Taking Ashley’s Virginity Ch. 02

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Chapter Two

Midnight Fun

It was almost midnight and James couldn’t stop thinking about the events of a couple weeks ago neither could Ashley. After James left, Ashley’s mother eventually became more suspicious and got her to admit to what happened or at least vaguely. James wasn’t allowed over anymore. Ashley’s parents never liked him. Her conservative parents didn’t like her having a boyfriend and tried keeping her reigned in as much as possible, buy like any young developing woman, she had needs. Those needs were now repressed and building inside her. Even though she was shy and introverted she was still a very sexual person and thought about sex frequently.

James was on his way to see her and wanted to have another fun night together. He talked with Ashley about possibly sneaking in through her window. She was strongly against the idea, because she thought he would make too much noise getting in and then the dogs would start barking waking up everyone else. James dismissed her concerns and decided to go over anyway. James probably looked more like he was about to rob the house than visit her. He was dressed in all black with a hood up. Nothing was exposed but his hands and face.

He went up to Ashley’s window after sneaking between the row of bushes in front. He didn’t want to knock for fear it might draw too much attention or scare her, so instead he texted her to look outside her window. Ashley smiled as she peered through the blinds. She carefully and quietly pulled up the blinds and opened the window. Without exchanging words James climbed inside and rolled onto the bed which was pressed against the wall and window. Ashley shut the window behind him. James kicked off his shoes and whipped off his jacket. Ashley reached around and pulled him close and kissed him. James ran his hands through her hair kissing her back.

“I can’t stop thinking about you.” James whispered. Ashley giggled and kissed him.

“I can’t stop thinking about the stuff we did. I’ve never done anything like that before” she blushed.

“It was my first time too. I wish we didn’t have to stop. It felt amazing” James replied.

“Well…now that you’re here…maybe we won’t have to” Ashley whispered embarrassed.

James began kissing her and making out leaning into her as she fell back onto the bed. He reached up Ashley’s nightgown moving his hand along her side. He moved up her thigh, then up her stomach, finally to her chest. He squeezed her fantastic breasts as he laid on top of her. As he played with them, she let out subtle moans. James began to get aroused and he wanted to try making her moan more. He began sucking one of her nipples through the fabric of her nightgown while moving one hand from a breast down to her pussy. He rubbed her outer lips then slid two fingers inside. Ashley gasped and moaned in surprise even louder

James’ massive erection was restrained as it tented in his pants. He leaned back and stripped the rest of his clothes off. Ashley followed his lead and leaned up lifting her nightgown over her head and tossed it to the side into the pile of James’ clothes.

Now that Ashley was fully naked in front of him James was dumbstruck looking her up and down as his heart raced. Ashley’s skin was flawless escort kartal all over. Her legs were beautiful with thick soft thighs. Ashley did have a bit of a belly, but James thought she wore her we weight well and even believed it was a very sexy feature of her body.

“Is something wrong” Ashley giggled nervously as she spread her legs for him.

James rubbed the head of his cock on her clit and moved down between her lips spreading them apart. Without warning he thrust into her slowly causing Ashley to jump from the surprise. Pleasure shot through her whole body like electricity. James pressed his body against hers laying completely on top of her. He began making out with her to keep her from getting too loud. The warmth of her body against his felt great as well as the softness of her breasts against his fit muscular chest. James’ orgasm was already on edge. His thrusts in and out of her pussy were slow and deep. Ashley loved the feeling, but it might not last much longer. Her tight pussy was gripping James’ long and thick cock trying desperately to milk all of his cum out of him.

“I don’t know if I’ll last much longer” James moaned.

“It’s okay. I love you so much” Ashley panted.

“I love you to babe. You feel incredible” James said as he gave her a deep kiss.

“You…feel…amazing” Ashley moaned barely getting each word out.

James held himself up and looked down at Ashley soaking in the sight in front of him. Every deep thrust caused Ashley’s huge breasts to bounce back and forth. James loved it and did it deeper and more forcefully. Her enormous mounds bounced excessively. Ashley quickly took notice to James staring down at her breasts. She smirked and rolled her eyes. She held her breasts keeping them from bouncing too much. Then she raised one to her mouth and sucked and bit the nipple. She maintained eye contact with James.

“I’m about to cum” James warned her. Ashley wrapped her legs around James’ back and pulled him closer and deeper forcefully. She let go of her breasts and instead pulled James back down onto her giving him a kiss.

“Don’t you dare stop” Ashley demanded.

James gave no response, but a smile down at her. He grabbed her breasts roughly and played with her nipples. While he did that, he leaned in and bit her neck which was her most sensitive area. She began moaning loudly and James didn’t bother stopping her. He picked up the pace of his thrusts which were forced even deeper into Ashley’s pussy thanks to her pushing on him with her legs. After just a few thrusts after he quickened his pace he began to cum. As his orgasm hit him he instinctively thrust in as deep as possible and held it there until it subsided.

Ashley almost screamed from pleasure, but gasped and caught herself out of breath. Ashley began to cum too as she felt every spurt of James’ cum shooting into her. Her orgasm came crashing down like a tidal wave. She shook and writhed in pleasure on the bed completely breathless. James pulled out and the last of his cum shot out over Ashley’s stomach and breasts. James fell over next to her panting with a feeling of euphoria rushing over him. Ashley reached out her hand and James held it tightly.

“That was incredible” James huffed. Ashley smiled and nodded.

Her shyness maltepe escort and embarrassment had returned now that the intensity of the moment subsided. After a few minutes Ashley stood up from the bed and walked over in front of her full-length mirror. She briefly admired the sight of her lover’s cum on her chest and dripping from her pussy. She bent over picking up James’ shirt to use as a makeshift towel to clean herself. He deserved it for making such a mess of her.

James watched Ashley’s hips wiggle as she walked over to the mirror. This was the first-time James got to see her from this angle. He admired Ashley’s wide hips complimented by her nicely shaped butt. When she bent down it pushed her butt out making it seem more round and full causing James to get excited all over again. He loved everything about her body.

Ashley still stood in front of the mirror looking at herself. James came up behind her. First his hands grabbed at her butt then moved around her and up to her breasts. He lifted and held them squeezing them slightly in his hands.

“You really like playing with them, don’t you?” she sighed with a slight smile.

“Any good man supports his woman” James smirked. Ashley blushed bright red. “You are my woman, aren’t you?” Ashley turned while still wrapped in his arms. She wrapped her arms around James and hugged him in return.

“Of course I am. I’ve always loved you. I’ve wanted to be with you like this for so long” Ashley replied.

“I’m glad to hear that Ashley. I’ve always wanted to share this with you” James kissed her, “I love everything about you”

“What do you love about me?” she smiled up at him. She probably had a good idea on some of his reasons for loving her, but it made her happy to hear it every time.

“I love the way you look at me and the way you smile. I love hearing you laugh. I love that you’ve always stayed with me ever since we met in middle school” James reminded her.

“Hmm…what else do you love about me?” Ashley said as she squeezed James tighter against her.

“I love your body. I love every part of it. You have beautiful hair. I know you think you are fat, but I love your belly,” James caressed her stomach while moving his hands along her sides. Ashley began to blush, “and of course I love your huuuuuggggeee breasts.” James hands moved down to Ashley’s butt giving it a playful squeeze. “I love this just as much too” Ashley raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Ashley looked over her shoulder at her butt in the mirror.

“How could you like something so ugly. I hate my butt” Ashley said. James rubbed his hands over her large ass cheeks occasionally squeezing them as he spoke.

“I like it because it’s big and it’s really round” James smiled. Ashley felt James’ cock begin getting hard again.

“I like big things too” Ashley giggled as she grabbed James’ erection and slowly stroked it.

James let out quiet moans. Ashley felt a little more confident now. She let go of James’ hard on and walked to the bed and laid on her back spreading her legs awaiting James. James smiled as he walked over to her.

“Turn over” James ordered.

Ashley seemed confused but complied due to her submissive nature. She rolled over onto her stomach. James came from behind grabbing pendik escort bayan her waist and pulled her to him. Her ass and legs hung of the bed. Ashley held herself up with her arms and looked over her shoulder at James. He had a big grin on his face. James touched Ashley’s pussy with the head of his cock. Almost instinctively she spread her legs apart slightly so he could move in easier. James held her ass as he thrust into her pussy from behind.

Thrusting from this angle felt comfortable for him, almost natural. He quickly increased his pace and thrust fast unlike before. Her butt jiggled as he slammed himself balls deep into her tight pussy. Ashley began moaning loudly again. Her pussy was getting stretched and she could feel him deeper inside her. James was slamming into her too roughly. It caused her large pendulous breasts to shake back and forth with each of his thrusts sometimes clapping together loudly. It embarrassed her, but she loved feeling James deep inside her. James began gasping and moaning. He loved the feeling of Ashley’s big butt pressed into his pelvis and groping it in his hands. He leaned over her and grabbed her breasts to keep them from swinging. James began moaning more as he was bent next to her ear.

Ashley began getting turned on. James was being so rough she felt like she might break, but the James’ cock felt incredible. Her pussy began getting hot with desire. Hearing James moan made her horny. She loved that he was enjoying her body so much. Her pussy clamped down on James. Ashley’s orgasm was building up. He felt her pussy tighten and slowed down as a response. He tried being gentler and made slow deep thrusts. He held her breasts rather than squeezing them and moved his fingers over her nipples. The sensation set her off. It was making her body go wild with lust for James.

James’ cock slipped out. Ashley was desperate to cum. She stood up and turned to James shoving him to the bed. His rock-hard cock waving in the air. She climbed on top of him straddling his lap and slipped his thick cock into her pussy now with ease. Ashley began grinding her hips against him riding him like a real cowgirl. She was sliding up and down on his cock eagerly. She was too wet and it kept slipping out when she went up.

“No no no! I need this! I need your cock! I need to cum!” Ashley begged.

She had James pinned to the bed, but he reached down and pushed his cock back up into Ashley’s horny pussy. He reached around and grabbed her big butt and held it down onto him. Ashley fell and held herself up with her arms while her hips were locked onto James’ hips. James took over doing all the work. He groaned in pleasure as he thrust slowly into her. He couldn’t resist reaching up and grabbing the enormous breasts dangling in his face. He licked at her nipples then began sucking them.

Ashley moaned louder and was beginning to feel overwhelmed. She leaned further down pressing her breasts against James’ face. James began feeling the now familiar feeling of Ashley’s pussy begin to tighten. He thrust faster and faster. Ashley whimpered before letting out a powerful orgasm. She spasmed on top of James. Her pussy tightened and released around James’ cock causing him to lose himself in Ashley’s warmth. He shot his cum deep into Ashley causing her to shake and spasm again. She held herself on James until the ecstasy subsided. Ashley collapsed onto James out of breath and happier than ever. James held her in his arms with them both panting together. Slowly they relaxed and fell asleep wrapped together.

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