Taking the Edge Off Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are 18 year and older. This is a work of fantasy. If you’re easily offended or have no imagination, I suggest going fucking yourself. Nobody will judge!


‘Look, it’s really no big deal. You’re getting stressed out for nothing,’ Karen dismissed, cutting him off.

It had taken long enough to get her son Michael to open up about what had gotten into him lately. She was instinctive enough to know why. He was a little past that age now at 18, but he hadn’t had much luck. All of his friends were boys, and the worst kind; full-time gamers!

‘Mom, I don’t want to talk about it okay?’

Michael couldn’t believe how overbearing his mother could be sometimes. It was like she couldn’t let anything go until it was all up in the air. Even then she seemed to make a bigger deal than most, only to downplay it the moment he lost patience with her.

‘Don’t be such a crank,’ she remarked; case in point. ‘You sound just like your father did.’ That saddened Michael a little, being compared to that absent old tool. He gave her that look, as if to say “Don’t”. ‘Well you do!’

‘I’m not like him and being told otherwise isn’t going to help, is it?’

‘Just don’t turn into him, darling,’ Karen casually suggested. ‘It would be such a waste. You’re a handsome boy. The wrong girls will fall for your looks first and then when you piss them off with that attitude they’ll tear your social life to shreds and then you’ll be in the doghouse before you’ve even begun.’

‘This isn’t even about my social life,’ Michael said flabbergasted. All the while he gesticulated wildly.

‘How is getting girls nothing to do with your social life?’


‘Because you don’t have a social life?!’ she teased. ‘What’s the problem? Why are you so hung up on girls all of a sudden? Are you a late starter or something? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but have you even been with a girl?’

‘No, and I don’t care okay? So just leave it,’ Michael defended, arms crossed sullenly.

‘Bullshit, I haven’t been with anybody for nine years,’ Karen retaliated. ‘Nine years, Michael. I’m up to my eyeballs in cobwebs. So you’re a virgin. Big deal!’

‘Well it is a big deal, okay,’ he admitted, turning one-eighty on himself. His mom gave a sympathetic look, held her breath and then eased it out carefully. ‘I always act so stupid around girls I like. It’s like there’s some idiot switch that gets flipped.’

‘That’s called excitement, Michael. It’ll wear off in ten years, trust me.’

‘I’m not waiting ten years, mom. Just cut it out will you? Forget about it.’

‘Can I help? There’s something I could do, surely?’ she asked then, and he didn’t know what she meant. Surely not THAT!

‘I doubt it.’

‘You just need to get laid is all,’ she offered out of kind then, and Michael noticed that too. ‘Once that happens, you’ll calm down and get a hold of yourself and girl things will come naturally.’

‘What are you even suggesting right now?’

‘Follow me,’ she said, walking from the landing into her bedroom. Michael stood frozen solid. What was she doing? ‘Come in here,’ she said and disappeared out of view, and in all his teenage experience he knew even the sound of a woman slipping off her panties.

Her shadow bent double against the farthest wall, affirming his suspicion. Immediately the alarm bells rang, upstairs and down.

‘Michael,’ she snapped, and then to the other extreme, ‘I won’t bite.’

Michael walked into the room to find her sat on the edge of the bed where her skirt had ridden up her thighs. He wouldn’t otherwise have noticed but this was one weird scene to find himself in.

‘Stand in front of me,’ she ordered and when he did, to his surprise she immediately began to unbuckle his belt.

‘Whoa,’ he reacted and tried to back off, ‘what are you doing?’

‘Shush!’ she said, unbuttoning his jeans as he looked down, dumbfounded. ‘You can’t be afraid of girls,’ she explained matter-of-factly. ‘They’re not so different to boys once you get past the hormones. When it comes to sex, everybody wants the same thing. So if a girl likes you, she likes you for who you already are. You don’t need to act any other way to try to impress her. Acting like a class clown certainly won’t impress her either.’

‘Mom, what are you doing?’ he repeated.

‘Oh, don’t be such a baby. Pull down your shorts.’


Did she just say that?

Of course she did.

She’d already pulled his jeans down over his hips and now she was staring at the growing bulge in his tight boxers with an expression that looked something like…

Thirst? Longing? Yearning?

Michael might have been bashful or despondent but one thing he wasn’t was shy. And neither was he unconfident in his own size. What the hell, he thought, and slipped them down, and his semi-erect cock sprang free.

The fact that his own mother seemed pleased to see his growing excitement only seemed to make matters more strained, but the bigger he grew-

‘Oh bursa escort look at you. You are blessed, aren’t you?!’

‘I do okay,’ he replied sheepishly.

‘But you don’t do anything according to why we’re having this conversation to begin with,’ Karen quipped. ‘Can I touch it?’

‘This is weird enough mom, don’t you think?’

Regardless, she took his growing length in one hand and just held it. And he got harder and harder while she just studied it like some rare or even mythological creature.

‘This isn’t weird to you?’ he prodded, ‘the fact that you’re holding my cock in your hand? And it’s hard?’

‘Eh,’ Karen shrugged without a care, ‘you’re at a point in your life when there isn’t much that won’t cause a boner. That’s to be expected. Girls aren’t always that different. I don’t think I ever had a dry pair of panties up until the age of twenty five.’

‘Jesus, really mom,’ Michael scolded.



‘But you just have to learn to respect women and not to forget that,’ she continued, ‘even when they choose to become your little fuck toy, they’re still people. Their feelings matter, before, during and after.’

It startled Michael to hear his mother refer to any woman as a fuck toy. Losing himself in a figgy daze, he wondered from the back of his mind if she knew she was jerking him so slowly to full hardness, or that she was giving her own son the most casual and erotic hand job. Her own son…

‘Is this right? I’m sure this is wrong,’ Michael interrupted the growing silence.

‘Well people will tell you that it’s wrong, but if a mother can’t teach her son about the birds and the bees, and how to respect women, then who can?’

‘But I already know-

‘Oh but would you dare treat your mother like some throwaway slut?’

‘Mom,’ he scolded again.

‘Well, would you?’ Karen asked.

‘Of course not, but you’re my mother. I’m not…’


‘Seeing you.’

‘Don’t you mean fucking me?’ she suggested.

‘Well duh!’

‘Why duh?’

‘I mean duh why would I be fucking my own mother?’

‘But you and other women are different,’ Michael stammered. His knees jerked underneath him. God that felt too good. The fact that it felt good at all scared him. It was wrong on so many levels.

‘No we’re not. Have you not been listening?’ Karen argued.

‘We are. I don’t know any other women as long as I’ve known you and if I did I wouldn’t think of them that way,’ Michael responded confidently. Then the briefest gasp of pleasure escaped his mouth.

‘So it’s okay to treat any other woman any lesser because you haven’t known them as long? Wow, such a gentleman.’

It didn’t take a genius to see where she was coming from. ‘No,’ he replied, shaking his head in defeat.

‘Good, then do as I say and trust me. This will be over before you know it and hopefully get it all off your chest,’ Karen said with a know-it-all wink. ‘Yes I am your mom and I’m educating my son so that he doesn’t make silly mistakes that could end up haunting him for life. There’s a lot you don’t know and maybe won’t unless you make all those mistakes for yourself,’ she explained, that one hand stroking him so gently and working back the foreskin. ‘Does that feel good?’ she asked.

‘You should stop…’

‘It doesn’t feel good?’ A look in her eyes from the edge of disappointment drove him to reply out of guilt.

‘No it does, it feels very good, but it’s wrong,’ he urged, yet he didn’t draw away. The feel of her hands, dainty, slight and warm – the first hands other than his own ever to touch him there – was gentle and yet electrifying.

‘There’s nothing wrong about it, she reassured. And then she took it further. Without warning she peeled back his foreskin all the way and spat on the head of his stiff cock for lubrication. He didn’t dare release his baited breath until she spoke to him again from the deafening silence.

‘Don’t worry, you’re not the only one excited right now…’

‘Mom, please…’

‘Mom, please,’ she repeated mockingly, ‘you still haven’t run away like a scared little boy, though.’

Michael blushed a full dark red, as if he wasn’t red enough in the face as it was. ‘Here, feel my pussy,’ she then said, raising her skirt up. Michael could physically look nowhere else.

And, you know…

How many guys could admit that their own mothers had a perfect pussy?

Her chestnut brown hair ended trimmed neatly around her entrance and she had the hottest looking labia. Her clit glistened and protruded shamelessly and he wished it were on any MILF other than his own mom right now.

‘Here, feel how wet I am,’ she said and took his hand, guiding his trembling fingers straight to her slit. They literally slid inside her from the wetness. Any other boy might have been scarred for life. Michael got harder, wondering how that was even possible by now.

His cock slick in her hand, she was now giving him a no holds barred slippery wet handjob. The smell of him barely inches from her bursa escort bayan face, Karen was fighting the urge to take him into her mouth.

‘Good sign it’s time to put that thing to good use,’ she said, getting back on track. Michael nearly erupted there and then. What was she planning to do?

‘We’re not… you’re not…’

It wasn’t possible. This wasn’t happening.

His mother retrieved a little square foil packet from the bedside cabinet and returned to her place at the corner of the bed. He could have bolted already, now that she had released him from her sensual touch, but he stood there trembling, his gut fluttering with trepidation. And his mouth had gone bone dry.

‘And so now we roll on a condom,’ she said almost absently, because in truth she could do this with her eyes closed; probably even in her sleep.

‘My god, you’re going to get a lot of pussy with this specimen,’ she marvelled, handling him expertly as she encased his manhood in the thin stretchy latex.

He’d used a few before, just enhancing the experience of toying with himself at night, but even to stand there and watch as his mother prepared him as though they were about to have sex, he couldn’t think of anything more arousing, and so he got harder. He was now pointing towards the ceiling.

‘That’s why you need to be safe,’ she added looking him square in the eyes. Then she hitched her skirt high and lifted her legs so that her feet rested on the mattress between them; spreading her thighs wider.

‘Okay, champ, stick it in!’


Karen rolled her eyes. ‘Do you really want me to hold your hand now too? Put it in me. You know where, right?’

And this was the age of the Internet, so of course he knew but, ‘I can’t…’

‘Yes you can. It’s no big deal. Just get it over with and you’ll see that.’

‘No big deal?’ he almost shouted. He was shaking with adrenaline now. And no matter how rational he tried to remain, there was no denying that lust played a huge part too.

‘No big deal,’ his mother repeated. ‘Now just do it!’

But Michael knew that if he did, it wouldn’t be an in and out thing, over with the click of her fingers. He was scared of what door this would open.

Impatiently then Karen took his girth in hand and guided him to where she wanted him. Suddenly the engorged head of his cock was parting her shiny wet labia like a heat-seeking missile lining up for take-off, and then the whimper between them as he penetrated her an inch and then two…



‘Mom, no-

‘Big deal!’

Karen guided her son deeper into her pussy, knowing all too well that she had brought it on herself. It wasn’t a question of what she had been thinking either because these things didn’t require much thought. She just wanted to flip the boy’s switch.

‘All you have to do is push now,’ she whispered, still trying to remain in control of herself. ‘A little at a time,’ she coaxed, taking her hand away and resting back onto her elbows. And oh god the sight of her beautiful son’s setting cock disappearing an inch at a time below the horizon of her mons.

‘Oh,’ she gasped. ‘How’s that for you?’

He had another good few inches to go yet and could only watch himself bear forward, consumed by the deliciousness of her silken canal. Almost immediately the strangeness and terror he was feeling broke with the taboo and now he really had become like his father.

‘I can’t believe you’re making me do this,’ he remarked.

‘I’m not forcing you,’ she said, ‘and more importantly I’m not judging you. Feels good, doesn’t it?’

‘It feels… nice…’

‘Yeah girls don’t want to hear that,’ she criticised casually.

‘They don’t want to be complimented?’

‘Well for a start they want slow, confident strokes,’ she said. ‘And corny shit doesn’t go down at all unless she’s a crazed cat bitch in the making. Just look them in the eye.’ And he did. His mother’s gaze was so seductive; intimidatingly so. ‘And let them know you’re in control and that they’re safe with you. Silent confidence is the best. It’s what they’re looking for when you don’t even know they’re looking.’

‘A little deeper, son,’ she then cooed and the words spilling from her own lips aroused her like never before. What the hell had she gotten herself into? ‘Oh, it’s been a while,’ she said aloud as she suppressed the urge to moan with the arrival of a stealthy but delicious little orgasm.

‘Did you just come, mom?’

‘Nooooo comment!’

‘Jesus,’ Michael responded more to the sensations as she hugged his pulsating cock deep. ‘You did!’ he exclaimed, and at once he was both aroused and sickened.

‘No big deal!’ she remarked and then, ‘you’re in all the way now. How does it feel?’


‘Right?’ Karen smirked. ‘Here, feel this,’ she then teased and contracted her vaginal muscles. Michael flinched as the pussy that birthed him sucked him in and hugged hard. The circle of life closed around him sensuously. He could have come so hard but the strangeness of escort bursa the situation made him feel maybe too afraid to do so.

‘You came out of this and now you’re going back into it. Funny, huh,’ Karen laughed. Michael didn’t. ‘Oh okay so your mom’s jokes aren’t that funny. Do you want to play around in me at all or are you just going to stand there?’

‘I’m not fucking you, mom,’ he croaked. ‘This is weird enough.’

‘A few strokes isn’t exactly fucking, Michael. Just accustom yourself. Get used to it. Might as well get a head start, right? Go on, go with the flow and slide a little.’

Well, while he was there. Michael pulled out a little and offered a few careful thrusts before pulling out all the way. Then he swore he saw hurt in her eyes, or a sense of sudden emptiness. To karen’s surprise, her son doubled back and bottomed out in her so that his balls nuzzled against her back.

The next thing she knew, he was oh so slowly screwing her, to the point where she had to bite her tongue so not to scream at him to put more effort into it. This was supposed to be something of an education after all but now she was losing control and it was getting ever so subtly out of hand.

You seduced your own son into having sex with you, the little voice in her mind said. Just tell him. “Fuck me, son. Take off that pointless rubber and come bond with me and spunk in me and…”


‘Oh, that’s right, just like that. God if you weren’t my son, you’d be…’

Michael suddenly picked up the pace and carefully took hold of her hips, pulling her onto his length as he pistoned in and out. Karen could no longer control her previously steady and quiet breaths. ‘Oh Christ,’ she muttered.

‘You mean fucking you, like this?’

What are you, psychic, she thought?

No reply.

Thank God.

‘Well damn, there it is. Ummm, maybe that’s enough for now or are you okay with this?’ she asked, sitting up again.

‘You started it,’ he said and a devilish grin hid beneath the facade.

‘Not feeling weird or anything? You shouldn’t. It’s perfectly natural,’ she assured, trying to make small-talk. If anything it was just to make sure that he hadn’t forgotten who she was to him. She sure as hell had, until he brought her to another orgasm more intensely this time.

And in his mind, though naively he couldn’t feel it written across his young and inexperienced face, he wanted to blurt out, ‘I love you, mom.’

‘Jesus, I really should start dating again,’ she gasped and all because he wouldn’t stop rubbing up against those damned sweet spots. How the hell was she to know he’d be this good on the first try?

‘Maybe you should have thought of that before you got us into this fine mess.’

‘It’s been too long,’ she said dreamily, completely oblivious to her son’s sarcastic remark, before attempting once and for all to put a stop to this. If she didn’t, who knew what would have happened between them?

‘Okay, stop. I think you got the hang of this,’ Karen insisted.

Putting her foot down had the desired effect. Or had it? He stopped but she hadn’t wanted him to. ‘This never happens again. We never speak of this again and you go out and find a girl and blow her fucking brains out all over her pillows, okay?’


He pulled out, hard as a rock and bathed in her juices. The after effect felt something like guilt and self-loathing. It would have been unbearable had she not enjoyed their unexpected coupling. God his cock felt so good inside her.

‘Well, what did I say? No big deal, right?’

‘You’re right mom, no big deal,’ Michael agreed, peeling off the condom, but it was. Now it was the biggest deal in his life. He’d been left unfinished too. He wrapped a hand around himself and continued manually.

‘Okay game over, pal, you go finish off while I take a shower,’ she excused and deliberately removed her eyes from his. It was taking all of her willpower not to pull him back in, just to break completely through the taboo and to have him love her properly – flesh on flesh!


‘Yes honey?’ Here it came, her life ready to come crashing down in a catastrophic earthquake of complete shame. She paused and looked to him.

‘What does it feel like without a condom?’

The little bastard is psychic after all!!

‘Like it was meant to be,’ she admitted.

‘And when should I find out? I mean, do I always have to use a rubber?’

‘No, you’ll find out when you’re with someone you trust and they’re on birth control, so you don’t get her pregnant or she doesn’t give you an infection.’ Michael stood fast and hesitated as something else hung unspoken from the tip of his tongue. ‘No,’ Karen said in finality. I won’t show you, she thought, no matter how much I need to.

‘Mom, we just had sex,’ he said profoundly, as though having uncovered the crime of the century.

‘I didn’t make you.’

‘Well, no, but it doesn’t counter the fact that we committed incest.’

‘Doesn’t count. Nobody else knows. And you wore a condom.’

‘That’s a crazy excuse-

‘Will you please stop masturbating in front of me while you try to gain the moral high ground, please? You look silly!’

So he did. ‘My hard cock was in your pussy, mom.’

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