The Hills are Alive

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Trish lived a little over an hour away from the mountains, some of the most beautiful in the world, in many people’s opinion, but she practically never got out to them. She was busy with school, work and a full fitness regime.

Yet she yearned to go out and climb in them. A very athletic woman Trish loved the idea of pitting herself against the natural splendor of those mountains and climbing them.

When at last she found the time to get away and spend some time in the wilderness she packed up and went to a trail hike that she had never been to. One of her great joys in life was physical and mental challenge and she anticipated both on this trip.

When ready, Trish drove out to the mountains with her gear. Parking at the trailhead she saw other people gathering their things to start hiking. There were two groups already there, a young couple in their mid twenties who were just disappearing into the trees, and a group of men. The men ranged in age by a fair amount, the oldest looking mid thirties, the youngest who looking to be her age, 19 or twenty.

Trish waited until the couple was out of sight then she climbed out of her car. She wore tan hiking boots that went up to her ankle, and grey wooly socks rolled down to the top of the boot. Her tan legs were bare up to her shorts, which were loose, light jogging shorts that cut high on the thigh, and looked so loose that a hand would easily slip right up inside them. On top she wore a light, loose, collared, blue plaid shirt, open at the front to reveal a light-blue bikini top that was small triangles of cloth on tiny strings. The string was tied tight and her breasts were pushed together giving her cleavage. The plaid shirt was tied over her belly allowing her toned stomach to show.

On her head Trish wore a blue bandana holding back her loose bangs, while the rest was tied into two ponytails, one on each side. Going around the back of her car Trish was acutely aware of the attention she had garnered, and she quite enjoyed being looked at. Trish knew she was an exhibitionist at heart and the male attention was making her warm and squishy inside.

The parking lot grew silent as boisterous conversations dropped off. Trish showed off her long, lean legs. The strong muscles of her calves and thighs moved beneath her sleek skin as she walked. Popping the hatch Trish pulled out a large backpack. She had brought a four-person tent, a lightweight sleeping bag and a yoga mat to soften the ground a tad. She had packed lightweight high protein food, water purifier tablets and cooking gear for one. The pack was almost forty pounds, but she was suddenly hopeful she wouldn’t have to hike too far with it all. Not with all that male company to spend time with.

Turing her back to the car, angled so that the group of now quiet men got the best view, she hauled the pack over her shoulders, her breasts thrusting out as she worked her shoulders in. Much jiggling and bouncing got the pack in just the right spot. Then various straps around her hips, shoulders and breasts were adjusted thoroughly. All in all Trish managed to show off her body excellently. Things were off to a good start as Trish moved off into the woods, her car locked and her spirits high. This might just prove to be an excellent vacation.

Walking up the trail she soon began to perspire with the muggy heat, and under the strain of the pack. The bag weighed almost a third of her body weight, and even in her fantastic condition this was a workout. Slowing down Trish listened for company on the trail, and soon enough she heard it. The gang of men were closing in and talking loudly among themselves. The first of the group to approach was talking back over his shoulder to the man behind him. They were discussing a movie Trish had not seen and they were relishing a performance.

“I don’t think Richard E. Grant has topped himself since. He has done great work, but Withnail is his best performance.”

“I’m not arguing that, I’m saying that he hasn’t been given the opportunity to top it. I think he could, given the right role.”

“You could probably say that about any actor.”

“Naw, some actors just give up, and lose their edge. Like Gary Oldman. Since he sobered up, he lost his edge. I’m glad he’s happier in life and all that, but his work isn’t as good. He isn’t a lean mean acting machine anymore.”

“No, I’m sure he has got a lot of great stuff left in him. He just got sidetracked by the paycheck. Not that the Batman movies aren’t amazing, but they weren’t going to give him any room to do a performance like Heath Ledger. Imagine Gary Oldman as the Joker?”

“There was talk of it once.”

“Hi there.” The leader called up to Trish.

Turning she said “Hi” back. The man was about three feet behind her and not in a hurry to pass it would seem.

“Gorgeous day isn’t it?”

“Yeah, we chose the right day to hike.” She replied.

“You going it alone?”


“You not worried? I take it from that pack you aren’t just going halkalı escort in for a few hours.”

Grinning she said, “I figured there would be lots of folks on the trail if I got lonely.”

The man pushed up beside her and smiled at her. He was around thirty, with good strong features, handsome, not cute, clean-shaven with a strong jaw and dark eyes. His hair was short and brown with golden highlights. This was a guy Trish could look at for years to come.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this alone. Is this some sort of spiritual journey, or quest or something?”

“No. I just wanted to get out into nature, to feel the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and all that.”

“It sure is great out here. We come up all the time, this group of us. We all, at one time or another, worked for the same company, though not all at the same time.”

Trish felt the second man walking close behind, the voices behind him became quieter, perhaps wondering what these two were talking about.

“My name’s is Pia.” Trish said impulsively and held out her hand to the man next to her. It suddenly occurred to her that she was going to have a very wild weekend, and she decided to protect her identity.

“I’m Cale.” He took her hand in his strong grip. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. Who this?” Turning Trish held out her hand to the man close behind.

“I’m Roger.” He too had a strong grip; his hands were more callused, but still not a working man’s hands.


The three of them chatted as they walked. The path was clear and easy, and the trees far enough back from the path to allow for a view of the fabulous mountains around them. Periodically others of the group of men would come up and try and get in on the conversation, but it proved to be too awkward on the trail, and Trish had no real sense of them. Cale and Roger she got to know well, and they in turn learned a great deal about a girl named Pia who was an art student specializing in performance art. Trish created the whole character out of thin air, just allowing herself to spout off the first thing that popped into her head whenever either of them asked a question. Pia, as performed by Trish wasn’t all that bright, not dumb, but naive, and it was a joy to feel the men trying to manipulate her into spending more time with them.

The day grew warmer and everyone grew moist and flushed. Cale called for a water break and everyone gathered around in a big circle in an open space to the side of the track.

Easing the pack off, Trish let it fall to the ground with a big sigh of relief, only slightly exaggerated. She took off the damp plaid shirt and exposed her bikini which barely contained her squished together breasts. She squatted beside her pack with her legs open wide, but not obviously so, while she took her water bottle out and re-packed her shirt. Closing her eyes she tilted back her head and drank some water enjoying the cool drink as much as the eyes she could feel on her body.

Roger introduced her to all the guys. “Gentlemen this is Pia, she’s an artist. Pia this is Stephen, Rob, Shawn, Jess and Scott.”

“Hi guys! Wow, I hope you don’t mind if I ask your names again later, I probably won’t remember them all at once like this.” The men grinned and said it was fine. She could tell they liked that she was going to be around later, and that she was likely going to talk to them all.

Soon the men began putting packs on again. Trish had been grilled by the group as to her packing habits, her job, her schooling and why she was traveling alone. No one seemed courageous enough to ask if she were seeing anyone or not. Trish acted flirty and funny. Bantering with the guys in a refreshing manner, one she was not used to and it felt pretty good. She was being a lighter, friendlier version of herself, only much more gullible.

There was a little dance of hesitation and confusion as they tried to start out once more. All the guys were trying to figure out where she was going to walk, to be close to her. Finally Jess set off and was joined by Shawn. Trish ambled over to the path, and Scott and Rob moved just ahead of her, Stephen and Cale came directly behind her and Roger took up position on her right.

The pack rubbed a bit on her bare back, but the feeling wasn’t so bad that she thought she would get blisters so Trish left her shirt off, loving the sun on her bare skin. She laughed out loud and said to Roger how strange her tan lines were going to look across her chest. She pointed to her breasts that were bisected horizontally by the chest strap of her pack. The black strap made her breasts bulge over and under it, and it squeezed them flat almost exactly along her nipple line.

“Well if memory serves this trail kinda wanders in and out of the trees so it shouldn’t get too bad.” Rather than look ahead to the trail to come Roger stared at her breasts, perhaps memorizing them for later recall.

The conversation hovered haramidere escort around her school and potential career as a performance artist. Naturally they asked what sort of performance art she did and Trish enjoyed embellishing a life in the arts.

“Well this one piece I did that my teacher loved was called What are we selling? In it I sat in a fake photographer’s studio with lights and cameras set up and I was in front of this huge wall of ads from all these different “Reputable” magazines. In each picture there was this young, probably teenage girl in some provocative outfit, or half, and even sometimes completely nude. Almost all the nude ones are selling clothes, you know? Anyway I was on a chair completely naked with waaaay too much make up on and a little lollipop in my mouth and pigtails, all curled up with a teddy bear in my lap.”

“No shit!”

“Yeah. I wanted to point out that we use the sexualization of little girls to sell everything. Everything. Watches with a nude wearing only a watch, or a girl with no shirt on selling perfume. It is everywhere. And those girls are way too young to be viewed like that.”

“Yeah, your right. It makes me feel dirty when I look at them.”

From behind Stephen said, “You feel dirty when you wank off to them too.”

“That I do my friend, that I do.” He grinned foolishly at Trish, “No offense I hope?”

“Oh no. I have a healthy sexual appetite, and I like sexy pictures as much as the next guy. I just wish that little girls got to be little girls for a little bit longer than they do now-a-days.”

“Yeah, it must be tough to be a pretty young girl out there. I’m not being facetious, I know that the popular idea is that beautiful women get everything handed to them, and they may get a lot out of their beauty, but still there is a price to be paid for it too. The leering, the cat calls the objectification…”

“I’m sorry I objectify you Rog.” Scott shot back over his shoulder from right in front of Trish.

She jumped in with her own quip. “I think Roger might be flirting with me. He implied that I was pretty.” Instantly Roger began to blush bright red.

“He’s also sucking up pretending to be a women’s libber.” Cale said from behind.

“Well, you are a hottie and I would imagine you know it.” Rob said turning back to look at her over his shoulder.

“I do appreciate the attention when it comes.” She acknowledged and smiled.

Scott said, “Women know, and they manipulate us all the time with it. Women know that men will do anything for sex, and they use our weakness against us.”

“Don’t underestimate a woman’s sex drive.” Trish countered. “I hate how men act like they are the only ones who can get sexually frustrated. That woman are sex misers holding it back, like penny pinching hags. Women just want to get laid too. We masturbate, and get inappropriately horny in weird places too. I don’t think the difference is that big.”

Trish loved how the conversation was going. The guys were getting brave, and she was having fun walking the line of teasing them. She knew they weren’t sure what to think. Was she looking to hook up with one of them? Who was she favoring? Could one of them be so lucky? Trish was starting to think they were all going to get lucky. She had never been with more than two men, but that had been a wonderful experience. Besides she hadn’t been laid in a long time.

At lunchtime when Trish pulled out her protein bar and dried fruit the men looked on dubiously. They made fun of her, teasing her about her pixie food, and a warm glow washed over her. Never before in her life had Trish been a part of anything like this camaraderie. It was something she always felt was made up in movies. She had seen shadows of it in school or at work, but nothing like this quick-witted joking and playful teasing.

She almost hated to ruin it with sex.

Then in the heat of the afternoon everyone withdrew into themselves a bit more as the path grew steeper and the day hotter. Trish ran with sweat as she hauled her heavy pack up the hundreds of feet of elevations.

The men gave ground and most of them had the chance to talk with her between panting breaths. All of them were fit, and their own shirts had come off to show hard firm bodies. Jess was the most conspicuously covered, as he was a bit heavier than the rest.

Trish admired the smorgasbord of man flesh laid out to her appraising eye. Jess was the only overweight man, but even he was cute and not at all gooey, just pudgy in an appealing way. Shawn was rail thin and wiry. Scott was strong and fit in an all round way, it didn’t look like he lifted weights or sculpted himself, just kept active. Rob was really good looking, and knew it. He was more sculpted than most of the others, but was far from having a body builder look, just a man who looked after himself and wanted to look like it. Roger was small and firm. A natural build with just the beginning of a belly, ikitelli escort but his arms and legs were very toned, so maybe he had just lost the high metabolism he had when younger. Stephen was boyish and cute, with a tight young man’s body. Not any specific tonality, just all over youthful health.

And Cale. Cale was Trish’s favorite. He looked like a male model. He was packed with muscle like an action movie star. He had fantastic sculpted abs, shoulders and chest. His arms were perfect, and his legs hadn’t been left out in the name of vanity. He was a perfect picture of male virility. And that clean handsome face was dreamy.

Each of them tried a differing approach to garner her favor. Jess’ had been with playful self deprecating humour, which was very charming. Shawn had been the serious “I’m listening” type. Scott was all bravado and showing off, which had its charms too, in that it was flattering to see the effort going in. Rob was smart, and funny, and he used his insights into the others to play off of. He and Scott had known each other for years and years and they pretty much tried to use each other to make themselves look good in her eyes. Stephen tried to show off physically. He ran and jumped, wrestled, climbed things, anything to make her look at him and see his prowess. It made her laugh out loud many times.

And Cale was a watcher. He observed what approach the others used, and which had more apparent success, and he would do that better. He looked at her with dark eyes, gauging her reactions and often a little smile of self satisfaction would play over his lips. He made her wet with his presence, and self-command.

If she were actually going to just choose one, it would be Cale, and he seemed to know it.

Trish decided that she wouldn’t make her move tonight. This game was far too fun, and the antics of the boys too enjoyable to throw away so soon.

When they made camp in the late afternoon, Trish was weak with fatigue. All her various fitness activities were of little use in the face of this climb with all that weight on her back. One of the guys told them all that they had climbed over a thousand feet in elevation that day. The air was thinner, and the terrain different.

When Trish pulled out her tent and began to assemble it Jess and Shawn came over to help. They commented on her carrying such a huge tent all the way up there just for herself.

“Well it is the only tent I own. And you never know if you are going to meet anyone on the trail that needs someplace to sleep.”

The boys tried not to look excited by that, but failed.

When everyone had their tents set up it was obvious Trish had the largest, and the men often looked from it to their various small two person tents.

Everyone sat around the fire that Cale built in the regulation park approved fire pit. The men had traded sopping wet t-shirts for dry clothes, and Trish had changed her boots and socks for flip flops, her dainty feet drawing more looks. She was almost naked in her tiny blue top and her small shorts, but still new flesh was new flesh to ogle.

Beers were passed around and Trish accepted. Drinking was not her thing, she didn’t like to numb herself to sensation, and she had no need to lower her inhibitions, but tonight she felt she had earned it. Plus she didn’t want to sleep with them tonight anyway so why not.

As the men ate their smokies and chips, Trish ate a recipe she had gotten off of a hikers guide online. It was couscous, minced sundried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, a chicken bouillon cube, onion flakes, parsley flakes, black pepper, and it tasted delicious.

Cale asked if he could taste some and she could feel the envy palpable in the air as he sat beside her on a log and ate off of her spoon. Their thighs were brushing together, and as the air cooled as the sun went down it was a very pleasurable experience.

On her other side Scott drank beer and made loud jokes that no-one found as funny as he did. As time passed he leaned in closer and closer, trying to press as much of himself against her as he could.

Cale yielded his spot after a time when he got up to tend the fire. Stephen bolted for it so obviously that Rob had to call him on it.

“Jesus Steve, could you at least try and pretend you’ve seen a pretty girl before?”

“I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as Pia.”

The entire group groaned, including Trish.

“Oh man, 1939 called and they want their cheesy come on back!” Roger called.

“Is that a chapstick in your pocket or are you just glad to see her.” Rob quipped.

The energy shifted as the men sensed weakness and they went in for the kill.

“Hey Stephen, your dicks so small bacteria laugh at it!” Scott jeered.

“Fuck you Scott.” The crowd ooohhhed!

“Your dicks so small you’ll never be half the man your mother was!” Roger joked, but it had way less heat than Scott’s. It felt more like a challenge to come up with the best joke, which the guys all jumped at.

“Your dicks so ugly it cries itself to sleep at night.” Jess said to no-one specific.

“Your dicks so small, your girlfriend took it to court and they threw it out for lack of evidence.” Shawn joined in. That got a good laugh from everyone, with the odd “nice, nice.” Thrown in. There was a pause while everyone tried to remember other ones.

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