Teaching Professor Mahoney Ch. 03

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Adriana Chechik

Another class with Lara. I looked forward to these lessons now. Instead of her sitting at the back she came and sat in the front row for once. Her dress was also different as it reached her knees. Still the strapless number made me hard and my throat dry. As usual I had written information on the board for them to copy down. “Please do the work on the board and then once you have finished, since it’s a nice day you may sit outside to read the five chapters for the homework tonight. You should all know where we are up to with the chapters. The homework is stated on the fourth board. I sat behind my desk. Lara had chosen the seat directly in front of my desk. She winked and placed her hands on her hemline. She lifted the edge of the dress enough for me to see that she wore no panties. Straight away my cock grew hard. I pretended to be working on something at my desk because the students still had to look up to read the board. I could feel myself pressing against the desk. I suppressed a moan.

Julie raised her hand. I cursed under my breath. I looked up at her my eyes questioning what she wanted. She motioned that she wanted me to go over to her. I cursed again. as I pushed my chair back I smoothed out my pants as best I could. “Yes Julie?” I leant over her, my left hand rested on the back of her chair. I looked at the work she had written. Something touched my pants. She had grazed her pen against me as she told me something. I stepped back a bit. Julie sat higher than the rest of the class. She kept talking and again her pen touched me. I was getting out of control. The class started to leave and go outside. I sat next to her, placed one hand in my lap, and used my other to point things out in her book. “I may have something to help you understand better in my office.”

The last person left, leaving Julie, Lara and myself alone. I stood and made my way to my office she followed me. I winked at Lara as I passed her. She grabbed my arm and I stopped. I told Julie to wait in my office and watched her close the door behind her. I squatted in front of Lara, and placed my hands on ataşehir escort bayan her upper inner thighs. “What are you doing? What does she want with you?” She looked into my eyes and questioned me.

“Little miss jealousy huh? She doesn’t understand something. I need to get her a book.” I placed one hand on her bare leg and slid it up her dress. “I won’t be long. I promise.” I brushed my fingertips against her wet pussy. I stood to go to my office. Lara reached out and to touch my groin. I grabbed her hand. “Not yet. I need to deal with Julie first.” She sat back, folded her arms and nodded. I turned towards my office. Julie stood in the doorway. I froze. When had she come out of there? How much did she see? Lara gasped as she noticed why I froze. Questions flooded my brain. Lara stood up behind me. My face grew hot as blood rushed into my cheeks. “Julie…” I choked out her name as she looked at us. I didn’t know what to do, what to say. I stood there. Dumb as a lamppost.

“Julie, you can’t tell a soul.” Lara said jumping in front of me. “We’ll figure out a deal of some sort.” Julie looked frozen in place as well. Lara ran to the classroom door and locked it. “What do you want? A passing grade? What?”

“I knew it.”


“I knew it.”

“What did you know?” Lara asked her from the door.

“That you two were fucking. Two weeks I left something in the classroom. The door was locked so I waited and went to the library for a bit. I came back just as you were closing the door. I waited till you had gone and then went into the room. The closer to your desk I got the more it reeked of sex. You didn’t do a very good job in hiding Blake’s paper, professor.” She looked at me, I flushed. “And then you told him you didn’t receive it last week.” My cheeks burned as I flushed deeper. Lara stood next to me again and gripped my hand.

“So what do you want Julie?” Lara said again.

Julie thought for a second. “A fuck from Jake there.” She paused and turned to Lara. “And you to set me up with Jason. The Jason who’s captain of the football escort kadıöy team. Then I will forget the whole thing.” A gasp caught in my throat. Jason? He was very particular. This would be hard. Lara unconsciously squeezed my hand. I knew she was thinking the same thing. She would have to pull some serious strings for that to happen. “I will give you till next week, if you have not done it then I will go straight to the headmaster and tell him everything. Then you will be fired and I will be rid of you, miss priss. If it is a deal I want my fuck now.”

Lara looked at me. All I could do was nod at her. “Deal.” She turned to me. “I will wait out here for you.” I kissed her forehead and Julie and I moved to my office. She undressed, her pussy already dripping. My cock was still half erect.

“Didn’t you get the hint I was sending you when you were standing over me?” She said rather than asked. I half nodded. I was very uncomfortable with Julie. I never had been like this with Lara.

“Let’s get this over with.” I said flatly. She came over to me and rubbed my penis. It felt weird not having Lara do it. Lara was more gentle. I had to try and force myself to rise more to her satisfaction. She mouthed me a few times before laying on the ground. “Wait.” I pulled out from under her and rummaged through my bag for a condom. I pulled it on and Julie started to fuck me. It wasn’t beautiful like Lara; I couldn’t call it making love like I did with her. It was just a hard fuck. Julie was loose. It was quite uncomfortable and I blamed it partly on the condom. It never felt as good with one on. Julie came. She looked at me.

“That was pathetic. I don’t know what Lara sees in you.” She dressed and left the room. “He’s a useless knob. Why do you like him so much? He’s a terrible fuck. Completely useless.” I heard her say to Lara. Lara didn’t answer and a moment later I heard the door slam and then the locked clicked. Lara entered my office and locked the door. She sat next to me.

“Are you okay?” She scrunched her face in disgust at the condom. I nodded and maltepe escort laughed, then quickly peeled it off and tossed it in a plastic bag in my suitcase. I knew if I left it in the trashcan the cleaner would find it and I’d get fired.

“I couldn’t do it without one on. She was the terrible one. Got herself off but not me.” I sat in my chair and Lara crawled over to me. My erection still only half erect began to grow as she placed her hands on my thighs and gently moved her fingers in small circular motions. “Can you get Jason to go out with her?” I asked Lara looking down at her.

She lowered her mouth over my cock and her gorgeous piercing blue eyes turned towards my own chocolate brown ones. She pumped a few times as I continued to grow into her mouth. She pulled away. “Yes. I have a way.” I stood and pulled her up with me.

“Let me lead for once.” I said as I sat her in my chair and sat on the ground between her legs. She spread them wide and I put my head and hands up her dress. I licked at her bud and massaged her nipples. Her hips thrust forward onto my tongue trying to urge it deeper into her. My cock stood ready, the pre-cum oozed out. I pulled her onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her. she pulled the chair around and leant on it, she lay her head on her arms. I entered her cunt from behind.

“Don’t pull out. I want you in me.” I gripped her hips and pounded into her. Her tight walls rubbed me hard as I pushed into her. I then lay across her back and reached for her breasts. I caressed them and pinched at them. I probed her deeper than I had before. I was grunting from the feeling. “Faster!” She cried in ecstasy. I obliged and sped up. It felt even better. “Ah… ah… ah… ooh… oh… Jake!” her moaning was driving me crazy. “I’m coming.” I felt her warm liquid on me. My load shot into her and she moaned from it. I collapsed on top of her then rolled sideways to the floor. She joined me on the ground and lay on top of me.

She kissed my face and lips. She pushed her tongue past my lips I pushed my own tongue into her mouth. She sucked at it and moaned into my mouth. I smiled. She pulled away. “I think I’d better go Jake.” She kissed me again. she fixed her dress then reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of panties. She winked and smiled at me as she pulled them on and left. I stood and fixed myself.

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