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It really wasn’t fair his dad was old and she was well Hot! Not hot for forty Meredith was just plain easy on the eyes. Shouldn’t matter to him right he would be off to college at the end of the summer but he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

In fact he spied on her every chance he got he had almost seen her naked once but the housekeeper almost caught him, oh well. Today however they were alone, dad was away on business again and the blasted housekeeper was not around either. He had an idea and he couldn’t let it go, for a month he had been planning ways he could have sex with his stepmom.

He had been flirting with her in an ‘innocent’ sort of way and had gotten flustered if positive results. Now he just had to get in his step sisters pants and he would have her. The key was the teddy bear Helen had which he knew the nosy woman had put a spy cam into, to make sure the brat didn’t have sex in the house.

If he seduced Helen, Meredith would come running then hell he might just get to fuck both of them. Now his dad couldn’t say he had done that. Helen should not be too hard to get with she was horny as fuck and he had spied on her masturbating more than a few times. Now that he thought about it he might miss this when he left.

He bounded downstairs to look for his step sister. Helen was his age short with bleached blond hair just like her delicious moms. She was sunbathing in the backyard by the pool when he found her. God this was going to be fun. He had already started to lay the groundwork on her too since the whole devious plan had popped into his head.

She lifted her head and smiled at him as he got close he beamed back. “You bored?” He opened.

She laughed that annoying laugh he hated so much and said “Of course.” he grins as her gaze falls on his crotch. Too easy.

“Want to have some fun behind mom’s back?” he winks at her. She goes a cute shade of pink and huffs as if his cock is the furthest thing from her mind.

He knelt by her “Come on you know you want to we both know you haven’t had any for a while.”

She is beet red now and she looks away “Fuck no! You perv” he is undaunted.

“You have been grounded all week I know you need it.” she starts to look but hesitates. He is sure he has her but he has to be careful not to move too fast just yet. He gets her sunscreen and starts to rub some onto her back she stiffens but as he goes she relaxes again seeming to enjoy the attention.

He whispered in her ear “I want to fuck you Helen and you are going to ride me like the sex starved slut you are.” Shit that was too much she would punch him in the dick any second now.

He braced and waited but the blow never came instead she had started to breath out of rhythm. Holly shit it worked she was into it. After a moment he whispered again “Come on let’s go to your room quickly before she spots us.” He got up and to his delight so did she. He grabbed her hand and they took off for the house. The coast was clear and they made it to his sisters room no trouble.

Once inside he shut but did not lock the door even if he made it look like he had. He saw her look around as if she was having second thought. He had to nip that in the bud so he advanced on her in his most alluring way. She snapped around her full attention on him as he reached out and caught her arm and pulled her in to him.

She might be nervous but she did not resist, good. He kissed her tasting tacky lipstick yuck still all for a good cause she would wipe it away on his cock soon. He felt her break away and suck in air. “There, see you are going to like this aren’t you?”

She blushed and smiled “Ya sure.” her eyes were back on his crotch and he guided her hand to touch his rising penis. She bit her lip and started to stroke it. Damn he was fully ready now and started to undo his shorts.

They dropped to the floor as she got to her knees. Fuck tuzla escort this was going so well. He felt her free his cock and continue to glide her soft pampered hands over it. She definitely knew what she was doing damn why hadn’t he done this sooner he thought.

Now her mouth was opening and her little pink tongue slid out to taste him. After a thorough examination with her tongue she took him in to her mouth an inch at a time. He wound his fingers into her hair and pulled her closer she moaned softly around his dick and made sucking sounds as she began to work her mouth up and down him.

It felt amazing to have her there servicing him knowing his step mom could see the whole thing. He let go of Helen, she was fully into it now and was deep throat-ting him. Winking at the nanny cam he took off his shirt.

He wanted to give Meredith a show before she got there. He was on the edge now and knew he should stop his step sister soon if he was going to enjoy the whole plan.

A little roughly he pulled Helen up to her feet she was very reluctant to do so and complained about it as he grinned at her. She shut up as he cupped her small breast in his left hand. With his free hand he reached around and undid the bikini string along her back the top slid forward and his hand rearranged to be under it massaging her hard nipple. Then he undid the last string and the whole thing fell away. He knelt down so he could take her nipple in his mouth and sucked at it.

She gasped and pressed against him, he slid her bikini bottom down around her ankles and stood up. He easily picked her up with only a small protest and deposited her on the hideous girly bed. He looked at the hidden camera willing his step mom to come find them. She squealed in anticipation as he lay her back. Looking at him hungrily she wiggled enticingly, he thought what the hell and leaned down to see how wet she was and was pleased to see she was dripping for him.

He licked her pussy and heard her make happy noises at him. His tongue went deeper then flicked up against her clit she shuddered and pressed her hips against his face. He stopped after a few minutes and sat on the bed next to her he had lost only a little of his erection while looking to her pussy and he wanted it back. She took the hint and help out with her mouth again.

Soon as it was fully hard he pushed her mouth away “Ride it” was all he said. She sat in his lap legs around his waist and lowered herself onto him. She was tight and warm around his cock and he thrilled to be in her. Slowly at first then steadily faster she rode him moaning and rotating her hips in a practiced manor. He held her close enough that he could catch her breasts in his mouth if he wanted to but not so close that he couldn’t watch the door for stepmom. She had better hurry he thought this slut in his lap was good at what she did. He had underestimated his little princess of a sister.

Then she was there red faced and yelling he laughed to see his stepmom burst into the room like that. His sister screamed and tried to jump out of his lap as if that could hide what they had been doing. He held her in place and looked at his stepmom. “Hi” was all he said to her through the tirade of condemnation spewing from her. She marched across the room and moved to slap him but in a swift movement he pushed Helen out of his lap and caught his stepmoms wrist as she let fly.

A look of surprise over took the anger as she found she could not pull away. He held her wrist tightly enough to hurt and slowly got up still very erect and wet from Helen’s pussy. She couldn’t help it, he saw her gaze drifted to his cock even as she demanded he to let go.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see his step sister hugging her knees on the back corner of the bed. She was of no importance right this moment but would add to the fun again soon. His attention was on Meredith, just now her tuzla escort bayan big tits heaved as she started to try and pull away in earnest. “Stop.” he commanded, she did more out of surprise then obedience.

“You want to tell your darling princess how you knew what we were up to or shall I?” Meredith’s face went pale and blotchy and she looked from the teddy bear to her daughter.

Helen’s voice cut in “You fucking spied on me?”

“Well I have to look at what you are doing your siblings for god sake what the fuck is wrong with you two?” Meredith shot back.

He smirked “Nothing mother dearest we are not blood related why shouldn’t we fuck as we please? For that matter you are not my mother so we can fuck too.” Her voice caught as she twisted back to him he had her full attention again.

“How dare you.. When your father-”

He cut her off “Father never has to know and you get what you really want the younger stronger model.” She started to protest but he moved in and took her by the crotch and found he was right she was soaking right throw her pants.

“I thought so” he said as she realized what he was feeling and she went stock still. He let go of her wrist finally and took her by the shoulders looking her right in the eye.

“Now don’t you want to join in? Be honest with yourself.” she couldn’t speak for a long moment then slowly almost against her will she nodded.

He winked at his step sister “Watch, even you might learn something.” he guided his stepmom to her knees. Then hands in her hair he put her open hungry mouth around his cock. She took him all in no trouble, damn no wonder dad married her.

She massages him with her tongue constricting her mouth and throat to pleasure him further all with out drawing back. When she did start to bob her head on his cock her technique was flawless. Oh god he thought as his head went back this is so far past amazing i am losing my mind.

It was in that moment of lapsed concentration that he orgasmed sending his sperm pouring down his stepmom’s eager throat. Oh holy fuck he had not meant for that to happen yet. He had planned to come on both of them as he bent them over side by side.

Still all was not lost he was young virile and this whole situation was hot as hell, he would be back up in no time. He would just have to entertain the ladies till he was able to fuck again. I have two hands for a reason he thought. He lay Meredith on the bed and helped her get undressed all under the stunned eyes of his step sister.

He beckoned her near. “Lie down here next to your mom.” it did not sound like a suggestion but she hesitated.

He turned back to Meredith “Make her feel welcome mom.” he ordered with mocking emphasis on the word mom. Being reminded of her place as mom visibly bothered Meredith but it seemed to turn her on at the same time. She shifted on her side and gestured to her daughter to join back in. Almost reluctantly Helen moved from her spot at the back of the bed and came to sit by her mother totally red in the face. He put a hand on each of their bellies and smiled down at them.

Slowly he ran his hands down to their groins and felt they were equally wet for him. In to each pussy went a finger they both squirmed eager for more despite how socially wrong this whole thing was. In goes a second finger each now they are making small happy noises and rotating their hips almost in unison, this is going to be fun he thought. He steadies himself and starts to drive his fingers in and out of their collective snatches. Occasionally for emphasis he brushes their clits to great effect.

They are all his now bumping, moaning and begging for more. He obligingly added a third finger watching them writhe in ecstasy. His step sister orgasms first and he leaves her twitching and turns his full attention on Meredith. She was holding out riding the edge of her orgasm like escort tuzla a pro.

Now being sure to hit her clit with every stroke of his fingers while his other hand went to her breast to play with her nipple she gasped and shook with the extra stimuli and soon she was coming too clenching hard around his fingers.

There moans and cries of delight had done the trick and he was once again rising to the occasion. “Now mom, sis turn over i am going to fuck you both.” he reveled in how dirty that sounded. They slowly started to turn over still not fully recovered from their orgasms. He stroked his cock making sure it was fully ready for the fun to come as he watched them put their asses in the air for him. Now who to start with lets see Helen got a taste earlier so start with Meredith. She quivered as he put his hand on her ass telling her she was first the other hand guided himself into her.

Her pussy muscles constricted around him squeezing his cock beautifully. But he was better prepared for her skill this time and settled in to a good rhythm with out fear of orgasming before he wanted to. She groaned with pleasure and begged to be fucked harder. For a moment he obliged driving into her as hard as he could, then he pulled out listening with delight as she cried out in protest.

He ignored her it was sisters turn. Once she felt his hands on her hips she tilted her ass to give him easy access. He glided into her wet snatch and pressed against her driving into the hilt of his cock. His step sister was a little tighter naturally but lacked the practice of her mother. Still Helen was a fine fuck and he was hard as granite in her. She bucked her hips to get all of him into her with every thrust he felt he was approaching his edge and his breathing was getting heavy with his own pleasure as he pulled out of Helen. Like her mother she complained at being suddenly empty.

He grabbed his step mom and flipped her over on her back and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. Her eye were bright with pleasure and she reached out to him drawing him into her. Helen saw this and turned over too hopeful to be fucked again but he was intent on Meredith. Entering her again was like wrapping himself in velvet and dear god she knew how to work it.

He thrust and withdrew steadily for a moment but the exquisite sensation of her pussy was getting the better of him. He sped up and her hips matched him, his head lolled back every muscle in his body taunt with strain of holding back his cum. Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and at the last moment he managed to pull out. He grunted for Helen to swallow and she scrambled to her knees on the bed and took him in her mouth sucking impatient for him to cum in her mouth.

She did not have to wait long shaking with exertion he let louse down her throat groaning with release. He throw Helen on to her back and looked at them quivering obviously wanting more just as he had planned. “Thanks for the good time bitches” He said and picking up his clothes and headed for his room.

He spent the rest of the day playing video games online with his friends and it was all he could do not to brag about what he had just pulled off. He lived off snacks and red bull for dinner not wanting to see either of the girls that night. He knew they would want to talk to him about what happened and he wasn’t interested in talking just in the fucking.

He was surprised the next morning to be awoken with a loud knock on his bedroom door. It was summer and he was aloud to sleep in. He looked at his phone and saw it was ten so he answered in a grumpy voice “What you want?”

Then he heard two voices not quite in unison answer “can we come in?” in his surprise he said yes only then realizing he was naked save for a sheet. Well hell not like they hadn’t seen it before now was it. The door opened and his step mom and sister came in looking embarrassed.

Meredith had a tray of his favorite breakfast on it and Helen had a large cup of coffee in her hands. It was clear from their lack of clothing they wanted to be fucked again, yes this was going to be a great summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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