Supportive Parent Ch. 04

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Sal Goldman crept up behind Katie as she leaned over the front of her desk reviewing the event schedule for the hotel. He turned his hand palm up with his two middle fingers together and slid them between the tops of her spread legs to the crotch of her tight fitting knit slacks. He moved his hand back and forth slowly over her crotch and then up to her soft butt-cheeks. He placed his other hand on her other butt-cheek pawing and squeezing her soft flesh through her pants.

Katie stood and slowly turned around. Her eyes narrowed showing her anger. She swung her hand up from her side catching Sal on the left side of his face with her opened hand. The force was hard enough to turn his body and make him loose his balance, and way too quick for him to react.

“How dare you touch me like that,” Katie shouted had the short stubby bolding man in the ill fitting suit. “I’ve been working here for over ten years and instead of getting the promotion I deserve, I get your fat little fingers on my ass! I quit!” She pushed him in the chest with both hands knocking him over the chair in front of her desk onto the floor.

After all the long hours and shift changes, Katie finally she had done something great at her job, and that was to quit. She wished she could have left the job years ago, but her ex-husband was unreliable and no one else would pay her the kind of money she was making, even though it wasn’t very much.

She was so happy that Jason asked her to quit her job that she had feel to the floor and kissed his feet. She had no doubt that Jason could take care of her better than she could hope to take care of herself. He was a man that had means.


Desideria ran across the marble floor with long strides. Her sandaled feet barely tapped the surface as she leaped into the arms of her son. Jason caught his mother in mid-air holding her soft ass in his hands laughing as he swung her around. Desideria kissed him fully on the lips before she turned her attention to the two women he had with him.

“Mom, this is my wife, Katie,” Jason said making the introduction.

Katie was nervous and her nipples revealed that secret by poking through the thin top that Jason asked her to wear. She became almost speechless as she gazed upon Jason’s mother. Her hair hung down her back in one long braid down to her buttocks, her silicone breast jetted outward through the transparent short vest held together by a ribbon, and her hips flared curving down to her thick thighs that were separated by her hairless mound that wasn’t hidden behind the low waist bottoms that tied at her ankles. Jason revealed that his mother held all of his assets, and Katie wondered what kind of assets he was referring to.

“I see exactly what Jason sees in you,” Desideria said hugging Katie close to her breast.

“That you, Desideria,” Katie said.

“Honey, call me Desire,” Desideria said. “And you must be Kathy. I’ve been watching the picture Jason has been putting of you on the Internet. You are a very good volleyball player.”

“Thank you,” Kathy said giving the sexy older woman a hug.

“Sweetheart, show Kathy around while I get to know your wife,” Desideria said taking hold of Katie’s arm.

Jason could see the worry on Katie’s face, but he knew Katie would be honest with his mother and that’s the one thing that his mother demanded. He winked his eye at Katie and then led Kathy up the big winding staircase.

Desideria took Katie out to the garden where she had her green tea. “Jason tells me that you allow him to have sex with your daughter,” she began.

“Yes, he wanted to and so did she,” Katie answered straight away.

“You were not concerned that your daughter might steal him away?” Desideria asked.

“Jason hasn’t given me any cause to worry about anything,” Katie replied.

“I’m very glad to hear that,” Desideria said. “I guess you know that Jason has over a billion dollars in assets under my control.”

“He güvenilir bahis didn’t tell me how much,” Katie said.

“Not only that,” Desideria said. “He is my sole heir. Take off those things and let me see what has stolen my son’s heart.”

Katie pulled her top up over her head without hesitation. It was ease to see why Jason had gone after her. She slid the tight booty short down over her wide hips and shapely legs and dropped then next to her on the stone walk.

“Hmm, something seems very familiar,” Desideria said walking around Katie letting her hand slid over the soft buns. “Very interesting.” She looked Katie in the eyes as she ran her middle finger into Katie’s moist pussy and brought it out to taste the nectar. “You taste very good too. Go ahead and dress.”

Katie slipped her top and bottoms back on and waited patiently for Desideria’s next move.

“As his wife, you could stand to control a wealth greater than the gross national product of a small country,” Desideria said sipping her tea. “Jason doesn’t even know how much he is worth. But let me tell you this. Jason is worth more to me than all my assets. You have a daughter. You have no idea what its like to have a son. No matter what you do, he will always be by your side. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my son. Nothing.”

Katie didn’t see Desideria’s mood change coming. She found herself trembling. “Jason is my husband and I place no one above him,” she replied. She tightened her gut. “I will do anything that he ask me to do, even if it means walking through the streets naked.”

“It looks like he is already asking that of you,” Desideria replied.

“It makes him happy, so I’m willing to do it,” Katie said.

“Tell me,” Desideria said. “What do you think Jason is doing right now?”

“Probably having sex with Kathy,” Katie answered.

“I wouldn’t doubt that one bit,” Desideria said. “I kept Jason away from other women until her turned twenty-one. I home school him and made him a scholar.”

“You did very well,” Katie said as a smile rose to the corner of her mouth.

“I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that he has a very healthy sexual appetite,” Desideria said.

“Yes, he sure does,” Katie said.

“Yes,” Desideria said. “The only thing that I regret is not having more children. I was raised in the Mormon Church in Utah. I was given over to marry one of the elders in Canada as his first wife. He wasn’t really a Mormon, only pretended to be so that he could have many wives through the church. He was a wealthy man, but left the church when they insisted that he donate all of his assets to the church. He wasn’t a very good man, but I gladly went with him when he left the church. He demanded sex from me every time he looked in my direction. He was so demanding that I didn’t bother to put only clothes. It didn’t take long before I got pregnant with Jason, which was about the same time that my husband’s business really started to take off. I saw less and less of my husband until one day I got a call that he had died of a heart attack. His lawyer and bestfriend took care of my finances. He was a good man. All I really did was take care of Jason. I was forced to learn a thing or two about business to keep people from taking advantage of the estate. That’s my story. Now tell me about you.”

“My life is not one of rags to riches,” Katie said. “My father decided to take me as his lover when I was in high school and my mother never said or do anything to stop it. I ran away by hitch hiking. I traded sex for food, a place to stay, and rides to the next town. I met a man who convinced me that I was beautiful. I went with him and we got married. Three months later I was pregnant with Kathy. He began treating me like I was worthless, which made me feel worse than I had at home. I got a job at a motel and got some help getting a divorce. It was a struggle, but Kathy never asked for much. At times I had to sleep türkçe bahis with my ex-husband for child support. The final straw was with my ex-husband was him forcing Kathy to have sex with me for his amusement. We got through that part. Kathy did what I did to help us make it. I worked hard allowing my supervisor to grope me, but never have sex with me so I could survive at work. I met Jason while he was staying in the hotel. He kept insisting that I have diner with him. I did and found him irresistible.”

Desideria laughed. “He is irresistible.”

“I never would have considered wearing anything like this at my age,” Katie said. “Jason is never rude or mean even when he his taking delight in showing strange men what’s under my clothes.”

“That’s something knew,” Desideria said.

“He likes me to dress like a slut, but not a whore is what he says,” Katie said. “I am so happy to dress however he wants me to. I have never loved a man so completely.”

Desideria was satisfied with Katie. Jason and Kathy joined them in the garden a little while after their conversation became about general things. Kathy had a freshly fucked look on her face that her mother knew very well. They all talked for a little while before Desideria dragged her son off for a private conversation.

“Katie is a very lovely woman,” Desideria said to her son as they entered the study behind the kitchen. “We had a lovely little chat.”

“I’m so happy with her mom, I can’t believe it sometimes,” Jason said with a big smile on his face.

“So much that you have to show her off to other men?” Desideria said cutting her eyes at him.

“Mom, they both are so sexy,” Jason said. “Everybody stares.”

“Honey, you have them walking around naked. Who’s not going to stare,” Desideria said. “If you’re going to keep them naked, how about keeping them in the house.”

“But they like it,” Jason protested.

“They like pleasing you, dear,” Desideria said. “How much trouble do you think there can be if one of those men you are showing them off to sees them without you? Honey, keep all your treasures for yourself.”

“Could we move here?” Jason asked.

“I think you should talk that over with your wife, but I’m sure she will do whatever you want her to,” Desideria.

“I’ve been missing you, mom,” he said.

Desideria put her arms around him. “I’m not as young as I use to be,” she said removing her top. “You can’t have sex with me like I’m a young woman, okay?”

A big smile came across Jason’s face as his mother knelt in front of him and removed his aching cock. She looked into his eyes as she stroked it and then took it into her warm mouth. Jason moan as his mother made his cock hard like only she could. Desideria took off her sheer pants and then helped her son out of his clothes.

“Fuck me slowly Jason,” Desideria said sliding on the heavy desk and spreading her legs as wide as any teenager could. Her breast implants stood high for her son’s grasp.

Jason rubbed the head of his cock between his mother’s moist pussy lips. “You shaved it,” he said smiling.

“I figured that you might want some, so I cleaned it up for you,” she said.

“You always know what I want,” he said pushing the head of his cock into her hot hole.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned.

“Mom, you always feel so good inside,” he said working his cock slowly.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned watching her son’s thick cock slowly drive deeper inside her mature hole.

Jason raised his hands to his mother’s tits moving his thumb over her hard nipples. He loved liked them better than he thought he would when she told him that she was getting them. He loved her natural tits, but found her new ones a bit more exciting.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned again as she felt him deeper inside of her. Her doctor warned her about keeping up a vigorous sex life. She was determined to continue accommodating her son as long as she could.

“I love you mom,” güvenilir bahis siteleri Jason said moving his cock in and out of her more easily. He held back being careful not to jam his cock inside of his mother with any considerable force.

“Honey, I need you to do something for me,” Desideria said.

“Anything mom,” Jason said.

“I want grandchildren,” she said looking up at him.

“Katie mentioned having children before,” he said wanting to show his mother his obedience. “I’ll do my best to make all the grandchildren you want.”

“You make me so proud,” she said placing her hand to his cheek as she moved against his stroking cock.


“So, what do you think about this place?” Katie asked her daughter.

“It’s like a castle,” Kathy said spinning around with her arms stretched out.

“Jason is not just a millionaire, he is a billionaire,” Katie whispered to her daughter.

“Oh my god, mom,” Kathy said in an excited hushed voice. “We’re rich.”

“That’s billionaire rich,” Katie said hugging her daughter. “You’re going to have to be calm about it. He mother is really sharpe and she is fishing for information. All we have to do is give Jason what ever he wants and we’ll be set for life.”

“He can have anything from me that he wants,” Kathy smiled throwing her hip to the side.

“His mother wants both of us to have his children,” Katie said. “And she is holding the purse strings right now.”

“Can’t I just have sex with him?” Kathy asked.

“Honey, you got to see the big picture,” Katie said. “Jason will make sure that you have anything that you want, but I can tell that his mother has a real hold on him. She didn’t come right out and say it, but I think that she’s been having sex with him.”

“Oh,” Kathy said.

“Yeah,” Katie replied. “We have to make them both happen else we’re going to be right back where we came from, and I just quit my job.”

“I guess I’ll be getting all fat,” Kathy said.

“Hey, I had you,” Katie said. “Being pregnant is actually pretty nice at times.”


“Ahhhh baby,” Desideria moaned as Jason filled her with his thick cum. “I wish sometimes that I would have let you get me pregnant.”

“Remember I wanted to marry you,” Jason chuckled.

Desideria got down and began sucking on Jason’s cock again, cleaning off their sex fluids and trying to keep him from going soft. She was successful as usual. She knew how to hold his nuts and squeeze his cock in her mouth just the right way to keep him from loosing his hard-on.

“We had better get back to your ladies before they get lost in this place,” Desideria giggled.

Jason and his mother found Katie and Kathy near the pool. Kathy saw Jason and ran into his arms kissing him passionately. He lifted her off her feet by her plump ass. Her shorts rode up between her butt-cheeks and she made no attempt to pull them free.

“Jason, I will have as many children as you want me too,” Kathy said.

“What about your volleyball career?” he asked.

“It’s just a fun game,” Kathy said. “It’s not like I wanted to do it for a living. Besides, You want to make a porn Web site with pictures of me, right? They would probably kick me off the team if someone saw it away. It’s just a game.”

Desideria put her arm around Katie and slid her hand down to Katie’s butt-cheeks. “Honey, I hope you are ready, because I want lots of grandchildren,” she said rubbing her fingers between Katie’s butt-cheeks. “Why don’t the two of you go get started on making me some grandchildren, while Katie and I pick out her bedroom.”

“I guess I’ll see you two later,” Jason said kissing his mother a bit more passionately than he had before, and then he kissed Katie exploring her mouth with his tongue.

Kathy giggled pulling Jason away to the house.

“Since this will be your house one day, you can have any room in the house that you want,” Desideria said massaging Katie’s butt-cheeks.

“Thank you so much,” Katie said moving her hand to her mother-in-law’s waist as they walked into the big mansion.

Desideria moved Katie’s hand down to her butt-cheek, which Katie gave a loving caress.

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