The Italian Stallion Ch. 08

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The Chef and Mario go Native, Ch 8

Mario and I had been working hard at our careers and had been together for a while. We decided we needed a decadent vacation. He booked us into a luxury suite at a prestigious resort in the Caribbean. Adults only and a bit risque. I was excited to experience the sand, the sun, and the beautiful water. Mario was looking forward to the topless beach. Hell, so was I lol.

We started drinking on the plane and surprise, surprise, we were soon at it. As soon as the seat belt light went off, I spread my legs under the short skirt and casually flipped it up to reveal my pantiless state. Mario started laughing his ass off. He pulled my skirt back down and slipped his long talented fingers under the skirt. He started to stroke my already wet pussy, rubbing my hardening clit. I was smiling my sexy little smile as he slipped his long finger in my cunt. “Let’s fuck,” I whispered.

“Where??” He said, with a wide smile creasing his bearded mouth. I motioned for him to follow me into the bathroom. Once there, we locked the door and I sat on top of the sink with my tan legs spread. He grabbed my ankles and put my legs over his broad shoulders. Putting his rakishly handsome head between my legs, he started to lick my throbbing love canal. He spread my lips and was licking my clit in teasing circles.

“OH MY GOD”, I moaned, loving the feel of his silky tongue tracing the ridges of my steaming twat. He licked from the top to the bottom of my vagina and slipped the tip of his finger in my asshole. I was trying to maintain my balance on the sink when he picked me up, positioned me over into Doggie with my hands on the wall and entered me.

He was completely erect and pinned my hands to fall as he fucked me hard. My cries were getting louder and louder, I couldn’t control myself. “Ma’am?” I heard the Flight attendant calling out, knocking at the door. “Ma’am, are you ok?” I couldn’t quite answer as I was cumming all over Mario’s huge cock as he was slamming into me.

“She is fine, we’ll be out in a minute!” Mario bellowed, as I shushed him. I was laughing my ass off though. There is a huge penalty for the Mile High club but I needed to feel his hot jizz inside of me. And shoot he did, pulling my hair and smacking my upturned ass. “FUCK YEAH!” He growled as he dumped his hot load in me. He pulled out and zipped up his pants, exiting the bathroom. The Flight Attendant stood open-mouthed as he said a casual “Ciao” to her and smoothed his hair. I came out several minutes later with his milky Alfredo sauce running down my leg. I caught several of the Flight attendants giggling as well as the gay acıbadem escort one. I suggestively gathered some of Mario’s cum with my finger and offered him a lick. He said no lol.

We arrived in the Islands and we were given complimentary champagne. We relaxed in the hot tub for a while before hitting the pool. What a scene we walked into. About 50 people lounging around, all gorgeous, fit and in various forms of undress. They lit up when they saw us. “Hey guys!”, the biggest guy there called out. Mario extended his meaty hand and said, “Hey guys, good to see you. This is my Goddess, Lisa”.

I took in the scene. From the lascivious and lustful looks they were giving us and each other, I easily surmised that they were swingers. With a naughty little grin at Mario I said Hello to all of them and promptly pulled off my bikini top. My giant knockers sprang free like balloons. There was a collective sigh and gasp from the crowd as they took in my hourglass curves. I dived in the pool and broke the surface with my long blonde hair streaming in the blue water and my tanned lush body came into view. Several of the men became instantly erect and tried to control themselves as I rubbed more suntan lotion into my giant titties. I could see lust on the women’s faces too.

Mario slid into the pool with a beer in his hand and came up behind me, cradling my waist. I put his searching hands casually on the straining 42DD tits and casually asked everyone where they were from. The answer was everywhere, from California to Maine. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. I caught a few of the women looking at Mario and smiling appreciatively. I smiled a little smile at them and unabashedly looked at their firm and beautiful bodies. One redhead in particular had amazing breasts that almost looked like they were implants but weren’t. “You have amazing breasts,” I told her.

“Oh my God, so do you,” she exclaimed, in a cute Southern accent. “I can’t believe they’re real, can I touch them?” I said sure, and she gingerly cupped them. I told her to not be afraid and explore them. Before long, we had a crowd watching as a complete stranger caressed and made love to my tits. She took my hardening nipple in her mouth and licked it quickly with her soft tongue. I was getting pretty turned on, especially with my lover watching. I pulled my curvy frame out of the pool and sat on the edge. Pulled my swim bottoms aside to reveal my shaved cunny.

“You want a taste?” I inquired of my new friend who was salivating at the sight of my freshly fucked cunt. She immediately pulled the rest of anadolu yakası escort my bikini off and dove into my crotch. All the swingers gathered around us, cheering her on as she eagerly sucked Mario’s semen into her mouth. She kept fucking my vaginal hole in search of more of his jizz as I spread my legs and opened my cunt to her beautiful full lips.

“Lick her good!” Yelled a man in his 40’s whose cock was bulging out of his very tight Speedo. Mario came up behind me and cradled my big tits, kissing my neck and lips as she continued to eat my pussy. She was loving my taste, moaning and sucking my engorged clit into her mouth. I came in her mouth, to the applause of the whole crowd.

“You should come to the party tonight,” said the impressively built Rick, whose long cock was rigid in his swim shorts. Voices chimed in exclaiming how much fun we would have, how exciting it would be. I was a bit hesitant, as I don’t really like to share, but I figured WTF. We were on vacation. If you can’t have an amazing experience on vacation, when can you. We agreed to come…or cum…LOL.

Mario was so excited. All that flesh and beautiful women…we showered together and I sucked him off to give him a little relief. Much to my amusement, my Italian Stallion was again hard as a rock when I came back in the room dressed in a white stretchy satin dress that hugged my curves like nobody’s business. I teasingly gave him a little flash of boob before we left for the party. I was excited but nervous. It was our first time, we had NO idea what would happen. But we were curious…very curious indeed.

Our Host and Hostess were a beautiful Spanish couple named Juan and Isabella. She looked somewhat familiar but I couldn’t place her. They showed us around and brought us the Islands signature drink, Blue Hawaiian. We sipped our drinks as we walked around. Some couples were cuddling, some were kissing, and others were fondling each other. We walked into another room and there were mirrors everywhere. The next room was lined in red velvet and had a full BDSM dungeon. There was another one where there were massage therapists giving couples massages with happy endings. I smiled a little at that one.

We entered a large hall where we were given a beautiful Latin-inspired mask. Couples were on couches and a beautiful silky bed that must have been about 50 feel wide. Several gorgeous men and women were busily fucking and sucking each other. Groans and moans of pleasure filled the air as the Chill music piped through the speakers. I sat down on a velvet crushed couch to watch as Mario took his shirt ataşehir escort off. He is SUCH an exhibitionist lol..but so am I. Several women came over to him and started touching his silken but muscular haired chest. I watch his cock harden as he looked to me to see if it was ok. I nodded and lit a cigar.

Immediately a very attractive couple in their 20’s came over to me. “We just HAD to say hello!”, the man exclaimed, “We have never SEEN such a beautiful woman as you and my wife is just dying to kiss you” I smiled and told them they can both kiss me. They did and began to caress my body which was tingling with lust. I glanced over at Mario and one of the women had freed his giant cock from his pants and was sucking on it as her friend licked his balls. His head was thrown back in pleasure as he fondled their tits and watched them give him a great BJ. I laid back and Tommy and Nicole took turns licking my pussy and playing with my tits. Another man came over and stuck his big tool in my open mouth that was moaning with pleasure. I instantly had a spasm and squirted a little girl cum in Tommy’s mouth. Mario was watching me the whole time and getting harder and harder at the sexy sight of my holes getting filled as Tommy started fucking me with even strokes and the other man was fucking my full lips.

Mario laid both the women down and alternated plunging his rock hard dick in one and putting it in the mouth of the other. The women moaned and cried out that they could taste each other’s pussy. I looked up and a crowd of women were circling around him begging for some of his cock. I waved my hand lazily as they all lined up, all 12 of them with their asses in the air. As Mario was giving each woman the feeling of being stuffed with his cock, I snuck up behind him and rimmed his ass. He shouted that he couldn’t stand it, he was gonna cum and the lucky woman he was inside shrieked as he hit her G spot. And cum he did…buckets, it seemed.

He collapsed on the bed and each woman took their turn licking his man-juice off him. He looked at me and I was on all fours. I had a woman kissing me, a man and a woman each sucking my tits, a man eating my ass and a man underneath of me plunging into my cum-soaked twat. I started multiplying and thrusting my hips because I was cumming so hard from all that attention. I squirted onto the man inside of mine dick and one of my women started licking around my clit to catch my juice. The sight of that was too much for poor Mario, he got up and said, “Get off her, all of you, I have to have her” in an urgent voice.

Mario put me on my back and starting rolling his hips slowly and fucking me with slow deep strokes, the way I like. I had a violent orgasm and started screaming, “BABY BABY BABY!” Hands were all over us, caressing us and kissing us. Everyone applauded as we both came hard at the same time. We both went limp and he spooned me. We awoke the next day in a sea of naked bodies and a satisfied smirk on both of our faces.

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