Sunday Morning

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The rising sun warms my skin as I slowly start to stir. The birds chirp and chitter, and the light reaches across the bedroom in long hot streaks. I look next to me. Shawn is fast asleep.

I spoon behind him and wrap my arms around his chest. He murmurs gently. I nestle my face into his shoulder and kiss the curve of his neck. Our skin is clammy with dried sweat. We’re still naked from the night before.

My nether regions tighten, throb, and tingle. I rub my crotch against his soft ass. He rolls his legs together, eyes closed. Our feet brush over and over. A low moan escapes his lips. I grasp his cock. He’s hard.

I lightly move my hand up and down his shaft. He moans a little bit louder. I pick up speed. He reaches back with one hand and feels the curve of my body. I press my other arm against his stomach and hold onto him. He turns his face toward mine. We kiss. His breath is thick and warm.

Shawn rolls on top of me. One knee is bent, and his hands are on my neck. He runs his tongue over my lips, teasing me. I lift my hips to him. His erection glances against my vulva. He kisses me deeply, so hard escort bostancı and all-consuming that I can barely catch my breath.

He licks my breasts, blows on my wet nipples, kisses the puckered skin of my areolas. I fold my legs around his waist and dig my heels into the back of his thighs. The metal oscillating fan whirrs and hums, and the linen curtains flutter in the breeze. Below us, someone is promenading their dog on the sidewalk.

Shawn moves his mouth down my stomach, and his stubble tickles the sensitive skin. The tips of his fingers are hard with calluses. He kisses my belly button, my pubic mound, the inside of my thighs. The feeling is electric.

He gently bites my outer labia and flicks the tip of his tongue against my clitoris. I comb my fingers through his hair. Touch myself. Sigh.

He seizes my ass with both hands and buries his face between my legs. I’m self-conscious at first. We were out drinking and dancing at some disgusting club all night. But then I don’t care about anything.

Overcome with pleasure, I squeeze Shawn’s head between my thighs. He forces ümraniye escort them apart and goes deeper. I thrust into him. Grab the sheets with my fists. Lace my fingers with his. He sucks my clitoris and penetrates me with two digits. I press a pillow over my face while I cum.

I sprawl out on the bed, exhausted. Shawn flips me over and lifts up my ass so that I’m on my knees. He slides into my wet pussy and hits me deep. I groan into the mattress. He pins my arms behind me with one hand and fucks me hard and fast. I feel another orgasm coming on.

Shawn pulls out and pushes me flat on my stomach. I’m dizzy. The world is spinning. He jerks off for a couple seconds and ejaculates on my back. He collapses next to me and curls against my body.

I reach over, grab a tissue from the nightstand, and pass it to Shawn. He cleans me up and kisses the small of my back. His lips are full and smooth.

The room is bright now, and the street bustle is louder. I get out of bed, take one of Shawn’s rumpled white button-ups from the floor, and put it on. I blow him a kiss as I leave the room.

The kartal escort bayan apartment looks different in the daylight. Plain, but clean. His roommate is eating a bowl of cereal on the couch as I walk to the kitchen. We nod to each other awkwardly. I close another couple buttons, pour a glass of water, and head back to Shawn’s room.

He lifts his head from the pillow as I shut the door. He grins and props himself up on his elbows.

“Wow. You look pretty amazing in that shirt.”

I put the cup down and sit on the corner of the bed.

“Thanks. I look amazing in everything.”

Shawn beckons me with one finger. I crawl to him on all fours and straddle his lap. He kisses the hollow at the base of my throat, then he drags his tongue through my cleavage. I brace my palms behind me and tip my head back. He unbuttons my shirt. Massages my breasts. Tweaks my nipples.

I grind against his stomach until he’s slick. He enters me. I lose myself for a moment and cry out in ecstasy. He rubs my clit with his thumb while he fucks me. I climax again, more intensely than the first. His mouth is open as he watches me orgasm.

We lie back down together, my cheek against his chest. He gently kisses my forehead and smiles. He whispers to me.

“Good morning, Maisie.”


Originally published in “Stories To Bang By, Vol. 45: Sunday Morning”

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