Table for Two Ch. 10

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Emily frowned as she entered their room. The beats of Stephanie’s dubstep echoed through its walls.

She closed the door, then stood in front of her desk and looked at her bag on the chair, thinking about the phone call she just had. Stephanie must have noticed the change in her sister’s mood and turned it down a bit. These days the girl was almost psychic when it came to Emily.

“Is everything all right?” she asked.

Emily looked over to her sister sitting on her bed, laptop on her legs. Stephanie’s puzzled face was now almost mirroring her own.

“I’m not sure,” Emily replied, “Sam just called. She wants me to come over for another sleepover.”

“You’re going to go?”

“Sure,” Emily said thoughtfully.

“Can I come?”

When Emily didn’t respond, she continued, “Sorry, it was just an impulse. I understand if you don’t want me there. I won’t ask again.”

“Steph, I want you-” Emily replied, then froze when Stephanie smiled. She quickly continued, “there. I want you there.”

Stephanie continued grinning. Both sisters knew.

“Wait,” Emily tried to correct herself, “When I say I want you to come-“

Both girls giggled. Flirting like this was way more fun than it had any right to be.

“I do,” Stephanie nodded.


“When you tell me to come,” Stephanie explained casually, grinning wickedly as she shrugged, “Then I come. Yesterday, remember?”

Emily scoffed, looking away, her gaze falling on the erotic portrait on her desk – a side view of her sister’s naked teenage body stretched along the length of the paper. The arm closer to the viewer was lifted, holding the back of her head in a seductive way while her other hand was working its magic on her intimates hidden between her parted thighs. Her face was turned towards the viewer, flushed with excitement. Her eyes closed, mouth open, back arched, bottom lifted, a puddle was forming between her legs, painted with Stephanie’s real ejaculate no less. Her whole body was tense and twisted in the beautiful agony of a powerful orgasm.

The scene was incredibly arousing. More than that, it was something positive. Looking at the picture made Emily want to do whatever she could to see it again in real life.

“You gave me permission to come-” the teen started repeating.

“Wait, no,” Emily interrupted, “It wasn’t a permission. You’re not my slave.”

Her sister stopped, then added quietly, “Pity, might have been fun, for a day or two.”

Emily looked into her sister’s eyes until Stephanie looked away. There was a sudden vulnerability Emily found very attractive. She said under her breath, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Stephanie swallowed and shrugged, still looking away, “We both know you don’t have what it takes.”

It sounded almost as though the girl was trying to reassure herself. But if yesterday’s session told Emily anything, besides how much she enjoyed looking at Stephanie’s orgasms, it was that Emily’s words carried a lot of weight with the teen.

Due to her being the older sister, there was a natural imbalance when it came to power in their relationship. Yesterday, their innate sibling relationship expressed itself in the artistic domain, with Stephanie and Emily instinctively assuming the roles of the model and the artist. It was perhaps this power that gave Emily so much more confidence now, compared to her previous relationships.

What would it look like if Emily assumed the dominant role in the sexual domain as well? She did it on Wednesday, unconsciously and only a little bit, by asking for Stephanie’s helping hand, then a helping mouth. But that was nothing, compared to what the darkest corners of her dirty mind could come up with. Her heart was beating wildly as she looked at the beautifully innocent teen sitting on her bed. How far could she push Stephanie? What things could she do with this girl? To this girl?

Looking away, she took a deep breath to calm down and come back to the real world. Emily’s priority would always be to protect and care for her little sister, maybe even from Emily herself. Time to lighten the mood. She glanced back to make sure the door was closed.

“No Steph, this is just a big misunderstanding,” Emily calmly sat on the end of her bed, facing Stephanie, “when I say I want you and I want you to come-“

Emily looked into her eyes and paused. Timing is everything.

“-all I’m saying is I want to lick your pussy until you orgasm into my mouth,” Emily explained, trying to keep a straight face. She shrugged, continuing, “I swear I didn’t mean anything weird.”

Both girls suppressed grins.

“Oh God, sorry!” Stephanie said dramatically, “Here I am sitting, thinking it’s something sick and twisted, like spending time together, or talking or something!”

Emily made a disgusted sound, “Talking? To my own sister? Steph, what kind of pervert would talk to her sister?”

They could hardly contain their grins.

Stephanie continued, “I can’t imagine the kind of filthy person that would do something like… like talking. I escort ataşehir should have known you only meant something perfectly normal and sisterly,” another pause, “Like spending the whole night with your head between your sister’s thighs.”

Emily nodded, “Like all straight sisters do, every night.”

Stephanie smiled warmly now, “I’m glad we figured this one out.”

Emily smiled back, “Really dodged a bullet this time.”

A couple of seconds later, Stephanie said in a calm voice, “OK, so, can you take me with-, I mean, can I come with-, I mean, can I orgasm with you to Sam’s place tonight? Would Sam mind?”

A second later, Stephanie added, “That was a bit stupid wasn’t it?”

Emily shrugged, “There’s no one I’d rather be stupid with.”

“And about Sam, I’m not sure. She asked me to-, to orgasm. I’d like you to orgasm with me, but I’ll have to ask. On the phone, she sounded strange. Like she really wanted to say something.”

“OK. Better check if Sam would mind if we orgasmed to her place together,” Stephanie finished, then added with a grin, “Or, at her place.”

“I can ask the first question,” Emily couldn’t hold back her laughter, “the second one I’ll leave to your imagination.”

Stephanie nervously stood behind her sister as Sam used an electronic buzzer to unlock the street door into her apartment stairwell.

This was the teen’s first time here, or first time spending any significant time with Sam really. She felt like clinging to her sister, which was exactly the impression she didn’t want to make. But before Emily reached the elevator button, Stephanie touched her sister’s shoulder, “Em?”

Emily turned to Stephanie, “Hm?”

“Before we go up, thanks for taking me with you.”

“No, it’s cool,” Emily smiled.

In a way, this felt as though they were a couple going to a party. It wasn’t true, but the teen still enjoyed being part of big sister’s life. Last time, Emily chose to go alone, and it hurt her. Stephanie tried not to take it personally. It was better for Emily to talk to Sam alone, not to drag her little sister along. That’s why Stephanie was so anxious that this time, she might be in the way or say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

As Emily turned away, Stephanie continued, “I love going with you, but now I kind of feel like a burden. Is this really OK? Maybe I should turn around and go home-“

Emily held her hands to her own cheeks, gasping theatrically. “After I’ve called in all my favors for Sam to accept your coming?” She shook her head.

Stephanie couldn’t help but giggle.

The older sister continued, “No way, Missy. You’re already in, all the way.”

“OK,” Stephanie nodded, relieved, “But I still appreciate you taking me. I think this fulfills your debt from yesterday’s painting session, and you know, also the five to two thing if you’d like.”

“This doesn’t fulfill anything,” Emily replied confidently, “This is just us being sisters and spending time together. I’m still in your debt about, uh, the other stuff.”

“OK then, you’ve had your chance. Cause I intend to collect,” Stephanie grinned, “In full.”

Emily scoffed, then shrugged as if she didn’t mind. Was this just for show? When did Emily get this confident?

“Come on, Sam’s waiting,” Emily said. Stephanie nodded, admiring her sister more than ever.

The door to the apartment opened, Samantha welcomed the sisters, “Hey guys!”

As the girls entered, Sam embraced Emily, then without hesitation, she hugged Stephanie as well. The younger sister noticed a hint of alcohol coming from the 19 year old blond girl.

The girls walked into the room, leaving their shoes at the door. Sam had small studio apartment. Emily had explained how she was able to rent the place thanks to her mother’s monthly payments. She didn’t have much money to spare, but the furniture was adequate. It was mostly older or obviously used and a mix with various styles, from an almost antique looking worn dresser next to the door, to a newer bare plastic chair at a weathered wooden table against the right hand wall, where Sam’s computer was set up. On the wall opposite to the door was a large window which lit the room even with its curtains drawn. In the far left corner was an unmade single bed with a nightstand.

There was stuff laying around – clothing, books and magazines, an old bike and weights, open boxes and miscellaneous toys, gadgets and implements. The messy look and the house music beats coming from the computer speakers made the apartment feel like a secret lair.

“You guys can sit on the bed,” Sam said as she cleared clothes from it and dropped them on the floor. Taking a thick comforter from a dresser, she bunched it against the wall to provide a backrest, “Just put your stuff wherever.”

Emily dropped her backpack next to the door, then crawled on the bed, giving Stephanie a view of her jeans-covered behind. When she sat in the corner, her pale yellow T-shirt almost blended in against the cream colored comforter.

Stephanie put kadıköy escort bayan her bag next to Emily’s and looked around, taking in the details of the apartment.

“You like it?” Sam smiled at her, then walked over to the fridge.

“Yeah,” Stephanie replied, “It’s pretty awesome actually.”

Sam bent over to take a six pack of beer out of the fridge. Stephanie noticed her black sweatpants and a red tank top, and also that she was barefoot.

Sam set the six-pack on the nightstand, “You’re free to visit anytime, both of you.”

She handed one can to both Emily and Stephanie. Two cans were already missing.

“What’s the occasion?” Emily opened her can, “Celebrating something?”

“Not really,” Sam set the plastic chair in front of the bed and plopped down on it.

Emily gestured Stephanie to come sit next to her. Grinning, Stephanie squeezed onto the bed, her black yoga pants pressing against Emily’s thigh.

Two beers later, Stephanie was still shoulder to shoulder with Emily, their warmth shared between them.

“Aw,” Sam cooed dreamily at the sisters, “You guys are so cute.”

Her cheeks were flushed and she was all smiles, though more quiet than usual. By now both sisters had two cans each. Stephanie wasn’t used to drinking and was already feeling a light buzz. And Emily was a lightweight just like her.

“We’re not together, Sam-” Emily started.

Stephanie shushed her, “What Emily meant to say is, thank you, Sam.” She met her sister’s questioning gaze, “What? Em, you have to admit. We are pretty adorable.”

Emily scoffed, “Well, you are.”

Smiling, Stephanie rested her left arm around her sister, embracing her, “But only when I’m with you.”

The older sister looked at her in mock seriousness. She laid her left hand on her chest, “In my heart, you’re always with me.”

“In there?” leaning in, Stephanie pulled on Emily’s collar, “Yeah, looks like there’s something adorable there.”

She managed to pull the collar of Emily’s yellow shirt just enough to peek at her white cotton bra before Emily batted away her hand. Emily was obviously enjoying this as much as her sister.

Sam watched, smiling widely.

“You’re not weirded out by us, right?” Stephanie asked.

Emily scoffed. “Come on. Sam’s a horndog. She likes this even more than we do. You want us to be together, don’t you Sam?” After a dramatic pause, she continued, emphasizing the last word, “Cause we’re sisters.”

“Is that true?” Stephanie gasped in mock innocence and embraced Emily’s waist with both hands, “You’d like me to do the nasty with my own sister?”

Sam laughed, “I do like that idea. Besides, you forget that it was actually me that brought you together, kind of.”

“Yeah, what a damn day that was,” Emily said in a solemn voice. Stephanie found herself holding her sister closer.

“Em, I’m so sorry for how that turned out,” Sam said honestly, “If I knew I wouldn’t have set up the date at all. I’ve been asking myself if what I did really was a mistake. I mean, how could I have actually misread Steph’s contact?”

Remembering the first night’s events, Stephanie’s heart was beating fast as she clutched her sister.

“Anyway,” Sam continued, “I really didn’t mean for things to turn out that way.”

Stephanie’s fight with Emily, the sheer panic when she found her lying in the bathroom. She wouldn’t be able to go on without her sister. She took in her scent as she leaned on her shoulder. Hold her close, keep her safe.

“Ouch!” Emily raised her voice, “Steph, you’re hurting me!”

Stephanie snapped out of it, releasing her grip on Emily’s waist.

“Sorry!” she retreated, “I didn’t want that! It was just- I’m sorry!”

Emily was looking into her eyes questioningly. Stephanie was only making it worse.

“I’m sorry,” Stephanie repeated, sitting away and looking down.

“Don’t be,” Emily said soothingly, hugging her sister, “I know it’s only because you care about me. I overreacted. I love your tight hugs.”

Stephanie peered at her sister.

“Unless you’re actually choking me,” Emily smiled, “Although there are worse deaths.”

“I do like to hug you tightly,” Stephanie returned the smile, “You sure you wouldn’t mind dying that way?”

“At least it would be sweet,” Emily giggled. Warmth spread through Stephanie’s stomach.

“You OK guys?” Sam asked, “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“We’re good,” Stephanie said confidently. Emily nodded.

Sam relaxed, “Hey, you guys have to admit, doing it together feels pretty good, right?”

“Shit,” Emily swore jokingly, “Steph, she’s onto us.”

Stephanie wasn’t sure how much Emily told her friend, but as long as her sister was playing along, she didn’t mind doing so too.

“She is,” eyeing Sam, Stephanie laid her head on Emily’s shoulder, “I bet she’s expecting to see some action first hand too. Tonight.”

“Yeah,” Emily agreed, “First get us drunk, then tell us how we’re cute.”

Sam giggled, “You got me! Is it working?”

“Yes!” escort bostancı Stephanie shrieked, playing along. She didn’t actually intend to do anything.

Emily obviously felt the same and her sister’s response caught her by surprise. She turned her head to look at the teen.

Stephanie could barely hold an innocent face, “No?”

“I’m not doing anything,” Emily said.

Stephanie turned to Sam, complaining, “It’s not working!”

“More beer?” Sam offered.

“Am I going to have to be the responsible one again?” Emily asked.

“The boring one?” Stephanie giggled.

“I’m not boring!” Emily objected.

“Prove it!” Sam said.

Emily glanced from her sister to Sam, then back again.

Stephanie’s smile faded. Emily was always more careful and probably more straight too. And she had a boyfriend. Annoying her wouldn’t help.

“Hey,” she nudged Emily’s shoulder, “I was just joking.”

Emily met her gaze, thoughtfully. Stephanie shook her head at Sam and grinned, “I’m not doing anything either.”

Looking back, she met her sister’s eyes. Lingering, they shared a smile before darting their eyes away.

“For a second there,” Sam interjected, “I thought you guys were going to kiss.”

Both girls glared at her. Stephanie let go of her sister, surprised at that thought.

“Why would we do that?” she asked.

“Not like romantically,” Emily explained.

“You don’t want to?” Sam inquired.

Stephanie giggled, “Do you want to french your parents?”

“Well no, but,” Sam replied, “You did it and still you never kissed?”

“I mean, not on the mouth,” Emily said, concealing her grin.

Stephanie warmly recalled all the places on Emily’s body she kissed. She felt a twinge of arousal deep within. Just yesterday she had two good ones when Emily was painting her, but here she was again, her teenaged body demanding attention. No matter how unnatural it was, Emily’s attention for some reason always resulted in a great experience.

Sam didn’t believe it, “Never? After all that happened?”

Emily elaborated, “We’re not in love Sam, I keep telling you. We’re sisters, not a couple. Of course we didn’t kiss.”

Emily faced her sister, “I mean, that’s how it is, right?”

Stephanie shrugged, “Yeah, you’re right. I mean I love you, but we’re not like that.”

Emily smiled at the casual confession. She looked at Stephanie’s lips for a second and swallowed, “Do you want to kiss?”

The teen considered it. Her sister’s brow was furrowed in concern. Tender moments like this were when she felt strongest for Emily, but kissing her lips would still be too weird. But when she remembered other places she’d felt her big sister’s lips, she couldn’t hold back a sly grin.

“I know that smile,” Emily grinned back and nodded, “What are you thinking?”

“That I don’t really need you to kiss me… not on my mouth that is.”

“Oh God,” Emily turned away, laughing along with Sam, “You had two good ones just yesterday. How can you be horny again?”

The teen shrugged, squeezing Emily’s waist, “With the right people, I can be all the time.”

“So now I am ‘the right people’?” Emily inquired.

Stephanie nodded. She swallowed, “Don’t act innocent, you know what I’m talking about.”

Emily winced bashfully.

“Relax,” Stephanie continued, though glad at Emily’s indirect admission, “I know you don’t want to do it again. And that you have a boyfriend. I’m just glad that you’re here, that’s all.”

Emily replied slowly, “I don’t really have a boyfriend.”

“Wait,” Sam asked, “Em, you said Steph had two yesterday, so you guys did it?”

“Well, sort of. I mean, we didn’t touch,” Emily replied, “It’s hard to explain.”

“Details! I need details!” Sam squealed.

Stephanie’s attention was elsewhere. Wasn’t Emily with Stephen? She quickly took out her phone and looked up the photo she took of her portrait from yesterday.

“She painted me while I did this,” Stephanie said as she handed her phone to Sam to shut her up. The teen turned her whole body towards her sister, “Em, what do you mean you don’t have a boyfriend? I thought you were with Stephen.”

She wasn’t sure whether to feel elated that her sister is available or betrayed that she didn’t tell her sooner. Not that it should make a difference to Stephanie whether her sister was dating someone.

“Well, it didn’t really go anywhere with him,” Emily looked at her legs, “I told you about the way the last date went. So I decided to drop him. Emily is free again.”

Stephanie couldn’t help but beam brightly, the warm happiness was almost overwhelming.

Emily looked up at her, “Look at that smile.”

“Sorry, I know it’s not appropriate,” Stephanie said but couldn’t resist.

“No, it’s OK,” Emily faced Sam, “Stephen was never this glad to see me.”

Stephanie was unexpectedly happy to be put in the same group as Emily’s boyfriend. She batted her shoulder, “Come on, it’s not like that. I’m just glad I’ll be able to spend more time with you.”

Emily stroked her sister’s knee theatrically, “If I know what you mean?”

The girl giggled and shrugged, “If that’s what it takes.”

“It isn’t,” Emily assured her, “I just want to be a good sister.”

“Aww,” Sam cooed, “You guys are just so cute!”

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