Surprise! It’s a Nude Cruise!

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Marie boarded the plane to Florida sighing as she sat down in her seat. “Finally, I’m free to do as please,” she quietly muttered to herself.

“Marie, did you say something?” Nan her traveling companion asked.

“No…well, yes…I was just thinking how amazing it is finally to get to go somewhere without having someone to answer to for my actions,” Marie said.

Smiling, Nan looked Marie deep into her smoldering brown eyes, “I promise this is going to be one vacation that you will not regret.”

Marie had no way of knowing just how much Nan really meant her last statement. For months now Nan had been trying to seduce Marie. When a sobbing Marie had told Nan that she was leaving her husband, Nan became Marie’s source for emotional stability. So when Marie had mentioned the possibility of going on a cruise Nan suggested that Marie let her take care of all the details. Details where something Marie had to deal with at work so when Nan offered she readily agreed.

As the plane taxied down the runway Marie gazed out the window. Lost in her thoughts she failed to realize that Nan was once again talking to her.

“I’m sorry Nan, I didn’t mean to space out on you,” Marie said as she turned her attention back to her traveling companion.

It was at that moment she noticed just how attractive Nan was. But just as suddenly as the thought had entered into her mind, she felt guilty of having such a thought. After all, women weren’t supposed to be attracted to other women.

“That’s okay, you must have a thousand things running through your head,” Nan said as she noticed that Marie looked slightly flushed. Deciding that it could have been caused by the excitement of the vacation Nan dismissed it as nothing more.

“So Nan, you were rather vague on where it is that we are going. I hope I brought the right clothes for this trip.”

But once again Marie found herself gazing at Nan…her eyes traveling down her body and stopping at her breasts. Not even realizing what she was doing, Marie licked her lips as she took in the fullness of Nan’s breasts as they gently rose up and down.

This gaze was not lost to Nan as she caught Marie staring at her breasts. Realizing that her friend was drawn to her breasts, Nan straightened her body causing her breasts to stick out even more.

“Some where warm and sunny where you can be totally free and uninhibited,” Nan said startling Marie. “I think you are going to find the accommodations most relaxing. Now why don’t you just lean back and relax.”

Closing her eyes, Marie did just that allowing her thoughts to drift.

As her thoughts took on a life of their own Marie felt a warmth begin to envelope her body. As she drifted further she remembered just how long it had been since she had truly enjoyed herself. Totally lost in her thoughts she suddenly found herself imagining herself with Nan.

“Wait…proper young ladies don’t have these kinds of thoughts,” she said to herself.

But yet she couldn’t get the image of Nan’s breasts out of her mind. She found herself wondering what they looked like, what they would feel like to hold in her hands. What it would feel like to take Nan’s hard stiff nipples into her mouth and suck on them.

Looking over at her sleeping friend, Nan couldn’t help notice Marie’s hard nipples poking through her shirt.

“My god how I would just love to take those nipples into my mouth,” she thought.

But Nan, while not knowing that Marie was having the same thoughts about her own tits, knew that there would be time for that later. For now she was determined to show Marie a whole bakırköy escort new side to her…one Nan knew that once she discovered would open a whole new world of erotic pleasure to Marie.

“Marie…Marie, wake up hun’ we’re landing,” said Nan causing Marie to momentarily try to remember where she was.

Stretching, Marie began to remember where she was while at the same time giving Nan an amazing sight of her breasts as they strained against the shirt she was wearing.

It also became apparent to Nan that Marie was definitely not wearing a bra as Marie’s hard nipples were clearly visible as they poked through her shirt. This caused Nan’s pussy to become wet, making Nan hunger even more to take Marie’s breasts into her mouth and suck on her hard, stiff nipples. Oh how she wanted to ravage her friend.

Getting off the plane and retrieving their luggage, Marie and Nan made their way out of the airport to find a taxi to take them to the cruise ship. This much Marie knew of their trip that she and Nan were going on a cruise, but anything past that Nan had refused to tell her.

The last detail that Nan had with held from Marie was that they were going on a nude cruise. Nan had managed to find a private cruise line that catered to nudist. Getting an invite had been some what of a trick, but being resourceful Nan managed to get herself and Marie invited.

As their taxi pulled up to the welcome center on the dock Nan and Marie made their way into the building, stopping to drop off their luggage with a porter from the cruise line and making sure that their passports were in order. As they left the building they were greeted by a well built young man who directed them to the gangway of their ship.

After checking in and being given keys, Nan and Marie followed the directions they were given to their room.

“Nan, how much is this trip costing,” Marie exclaimed when she entered the suite that Marie had booked for them.

“Relax Marie, you need this vacation. Now relax and let’s get settled in,” Nan said as she began unpacking.

“You know, I think I’m going to take a shower to get the grime off of me from the flight,” Nan said as she watched Marie still not quite believing the suite they were in.

As Nan began to undress, Marie once again found herself staring at her friend’s body. But this time there were no clothes to hide her body. Marie’s eyes took in every detail of Nan’s hot naked body.

As Nan turned around Marie discovered the answer to her earlier question of what Nan’s breast looked like. They were truly amazing. They had to be at least a C-cup and didn’t sag what so ever. Marie also couldn’t help notice how amazing Nan’s nipples looked. She found herself wanting touch them, wanting to find out what it felt like to hold another woman’s breasts in her hands. The thought of actually holding Nan’s tits in her hands sent a wave of pleasure that coursed through Marie’s body, causing her pussy to become wet…so wet that Maria was afraid that the crotch of her pants might betray the lust she felt for her friend.

“Marie, are you okay?” Nan asked, snapping Marie out of her momentary daze.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just a little lagged from the flight. Go ahead and take your shower, I’m just going to relax while you’re in there,” Marie said, still unable to get the image of a completely naked Nan out of her mind.

As she pictured Nan’s nude body, Marie began to feel a burning hunger grow deep within her body. Marie began to slowly rub her tits with her hands. As her hands began to cup her lust swollen başakşehir escort tits, her nipples once again began to push against the thin shirt she was wearing.

Marie rolled hard swollen nipples between her fingers, causing them to become ever harder.

Over and over again Marie pulled on her hard swollen nipples causing a deep lustful moan to come from deep within her.

Without thinking of where she was at, or that her friend was just on the other side of the wall taking a shower, Marie quickly pulled her shirt off…exposing her hard, lust swollen tits to the cool air of their suite.

As Marie pulled on her nipples, her pussy became even wetter and hotter.

Quickly Marie stripped out of the rest of her clothes and flopped down on the couch in the suite. Desperately seeking the release she now had to have.

Spreading her legs Marie stuck two of her fingers into her hot dripping pussy and began to fuck herself with her fingers. As Marie fucked her hot wet hole with her hand, she squeezed her lust swollen tits with the other…causing her pussy to spasm from the intense feelings pulsing through her body.

Marie was so lost in the pleasure she was giving herself that she failed to hear Nan step into the room from taking her shower.

Still nude, Nan quietly walked over to Marie and slowly knelt between Marie’s spread legs taking a moment to take in the sight of Marie fucking her hot wet pussy. Leaning forward, Nan began to lick Marie’s hard, swollen clit.

“What…stop, ahhh…fuck Nan….stop,” Marie suddenly moaned as she was shocked back into reality of what her best friend was doing.

But instead of stopping Nan sucked even harder on Marie’s swollen clit causing yet another moan to escape her lips.

Taking this moan as a sign that perhaps Marie was enjoying her oral assault on her clit, Nan gently moved Marie’s legs wider apart and inserted two of her own fingers into Marie’s hot, hot pussy.

Nan began to slowly with draw her fingers from Marie’s pussy only to just as slowly plunge them back into her. Over and over Nan fucked her fingers in and out of Marie’s pussy.

“Fuck me…oh, yes fuck me…fuck my pussy,” Marie began to moan over and over. “Suck my clit….right there….ahh, so good,” Marie cried out as Nan continued to suck Marie’s hard, throbbing clit in her mouth.

Over and over Nan’s tongue moved up and down Marie’s clit causing Marie to begin moaning over and over.

“Oh, so good….fuck me faster…mmm, so close, so close. Right there, don’t stop….fuck…oh, fuck….I’m cummminnnng,” Marie suddenly screamed as a massive orgasm over took every fiber of her body.

Crawling up Marie’s still orgasming body, Nan took Marie’s hard stiff nipple into her mouth swirling her tongue around the swollen, sensitive nipple.

Moaning ever louder, Marie gently pulled Nan’s head tighter against her heaving chest.

“No more…please no more…I can’t…can’t cum anymore,” Marie pleaded.

Releasing Marie’s tender swollen nipple from her mouth, Nan looked deep into Marie’s eyes and said, “You aren’t mad are you?”

“Come here and I’ll show you,” Marie said with lust filled eyes as she gently pulled Nan up from her swollen breast.

Gently the two began kissing, exploring each others lips and mouths with their hot wet tongues. Each moaning as they realized that the feelings they felt, though new, where something that they craved deep within themselves.

“Let me taste you….I have to taste you,” Marie panted as she stopped kissing Nan.

Working bayrampaşa escort her way down Nan’s body Marie finally got to answer the question what it would feel like to hold Nan’s tits in her hands.

Marie marveled at the softness of Nan’s tits, yet also was mesmerized by how firm they felt in her hot hands.

As if she were in some sort of erotica dream, Marie lowered her head to Nan’s breast, taking the hard stiff nipple into her mouth.

Marie began to gently suck Nan’s nipple in to her mouth, swirling her tongue around the swollen bud as she did. As Marie sucked and tongued the hard stiff nipple, she began to gently roll Nan’s other nipple with her fingers, eliciting a groan of pure unbridled lust from Nan.

Releasing Nan’s nipple from her hot wet mouth, Marie began kissing her way down Nan’s body…seeking her way to Nan’s now dripping wet pussy. Spreading Nan’s legs Marie marveled at how wet her friend’s pussy was…literally dripping as Marie took her finger and gently touched another woman most private place for the first time.

“Please…lick my clit…ahh, please eat me Marie,” Nan begged pinching and pulling on her tits as she looked down between her wide spread legs.

Ever so slowly Marie inched closer and closer to Nan’s hot, swollen busy. Spreading Nan’s swollen lips, Marie reached out with her tongue…tasting another woman’s juices for the very first time.

“Please baby….fuck me with your tongue…fuck my pussy…make me cum all over your sweet face,” Nan begged as she felt Maries tongue against her hot swollen lips.

Turned on even more by Nan’s begging Marie sucked her swollen clit into her mouth…over and over her tongue stroked her hard stiff clit. Slowly Marie put one finger into Nan’s hot wet whole and began to fuck her while she continued eating her friend’s pussy.

“Fuck yeah…that’s it, mmmmmmmm….fuck me, fuck me harder,” Nan begged.

Marie took her finger out of Nan’s pussy and slowly licked her hot sticky juices off.

Reaching back down Marie inserted one, then two fingers into Nan’s pussy and began to savagely fuck Nan’s pussy. Over and over Marie fucked her fingers in and out of Nan’s dripping pussy.

“There….don’t stop….yesssss…fuck me, fuck me….ahhh fuck my cunt Marie,” Nan began to moan over and over, “fuck my pussy harder.”

Slowly…like a fog rolling in off the sea…Nan felt her orgasm spread.

“Yes…yes I’m cumming…ahhh fuck….cummminnnnggg,” Nan suddenly screamed as she was totally taken over by the intensity of her orgasm.

Sliding her way back up Nan’s body Marie looked deep into her eyes not knowing what to say after such an intimate moment.

“I’m so sorry Nan, I don’t know what came over me…it’s just that since leaving Adam, and I’ve just been so lonely. You’re not mad are you,” asked Marie.

“Are you kidding, I’m the one who should be apologizing. After I’m the one who walked in and attacked you, but you just looked so incredible spread out like that on the couch I just had to see if you would let me,” replied Nan. “So why don’t we get out of here and go exploring?”

Getting up, Nan began to look in the mirror and straighten her hair while Marie, still unsure of the events that just took place, walked in to the bathroom to freshen up.

“Nan, what are you going to wear out on deck?” Marie yelled from the bathroom.

“Umm…well…I was thinking about wearing this,” Nan replied stepping into the bathroom still naked.

“Nice try there Nan,” Marie said laughing, “But I don’t think the other passengers would appreciate it quite as much as I just did.”

“Umm, I wouldn’t be so sure of that kid. I’ve been meaning to tell you that this is a special cruise…and well, now that we are at sea perhaps I should tell you. You see Marie, this is a clothing optional cruise…and well I thought this might just be something that would help you discover something new.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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