Summer School and Softball

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After her first year at a Midwestern university, Mya felt pretty good about her life. Going into her sophomore year, she had her own apartment, a large group of friends, and a good job working as a manager for the women’s basketball team. She had always loved the sport, but wasn’t exactly athletically talented enough to actually play the game herself. Her propensity to fall and trip over the smallest thing was well known among her friends.

Her freshman year had gone rather smoothly and Mya had gotten fairly good grades. School has always come easy to her and she had even made Dean’s List first semester. She had decided to change her major between first and second semester and found out that she needed another math class before she could officially change. Knowing that she didn’t want to work during the summer, she decided to go to summer school.

On the first day of classes, she left her apartment and headed toward her class on the other side of campus. She didn’t expect to see anyone she knew because she knew that none of her friends were on campus for the summer.

About halfway to her class, she spotted a familiar face. Rachel was a friend of a friend. She had met Rachel through Sara, a girl on the basketball team. Mya had gone to breakfast after class with Sara one day in March and they had met Rachel there. Mya knew that Sara associated mainly with athletes, so she figured that Rachel was an athlete of some sort. During their conversation over breakfast, Mya learned that Rachel was on the softball team. After the breakfast though, Mya thought very little of Rachel because she didn’t have any reason to. She only saw her once in awhile for the rest of the school year. She attended a few of the softball games with friends and often found her eyes drifting to Rachel out in the field. She figured it was because Rachel’s was a familiar face.

During most of the school year, Mya always got an inkling from Sara that she didn’t always tell the truth about things, but she took what the girl said at face value most of the time because she trusted her. Mya and Sara had shared some of the same classes and often studied together. On the morning that grades came out, Mya and Sara were talking on the phone and Sara asked Mya to login to the school’s grade system for her because she wasn’t around a computer and Mya was. She gave her her login information, and Mya gave her the grades. Knowing that the school’s email system used the same login information as the grade system and feeling a little mischievous, Mya logged into Sara’s email account. There were only a few emails in her inbox, and most of them were old. Feeling emboldened by actually getting in, Mya clicked through the messages to see what they were.

Two specific ones caught her eye. They were from Rachel and Mya was very curious as to their content. As she read through the first, her jaw slowly dropped. The email was an apology to Sara for a fight that Sara and Rachel had been in. The shocking part through was that the letter all but said the two girls were in a relationship. Mya then read through the second email which said about the same thing as the first, but was dated a few weeks later.

Huh, Mya thought as she sat back in her chair. This came as somewhat of a shock to her considering that Sara had told her about relationships she had with guys from high school. But the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. Rachel appeared to Mya to be “playing for the other team.” Mya had been around athletes, specifically basketball and softball players, for years and has developed almost a second sense about sexual orientation.

Mya had no problem with homosexuality as she herself realized she was bisexual the previous year. She had always paid just a little bit more attention to girl’s bodies then men’s. She had even gone as far as to fantasize about a few of the players on the girl’s basketball team in high school. Matter of fact, her first female crush had been a friend who was a softball player.

So when Mya saw Rachel walking to class on the first day of summer classes, she was intrigued by her. At the end of the school year, Sara had declared that she was transferring to another university out east to play for the basketball team there. This was before Mya found out about her and Rachel and she had wondered how the two girls had worked things out.

When Rachel saw Mya, she waved and walked over to her.

“Hey, how’s it going?” she said.

“Good. What’s up?” Mya said.

“You taking classes?” said Rachel.

“Yeah, two. Math and a computer science class. How about you?” she replied.

“Psychology 120. It’s boring,” Rachel answered.

“Oh, I took that at community college a year ago. If you need any help or anything, let me know. I was pretty good at that stuff,” Mya said.

“Cool. Well, I’ll see you around, okay?” Rachel said as she headed off to her building.

“See ya!” Mya said.

As Rachel walked away, Mya just kind maltepe şişman escort of stood there watching her. She was happy to see a familiar face after thinking she would have to make all new friends this summer. She also liked that Rachel had smiled at her. Mya also noticed that Rachel’s butt was absolutely gorgeous.

Just about every day as Mya was either going to class or leaving class she would see Rachel. They would say hello and maybe exchange a few pleasantries. Mya slowly found that she was looking forward to the times each day that she would see Rachel. She would get butterflies in her stomach just knowing that she would be able to wave at the redheaded girl.

One afternoon Mya decided to go to the computer lab for the athletes. As a manager, she was also entitled to use the facility. She found that the computers were much better in that computer lab than any of the others on campus, probably due to wealthy alumni who donated money for the athletes. She walked into the lab and saw that Rachel was sitting about halfway back and was studying. Her head was down and she didn’t see Mya when she walked up to her. She sat down at the computer next to her, despite there being about 30 other computers that were open in the lab. Seeing someone out of the corner of her eye, Rachel looked up from the book she was reading.

“Hey, Mya,” she said.

“Hey. What are you reading about?” Mya inquired.

“Personality disorders. We have a test next Monday. Keeping all the different ones straight and remembering the symptoms of each is really hard,” Rachel responded.

“Yeah, you’re right. Maybe I could help you. I know a lot about this stuff. My brother’s bipolar manic depressive,” said Mya, hoping to spend some more time with Rachel.

“Really? I haven’t gotten to that one yet.”

“Yeah, let me see the book. It’s right …..” Mya said, scooting over closer to Rachel to try and find the section of the book about bipolar disorder. She noticed that Rachel didn’t scoot away but instead leaned in.

Mya had always been one to get aroused very easily and now was definitely a time that she was getting aroused. She noticed that Rachel had been working out before she had come up to the computer lab because she smelled like sweat. It was not all together unpleasant, but rather very lovely. Being around athletes for so many years had caused Mya to become almost instantly turned on at the smell of sweat.

Mya realized that she was taking short breaths and her eyes weren’t focusing on the page in front of her. Rachel skimmed the page and spotted the passage that the girls were looking for right under Mya’s hand. She grabbed Mya’s hand and moved it aside.

“Bipolar disorder. Right here. Didn’t you see it?” Rachel said quickly and turned to look at Mya, who had her eyes closed slightly and was taking shallow breaths. Rachel could tell that she was having an effect in the girl.

“Uh… Mya?” she squeaked.

Mya jolted out of her haze and realized that Rachel was looking at her. She could feel her cheeks quickly become bright red and hot.

“Oh…. Uh …. Sorry. Yeah, that’s it. Bipolar disorder.”

Embarassed as hell, Mya came up with the best thing she could to distract the girl looking at her.

“So, have you heard from Sara lately? What’s she been up to? I haven’t talked to her in about three weeks,” Mya spat out. She could see Rachel instantly tense up and her eyes narrowed a bit.

“Well, I’m not really sure. I talked to her about a week ago, but I haven’t talked to her since that. She’s really busy with working out and surfing and her life out in New Jersey,” Rachel said quickly. Rachel thought about the last conversation that she had had with Sara, one that was more like a verbal assault from both sides than an actual conversation. Sara had heard stories about Rachel’s partying back at school and Rachel refused to admit that anything was going on because there was nothing going on. Sara had always been very jealous and believed any gossip about Rachel that was going around.

“Okay then…. I can see I hit a sore spot. Okay, what are you doing this weekend? Have any plans?” Mya quietly said when she realized that Rachel was obviously angry about something related to Sara.

Taking a deep breath, Rachel replied, “Not much. John’s having a party on Friday night and a bunch of us are going to that. I was also hoping to get some studying in for this test on Monday.”

John was an older brother of one of the other girls on the basketball team and was a really cool guy. Mya realized this was her chance to hang out with Rachel more.

“He lives over in the Park, right?”


“Do you mind if I tag along? I’ve been meaning to get out this summer, but none of my friends are on campus this summer and I don’t like going to parties without somebody I know,” Mya inquired.

“Not at all! I’ll pick you up around 8. Is that cool? You’re pendik escort living over at, what is it, Matthews?” Rachel quipped.

“Melrose Place. Behind the engineering building.”

“Ahhh…. Melrose Place? Done any bed hopping yet?” Rachel asked, referencing the show she used to watch when she was much younger.

“I wish!” Mya said with a laugh.

Ohhhh, a naughty girl, Rachel thought with a twinkle in her eye.

Realizing that it was time for her to go meet some friends, Rachel quickly got up and started gathering her books from around her. In her rush, she dropped her pencil and it rolled all the way under the computer desk.

“Oh, here. Let me get that,” Mya said. Being pretty flexible, Mya just leaned right over between her legs and grabbed the pencil. When she came up though, she looked up to give it to Rachel and caught her looking at her with wide eyes and an open mouth.

“Thanks,” Rachel said meekly.

She hobbled out of the room, loaded down with all sorts of notebook and textbooks. She could feel Mya’s eyes watching her as she went and it was not all that unpleasant. As she walked to her car, she thought about the girl up in the computer lab. Mya was not what one would consider to be classically good looking. She was a little on the short side, just over five foot tall while Rachel was around five foot four, depending on which shoes she wore. Mya had shiny brown hair that ended about two inches above her shoulders. She never wore lipstick and rarely wore any makeup other than a little concealer and bronzer. She constantly reapplied lip balm to her lips, leaving them appearing soft and full. She had a slim, but not skinny body. Her chest was somewhere in the C cup range and she wore lots of tank tops to emphasize her chest. Wow, Friday night is going to be fun with Mya around, Rachel thought.

Back up in the computer lab, Mya was thinking the same thing about Rachel. She knew that she would barely be able to get through both Thursday and Friday seeing how as it was only Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, Mya didn’t see Rachel walking either to or from class and was really disappointed by this. She knew that the next time she would see her was Friday night because Rachel didn’t have class on Fridays.

By the time 8 pm rolled around on Friday, Mya was itching for something. She had carefully picked out her outfit for the night to emphasize what she knew was her best asset: her 34C chest. She had slim leg jeans on with a very low cut, ruffled halter top. The top brought her breasts in and made them look bigger. She had made her hair wavy with the aid of a curling iron and had lightly dusted her shoulders and chest with scented, edible glitter. She knew from experience that nobody, men or women, could resist the stuff.

She sat on her couch in her apartment and watched TV while waiting for Rachel to pick her up. Right when she was starting to get a little worried that the girl had forgot about her, a knock sounded. Mya quickly got up to get the door.

“Sorry about being late… my friend from Michigan called and …. God, you look great!” Rachel spouted. She just stood in the door looking at this magnificent girl in front of her. She detected a faint smell of lavender coming from Mya. Suddenly Rachel wished she had put a little more effort into what she wore that night. Practice had run long and she had rushed home to take a shower and put on a polo and some jeans.

Getting flushed after only being with her for a second, Mya quickly said thanks and went to grab her keys and purse. Rachel followed her into the apartment. Over in the corner was a desk with a computer on it. Mya was fiercely protective of her computer and didn’t let anybody touch it. Matter of fact, she didn’t like anybody looking at it even. Rachel noticed that there was a familiar picture set as the desktop: her! She was leaning over, catching a ground ball during a game from about two months ago. That was the play that won the game.

“Uh, nice desktop Mya… looks like you like softball,” Rachel said.

Realizing that she had left her laptop open, Mya rushed back into the room. She quickly shut the lid and turned around, rather embarrassed.

“Yeah. That was an amazing play. I was at that game,” Mya replied, very red-faced at this point. “You wanna get going? When’s this thing supposed to start?”

“Well, it’s pretty much a ‘whenever people start showing up’ thing. You ready?”


Rachel turned around and started out of the apartment. Mya followed behind her, still tomato red in the cheeks. She locked the door and continued out to Rachel’s car, a 2004 Ford Explorer, the two door model.

They drove the rest of the way to the party in silence, each girl thinking about what had gone on at Mya’s apartment. Rachel was wondering about Mya and Mya was hoping that Rachel wasn’t really freaked out by the desktop. When they get to the party, Rachel parked a few blocks pendik eskort bayanlar away and they both got out and went up the house.

Inside the music was pumping. There were a lot of people Mya recognized. Most of the basketball team was there, and Mya said hello to most of them when she was walking around. She found the kitchen and where the drinks were being dispensed. Mya had never been much of a drinker. She’d had a few beers at parties before, but because of her size, she was never a heavy drinker. Hard liquor was almost out of the question. The one time that she’d had anything harder than beer, she had ended up making out with one of her best guy friends for about 30 minutes before she realized what she was doing. Needless to say, Mya grabbed a beer over anything else.

She settled into the groove of the party. She talked to a few people about this or that. There was one guy from her math class that she talked to for awhile. There was a girl that she had always thought was rather attractive from her English class from first semester there and talked to her for about 10 minutes. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Rachel sitting over on the couch, talking to a girl she sort of recognized. About an hour elapsed and Mya could tell that she was getting pretty sloshed. Granted, she’d only had two beers, but that’s what it took for her to have a nice buzz.

Suddenly feeling the urge to use the bathroom, Mya walked around the house, looking for the bathroom. By process of elimination she found it, but the door was closed. She knocked lightly. There was a loud “Just a second!” from inside and it sounded familiar. The door opened and Rachel stood there before Mya. Rachel had had a few beers as well, and she could feel the effects of a very slight buzz as well. Rachel had a pretty high tolerance for liquor, so she was barely buzzed.

Seeing the softball player right in front of her and feeling rather bold, Mya grabbed the girl and pushed her in the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She pushed her up against the wall, something that was very unlike Mya to do considering her size. Rachel could tell that Mya wanted her and she kind of wanted Mya as well. The lavender smell was very intoxicating. Each girl’s lips found the other’s and the two were locked in a deep kiss before either knew what was happening. Rachel bit Mya’s lip gently and a small moan escaped the shorter girl’s mouth. Rachel slipped her tongue in Mya’s mouth and Mya readily accepted it. Rachel’s tongue explored Mya’s mouth and then she allowed Mya to slip her tongue into her mouth as well. Meanwhile, Rachel’s hands were roaming up and down Mya’s back and settled in Mya’s firm ass. She squeezed and Mya just about jumped out of her skin. Mya’s hands had found Rachel’s breasts and were massaging them through the polo that Rachel had on. Rachel was quickly getting more turned on and she knew that Mya was too. Rachel took her hands from Mya’s butt and brought them up to the girl’s ruffled tank top. She pulled at the knot behind Mya’s neck, and it came out fairly easily. The straps fell down and Mya’s beautiful breasts were on full display for Rachel to see. They were just as gorgeous as she had imagined them last night when she was getting herself off.

She took one in each hand and in a circling motion began to massage Mya’s chest. Mya’s head fell back and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She was obviously enjoying this, so Rachel felt compelled to continue. She took one very erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pulled at it. Mya had always had very sensitive nipples and loved to play with them at night. She let loose a deep groan and felt like she was going to explode right then and there.

Believe it or not, this was the first time she had made out with a girl. Mya had never come out to any of her friends because she didn’t want anybody to know. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed by her sexuality. It was that she considered her private life just that: private. What she did in her bedroom was her business. The only other person that needed to know was who she was with. Until now though, she had just been by herself. And here she was with the girl she had been fantasizing over the past few weeks.

Rachel continued to alternate between tweaking Mya’s nipples and massaging her breasts for what seemed like forever, but as suddenly as the whole thing began, Rachel stopped. Mya opened her eyes because she was very confused. Rachel was looking at her, obviously hot and bothered. She licked her lower lip and said, “I think we should continue this elsewhere. There’s too many people here.”

Mya nodded, barely able to speak after coming so close to the edge from Rachel’s massaging. Mya tied her top back behind her neck and quickly looked in the mirror to make sure she didn’t look ridiculous.

“Meet me at the car in two minutes,” Rachel whispered into Mya’s ear. Rachel’s quick hot breath sent shivers down Mya’s spine. She nodded again, still not able to speak properly.

Rachel slipped out of the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Mya took care of business and then slipped out of the party. Nobody stopped her on her way out, which was a good thing because she probably would have bowled them over trying to get to Rachel’s car.

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