Susie’s Freshman Year Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Susie Brock didn’t consider herself a lesbian, but her recent experiments with her roommate and the Dean did make her feel more decisively bisexual. Would she consider a long-term deal with either of them, however? That was hard to say, especially about the Dean, since it would be hard to maintain such a relationship in the face of the different positions that they held on campus. After all, she had experienced an unequal power situation with Governor Calahan before. She didn’t know if that would work out in the long run, even for a natural sub like her.

For the young lady, this freshman year, outside of her studies, was more about having fun and discovering some facts about herself. It had much less to do with making plans for the future. After all, wasn’t she a bit young for that? She wanted to sample the smorgasbord of sexual activities first, before she committed to any one person or lifestyle. That was especially true given her belief that once in a relationship, she was meant to be faithful. This was her only chance to be wild, before that time came.

In any case, the prearranged meeting with Dr. Langdon and Miss More went off extremely well. They all got together for supper at the Dean’s house. Both girls winked at her, as if they had some secret between them, which would explain the fact that they had both arrived before her. Susie didn’t know what it was, but she tried to control her curiosity and eat her dinner. She figured that they would tell her in due time.

After the filet mignon, which turned out to be Jody’s favorite dish, the Dean urged Susie to close her eyes. When she complied, Amelia grabbed the blindfold that she had hidden in her pants, and placed it over her roommate’s eyes. Jody then took out the handcuffs that they intended to use on their British slut.

In moments, Susie found herself led to Dr. Langdon’s bedroom, where she was forced to stick her butt in the air on the mattress. The ladies then spread her legs wider and added their devious ace-in-the-hole.

“Just relax, Susie. This will hurt somewhat, but I esenyurt escort think that you’ll get used to it soon. Besides, I know that you like a bit of pain, anyway. You’re going to be the guest of honor, tonight, but you’re also going to be dessert,” Amelia explained, deliberately staying a bit cryptic about the pair’s intentions with regard to Susie.

Susie groaned, and that was when Jody added a ball gag. As soon as they could be sure that she would not be able to squeal (and thus give the neighbors an idea of their plans for the night), they then massaged her buttocks and asshole with some strange lotion or cream. This made Miss Brock feel particularly sensual, so she didn’t mind it at all.

The next stage was a bit rougher, however, as Amelia inserted a butt-plug into Susie’s backdoor. It wasn’t a small one, either. To make matters worse, she took a paddle to the girl’s tush, repeatedly swatting her cheeks and driving the plug deeper into the Englishwoman’s bowels. Jody commenced toying with her clit manually, to further excite her prey.

“So, my English tart, do you want the next part of your treat?” Dr. Langdon demanded, knowing that Susie could only nod to her.

She then replaced her fingers with a double-headed dildo, one end of which she put inside the freshman’s cunt. The other went in her own, so that she soon began meeting Susie’s sex and buns with hers, in a truly thrilling collision of body parts. The Briton’s response was to grunt through her gag with sheer, visceral enjoyment. It made both women quite wet to experience this mutual bumping act.

Amelia, not wishing to stay a voyeur of this combination, did her part by removing the ball gag and shoving her pussy in Susie’s face. She grasped the English student’s hair and forced her tongue inside her folds as well, causing the young lady to actively lick her twat. Nor did the bound slave girl resist this gesture. In fact, she instantly began tonguing the biracial girl of her own accord.

“That’s right, slave. Eat me out. etiler escort Lick my cunt, while your sweet Dean takes you with her double dildo! You like that, don’t you, slut?” Amelia taunted the Brit, knowing that the young woman would only get off more on the comments.

“Yes, you’re our slut for the rest of the year, aren’t you? We’ll decide what to do afterward, but the remnant of your freshman year will see you servicing both of us. That is what you need, isn’t it, my English bitch?” the Dean put her in her place.

“Like your surprise, don’t you, cum-slut? You’re a lezzy for the rest of the year, and you won’t fuck anyone without our permission. This was the Dean’s idea, by the way. I bet that you didn’t know about Jody and me, but we’re lovers and have been for a while. That story about the beau was BS, to help seduce you. Dr. Langdon knew what you wanted. The truth is that I dumped my last beau a while ago, when he refused to submit to the two of us. I don’t know what his problem was, but at least you don’t seem to have it, thank Goddess!” Miss More abruptly told Miss Brock with a smirk, as she turned her over and straddled her face.

At the same time, Jody pulled out of Susie and took the butt-plug out of her. She then seized a strap-on dildo with a thigh harness, and began pounding the British girl’s asshole. She didn’t bother with lube, since there was plenty already in her butt from the lotion and cream. She roughly rammed the Englishwoman’s rear end without any compunctions, since she understood the girl’s willingness to submit to pain and the dominance of others.

While Susie’s legs reached toward the sky from her reaming at the Dean’s hands, Amelia began sliding her cunt and butt-crack back and forth across the young lady’s face. She wanted the Brit to toss her salad, and her roommate more than obliged her. The unfeigned eagerness of the English slut’s oral services more than convinced both women that this girl was meant to enjoy the power exchange of BDSM. She was a true slave at heart.

“Come fatih escort on, I know that you can rim me better than that, slut. Put your tongue inside my asshole, too, my butt-licking friend. I want to feel my ass eaten out by you. Use my ass with your mouth and tongue. Relish it! I know that you like my bottom, don’t you? Why deny it? Eat me until I say to stop, which I won’t do anytime soon!” Amelia ordered Susie, though she squirmed from the sheer intensity with which the English girl performed analingus.

By now, Susie couldn’t stop herself if she tried. She didn’t just cum: she gushed out like Old Faithful. The pure deliciousness of being sodomized by Jody while licking Amelia’s ass was too much pleasure to restrain herself. She didn’t quit her chore, however. Instead, she enthusiastically probed the older girl’s tight exit with her tongue. She wanted her roommate to know that she loved sucking on her pucker. Furthermore, being used and dominated like this was her favorite kind of game for certain. She had liked it with Governor Calahan; she now loved it with her new Mistresses.

After this kind of explosion, Amelia soon added hers, squirting into Susie’s face with her juices. This only made the Englishwoman lick her more vigorously, as if she hoped for her to come. That could only take the form of piss in this case, since the biracial junior’s bladder was so full.

“If you keep it up, I’ll have to pee in your mouth,” Miss More warned her.

“Go ahead. I love golden showers, Mistress,” Susie replied eagerly.

“Mistress Amelia, slut. Oh, and I’ll gladly give you what you desire, slave,” Amelia suddenly pissed all over Susie’s face and down her throat.

Finally, of course, Jody herself blasted off with her orgasm, as the sensation of riding and taking Susie drove her to complete satisfaction. They both slid off the English slave and dragged her off into the shower with them.

“Come on, little dirty tart. We’re not done with your sweet ass yet at all. At least, we won’t be until we’re satisfied that you’re ours and can’t turn back. We’re certainly going to enjoy your tight, delectable body all night long, if we have anything to say about it,” Jody announced, as they began washing their naughty slut’s most delightful parts first. The face could wait, as pissing on it marked it as theirs, to use and control as they saw fit.

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