The Love of Two Sisters

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Growing up together, two sisters could not have been more different than Calleigh & Bree Tyler. Their father often teased his wife that the one-year younger Bree had been switched with a changeling after her birth or that his wife had been having an affair with the milkman. “Who has a milkman these days?” AnnaBeth had retaliated.

Calleigh was a rough and tumble, up for anything tomboy who wore her jet-black hair short and wouldn’t have been caught dead in a dress. She played baseball and soccer and could beat most of the other boys at their own games. She never backed down from a challenge.

Breanne, who everyone called Bree, was blonde and cuddly, very feminine and smart. She had an angelic face, played with her Barbie dolls and even as a young girl, drew attention from boys.

One might have thought that the sisters wouldn’t get along, but that was not the case. From the day her sister was born, Calleigh adored her younger sibling and was fiercely protective of her baby sister. One day, a loutish bully made Bree cry. Calleigh handled it in her own fashion. She broke the bully’s nose in two places. The Tyler’s were panic-stricken about it all until a number of students came forward to say that the boy had started the problem and that Calleigh was merely defending her younger sister.

As the girls grew older, both were becoming beautiful young women. Calleigh had a compact but pretty body and as she was very athletic, it was toned and firm. In her tight jeans, her wiggly walk got attention from lots of boys, although she ignored all of them.

By contrast, Bree was cuddly and adorable and wore the cutest and almost provocative clothing. Her body bounced and with her soft voice and cupcake tits and most of the boys panted after her like a pack of dogs. Bree ignored most of them as well. She just wasn’t interested in the ones that were interested in her.

The sisters were equally disparate in tastes. If Calleigh did notice any boy, there was a good chance he was a loner or an intellectual. Someone that was going to shine, someone with a bright future. Should Bree deign to notice a young man, chances are he was a bad boy, a shit-disturber that likely paid little or no attention to the delicious little blonde. Bree enjoyed the challenge of changing someone’s indifference to interest.

Nearing the end of high school, something odd began to happen. The sisters underwent small, subtle personality changes. Bree began to buckle down and get good grades and seemingly became aware of her surroundings. She no longer relied on her good looks to get by and used a brain no one save for Calleigh knew that she had.

As for Calleigh, for a reason no one knew, she suddenly seemed to discover the fact that she was a girl. She let her hair grow out, wore a dress on occasion and added makeup and heels to her wardrobe as well. When she wore pants, they hugged her hips and ass and now she seemed to enjoy drawing attention to her body. Her grades dipped a bit, not enough for panic, but it was noticeable. Bree thought her sister might have found someone, but as Calleigh said nothing about it, Bree kept that opinion to herself.

Graduation surprised their parents, as the sisters both graduated with honors. They hugged and were hugged by family and well-wishers who thought they had promising futures. They went on to university where Calleigh began working towards her degree in education and Bree pursued fashion design. Their paths rarely crossed socially, although they stayed close and in constant touch. There escort bostancı now existed a barrier between them that had not been there before and that was Bree’s new boyfriend Travis. Calleigh didn’t like the smooth-talking, 2-years older mechanic and she let her sister know it. She didn’t trust him; he wasn’t good enough for her sister. They had a huge fight, the first of their lives. “Just because you’re not with anyone, don’t crap all over my happiness!” Bree had shouted. She knew that whatever relationship her sister had been having in high school had ended recently and Calleigh seemed to be in a perpetual state of melancholy as of late. Calleigh could not and would not reveal what was going on in her life.

Nearing University graduation, they were speaking again and friendly, but wary. It all came crashing down. Travis began making very horrid sexual demands and Bree freaked. The final straw was when he requested a gang-bang. When Bree flat-out refused, he threatened her. Calleigh heard about it and flew into action. With her kickboxing and mixed martial arts training, she beat the hell out of Travis and broke his arm in 3 places. She hugged a sobbing Bree and took her to her apartment to stay as long as she needed.

“Why didn’t I see it?” Bree sobbed. “Why couldn’t I see how absolutely evil he was?”

“Because you’ve never had a lick of sense where men are concerned,” Calleigh told her. “You’re attracted to the element of danger. Cheer up, it’s over now.”

“Okay,” Bree sniffed, and then started to giggle. “He did look kind of funny, sailing across the room, his arms flailing all about.”

Calleigh began giggling hysterically as she remembered the sight. “I find a lot of tough guys are all bravado and if you call them out, they usually fold. Remember Jimmy Pierce?”

Bree giggled. “You broke his nose. You’re always looking out for me.”

Calleigh hugged her sister. “And I always will.” She kissed Bree on the forehead. “You’re my precious baby sister and I love you.”

Bree smiled. “I’m sorry for those mean things I said. I wish you could find a nice guy who loves you. I’m sorry you and your boyfriend broke up.”

Calleigh sucked in air and told her sister the truth. “I didn’t have a boyfriend. I had a girlfriend and her name was Victoria. She reminded me a lot of you and actually, that’s kind-of the reason we split.”

Bree’s eyes registered her shock at her sister’s coming out. “What’s kind of the reason you split?”

Calleigh knew it was time to be totally honest with her sister. “She accused me of dating her because I was attracted to you and we fought about it. After a while, I wasn’t sure if she wasn’t right. I’ve always thought my pretty, sexy, cuddly blonde sister was just about perfect and it made me sad that we couldn’t be together. Maybe I was using Vicky and that wasn’t fair.” She started to choke up and looked over at Bree. Bree saw her sister’s eyes were full of tears. Bree had never seen her sister vulnerable before and she hugged her close and then …

… they kissed. At first, it was just two sisters consoling each other, but then something in Bree grew curious. She loved kissing and found it very sensual and she felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her sister and make her see she was equally special. Their tongues met and they kissed and held the kiss for a long while.

“Wow,” Calleigh sighed as they moved apart. “I’ll remember that for the rest of my life.”

“Me too,” Bree smiled and then turned her head to face her sister ümraniye escort again. “I’d like to kiss you again, would that be all right?” Calleigh nodded and spoke nary a word, afraid she’d break the magical spell. They kissed again and Bree spoke. “I have never been with a woman before but something is going on here. I feel very safe with you and yet I’m aroused and feeling like I want to take this further.”

“W-we shouldn’t, we’re sisters,” Calleigh tried to protest.

“Maybe that’s why we love each other, but look at how beautiful we are together,” Bree pointed to a mirror on the wall. Indeed, the blonde and the brunette were very sexy, a stark contrast in hair color and skin tone. “You’ve never given a damn about what people say, so why start now? It’s always been you and me and you said that you thought you had feelings for me that weren’t entirely sisterly. I’m giving you the chance to find out right here, right now. Are you going to let that chance slip away?”

Calleigh shook her head and pulled Bree close for another kiss, then another, then another. It might have been Bree’s first time with a woman, but her sister could kiss. They spent nearly 15 minutes just kissing and being intimate until Calleigh stopped them.

“We should go into my bedroom, but I want to do something first. I’d like to change into something for you, give me 5 minutes, okay sugar?” Calleigh said, her voice soft and uncharacteristically tender. Bree nodded and gave her sister one quick kiss and let her go.

The five minutes wait felt like anguish until Bree finally went in and saw her sister in lacy white bra and French-cut panties. Bree herself was in a pink lace chemise and blue denim skirt, she dropped that to the floor and kicked it away to reveal panties that were like her sister’s, only pink as well. Both women wore heels and all Bree could think of was her sister was incredibly beautiful.

Bree got on the bed beside her sister and hugged her. She reached out and caressed her sister’s 32D tits through her bra. “I’ve never touched another woman’s tits before and yours feel so nice,” Bree sighed. “I love the color of your skin, I wish mine was darker, like yours. You get that from Daddy.”

“Stop it, you’re perfect, a blonde angel,” Calleigh sighed.

“Yeah, with dirty wings,” Bree giggled. She reached around and unhooked her sister’s bra and felt a pair of naked tits for the first time. “You’re just as perfect as me, I love how these feel in my hands. Let me lick them, okay?” Calleigh nodded, thrilled with her sister’s aggression. When Bree’s licking tongue flicked across one of her pink nipples, she gasped.

“I like this,” Bree murmured. “I want to do more.”

Calleigh got behind her baby sister and put her hands down her sister’s top and fondled her perfect, jiggly tits. She helped her sister remove the top and then the pink bra followed. Bree’s boobs were two luscious handfuls for her to play with and she ran her hands over them and down her sister’s curvy frame. “Oh God, you’re so fucking beautiful,” Calleigh sighed, finally free of the burden of her secret desires for Bree.

“You are too,” Bree said in an endearing tone. “You’re my perfect, strong big sister and I love you.”

Calleigh had to push back the tears, she didn’t want anything spoiling this time together. She moved so that she was stretched out, facing Bree, and brought her lips to her sibling’s. “I love kissing you,” Calleigh said in a soft voice. “You have the sweetest lips.”

Bree flipped her sister kartal escort bayan over on her back and licked her tits again, seeing Calleigh’s eyes close in blissful awareness. “I love being kissed and kissing you, your body is amazing and you’re so knowing in what you do. I love seeing you like this, so feminine and sexy with the lingerie and heels.”

“I’m glad,” Calleigh said as they sat up a bit on the bed, her hands fondling Bree’s boobs. “It’s very nice to have someone to be pretty for.”

“Yeah, it is,” Bree moaned as her sister weighed her tits in her hands. She felt Calleigh’s lips on her neck and let herself drift into new realms of pleasure. She pushed back and they tumbled onto the bed. Moving herself around, she took Calleigh’s legs in her hands and kissed down the outstretched limb from foot to thigh and then did the other leg. She could see Calleigh shivering.

“I-I cannot believe how good you are and you’ve never been with a woman?” Calleigh panted.

“Maybe it’s because it’s you,” Bree smiled, running her fingertips across her sister’s breasts. “I feel totally comfortable and self-confident when I’m with you.”

Now it was Calleigh’s turn to move and she got her sister facing away from her. She spread her sister’s ass-cheeks apart and slithered her tongue across Bree’s pussy and ass. Bree squealed and Calleigh could see just how wet her sister was and that delighted her.

They sat up again and Calleigh offered up her tits to Bree, who sucked and licked at them until she saw Calleigh’s eyes roll back in her head. “Did I just make you cum?” Bree asked mischievously.

“Uh-huh!” Calleigh gasped in amazement. Bree moved in behind her sister and reached out as she turned Calleigh’s lips to her own for another kiss. They broke apart and then moved into a position that Bree only knew from porno films but Calleigh knew well, a ’69’. The tanned brunette and the silky blonde seemed to be a perfect fit and were soon in a world of their own where nothing was wrong or forbidden. Calleigh did her best to fulfill Bree’s every wish and show her the experience of a lifetime in the bedroom. No sounds could be heard save for moans and sighs and the squeaking of bedsprings. Their lovemaking was unhurried and sensual and loving and they fell asleep curled in each other’s arms.

If Calleigh expected Bree to have any regrets, she was to be sadly mistaken. She awoke early the next morning to the sun streaming in and Bree between her legs, eating her pussy. “I wanted to start the day off right,” Bree teased. “It might not have as much nutrition as OJ, but it’s just as sweet.” Bree proceeded to make her sister cum and then she cuddled her close.

“I could get used to this, want to stay a while?” Calleigh asked her.

“I wouldn’t mind staying permanently,” Bree told her. Calleigh sat up in total shock.

“Last night was the most special, magical night of my life and it was the kind of loving a girl waits her entire life for,” Bree told her sister as she kissed her softly. “No one in their right mind passes up that kind of love, so I’m here as long as you want me. We’ll go pick up my stuff at my apartment and I’ll give my 2 months notice, that is, if you do want me to stay?”

Calleigh nodded and she didn’t hold back the emotion in her voice. “And if I want you to stay forever?”

Bree smiled. “I’m willing to stay one day beyond that, my beautiful big sister. You’re my lover and I’m not going anywhere. Sisters stick together, Mom and Dad will believe we’re just two sisters supporting each other in our time of need. They don’t need to know anything beyond that, right?”

Calleigh lay back on the bed and Bree came down and lay beside her. “That makes a lot of sense, that’s a wonderful plan. Huh … people always said I was the smart one.”

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