The Hypnosis Spa Pt. 03

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***Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen for this story and all of my fiction: no exceptions.

There was a lot more to the spa than rest and relaxation and they took to the in-house club with a flurry of other guests, the flashing lights and pounding music warping their sense of reality. They could have been anywhere but Mike, Stacie and Magrathe danced as if they were the only ones in the room, which, of course, included a fair bit of grinding and twisting up against one another, sloppy kisses included. The ladies were dressed as if they were much younger, short skirts and low-cut tops barely hiding anything from the imagination, the outline of their nipples easily visible through the fabric that, in the right light, was simply sheer.

It was just how they were meant to be, their bodies wanton and lustful and forever, of course, on display. And that was never supposed to be such a bad thing, a thing that would have struck those who were at the spa, if they were not hypnotised, with a sense of deep, unyielding shame. They were there, however, to be freed, allowed to wear the sluttiest clothing that they could find, anything that would show off their best assets as Mike danced and swung his mother and grandmother around him, letting them play out the fantasies of their younger selves.

Of course, Trevis and the family that they had met earlier were there too, doing just the same and having as much fun. Mike grinned and waved, catching Trevis’ attention, though that in itself was a mean feat in such a heated, claustrophobic environment packed with so very many bodies.

“Hey!” Mike shouted, raising his voice in an attempt to be heard over the music. “How’s it going?”

Trevis screwed up his face, trying to lean in even as Ashley ground back on him, hair floating around her face in a softening, wispy fashion. She truly was a beauty and even Mike’s heart pulled for her, the younger woman that had so much to give. But she was with another man and not for him.


He shouted back but it was, surely, a losing battle to even try to be heard when there was so much vibrant energy and pounding sound in the club. The groups were merely forced to dance and enjoy one another close by, for it was not that large a club, even if the bar did take up an entire wall in order to cater for everyone. Trevis was hardly shy too about feeling up his daughters out in a place that was very much public, no one caring if there were eyes on them as everything, really, was in the same boat even if they did not realise it. Mike’s hands clung to Magrathe as if he could not bear to let her go but there was a tenuous nature to the club too that did not solely come under the influence of alcohol.

No one would never know if it was the mind control at work (not that they ever found out about it, of course) or whether they had really taken intoxicating substances other than alcohol into their system, but no one, not even Mike, had been able to say no when the tabs and pills had been passed around the club. Something to get them to loosen up, someone said as he downed one and then one more too for good measure. It would help, someone else claimed, a grin on their face. And if they were so happy, surely that meant that everything for them too would be better than just fine too?

The club took on an unearthly, supernatural quality, sound dipping and rising as if something was wrong with the speakers. Though the drugs worked quickly, they laughed and spun as if they were but a child’s old-fashioned toy, a spinning top that was out of control. Around and around they went, Magrathe and Stacie even leaping about, which was far beyond the scope of their years, although what they had ingested made them feel as if they were but twenty years old all over again. The laws of age didn’t apply to someone so young, oh no! And, so, they could do anything, be anyone, all as they played with the teasing sweetness that the spa and the break from reality had afforded them in such an unexpected way.

Mike, however, could not deny his need, growling in the back of his throat as he spun Magrathe around, the music getting faster and faster, louder and louder. Too loud, it was too much, everything happening far too quickly, his cock hard, need pumped up. It was all he could do to get her by the hand and drag her into the bathroom, not caring whether it was the ladies or the men’s room door that he barged through, chest heaving as he panted so heavily that his lungs ached from the strain of too much breath and air bulging against them.

Yet what he found in the bathroom was to be expected, Rachel hefted up in her father’s arms and pinned back against the wall, moaning loudly. Her arms slung around Trevis’ neck and shoulders, clinging to him even though the drive of his body and the spear of his cock were both more than enough to stop her slipping down. She arched her back against the cool tile, which swiftly warmed to the heat of her body, skirt flipped up so that Trevis had easy access to her bare escort ataşehir pussy, cock plunging into her over and over again.

“Oh, I’m…”

Yet Mike could not even apologise for barging in on them as his jaw dropped, though it was hard to even appear shocked as his lips stretched wide in an open-mouthed grin. How crude and how lewd… And to think that someone else had had the same idea as him was even kinkier, even cruder, the twin sister of the equation sitting up on the counter beside the sink with her skirt lifted and fingers jammed up into her pussy, openly masturbating to the very public show. Ashley smirked as they stood there, unable to do anything at all for a moment but take in the lewd sight before them, Rachel’s moans rising and rising as her father fucked her with rough, rapid strokes.

Trevis didn’t say anything as they appeared, a smirk being all that he had for them. Ashley chuckled faintly, head tipping back against the mirror, the reflection of the scene of the room playing out as if it was a separate film, something that they could replay and look back on as and when they pleased.

“Well, well, well,” Magrathe murmured, hip cocked and a hand jauntily perched on it while Stacie took up the rear of their strange little ensemble. “And we didn’t think we’d see you again after the hot tub!”

She laughed, throwing her head back, and Stacie giggled right along with her, her top pulled askew and a tit half on show – not that she cared. It was all okay there to be the woman she’d always been meant to be, a faint air of past repression lingering in the back of her mind. But the nuance of thought was gone as soon as it appeared, leaving her whimpering, a hand teasing down Mike’s side to his buttocks just to give him a cheeky squeeze that should have been more appropriate coming from a woman much less her years. But she was who she was and she was only encouraged to be more forward, more lewd, as her time in the spa went on.

Rachel moaned as she rocked on her father’s cock, though she didn’t have to do very much at all as he pinned her to the wall, the weight and force of his strokes keeping her right where he wanted her to be. He couldn’t have gone any harder, panting heavily, cheeks and neck flushed in hot, heavy patches, though neither would he have stopped. Her cunt just felt too good around him, the pussy of a whore: tight enough to please him and yet – always, without fail – soaking wet for his dick.

But Mike had darted in there for a reason and, well, he wasn’t about to give up on that as he pulled down Magrathe’s top, showing off her tits, which popped up and sagged heavily under their own weight. Her brassiere was pushed to the side, hastily unclipped though still over her shoulders, Mike’s lust too much for anyone to push back against in the heat of the moment, needs rising, his hands teasing over her body, finding her arse and pulling her hips up against his just so that she could feel the hard and desperate bulge of his cock.

Ashley giggled, fingers fluttering over her lips, glistening with her juices. She may have licked them off but, right there and then, she allowed her own essence to linger there.

“Take this spot,” she said, patting the spare space on the counter beside her, perhaps where women would have usually done their make-up in the bathroom. “It’s all free, we don’t mind…”

Licking her lips, she leaned back, pulling up her tiny, sexy mini-skirt to show off her long legs and the fact that she was not wearing any panties, though that was pretty much expected by that point, unless she’d chosen to dress in something especially slutty. A thong or something with a split down the middle so that her sex was always available… She licked her lips. Yes, that would have been very nice, if she hadn’t been going bare, but she was going to enjoy herself right there all the same as Mike smirked and bent Magrathe over the sink, her hand flung out to catch a faucet, for all the stability it would give her.

No… Oh, no. She’d have to rely on Mike for that, the lover that she’d been waiting so long for, breasts squashed down and her cunt on show as he tugged her underwear aside, not caring what she was wearing. All he needed to do was to get his cock into her, head spinning as if the influence of the pounding music of the club was still in his mind, heady and driving. On and on, he spared a moment to dip his fingers into her, licking her sweetly tart essence off the digits, but there was nothing much more that he could do to postpone the very moment he was racing towards, slamming his cock into her with a strangled roar that may well have been better suited to coming from a beast, much less a man. And, yet, it was him still and he was the one grabbing Magrathe’s hips and drawing her lustfully back onto his shaft for each and every stroke.

She moaned and screamed, not caring who heard her. She didn’t even know whether she wanted to be heard or not, acting out her crudest, lewdest fantasies right there and then, heart kadıköy escort bayan pounding. Her breasts pressed down into the counter and even the cool of the sink but it was sweet relief on her flushed skin as she leaned into the touch, heart in her mouth and breath raking down her windpipe. The soft folds in her wizened skin teased even in such a position and she whimpered breathlessly as her pussy closed around him, squeezing down even though she didn’t have all that good control of the muscles down there anymore.

Mike could still take his pleasure from her body though and Stacie was there too, stroking her face and turning it to her as her mother’s lips were captured in a lustful kiss. Their tongues met and tangled as Mike groaned and slammed in, caught up only in his pounding, driving thrusts, his spear sinking home each and every time. But they didn’t have to do any more for their sweetly powerful lover in the passion of that moment as he thrust and thrust, intent only on the high that he forever seemed to be chasing – all for good ends, of course.

Rachel moaned and kissed her father’s neck as he fucked her, clinging to him, orgasm after orgasm rolling through her. Her mind, of course, could be broken so that orgasm came easier than ever and, oh, how they did. Bliss enveloped her as if she was being dragged down into an abyss that she so very much wanted to tumble into, her legs wrapped around him, squeezing, heels digging into his buttocks. More, she wanted to say, give me all the more. Yet there was not the breath in her lungs to give life to the words stuck in her throat, only allowed to moan as her mind locked up and locked her down, a vessel of pleasure alone for her father that she was so very enamoured with being.

Ashley licked her lips, enjoying the show, although her own climax raced upon her. Far from watching on the sidelines, she hungrily leaned into her own little voyeuristic thrill, watching the couples, how the woman that she didn’t know was her sister was fucked, breasts covered but still alluring, Trevis pressed up so close to her that there was hardly any distance between their bodies. And then there was the man they’d met down at the spa, Mike and his girlfriends, who fucked them so furiously over the sink that the soap dish leapt into the white bowl and spun there, juddering from the roughness of their motion. Stacie and Magrathe kissing so lustfully, however, was the cherry on top of the perfect show being played out before her, what she had a front-row seat to.

“Go on…”

Trevis smirked, pausing for a moment as the need to climax softened, seeping away. He had to recover for a while too and something in him didn’t yet want to fill his daughter, seeding her hot cunt full. Mike glanced at him, hips working, but the eyes of the older man bid him to still, something more due to come.


It was hard to get the words out, throat tight, need rising, but Trevis didn’t need much time.

“Fuck her hard,” he hissed, eyes narrowing with darkly lustful intent. “Can’t you see how much she needs it? She’s so fucking wet for you… Fuck her hard – go on!”

Yes! Mike’s mind latched onto it. That was an idea, the best idea that had ever been given to him, Magrathe howling brokenly as he forced her body into climax, the rippling pulse of her devout cunt around him driving him on. Yet he was there for his own pleasure and he let Trevis’ grunts and words of both direction and encouragement drive him on as he hammered her with every last ounce of strength in his body, trusting his grandmother to bear through his thrusts.

To him, she didn’t need him to be careful, for it was not a grandmother that he saw before her as her groans were muffled by Stacie’s mouth and lips, hips rising and pushing urgently back against his crotch. Trevis growled, slamming into his daughter, but it was all in the name of rising mutual pleasure, their ecstasy filling the narrow confines of the bathroom as the two groups could not help but brush up against one another, needs coming first and foremost as their desire was lifted to new heights.

How hard could he go? How hard would Trevis push him to fuck Magrathe? Mike didn’t know but his balls ached to spill his load and it was with a ragged moan, hips slamming forward as his head rolled back, that he climaxed, spilling his seed into his grandmother. She cried out with him, though Stacie was there to kiss her deeply, to seal away her pleasure where it could be lusted for later, her own need still there too to be taken care of. But Stacie too had no worry that her Mike would not look after her too, though he may have been a little too tired to fuck her as hard as he had taken Magrathe.

That was okay. She’d have her fill of him too, a hand between her thighs feeling out her wetness as she sank to her knees, moaning as his dripping wet cock slipped from Magrathe’s pussy. She didn’t let that wetness go to waste as she sucked it into her mouth and slurped down the length, taking in their combined escort bostancı juices as her heart pounded, hammering in her chest. Maybe that was what the beat of his thrusts, so powerful, felt like truly…

There was only one way to tell but she was a woman that liked to take her time and take her pleasure from pleasuring, breasts tingling in the cool of the bathroom as if she could have gotten off just from sucking his cock alone. Stacie shivered. That was a nice thought. She only had to please him, do everything that he could have ever wanted her to do, take his shaft deeper and deeper, moaning around him, letting him go hard and wanton in her mouth. That wasn’t difficult for her to do, not difficult at all, not when she had such a lovely, thick length of meat between her lips.

Her tongue scooped along his length, trying to lap even as he rested within her mouth, savouring every last drop of their deliciously combined fluids. It was all that Stacie could do in the heat of the moment, her legs spread even on the floor, knees apart. Strangely, the hard floor of the bathroom didn’t even seem too much for her to kneel on, everything taking on a lighter, airier quality than it should have. With them, discomfort had no place.

Trevis grunted, driving into his daughter as Rachel nipped at his neck, sexually fervent at the height of it all. But a man like him could not hold back either with such a lustful display going on before him and, besides, he had another daughter waiting for his cock. With a heady groan, he drove in one more time, pulling her hot pussy down as far as he could possibly get her on his dick, and unleashed his load, body working and rolling to ensure that every last drop ended up right where it belonged. Her squeals as she clung to him told him that she loved it too, that her own orgasm was there, that he was the best lover that she’d ever had and that she ever would have too.

Yet an orgasm was never meant to last forever, or else the next one could not show itself, leading him to let Rachel down onto shaky legs, skirt flopping back down to cover her cunt as she sank to the floor. She’d just have to rest there for a while, a little while, eyes half-lidded as exhaustion washed over her, although it was of the very best kind. The room before her was filled with legs as Trevis stepped over, feeding his cock into Ashley’s pussy as she sat right on the edge of the counter, waiting for him with a moan that kept him hard when he should really have softened.

But there was something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, despite the fact that there was so very much more for him to focus on in that moment alone. He could have thought about how fucking good Ashley’s cunny felt around his prick, squeezing and pulling, so wet. He could have leaned over her, caught her mouth with his, forced her back, her submission a given right. But he looked at Mike with a strange look indeed, lips pressed together, though there was a hint of a smirk behind them. A door had opened, knowledge slipping through and he saw everyone around him in a different light, recognising a relationship even if there was still some degree of separation there.

After all, the master hypnotist would not reveal everything at once, would he?

“Is she your mother?” He said suddenly, the words pushing themselves from his lips as if forced by another. “You are so alike… Your hair…”

Mike blinked, his heart warming, stomach churning, blood roaring between his ears. Was she his mother? Nothing made sense anymore, his sense of reality so warped and twisted that it would be impossible to see things differently unless they were so skewed, the control over his mind lifted. He didn’t know, however, just how far gone he was and, well, it was not as if he could get out of it without the hypnotist himself from lifting it. Despite bringing them there in the first place and knowing exactly what they were getting into, he was as much at the strange man’s whim as the others were.


And yet he did know – of course, he knew! He’d seen Stacie near enough every day for most of his life, even living at home while attending university to best focus on his studies, lusting for her as he reached adulthood and became a man in the prime of his life. He’d lusted for her heaving tits and the swelling curves of her body, how she jiggled lightly as she walked, the perfect amount of flesh covering her well-adorned form. He would have said too that there was no one sexier than her but he was hard-pressed, even at that time, to say that he did not lust for his grandmother too. Oh, she had drawn his eye and, back then, he’d felt so very guilty about his incestuous fantasies but they were something that he’d just had to push down, lock away, until they could be revealed sweetly under the blissful spell of hypnosis at long last.

Not even Ashley whimpering and insisting, pawing at her father to let her do what she really wanted to do, could have distracted Mike, drawing in a deep, shuddering breath that slowly expanded his chest. No, the slurps of a woman taking her father’s length into her mouth could not have dissuaded him from his current path, need rising, passions coming through in a burst of light and clarity that, really, should never have left him.

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