Tabby Kat Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of a multiple chapter story. Please read chapter 1 before this as it affects events that occur in this chapter. As always, those engaging in sexual conduct are at least eighteen years of age.


Lisa Brooks sat on the porch of her home on Deschutes Way watching her nineteen-year-old son working on his car. Her only son. Her only child. It had been just the two of them since her husband Mike had died twelve years earlier in a car accident. She missed him terribly. She missed his kisses, his hands caressing her body and his cock filling her pussy. She had bought a vibrator, but it just wasn’t the same.

She looked again at her son working on his car. He was a lot like his father. He had the same broad shoulders and square jaw. He had inherited her dark hair, but had his father’s bright eyes. The day was hot and Simon Brooks wore only a pair of running shorts and his signature black canvas deck shoes. Lisa noticed the muscles of his back tense as he pulled on something under the hood. ‘Damn! he’s good looking,’ she thought to herself. She could just see the curve of his ass under the hem of the running shorts. Absent mindedly, the raven-haired mother ran her fingers between her legs to probe her hairy pussy under her skirt. She had given up wearing panties except during her monthly period not long after Simon had been born.

Her fingers came away moist as she rushed to remove them and to be sure her skirt was in place when Simon turned away from the car slightly, the bangs of his hair falling across his very light green eyes. He went to the driver’s door and got in, trying to start the car. She breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn’t caught as the car cranked, but didn’t start.

Lisa caught her breath again as he lowered his six-foot frame and crawled under the car and she could see up into the shorts he wore. His dick, near four inches long without being hard, lay against the skin of his abdomen held in place by the inner mesh of the shorts. He wasn’t wearing underwear because they were all in the laundry, Lisa “accidentally” having forgotten to wash them again, so she could catch a glimpse, every once in a while, of his equipment. Unknowingly he had just provided her with the best view of it that she had had so far.

Her fingers once again found her wet cunt as she watched her son. She wished she could have that cock in her. She wanted it to fuck her just like its predecessor had.

Lisa stood, raising to her full five foot four inches and rearranged her skirt so that she was covered. “I’m going in, Si,” she said, her dark eyes flashing as the sun reflected off them. “Be careful working on that thing.”

“‘kay, Mom,” he replied.

She entered the house and headed for her bedroom to find her friend Mr. Vibrator. It had ceased being Mike and started being Simon nearly two years earlier, and she needed it now, knowing it wouldn’t take long for her to reach her first orgasm and her cunt to push out her juices as she squirted out her cum.


“When’s Dad due back?” Dave asked as he lay next to his still naked mother relaxed from his release in her pussy.

“Today,” she answered.

“Shit!” he exclaimed. “We need to get moving and get dressed.”

“Whoa, big boy,” Emily said. “What’s the hurry?”

“We can’t let him catch us like this. He’ll kill us. At the least he’ll kick us out, divorce you, and leave us with nowhere to live and no money.

“Dave, relax, honey,” Emily replied. “None of that will happen. He’s not due back for hours yet. Besides, he’s going to know anyway.”

“I think if we’re careful, he won’t suspect that any of this happened. I think we can get away with it without him learning of it.”

“Honey, he’ll know because I’ll tell him about it. We’re always open with each other about our fuck partners.”

Dave was flabbergasted. At first, he didn’t know what to say. Then something registered. “D-did you say ‘partners’ as in plural?” he asked.

“Yes, baby,” she answered. “Your father and I both have sex regularly with other people. You know his secretary Rachel goes with him on these business trips. They are all business during the time when they are working, but when they’re off, they take time to fuck. And we often get naked with the Nelsons next door. There are others, too. Once in a while, we even get the chance to go to an orgy.”

“Shit,” said Dave. “My parents are fucking swingers!? How the hell did all this happened? Dad got his hot redheaded secretary to agree to fuck him?”

“Slow down, sweetheart,” Emily laughed. “Let me tell about Rachel first.

“You know that your dad’s company tests all their employees on their job skills before they hire them, right?” He nodded. ” Well, Rachel was a cinch to hire, as long as she would agree to one thing. She had to be willing to go on business trips that would possibly end up with her being in the same room as your father. She wouldn’t have to sleep with him, of course. -But they wanted to save as much money as possible, so they would only pay for one room if it escort ataşehir was just the two of them. The last interview with her was really hot. She was going to try to blackmail him for the job, but it didn’t work. She didn’t need to, anyway. Here’s the story.”

Thursday, morning, three years earlier.

Rachel Simmons entered the offices of Baxter and Moore Advertising on Jefferson street. She really needed this job. The five-foot five, one hundred four-pound redhead had dressed in her best FMD (fuck me dress) that accentuated her double D tits. She found the receptionist at the entrance and was directed to the office of James Moore. She was surprised to see that the receptionist was not the typical “hot” secretary, but rather as normal as most people in the world. It surprised her because the agency specialized in advertising in the adult industries.

She had worn her dark teal green dress that dipped down the sides to bounce back up in the front covering her globes, and fell to a mere five inches below the round cheeks of her ass in the back. If everything went well, maybe she wouldn’t have to show off the fact that she didn’t wear anything else under the dress other than the thigh high hose, but in the long run, it didn’t matter. She had to get this job even if she had to fuck the boss, which, in her mind, probably wouldn’t be a bad thing, as long as he wasn’t a fat slob.

She was desperate to move out of her current boyfriend’s apartment, and that couldn’t happen without money. It wasn’t that Tommy was horrible to live with. He treated her properly at all times and went out of his way to make sure that she had whatever she needed. Except sex. He never tried to touch her, and when she tried, he was always too tired or busy. Since she moved in with him almost two years earlier, they had only had sex a handful of times. It didn’t even add up to once a month.

James Moore seemed a decent person, she thought as she was introduced to him. Nice looking, too. Even somewhat sexy. He was conducting this final interview as the position was for his secretary. The questions were normal enough. They went over the results of the test she had taken on typing, filing, phone presence and problem solving. She knew that she had scored high in the first three, but was concerned about the last one, although she didn’t let him know that. He then went over what was expected of her if she got the job. No, she would not be expected to buy presents for his wife for her birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. Nor would she be expected to get him coffee throughout the day. However, she would be expected to supply drinks whether it be coffee or something else when clients came into the office for a meeting with him. She would be required to take dictation and type up such correspondence that was needed. She would also be responsible for keeping the files neat and up to date. Further, she would be using her phone skills and usually her problem-solving skills often with clients and probable clients on a variety of issues. Then came the real make or break issue: business trips.

The company was trying to save money everywhere they could. As a result, when they had to go somewhere for business, they would only pay for a certain number of rooms, dependent on the number of people going. It was possible that she might be required to share a room with him. She wasn’t required to sleep with him, but they would be in the same room. “Would that be a problem for you?” Jim asked.

She wasn’t sure how to answer at first. She had been ready to come in here and fuck him silly to get the job, but sleeping in the same room was another thing. “Would you stand, please,” she said. She looked him over again as he stood. He was reasonably handsome and seemed fit at maybe six feet and around two hundred pounds. His sandy hair contrasted well with his brown eyes. “What do usually wear to sleep in?” she asked.

“On trips such as we’re discussing, sweat pants,” he answered.

Rachel got up and excused herself momentarily then walked to the door. She examined the knob and turned the locking mechanism before walking back to where he stood. “Mr. Moore,” she said as she moved her hands behind her and quietly lowered the zipper of her dress. “I don’t wear anything to bed. Do you think you can be okay with this running around the room?” With that she pulled the dress up over her head and let it fall to the ground.

“Fuck!” was all Jim could manage to say, as he took in the sight of her naked body. She was magnificent to look at with not an ounce of fat on her frame with large areolas on her DD cup tits. “Fuck, he said again as he took in the sight of her tits then moved downward across her slim stomach. He stumbled back towards his chair as his eyes found her pussy. “Fuck!” he said a third time as he noticed the small patch of red hair that she kept on her mound. It was sparse and neat, trimmed into the shape of a heart, and he couldn’t help but stare at it lustfully as he fell back into his chair.

Rachel moved around the desk to where he was and plopped her perfect bare ass kadıköy escort bayan on top of all the paperwork there. “It’s been a very long time since I did that,” she said as she pulled his head towards the little red heart. “Or had my pussy eaten for that matter.”

Jim let her pull his head towards her, watching her cunt get closer. Without hesitation, he quickly began to lick up her slit as his mouth came into proximity with it. He drug his tongue across the outer lips of her pussy teasingly. Before he went too far, he withdrew and moved upwards slightly, kissing the little red heart. She giggled as she felt it and ran her fingers through his hair. He licked down the inside of one thigh and back up the other, as Rachel constantly tried to push him back towards her burning pussy. As he reached the juncture of her legs to her torso, he deftly avoided it and continued upwards to her naval, digging his tongue inside it. Finally, he moved back to the area she was trying to get him to, but still only kissed the lips lightly. “Shit,” she said. “Do you always go this slow?”

“Slower is better,” he replied. “Trust me. When we finally get there, you will love it.” He felt her hands running through his hair again, but they were no longer trying to manipulate his movements. He pushed her legs further apart and lowered his face to the top of her mound and slowly licked downwards. Again, he avoided direct contact with her pussy and made his way further downward. He licked her left thigh almost down to her knee, then slowly made his way back up the other to that little red, heart shaped patch of hair. Moving downward again, a moan escaped her as he reached the top of her slit and his tongue finally ran across her clit then continued down through her now very wet pussy. She resisted the desire to try to pull him directly to her dripping cunt and let him decide where to go. She felt his tongue then start at the bottom of her slit and drag upward again as he licked her from perineum, through the slit of her pussy again, the tongue just barely parting the inner lips, and then stopping on her clit. He flicked his tongue across it several times as she bucked her hips toward the sensation. Then, finally, he darted his tongue into her fuck hole. She gave another slight moan and he moved back up and clamped his mouth around her clit, sucking it while pushing a finger inside her hungry cunt.

“Yes!” she whispered. “Fuck, that feels good. I haven’t been eaten in so long.” Actually, Tommy had never given her oral pleasure, completely disliking even the idea of it. Their sparse sex life consisted of some slight finger play, a bit of cock sucking, and him pounding her pussy until he blasted his load into the condom he insisted on wearing, even though she was on birth control. If she had anything to say about it, that would not be the way it would happen with Jim Moore. She spread her legs even further and wrapped them around his head. “Oh! Fuck! Yes! Right there!” she called out. Her hips bucked against his mouth again as he sucked deeply on her clit and pushed his tongue around it while his fingers massaged the spot he knew would quickly bring her orgasm. “Oh fuck!” she whispered. “I don’t know how long I can last. It’s been so long.” In truth, she had frigged herself off in the shower that morning when she was preparing for the job interview, so she was not as close as she was leading him to believe.

Jim kept up the pressure, swirling his tongue around her clit and occasionally dipping downward to lick up the juices that flowed freely from her cunt around his fingers. He could feel his dick straining at his pants, wanting to be released and enjoy the feel of her tight pussy. Rachel reached down and pulled his hair as she pushed his head into her cunt.

She felt his tongue gliding over her hard clit, and bucked her hips onto his probing fingers. “Suck on it hard,” she said. “Fuck, it feels so good.” She felt the pressure building somewhere behind her stomach and knew that she was beginning to get close. “Keep going. I’m so close.”

He pushed another finger into her hot hole and went deeper as he furiously sucked on her clit as hard as he could. “Yes!” she screamed. “Fuck! I’m going to cum! Oh shit. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m cumming!” Jim opened his mouth as wide as he could to cover as much as he could when she erupted. She nearly screamed as she felt her pussy release a deluge of fluid into his waiting mouth and on his flicking tongue. “Ooohhh,” she moaned. “Fuck, that was good. You were definitely right, Mr. Moore. Slower is better. I haven’t cum that hard in ages. It was fucking fantastic.”

“You have one terrific pussy, Ms. Simmons,” he said. “Simply marvelous. Though I’m sure ‘ages’ is an exaggeration, I’m glad I could be of service.” He stood and undid the belt on his pants. “I need to give my dick a little more room.”

Rachel lowered her feet to the ground and squatted in front of him, moving his hands to replace them with her own at the zipper of his pants. Once it was down, she took his not quite eight-inch cock out and stuffed it in her mouth. escort bostancı Slowly, she moved down the shaft trying to take as much as she could into her mouth before letting it back out, increasing the pressure of her lips.

Jim held the back of her head as his dick moved in and out of her mouth. “Damn, that’s good,” he said.

Rachel massaged his balls with her left hand as her mouth and right hand expertly worked his cock. With each outward stroke, she sucked as hard as she could, trying to milk him of his cum. Damn, she thought to herself. He’s so fucking big!

“Why don’t we move over to the couch,” Jim said removing his dick from her mouth. “We’ll be much more comfortable.” As they moved to the small couch, he kicked off his shoes and let his pants and underwear fall to the floor where he could step out of them. He quickly removed his shirt to throw on top of them and followed the cute ass of the redhead he was “interviewing.” At the couch, he removed the cushions and pulled the handle underneath to convert it into a bed before throwing the cushions back on it at the head.

Rachel was flushed with desire. She had planned this, but she hadn’t thought she would want it so bad when the time came. She had been watching the thick rod of his cock as he pulled out the bed and she felt her insides churn with the desire to have it drive its way into her pussy.

She took the hair pin that adorned the right side of her head and laid it on the high table beside the bed, the jewels facing the lower left. She wasted little time plopping down on the bed and spreading her legs, opening up her eager cunt for him. “Fuck me, Mr. Moore,” she said.

“Whether you get the job or not, you can call me Jim,” he said. He lowered himself to his knees on the bed watching her cute pussy, hating to move where it would be hidden from his hungry eyes, yet wanting to move in to shove his dick in her hot, waiting fuck hole. He gave her cunt a quick lick as he moved upward then with some regret for the lost picture, he moved between her legs and maneuvered the head of his cock to the edge of her pussy lips. Once he was lined up, he pushed the head slowly in and heard her moan.

“Oh, yes,” she cried. “Oh, fuck, yes! It’s been so long since I’ve felt that”

Jim slowly plunged deeper, his cock disappearing into her tight wet pussy inch by slow inch. He felt the heat inside her hot as a volcano as the velvety smooth pussy swallowed his dick ever so slowly. With each little push forward, she let out a moan. His progress was as slow as when he first began eating her cunt. He moved with determined slowness. First, just the head of his cock went in then he moved another inch in.

“You go too slow,” she said

“Slower is better,” he reminded her as he burrowed another inch inside her flaming cunt.

“We don’t have to go at the speed of a cheetah, but we don’t need to be turtles either. Push the damn thing in and fuck me.”

Jim gave in and shoved his cock in at a slightly faster pace. She moaned again as she felt him pushing into her, rubbing the walls of her cunt as he widened it to accommodate his girth. Finally, he had it all the way in and the hair on his balls tickled her ass. He began to move with a steady rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of her.

“Oh, shit,” she said. “Yes! You feel so fucking good. Push it in as deep as you can.” She pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts as he fucked deep into her dripping pussy and felt it rub against her cervix. ‘So much better than Tommy!’ she thought to herself. He kept his movements as slow as possible, trying to heighten their arousal and lengthen the time of their pleasure. She rolled her hips upward and back down as he reached that deep spot as if she were using it to scratch an itch. “Shit,” she said again. “So fucking good.” She raised her legs and wrapped them around his back.

He leaned forward and let his body fall into the classic missionary position, as he lowered his mouth to her left tit. He sucked it in and then began alternating sucking and releasing it in harmony with his thrusts into her pussy. With each inward thrust, he sucked, then he would release it as he withdrew, still holding it in his mouth.

“Fuck,” she said as she grabbed his head to hold it to her. “That’s fucking amazing. Keep doing that.” Jim was not about to stop.

Rachel moved her free hand to his ass and pulled as he thrust into her as if trying to get him deeper inside her. Her breathing became more haggard from the exertion as they fucked. She felt almost as if she were gasping for air to fill her lungs with. Finally, she again felt the tingling sensation that told her that release was close. “Oh fuck, yes. Keep pushing. I’m going to cum again,” she said.

Jim felt the muscles of her cunt tighten as she began to reach her climax. Then she again voiced her ecstasy, as she seemed to reach a note higher than any on the scale of a piano and she drenched his dick with the juices of her orgasm. He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock in spasms as she released and it was enough to send him over the edge into his own orgasm. “Fuck,” he called out as he began to pump his cum into her thirsty cunt. His dick twitched as it pumped his load, her twat drinking it all while she drew him into her as deep as possible by using her legs. So much for taking our time, he thought.

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