Sweet Sister Ch. 15b

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Chapter 15-2 – The Party part 2

On the way we passed the couch where Aunty June had engaged her uncle and father. Now the scene had progressed and we stopped to watch the erotic show in front of us. Aunty Jean was bent over the couch and her Uncle was ramming his stiff cock deep into her pussy from behind. Grandpa had April (or was it May) on his lap bouncing on his thick hoary old cock. She was moaning deliciously as he fondled her firm breasts and played with her nipples.

“Ooooh Grandpa,” she moaned, “your lovely oooooh… cock is stretching me so oooh wide. I feel so… aah… ahh… full.”

May (or April) was bent over and biting the couch cushions. The reason for her behaviour was her grandmother’s ministrations. Grandma had donned a substantial strap-on dildo and with the aid of copious amounts of baby oil was stroking it hard into the young girl’s tight cunt.

“Oooh May, that’s a good girl, take Grandma’s big thick cock.”

“But Grandma,” May managed through gritted teeth, “it’s soooo big.” She moaned.

“Steady now girl, you want Grandpa’s cock in you in a minute, don’t you? We have to get you used to the size so he can fuck you properly.” She advised.

“Oooh yes, Grandma. I do want Grandpa’s oooh… ah… big prick up my tight aaaah… cunt. It looks soooo… oooh oooh… good fucking into April like thaaat. Oh Grandma… you’re going… aah… aaaah… to make me… cuumm… mmmm… aaah.”

“That’s right May, cum all over Grandma’s cock luvvy. Come on, cum for Grandma.” Grandma stepped up her pace.

“Grandma… ooooh… oooh yes… I’m cumming for you Grandma… Look April, I’m cumming on… ah… aaaah… Grandma’s… ooooh cooooooock ,,uuh… nnnnnnnrgh.” May screamed as the large dildo fucking brought her over the edge.

Her sister screaming into the cushions alongside her took April to boiling point as her Grandpa manfully thrust his thick knob deep inside her clasping pussy. “Ooooh Grandpa, look at May cumming. Oooh… aaah Grandpa… Grandpa fuck me, fuck meee. I’m going to cum all over your hot cock, Grandpa… illegal bahis oooooh Grandpaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” she yelled and flooded her Grandpa’s cock with a cunt load of hot juice.

There was a pause while the girl’s regained some of their composure then rearranged their positions. April backed onto Grandma who soothed her well fucked pussy with a handful of baby oil. May clambered onto her Grandpa’s lap ready to sink her pussy onto his throbbing shaft.

“Grandpa,” May whimpered, “my pussy is quite sensitive so please go easy.”

“Oh darling, perhaps I should give your pussy hole a little rest then.” He smiled pulling his cock back slightly.

I caught his drift and grabbed the baby oil from Grandma. Coating my hands liberally I leaned over the back of the sofa, clasped Grandpa’s cock and massaged in the slippery substance making him moan. Then I lined up his cock head, just so.

Grandpa grasped May’s hips and brought her back down towards the cock I was steadying. Then in one movement it was in an inch.

“Aaaah… oooooh… noooooo, Grandpa.” May screeched. “Oooh that’s my arsehole Grandpa.”

But it was too late. Grandpa pulled his little granddaughter fully down on his lap. He paused to allow her to accommodate his girth in her recently virgin bumhole then, slowly, May started to raise and lower herself on his rod.

“Ooooh Grandpa, that’s ooh… beginning to… aah… feel much better.” She gasped as the thick cock stretched her anus.

I heard a small “oooh” beside me and looked round to see that Peter had appeared behind Toni. While she was bending over slightly to get a good look at Grandpa’s cock sliding into May’s arsehole Peter had slipped his up her dripping pussy.

“Mmmmn Peter,” she moaned, “that’s nice. Just a little deeper please.”

“As I told you before,” Peter teased, “never leave an unattended fanny around. You never know who’ll take advantage.” As he started fucking his sister in earnest.

Grandma had discarded the large strap-on and both April and her were content with the fingering she was giving her granddaughter illegal bahis siteleri as they watched May getting anally stuffed by her Grandpa. Aunty June’s Uncle Joe had now switched holes also and was giving his niece the anal fucking of her life.

“Ooooh Uncle, deep, yes fucking deep in my arsehole.” She groaned. “My pussy’s going to… aahh… aah… spurt for you real soon now. Go on fuck your niece haaard up the… aah… aah… arse.”

In moments Aunty June’s cunt exploded spurting her juices over her Uncle’s dancing balls and across the floor. Uncle continued to royally fuck her in the arse until he too exploded with vigour deep in her arsehole.

From off stage came Aunt Polly and surreptitiously picked up the strap-on, holding her finger to her lips when she saw me looking. She rigged it onto herself and crept up behind the pre-occupied Grandma, her mother. I helped by oiling up the large shaft while Aunt Polly leant forward to kiss me on the lips. “This is going to be fun,” she whispered.

She half knelt, lined up the plastic phallus and thrust it full length deep into her mother’s exposed cunt.

“Yeeeooooooooow.” Shrieked Grandma. “Oooooh, yes. You always were a sneaky little devil Polly. Aaaah… aaah… “

“Thought you’d like a bit of thick cock, Mummy,” Aunt Polly goaded. “Well I’m going to fuck my lovely Mummy’s cunt until you beg me to stop. Take that… uh… and that… uh.” She panted as she powered the dildo deeper into her mother’s slit.

For good measure I dipped a finger into my wet pussy and slipped it into Grandma’s arsehole. The older woman started to buck and moan loudly and made her work her own fingers faster into April’s hot little hole.

“Oooh… aaah… Grandma,” groaned April, “Grandma make me cum, make me cummmm.”

“”Grandpa you’re making… ahhh… aaaaah… aaaaaah, my… aaaah… arsehole cummm”, yelled May bouncing furiously on his cock. “Fuck, yes… aaaaah… ahaaahahahhh… I’m fucking cummmmmmmmmmminnnnnggggg!”

Oooh, fuck, this is more than I can stand,” groaned Grandpa. “I’m going canlı bahis siteleri to shoot. I’m going to spray your little insides.” His face grimaced as his cock pulsed and jerked inside his granddaughter’s hot little anus filling her with cum.

In the melee I felt experienced hands clasp around my hips and a familiar cock slide deep into my cunt. “Daddeeee,” I shrieked delighted.

“Hold on darling, just getting ready.” He reassured then slipped out of my cunt and hard against my anus.

I let loose a low guttural moan as I felt Daddy’s cock push past my sphincter and deep into my bowels. “Gggggrrrooooo, Dadddy, yes , yes fuck your little girl up the arse. Make me cum Daddy. This is so fucking horny.”

I came almost instantly as Daddy’s cock touched all the right places. My finger pounded Grandma’s anus and along with the fucking she was getting from her daughter’s strap-on she exploded as well.

Poor April was on the receiving end of three horny orgasming females and one horny old Daddy as Grandma’s fingers almost split April apart. “Grandma, yesss, fuck me with your fingers, Grandma. Oooooooh… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m nnnnnnnrrrrgh” as her voice tailed off into oblivion.

Beside me Peter was fucking up a storm with his sister, Toni. His cock was pounding her sopping cunt as she gripped the sofa back for support. Multiple orgasms rocked her body as her brother released a torrent of cum into her willing pussy.

Now it really was time for a shower. I could feel Daddy’s cum dripping from my anus and Toni had cum running down the inside of her legs. April leapt (! More staggered, hobbled, rolled) off the sofa and announced that she was coming too. May being effectively joined at the hip to her twin came too.

We left Peter being washed up by Grandma’s sucking mouth while Aunty Polly cleaned up Daddy’s wilting shaft.

As we left the room we walked past Bobby and Martin who had clearly gained some confidence since their lesson with Toni and me. Bobby was lying on the floor with his mother grinding her cunt on his thrusting prick. Martin was behind her stuffing her exposed arsehole full of his cock. Her husband’s cock was deep in her mouth. She looked up at Toni and I and, momentarily releasing her husband’s cock mouthed “Thank you” to the pair of us before resuming her fellatio.

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