That Which We Don’t Speak Of

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The breeze blowing in from Norford Bay was chilly. It blew my dirty-blond hair about and made me shiver a bit as I walked along the rocky beach. Ahead of me by thirty feet or so was my sister, Ashleigh. She was twenty and in her second year at art college. This year she was taking a course in jewellery making. Her latest phase was fashioning rings, broaches and pendants out of pewter with beach glass embedded in it. That was what had brought us to Watkins Beach on a Sunday afternoon in July.

Ashleigh was not just my sister — she was my twin, born almost five minutes ahead of me. I often joked that I gave her a kick in the ass to get her moving because I wanted to get out to be fed. My sister resembled me, but were we not the same age few would guess that we were twins. After my last growth spurt I had reached just under six feet, which was a good six inches taller than my sister. While my hair was a murky, brassy colour, Ashleigh was adorned with golden, natural curls that trailed down past her shoulders by several inches. Her eyes, like mine, were hazel, but unlike mine, hers sparkled with a vitality that was captivating. In addition to these differences Ashleigh was also blessed with a distinctly feminine body. Everyone took notice of this fact, including me.

“Hey, Bryan, I found some more!” Ashleigh called out to me, obviously excited.

I walked over to where my sister was, just a yard or so above the water lapping at the sand as the tide came in. Amongst the rocks and kelp I saw pieces of green, brown and red glass. Ashleigh was gathering them up and depositing them into a plastic bag in her hand.

“Look — some blue pieces. That’s rare,” she said, sounding pleased with her find.

I squatted down beside my sister and began plucking pieces of glass from the damp sand and dropping them into the bag. Her hair was being blown about by the wind off of the bay. It brushed the side of my face, tickling me. I pushed it aside.

“What?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Your hair’s in my face,” I said.

Ashleigh pulled her corkscrew-blond hair back over her shoulder, then continued picking up the glass shards. She was wearing black shorts, sneakers and a navy blue tank top. Her top had a V-neck and narrow straps. It hugged her body, emphasizing her flat stomach and bustline. As I bent down to pick up pieces of glass my eyes strayed to the front of my sister’s tank top as she crouched beside me. I looked at her breasts, half exposed in the V-shaped neckline as she leaned over. They swayed a bit as she moved. They were round, obviously more than my hands cold hold, and firm looking. Her skin was tanned and smooth. It looked like it was still as soft as the day we were born. She smiled up at me.

“Quit staring at my tits and pick the glass up, Bryan. I want to get home so I can wash this stuff off and sort it out.”

I smiled at my twin sister’s scolding and shifted my focus back to the glass at my feet. Most brothers would no doubt be embarrassed or shameful at having been caught leering by their sister, but I wasn’t. Ashleigh and I had a special relationship –although most would consider it unsavory, to say the least.

Growing up with a twin meant that I always had a best friend. When we were young there was no gender difference between us. Ashleigh was a tomboy and interested in many of the same things I was. We were always one another’s confidante’s and support system. Once we reached puberty some things changed, both about us as individuals and with regards to our relationship. I was given my own bedroom and my sister became modest about allowing me in her room, depending on what she was wearing. Eventually I began to take notice of the physical changes in Ashleigh. It was then that I also began regarding her as a very pretty girl, in addition to being my sister. She began to notice me in the same way too, although I did not realize that just yet.

“Let’s go sit down. I want to look this stuff over,” Ashleigh said.

I trailed behind my sister until she found a flat rock and sat down. I joined her on the rock. She was peering into the bag, as excited as we were as children on Halloween, rifling through our treat bags once we got home. I looked over her shoulder at the bits of coloured glass. Her hair was lashing my face once again and I pushed it aside. She smiled. We sat shoulder-to-shoulder as she examined the haul of glass we had gotten.

The wind had seemed to have picked up. I wrapped my arms around myself and leaned over, trying to keep warm. I noticed that my sister’s nipples had reacted to the chilly breeze too. They stood out firm from the curves of her breasts, making two bumps in the blue material of her top that were almost as big as the tip of my little finger. I stared, trying to imagine how they would feel pinched between my lips.

“Can we get going, Ash? I’m freezing,” I said.

“Aww… is my baby brother cold?,” she said with faux sympathy. “Here, let your big sister keep you warm. I swear, you’d have died years ago without ataşehir escort me around.”

Ashleigh placed the bag of glass down on the rock beside her and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. She pulled me to her, holding me tight against her warm, cushiony chest and rubbed my back through my t-shirt. My sister relished playing the role of protectress and reminding me that she was five minutes my senior on every opportunity she got. Her body was warm and and felt wonderful as she held me tight to her. Her breasts were firm. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so they moved freely beneath her top and rubbed over me as she moved her shoulders. My arm slipped between them as she shifted, making herself comfortable.

“Better? You warm now?” she asked, her hot breath teasing my neck.

“Yes,” I said, nodding. “Can you hold me till it gets about ten degrees warmer?”

Ashleigh laughed. “No, we have to get back home. You’ll have to get your cheap thrill somewhere else today, little brother.”

Ashleigh let go of me and picked up her bag of beach glass. She stood up, extending her slender hand to me. She pulled me to my feet and tugged me towards the bank leading up from the beach to where our car was parked. As we navigated our way along the beach over rocks and through sand Ashleigh kept hold of my hand. Part of the reason was to steady herself as she stepped over water-weathered boulders, but it was also part of our spontaneous, habitual closeness.

Had anyone seen me and my sister they would have assumed we were lovers. Had they known that we were siblings, they would have found our hand-holding odd at best. Neither of us cared. It was something that had developed naturally, but was never spoken of or discussed. I think that acknowledging it would have somehow broken the spell and made it seem less special. The other reason could very well have been because we both knew it was unaccepted and forbidden by convention, so we did not want to analyze it. Still, physical closeness that at times bordered on intimacy and good-natured jibes from her about me ogling, or being aroused by her, were commonplace between us. It was just how things had evolved with us since adolescence. It never felt unseemly or unnatural to me or Ashleigh; quite the opposite, in fact.

I was glad to be back in our warm car as Ashleigh drove us back home. The car was a blue 2003 Honda that our parents had bought us a couple of years previously as a birthday gift. We used it mainly to get to school and our respective jobs, although we occasionally squabbled over it when our schedules conflicted. Ashleigh had the radio turned up loud so I stared out of the window and didn’t bother initiating any conversation.

Once we got home Ashleigh went straight up to her room with her bag of glass. I made a sandwich and poured myself a glass of pop. After I finished eating I went up to my room to download some music and play video games. Mom was busy outside in her flower garden and our dad was out somewhere, probably golfing. I could hear music coming from my sister’s bedroom. About fifteen minutes later she wandered into my room. She sat down on the bed to my left, leaning back on her elbows.

“Whatcha doin’?” she asked.

“Checking out songs online,” I told her.

Ashleigh grunted a reply, still holding her eyes on me. From the corner of my eye I looked at her tanned, lean legs and how her breasts rose from her chest, pushing out at her tank top. My cock was hard in seconds. I focused on the monitor’s screen again, trying to ignore my sister and how sexy she was.

“If you’re busy, I can go. I didn’t mean to interrupt you,” Ashleigh said.

“No, it’s okay. I’m just killing time,” I told her.

“I thought you might want to be alone so you could look at porn or something,” she said, sounding somewhat serious.

“No,” I snapped.

“I guess you would have at least closed your door then, so no one caught you jacking-off,” she said with a giggle.

I turned and gave her an irritated glare.

“What? It’s not like you’re the only one who does it, Bryan. I always make sure my door’s closed when I rub-off,” Ashleigh said, sounding shameless.

I turned to her again, looking shocked.

“Come on. Don’t looked so surprised. Did you think I never did that too?”

“I… I don’t know. I’ve never thought about you like that, Ash,” I said.

“Yeah… right,” she scoffed. “If I weren’t your sister, you’d jump me right now.” She let out a brassy laugh.

“If I weren’t your brother, you’d let me,” I shot back.

The smug expression faded from Ashleigh’s face and she raised an eyebrow. “Touché,” she said, grinning.

I smiled and turned back to my computer, wondering how seriously to take my sister. I could feel the sexual tension in the air, but it was far from the first time I could when Ashleigh and I were alone. While around other people, especially our parents, we had an unspoken understanding to never do or say anything that might cause anyone to call kadıköy escort bayan into question the nature of our relationship, but when we were alone the conversations were often somewhat vulgar and full of innuendo.

“So, are you up for more beachcombing next weekend?” she asked.

“Sure, if the weather’s nice,” I said.

“You pussy! I can’t believe you found it too cold today,” she jeered.

“You didn’t?” I countered, turning my head towards her.

“Okay, so it was a bit nippily out.” Ashleigh smirked, darting her eyes down to her chest.

“I noticed,” I replied, grinning.

“You noticed more than just that when you were picking up glass beside me. I thought your eyes were going to jump down the front of my top.” My sister laughed hard, making her breasts quiver.

I shrugged, not bothered by her teasing. “No, it didn’t look like there would have been enough room for them. It looked pretty crowded in there,” I said as my eyes moved to her chest.

Ashleigh let out a soft laugh that I found very sexy. Her bright eyes had a playful glint to them that they always seemed to take on as our lewd banter escalated.

“I guess this top is kind of tight,” she said, wiggling her shoulders a bit.


I was growing increasingly horny. If my sister noticed, she never acknowledged it. But she had probably assumed I was; that was her intention. These sorts of conversations with Ashleigh always made me horny and usually resulted in me masturbating once I was alone. At times I noticed her disappear into her room for a while after our ribald exchanges and I guessed that she was as turned-on as I was. Sometimes I would imagine her rubbing and fingering her wet pussy just down the hall in her room while I jerked off.

“Doesn’t it look good on me?” Ashleigh’s voice sounded coy and insecure.

“Of course it does. Everything you wear looks good on you, Ash.”

My sister smiled at my compliment. “But don’t some things look better than others?” she prodded.

“Of course.”


I thought for a moment, then smiled. “Like that white dress with the blue flowers,” I said.

“The sun dress?”

“Yeah…” I sighed. The image of seeing my sister’s cleavage and bare legs the last time she had worn that dress filled my mind.

“I never wear it anymore. The last time I did, one of my boobs nearly popped out.”

I laughed hard, trying to imagine the scene.

“I’m serious. It was last August, during Mom’s birthday party, when we were out on the patio barbequing. I dropped my napkin and when I bent down to pick it up my right tit was practically hanging out. I think that dad really got an eyeful.” Ashleigh let out a nervous giggle, shifting her eyes from mine.

My salacious curiosity was piqued at my sister’s comment. I felt my cock twitch and push out at my jeans even more. “How much did he see?” I asked, trying not to sound overly interested.

Ashleigh shrugged. “I don’t know. I turned around as fast as I could and pulled my dress up, but he might have seen everything. He smiled at me when I turned around again and I caught him looking over a few times after that.”

“It sounds like he wanted to see more.”

Ashleigh’s eyes met mine, then a shrewd smile came over her face. “You pervert,” she said with a chuckle. “I bet you’d like it if I showed Dad my tits.”

“Not as much as he would,” I spat out.

My sister laughed again.

Not long after that we heard the voices of our parents downstairs. I grew nervous and my sister seemed to feel the same. It was getting close to supper time, so we decided to go downstairs and spend some time with our parents before they came looking for us.


My first class that Monday morning was at ten. Ashleigh didn’t have to be at school until one o’clock, so she said I could have the car and she’d take the bus. By the time I got home that afternoon the house was empty. Mom and Dad were at work and my sister had not gotten back from school yet.

I went up to my room to check my email and look online for some information on Thoreau and Emerson for an English assignment. I enjoyed the solitude and the quiet house. After a while I grew bored and began searching through my Bookmarks for websites to visit. As was usually the case when I was in that sort of mood I ended up at a porn site. I hesitate to call it porn, but erotica, rather. The site featured pictures of beautiful young women undressed, posing provocatively, but not was blatantly lewd as on some other sites that seemed more like gynecology textbooks than erotica sites.

When I saw a model who reminded me of Ashleigh my cock was at full attention. I shifted in my seat as my erection strained my jeans. I unzipped them and tugged them down, not taking my eyes off of the woman on the screen who so resembled my twin sister.

Once my jeans and underwear were down around my knees my cock rose towards the ceiling, it’s reddish head pointing towards me slightly. I escort maltepe began to stroke it, imagining the model was my sister and I was running my hands over her, groping and prodding at every inch of her.

I was lost in fantasy and driven wild by lust and arousal. A bomb could have landed on the house and I don’t think I would have noticed. I was too consumed with my dirty thoughts as I stroked my cock. I closed my eyes and leaned back in the chair, breathing heavy. It was only a few minutes later when I opened my eyes slightly that I noticed a form from the corner of my right eye. I froze and turned my head, still holding my rigid cock in my hand.

Leaning against the doorway to my room with her arms folded and a smile on her face was Ashleigh. Her eyes were wide as they locked on my hard cock in my hand.

“Don’t stop because of me,” she said. Her voice was soft and almost pleading.

I leapt from my chair and wheeled around. Now my sister could see my ass, but that concerned me less. I struggled to pull my jeans and underwear up and stuff my hard shaft back into them. After a little struggle, and some grunting, I managed to dress myself again. Slowly, I turned around, red faced from mortification, and faced my sister. She had not moved. I could feel my still hard cock tenting my jeans. She looked down to it.

“Jesus, Ash, can’t I have any privacy around here?” I spat out, glaring at her.

“If you’re going to leave your door open, don’t expect any privacy, Bryan.” My sister stepped into my room and looked at the naked model on the computer screen. “Hey, she’s hot. I can see why you were so worked-up,” she said.

I twisted my mouth, giving her an uncomfortable look. My cock was softening, but there was still a slight tent in my jeans — enough for her to notice. I clicked the mouse and moved to my browser’s Homepage.

“She kind of looks like me.” My sister turned and gave me a shrewd look, then smiled.

I shrugged, not wanting to agree.

“Well, I should leave you alone so you can… finish. Or have I killed the mood?” She laughed, glancing down to my crotch.

“You killed it,” I said with a faint smile.

Ashleigh moved her eyes back down to the front of my jeans. Her full lips curled into a smile and she looked back up at me. “I don’t know… it doesn’t look completely dead. With a little encouragement I’m sure it would come back to life.”

I let out an embarrassed laugh. “Yeah… no… ah… it’s getting kinda late anyway. Mom and dad will be home soon,” I said.

“I’m sorry. I had no idea that you were… that you wanted to be alone,” she said, sounding genuinely regretful. “You know I always respect your privacy, like you do mine.” Ashleigh seemed tentative after my outburst when she interrupted me masturbating.

“I know. I’m sorry for shouting at you. I was just embarrassed, that’s all. Forgive me?” I gave my sister a sheepish smile.

Ashleigh slipped her arms around my waist and pulled me to her, brushing her stomach over the bulge in my jeans. “There’s nothing you have to be forgiven for, and you have no reason to be embarrassed.” she said, then kissed my cheek. “You’ve got a nice cock, Bryan,” she whispered in my ear.

The combination of my sister holding me to her and whispering her salty comment in my ear made my shaft begin to harden again. My hands were on Ashleigh’s waist. I felt her brush over the front of my jeans again. I moved my hips slightly, avoiding pressing my crotch to her.

“Thanks… I guess,” I mumbled.

“You guess? What? Don’t you like hearing a girl tell you that?” My sister leaned away from me, giving me a surprised look.

“Yeah, sure… I guess. I don’t think any have, to tell you the truth. And I never thought I’d ever hear it from you.”

“I never thought I’d see it again. I haven’t in years. You’ve grown a lot since then — a lot.”

I let out a nervous chuckle. “So have you,” I replied.

“In all the right places, I hope.”

My sister leaned back and arched her back slightly. Her breasts pushed out at her black t-shirt, pulling the cotton tight over them. I noticed two faint nubs where her nipples had began to stiffen.

“Yeah… right where it counts,” I said, looking at her chest.

Ashleigh smiled in appreciation and pulled me tight to her once more. When she felt my erection pressing against her she looked down. “I told you with a little encouragement it would come back to life,” she said, looking back up at me.

“Don’t encourage me too much; Mom and Dad will be home soon,” I joked.

“How much is too much?” she asked, sounding serious.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. How much is too much for you?”

My sister’s expression turned serious, thoughtful. I had broken our unspoken rule of not discussing our sexual behavior. Her smile vanished. She tilted her head to one side.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it — what’s okay and not, I mean. We’ve never talked about it. But you’ve never done or said anything that I minded though. Have I? I hope not.” She stared into my eyes with a concerned look.

I shook my head. “No. Never. I just wonder sometimes…”

“Wonder what?” she asked, squinting.

“What’s okay with you. I sometimes worry that I push things too far.”

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