the enchantment, or whatever the hell this was begin to unravel would I then do so. But until then, I thought I’d just let things naturally go and see what happened.

“Well then…lets see that hard stiff cock of yours!” Kristy exclaimed, rolling onto her back along side my equally nude wife as they took up positions atop the blankets and sleeping bags we’d spread out earlier.

“I’ll let you know how it feels,” I said grinning while looking towards Jim.

“Please do!” he laughed back lifting his glass towards me in an obvious salute. “Though watching this is going to be damn fucking arousing too!” he added.

Like any normal guy, I’d been curious about my wife’s best friend Kristy. But I’d never imagined ever actually getting to see her naked, let alone ever having her and my wife preparing to treat my cock to a double tongue licking. And now…just like that, I was!

Charlene had slightly larger breasts, though not by much. But what Kristy did have that certainly caught my immediate interest was incredibly large thick nipples that stood well off the tips of each breast in eager anticipation. Both women were entirely shaved, so seeing two sets of puffy swollen pussy lips was an added bonus by my way of thinking. And though I was certainly admiring the view, I was also anxious as hell to feel two pairs of lips treating my cock to sensations I had up until now only dreamed and fantasized about. Quickly stripping out of my own clothing, I quickly joined the two girls, sandwiching myself in between them as they then poured over me like hot molasses on pancakes.

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