That Voice

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It had been such a hectic day at work and she was ready to relax for the evening. After settling her children into bed, she stepped into the shower… lathering away the day’s problems. Slipping on her bathrobe, she silently padded out to the living room… curling her legs underneath her and settling onto the couch. She turned the TV on, lit a couple of softly scented candles and lost herself in her thoughts.

The phone ringing startled her out of her daydreams. Groaning, she sat up and grabbed the receiver. “Hello,” she said, with a touch of annoyance in her voice. On the other end of the line, she heard slow deep breathing. She was angry at such an unwanted intrusion to her quiet evening, and was just about to hang up the phone when she heard a deep male voice saying, “Hello darlin, what are you wearing tonight?” That question startled her more than anything he could have said, and truthfully half frightened her. She was mesmerized though, her phone frozen to her ear as she heard him say, “I want you… I want to see all of you, taste you… make love to you.”

She tried to compose herself, but her voice sounded weak… “Who ARE you?” she asked, her body trembling from some sensation she could not fathom. “I am the one,” he said, “the one who will release all of your passion tonight.” Her entire body shuddered at the sound of his voice… that VOICE, so deep… raspy… sensual. She wanted to hang up, but something held her back. She found her hands wandering over the belt of her bathrobe. “Untie your robe for me,” he said. She froze… oh my god, “How could he know, can he SEE me”? she thought. She wanted to be frightened, but was so infatuated, so drawn to his voice that she couldn’t help herself… she was aroused.

“I want to kiss you, here… right behind your left ear,” he breathed into the phone… so soft she could barely hear him. She whimpered and her hands fumbled with pendik escort the tie on her robe, releasing it finally and letting it fall open. “Ah, you are so beautiful darlin… I want to touch you everywhere,” he moaned into her ear. She brought her hands to her chest… noticing they were trembling slightly. Slowly cupping her breasts, she felt their weight in her hands. Casually rubbing her nipples with her thumbs and feeling them harden, she heard his breathing becoming raspy on the other end, “God, yes I want to suck your nipples baby.” Her thumb moved faster over her body… fingers pinching the nipples till she moaned in pleasure.

Oh God she was loving this, though it was wrong. She did not know who he was… but his voice had her completely transfixed. She would do anything he asked at that moment. “Is your pussy wet for me honey,” he asked. Before she could stop herself, her fingers slid between her legs, to the smooth lips there. “Yesssss,” she breathed into the phone, “I’m so damn wet right now.”

“Oh god, he moaned, let me slide my fingers into your pussy right now.” Her head fell back against the couch as her fingers worked their way between her delicate folds. She felt her heat… her wetness… and imagined he was there with her. It was HIS hands on her body, HIS lips caressing her skin. She could almost feel his weight on her, pushing her body down onto the couch.

Her fingers explored her folds thoroughly, occasionally rubbing against her clit… now swollen with need. She was so lost in the feelings of absolute pleasure coursing through her body that she barely heard him speak again. “Cum for me darlin, nice and hard,” he said. “I want to feel you squirt, see you, I want it to cover me.” She could not resist, moving her index finger to her clit and circling it slowly. Her breath caught sharply and she gasped, “Who ARE you??? Please tell me… I need…” maltepe escort He chuckled softly at the way she could not finish her sentence. He knew she was lost in her own desire, exactly as he planned… but now was not the time to give up on this game. He had much more to show her, to teach her… about loving, wanting, needing someone so badly that desire could overrun her entire body without any physical contact with him.

She moaned and writhed around on the couch… her pussy burning with need… her fingers buried inside. “Stop,” he commanded sharply, “remove your fingers from your pussy now baby.” She did as she was told, though she did not understand. “Massage yourself very slowly darlin. Bring yourself down for me,” he said. Her fingers slowed… moving softly over her clit, then to her labia… gently. The panting had subsided, she gradually pulled her fingers away. She remained somewhat breathless when she asked, “Please, why won’t you tell me who you are?”

“You will know soon who I am love, but for now, close your eyes and feel me,” he said, “don’t touch your body at all, just feel me beside you.”

Her mind opened up and she saw him, faceless, beside her. His fingers trailing slowly over her heated skin. Loving her completely, with just his fingers, he stroked her everywhere. She could feel him, so near… but yet he was not there. Her body began to tremble again, dully, an aching forming in her stomach and then spreading. Her inner thighs quivered, the heat between her legs became very intense. She kept one hand on the phone at her ear, listening to him breathing… no words, just his breathing. The other arm was thrown above her head casually, unmoving as if it was pinned there. Her eyes opened wide, unbelieving what was happening to her. She was going to cum, though she was not touching herself at all. He sensed this, and whispered, “Yes darling, you kartal escort are close. I can feel you’re close. “

She felt her head spinning, and saw light behind her eyes as her body was ravaged by overwhelming desire. Hot liquid began to spill out of her pussy, soaking her completely. Her body continued to tremble, more now… she rode her climax to the end without a touch. Then he spoke again, “That was wonderful baby, just how it should be. I am consumed by you, obsessed by both your mind and your beauty. I want you… forever. You belong to me.” She heard a click as the phone hung up on the other end. She lay there, dazed, still not understanding what had just happened to her. How could she have acted so wanton with someone she didn’t know? She laid the receiver on the coffee table and snuggled deeper into the couch. It wasn’t long before she was once again, lost in thought.

Later, it must have been hours, she awoke to a light touch on her shoulder. Looking up through her sleep induced haze, she could barely make out his face. It was HIM, her online lover, and she couldn’t believe he was really here. She bolted upright on the couch and threw her arms around him, kissing him as though she could never get enough. With an twinkle in his eye, he commented that she looked quite flushed. She began to tell him about her encounter, then noticed his eyes twinkling even more. He grinned at her, pulled her into his arms and whispered, “I thought you’d like that baby. Yes, it was me, from the plane.” He went on to tell her that he’d dreamed for part of his flight and woken up needing her deeply, and decided this particular game could be quite stimulated for the both of them.

When she did not speak, a small frown crossed his brow. “Oh God, you aren’t upset are you honey,” he asked. She dropped her gaze to the bulge in his jeans, then raised her eyes to his. “Oh no,” she said wickedly, “but I think now that you’re here it’s time for paybacks.” She got up from the couch, glancing at him over her shoulder and sashayed from the room. He chuckled, getting up to follow her to the bedroom. Oh yes, paybacks were hell but he was gonna love it!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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