Teacher’s Pet Pt. 02

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Judy, my HS History Teacher continues my sexual education.

I awoke naked and alone on a bed in a partially dark room. Not quite sure where I was, I laid there for a minute collecting my thoughts. It dawned on me that I was at Judy’s apartment. Judy was a high school teacher of mine. I had discovered where she lived and she had just let me fuck her after she had sucked my cock letting me cum in her mouth and then eating her pussy. We had also showered together. So many new adventures at one time.

Needing to piss, I got up and went to the bathroom noticing that the bedroom door was closed, but there was a light coming under it. I pissed and went back into the bedroom, remembering that my clothes were in the other room.

Going to the door, I listened to see if I could hear noises coming from the other room. There was music playing faintly but no voices. Opening the door I peeked into the den. The kitchen light was on, but I could not see all of the kitchen. Moving to the kitchen I heard scraping noises and what sounded like the oven door opening. Stepping into the kitchen I saw Judy removing food from the oven. She was wearing a short robe that only covered part of her ass.

Judy turned to set the food on the stove and saw me. She smiled and eyed me up and down. I was not use to being naked with a woman and was not sure what to do. Looking around I saw my shorts on the floor by the couch. Judy saw me looking at my clothes and stepped over to me reaching out to grab my cock.

“You do not need you clothes. I only have this on while I am cooking,” she said as she released my cock and untied her robe letting it fall to the floor.

“Hungry? I made some pork chops and potatoes.”

She put dinner on the table and got some beers. Sitting there naked eating with her was causing my cock to wake up too. We talked while we ate.

“This is really naughty. You can never tell anyone about this,” Julie said.

“I understand. I do not want you to get in trouble.”

Julie looked at me, glancing down at my semi-hard cock. “I would like to spend more time with you this summer. Think we could do that?”

I nodded yes, “I would like that a lot. There is so much I do not know about having sex and I want to learn more from you.”

She smiled and leaned across the table to kiss me. “Can you spend the night?”

“Yes, I was staying at a friend’s house tonight, his parents are gone. I won’t be missed by anyone.”

“Good,” she said with a mischievous grin.

Judy got up, cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. I watched her move naked around the kitchen thinking how lucky I was. An older woman was going to teach me how to fuck!! I moved into the kitchen to get another beer, sliding behind Judy in the narrow kitchen, my cock rubbing against her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

“Want another beer?” I asked.

“No, but grab the bottle of wine that is in there and open it for me.” She reached into a drawer and handed me the corkscrew.

I opened the bottle while she reached up and grabbed a wine glass from the cabinet. Moving behind her, I pushed up against her ass, my growing cock poking her. Reaching around her, I took the wine glass and filled it. Sitting the glass and the bottle down, I wrapped my arms around her waist and began to kiss the back of her neck working up to her ears. She moaned slightly as I kissed her and my cock nestled in the crack of her ass. She pushed her ass against me, rubbing my cock against her ass. Reaching around her I began to massage her tits as she ground her ass against my cock.

Judy stepped back from the sink bending over slightly. She reached back grabbing my cock and slid it down the crack of her ass to the entrance ataşehir escort bayan of her pussy. Rubbing the tip of my cock against the entrance of her pussy I could feel how wet she was. Holding my cock in place she pushed back against me and my cock slid into her warm wet pussy. It slid smoothly into her and I rested against her with my cock all the way in her pussy.

She began to slowly rock against me, my cock moving in and out pushing against the front of her pussy. We kept up a steady rhythm, my cock slowly fucking her. I had never fucked like this before and was enjoying the sensation of slowly sliding in and out of her very slick pussy. My fucks so far were all hasty quickies on top of the girl and never an enjoyable sensation like this.

My thrusts were lifting her up on her toes and I moved my hands down to her hips, holding them as I thrust into her pussy. Judy bent forward pushing back against me, impaling herself on my cock and laying across the counter top. I was continuing my steady rhythm in her pussy and she pushed back when I fully entered her. She reached between her legs with her right hand and began to play with the front of her pussy as I continued to fuck her.

I would find out later that she was fingering her clit. She began fingering herself slowly and gradually increased her pace, her fingers pressing against her and touching my cock as I continued to fuck her from behind. Having already cum twice, my cock was able to enjoy the slow steady rhythm of fucking her.

Judy’s breathing quickened and she increased the assault on her clit. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as she gasped for breath and her body began to tremble. Reaching back with both hands, she grabbed my ass pulling me fully into her as the orgasm swept over her. Soon she released her grip on me and I again began to slide my cock in and out of her.

Moving a hand to my crotch just above my cock she pushed me back a bit, “Wait, give me a minute, I am really sensitive there right now.”

Another lesson learned, a woman’s pussy can be sensitive after an orgasm and you need to consider that.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I pulled my cock about 1/2 way out of her.

“Yes, just give me a minute.”

“Okay,” I said as I ran my hands over her ass and up her back to her shoulders. She moaned slightly as I rubbed the muscles of her neck, back and ass. After a minute she stood up, my cock falling out of her, and turned to face me. Pressing against me she leaned up to kiss me, my straining pussy juice covered cock poking against her.

Pulling her tongue from my mouth she reached down and grabbed my cock.

“Come with me,” she said as she walked to the bedroom towing me by my cock.

She sat down on the edge of the bed with me standing in front of her, my cock sticking straight up by her face. Looking up at me she smiled and then began to lick my still covered with her juices cock. I remembered from earlier that she liked the taste of her pussy juice on a cock. Her hand moved to my balls and she started squeezing and massaging them. Her tongue moved to the head of my cock and she continued to lick the head and slit of it. After a minute or so she slid her mouth over the tip of my cock, sucking lightly on it.

Her mouth was so warm and her tongue continued its assault on the head of my cock. I reached down to run my hands through her hair and began to lightly thrust my hips to push my cock further into her mouth. She pushed back with her hands on my hips stopping my thrusting. Letting my cock slip from her mouth, she looked up at me.

“Let me enjoy your cock for a bit. I’ll let you know when you can start to fuck my face.”

“Sorry, it just feels escort kadıöy so good.”

“I know, but sometimes you have to go slow and enjoy. Guys do not realize that sex is not always a race to cum, although hard fast quick fucks can be fun too. You can go slow and enjoy it.”

I nodded my understanding. She was giving me more lessons in sex. “Thank you for being patient with me. I’ll slow down. I am definitely enjoying it.”

“Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with deep, fast, animal fucking too. We will get to that.”

She then grabbed the base of my cock with her hand and took the head back into her mouth, alternately sucking and licking it. I stood there feeling the warmth of her mouth and the sensation of her touch. It was making sense, enjoy the feeling.

She began to lightly stroke the base of my cock and started to take more of me into her mouth, moving in sync with her hand. I was moaning at the feeling and sensation. Maybe I was beginning to understand. I wanted to get off, to fuck her, to slam against her body, but this was an amazing feeling.

Moving her hand from my cock to my balls she began squeezing and massaging them again as she took me deeper into her mouth. Soon her face was buried at the base of my cock which now was completely in her mouth and throat. Judy kept this up for a couple of minutes, taking me all in and holding it, then pulling up to the tip to catch her breath and then fully swallowing my cock again. I was getting totally lost in the feeling of her swallowing my cock and playing with my balls when she suddenly stopped.

Pulling her mouth off of me she looked up and asked, “You ready to fuck my face?”

Taking my cock I rubbed it against her lips and cheek, “Yes you were about to make me explode.”

Judy got on the bed and laying on her back, hung her head over the edge. I would figure out shortly that this was the perfect angle to fuck someone in the mouth. Reaching out to my cock she pulled me to her mouth running her tongue down it till she reached my balls. She pulled my cock up and opening her mouth took my balls in her mouth, first one then the other. She slowly stroked my cock and alternated sucking my balls. What an amazing feeling, no one had ever done that to me. Feeling my balls in her warm mouth were really getting me worked up.

Pushing me back with her hand on my cock she slid her head over the edge of the bed and placed my cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked lightly on it. She released my cock and began to rub her hands over her tits. I watched fascinated as she played with herself and slowly began to slide my cock deeper into her mouth. Soon my balls were resting on her nose my cock embedded in her throat. I could see the bulge in her throat where my cock sat. One of her hands moved to her pussy as I began to slowly fuck her face. Looking down I could tell she had two fingers already buried in her pussy. The sight of her fingering her self and playing with her tits coupled with the warmth of her mouth were making me ready to cum again. I placed my hands on the sides of her head and began to pick up the pace in fucking her face. Slobber was running out of the corners of her mouth. Looking down her she now had three fingers buried in her pussy and was fingering herself furiously while pinching her tits.

I could not hold back any longer and drove my cock as deep as I could into her mouth, my cock in her throat. Her throat bulged and I began to shoot cum straight down it. This sent her over the top and she crammed her fingers deep in her pussy and began to shake, her legs stiffening and her body trembling as the orgasm swept over her. She pulled maltepe escort her fingers from her pussy and reached up to push lightly on my thigh. I pulled my cock back from her mouth and she took a couple of deep breaths.

“Fuck, you came straight down my throat. No one has ever dumped their whole load down my throat, it was amazing. I came so hard with you doing that.”

“It was a first for me too and felt so fucking great. I could see my cock pulsing in your throat.”

Judy moved up to the head of the bed putting her head on a pillow. I got on the bed and laid next to her. She brought her pussy soaked hand to my mouth. I opened my mouth and began to lick her fingers clean. Her pussy juice tasted great. I was going to have to get more of it some other time.

Just before we fell asleep Judy told me that she had to meet some friends for breakfast in the morning. If she was gone I needed to lock the door if I had to leave. We fell into an exhausted from sex sleep.

I woke up at about 7:00 in the morning needing to piss. Getting up from the bed I made my way to the bathroom and took care of business. Coming back to the bed I could see Judy lying there naked on her side, her back to me. Looking at her ass and thinking what we had done the night before made my cock start to harden. Moving back onto the bed, I moved in behind her with my hardening cock resting in the space between her asshole and pussy. I reached over her and placed my hand over her pussy slowly beginning to move a finger up and down it. She stirred slightly and moaned quietly. Slowly she began to get wet and my finger slid across her pussy smoothly. Soon I put two fingers into her increasingly wet pussy. My cock was now fully hard and she began to lightly hump my fingers.

Judy bent slightly at the waist opened her legs further by bringing her right leg up and resting on my leg. Reaching between her legs she grabbed by cock and brought it to the entrance of her pussy. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and she pushed back against me, my cock sliding into her pussy. I was fucking her from behind again, grabbing her hips and pushing my cock into her. Still reaching between us she began to squeeze my balls as my cock worked in and out of her slick hot pussy.

“Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me hard,” she gasped.

I picked up my pace, grabbing her hips and ramming my cock as far and hard into her as I could. She released my balls and reached back to pull me deeper into her. I was fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, driving deep into her pussy.

“Cum in me, cum in my pussy,” she panted as she pushed hard against my cock.

Holding her hips tightly I pulled her to me pushing my cock as deep as it would go into her as I began to fill her pussy with cum. Feeling my cock throb in her sent her over the edge as an orgasm swept over her. We both laid there trying to catch our breaths our bodies covered in a light sheen of sweat.

My cock began to soften and plopped out of her trailing a string of cum and pussy juice.

“Wow, wake up sex is amazing. My first time there is a naked woman in the bed and I can fuck her wake up.”

She smiled at me, “It is great to wake up with a cock in you and to start the day with a pussy full of cum.”

Reaching down to her pussy, she scooped up my cum in her fingers and brought them to her lips, licking the hot, sticky mess from her fingers.

“So yummy for breakfast, thank you for waking me up.”

She kissed me on the forehead and hopped out of bed headed for the bathroom. I could hear the shower starting as I laid there thinking about what had gone on in the past few hours. It really sucked that I could not tell anyone about it (till now), but I knew if I wanted it to continue I had to keep it to myself.

When she finished showering we discussed getting together more during the summer. I had to go out of town for a couple of weeks but agreed to call her when I got back or sooner. Was really looking forward to my next lesson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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