Summer by the Pool

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It was the late in the summer, and we had spent most of it in her pool. We had wasted away many days and nights over the summers of our high school years and this first summer after being away at college was no different. That is, no different except for the beer. Back then the legal drinking age was still 18, and a year away at college had taught us a lot.

This was a particularly summer. We were each working the last days of our summer jobs before returning to college, and the evenings were still spent by her pool. The shed, which was pretty much an oversized garage, was close to the pool and her dad had walled off a portion to create a changing room inside. Being naked in that room while hearing the conversations of people just the other side of the door always gave me a bit of a rush. I had begun to change out there fairly often, especially when Sarah’s girlfriends were out by the pool. Perky breasts in tiny bikinis were more than a young man could handle, and I was beginning to appreciate the perks of having female cousins who introduced me to their girlfriends!

As cousins, Sarah and I had pretty much grown up together. Our moms had grown up together, and our dads were army buddies so it was no surprise that my family had followed hers from the city into the suburbs. She and I ended up attending the same school from 6th grade onwards.

Unfortunately for Sarah, her dad’s genes took over at puberty and she filled out quite a bit more than she would have chosen. She was quite chubby and wore glasses. She had very fair skin, reddish brown curly hair and freckles. In short, she was a typical awkward teen, with the typical problems we all face during that dreadful time of puberty. I, on the other hand, was a pretty skinny kid. Unlike her, both of my parents were from the Caribbean so I was darker skinned than she, and had just moved into the school that year. Initially, no one believed we were related.

To her credit, Sarah went away to a fat camp the summers of junior high. I don’t think it was sold to the rest of us as such, but that is what it was. She lost a lot of weight that first year, and returned to camp the following summer to finish the task. Now, by no means would I ever call her thin. She has one of those bodies that always appear to be round, regardless of her weight. She is not tall, but getting down to a size 2 is just never going to happen. As an adult today, she is remains on the thicker side, but she maintains a consistent weight and is comfortable in her own skin.

We were several years past the summers of fat camp now and she had kept the weight off. I had just finished adding my ‘freshman fifteen’, but was still fairly slim. I had gained the weight playing college soccer and eating everything in sight. I was also a typical college male; a walking raging hormone who subscribed to the media’s version of sexy. I fantasized about a few of the other girls who travelled in our summer circle. They too had discovered how sexy they were becoming as college women and were enjoying flaunting what they had.

My favorite memories are of Janine, a pretty dumb blonde if ever there was one. She garnered the attention of every guy in our social studies class. Whenever she yawned, she would stretch and lean backwards over her chair, arching her back and heaving her oversized breasts up to the ceiling. It wasn’t long before those yawns became legendary. She also had a knack for sitting in guys’ laps. I recall one party when she just dropped into my lap sideways and hugged me. I’m sure it was alcohol induced, but I was not about to complain. Naturally, I hugged her back, but I realized that one of my hands was holding her breast from the side. Now to be clear, this was not a stray finger casually brushing against her. My entire hand was overflowing with the size of her glorious bosom!! I was bahis firmaları sure she would react, but she never flinched. Janine remained perched on my lap with her arms around my neck and breast in my hand, just smiling and talking as if all were normal. It took the thought that some of the other girls could see my hand that finally made me let go, but in retrospect, I wonder how much longer I could have gotten away with holding on…

Our group was out by the pool again after a long day at our respective jobs. This particular evening, I caught several of the girls whispering to each other. They had noticed that Sarah’s pubic hair was protruding from her bathing suit, and apparently that was a big deal. Naturally I was moved to confirm this for myself, but I realize now that this was when I first started thinking of Sarah sexually. I did observe the ‘offensive pubic protrusion’, but it led me to thinking about what the rest of it looked like.

I started peeking at her when she sunbathed to see what I could of the obvious mound below the thin bathing suit fabric. I watched her with more intent when she rose from the pool. I stared at her fat breasts and ample ass as she stretched this way and that while drying herself. She became the focus of my fantasies when I was inside that changing room. I would strain for glimpses of her through the side window; my hard dick in my hands just behind the wooden door. Little did I know of what was to come later that summer.

It was a weekend evening a few weeks later and we were going to spend at the pool again. I had spent a good part of the afternoon with Sarah, during which she told me about catching her older brother, and more specifically, his buddy Johnnie, skinny dipping in the pool late last night. Johnnie was a tall, good looking blond haired teammate from the days of her brother’s high school football team. She’d had a crush on him for years. Come to think of it, I’d had a crush on Johnnie’s younger sister, Patty, for years myself. Too bad she didn’t drop by for some skinny dipping that summer. But I digress…

Sarah was not particularly vulgar in her comments or descriptions, but she got her point across, and my imagination going. I thought about her being with him and what they would do, and it evolved into what I would do with her. By this point in the summer, I had spent so much time with her in those revealing bathing suits that I was dreaming of her in my sleep. We discussed the notion of going skinny dipping, and she admitted she might do it under the right circumstances. I got so excited during the conversation that I had to find some way to get away from her and relieve the strain in my pants. I suggested we take a dip in the pool, and hurried off to the changing room for some well needed attention.

Well I couldn’t get my shorts off fast enough in that changing room. I was thinking of Sarah changing into her bathing suit and thought of myself watching her as she pulled down her panties to expose the matted nest between her thighs. I had come to dream of taking her from behind in my most common fantasy, and this time I imagined us on the pool ladder. I could not believe just how hard I was as I stroked myself. My well practiced hand was getting it all just right as the pace increased slowly along with the pressure of my grip. I could feel the tip swelling and see it turning purple as I strained to extend the length of my pleasure. I wanted this session to last while the images of Sarah’s naked body flashed across my mind in a slideshow. My free hand reached out as if to grab her bare breast from behind and I closed my eyes and imagined sliding between her wet hairy pussy lips. The urge to cum was approaching fast and I could feel my knees start to buckle. I put my free hand on the wall for support and tried to muffle her name on my lips as I let loose all kaçak iddaa over the wood floor. I whispered her name over and over as I coaxed the last drops from my relieved cock. The slideshow in my mind’s eye was coming to an end, and then I heard it. There was a muffled gasp of surprise behind me, and I turned to find Sarah, with her hand over her mouth and an embarrassed flush in her cheeks. How long had she been there?

Sarah had come through from the other side of the shed. The winding pathway from the changing room into the storage part of the shed was never formally closed off because no one ever used it. There was a lot of old junk laying back there dating to the previous property owners. I had navigated the mess only once in the years since my cousin moved in. It was now painfully obvious to me that she had done it too.

Her hand fell from her mouth as I jabbed out for any piece of clothing that would shield my nakedness from her. With just my jockey shorts as cover, I could feel the flush that must have covered every exposed inch of my body. Her eyes remained fixed on the fabric I was holding, barely hiding the most personal of my belongings. I resigned myself to the idea that she had seen and heard most of what I had done, and tried to come up with some manner of explanation.

The awkward pause was broken by both of us simultaneously; Sarah trying to explain why she walked in on me unexpectedly and me stammering through some explanation of why I was playing with myself in here. I didn’t even hear much of what she said until these words froze me dead in my tracks. “Did you mean me… Sarah, you said Sarah, right… were you talking about me… were you thinking about me while you were doing that in here?” I had no answer, or at least could not bring myself to answer her honestly. I was embarrassed on so many levels, and the look on her face told me she was too, but this is where things really got weird.

I stood before Sarah, trying to decide if I could find a believable lie to speed us to the end of this tortuous moment. I was considering just telling her the truth and living with the consequences when I realized that my erection was returning. My eyes could not meet her gaze and I had fixated on her breasts as we were talking, and it seems my subconscious was still churning away. The fabric of my underwear tented and I closed my hands in an effort to contain it, but I heard her say “no”. It was barely above a whisper, but I heard it. I looked up to find her staring through my hands to see what I was hiding. Her look was inquisitive, and she repeated her request stronger this time. “Don’t hide it. I want to see.”

My grip eased slightly as I mumbled, “I thought you would be too…” The last words died on my tongue as Sarah dropped the top of her bathing suit.

“I know you want to see them. I see they are getting you hard. So now that you have your chance, I want a chance to see yours again.” Sarah reached forward to gently coax my hands from the meager veil. Her eyes looked directly into mine, asking my permission. The fabric fell away and her gaze dropped again. Sarah watched as my hardness danced to its own rhythm in mid air. Her gaze returned to my eyes, as she reached forward, again silently asking my permission. I did not deny her as the warmth of her hands closed around me gently. One held my hardness as the other sought to cradle the source of the fluid she saw erupt from me moments before. “Is this how you like it,” she breathed as she began to stroke me. “Is this what you fantasize about me doing to you?” I was still too surprised to answer, and I felt her grip tighten before pulling me closer. “Is this what you have wanted from me? I’ve seen you staring at my tits and ass. I really make you horny don’t I?”

My hands rose for Sarah’s breasts, groping her in their eagerness. They kaçak bahis were as advertised, fat, full and heavy. I raised them slowly, and pinched her pink nipples, perking them to full attention. Her breath drew in heavily and her stroking grew faster, encouraging me to continue. It was not long before my hips were matching the rhythm of her strokes and the shadows of another release were upon me.

I was just starting to moan, when I felt her draw back; my disappointment was quite clear. She gestured for me to sit on the bench, as she wriggled her generous hips from the rest of her bathing suit. My eyes followed the slow decent of the fabric, eager for what was to come. One strand at a time, the dense pubic hair revealed itself and I grew firmer still. She stepped closer to me and parted the dark hair to show me the lips hidden just beneath. Then she took me by the hair and rubbed my nose against the coarse warm hair. The heat radiated upon my face along with the musky scent of her arousal. My hands grasped at her hips to pull her closer. I wanted to taste the wetness I saw seeping but my tongue was left wagging in vain. I heard the word ‘no’ again, but this time it left me disappointed. She would not let me lick her directly, but I would still have my taste.

Dragging my hands from her hips, Sarah ushered one directly between her thighs. I heeded her guidance in the exploration of her wet folds, eagerly earning her gasps of approval. I groped at the pendulous breasts dangling inches from my face, and I pulled one into my mouth. The large pinkish nipple stood firmly against the lapping of my tongue, and she spread her legs wider, offering an invitation to explore her inside. I used a steady rhythm as my fingers and wrist were bathed in her flowing essence. She was warm and wet; her hips swayed with pleasure; the unconscious motion of my own hips reminded me I still required attention. I withdrew my hand abruptly; causing a slurping sound.

I stood to wrap my arms around her from behind, one hand between her legs, the other caressing the soft flesh of her chest and stomach. I rubbed faster as instructed, and it wasn’t long before she was shivering in my arms, releasing a wave of repressed desires. Her hips churned against my hardness and the sensation was driving me mad. I spread my legs for leverage as I moved to take her right there, but she anticipated my plan, and turned her hips to deny me entry. With a firm hand on my shaft, she said “We don’t want to create any problems do we?” Then she exerted just enough pressure to convince me to sit again.

Sarah knelt between my knees and with a wink of her eye, took me into her mouth. Her lips formed the most heavenly seal, so tender and warm. She took me in slowly and deeply until her nose was pressing into my stomach. I sat in amazement. The sight alone was almost enough to finish me off, but it was the exquisite sensations that brought me to the final release. Her tongue worked rapidly, but her lips moved slowly, and her hands cradled everything below. It was both torture and pleasure as she worked me so well, and I was sure I’d die before she was through. My hips were grinding upwards but she held me down with pressure on my thighs. The point of no return had arrived and I took her head in my hands to avoid shooting in her mouth, but she resisted and swallowed hard when I erupted. I moaned loudly as the shudders raced through me, grasping her head even tighter. I felt like the spasms would never stop and my well would never run dry, but eventually both finally subsided.

Sarah stood up and smiled, wiping the excess from the sides of her mouth. My shudders were still fading as she quipped, “You see, that thing is for more than just tugging on.” I stifled a laugh as she bent over to pick up her clothes, savoring my last glimpse between her naked thighs. She dressed quickly and left for the pool where I heard the splash when she jumped into the water. I took a bit more time to digest what had just happened. After all, you want to savor your first time, don’t you?

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