Summer 2001 with the Twins

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This incident happened to me in the summer of 2001 and as I’m sure you are aware the thought and images still gets me very very hard.

It all started when I met this girl called Sandra, Sandra was from North London, twenty years of age and a cheeky little cow. We started dating after she told me I reminded her of her dad and that I said she could be my little girl. This was Sandra turn on at the time.

We had been dating for about a month when I finely got to meet her parents and her two younger sisters. It was a Sunday afternoon meeting which at first was pretty awkward until her father and I realised that we supported the same football team. We chatted about them for several hours and laughed about their rivals. The night ended up a good laugh and very quickly I became one of the family.

Sandra’s two sisters, Sarah and Kat were just eighteen, they shared many of Sandra’s looks, long blonde hair, pert little breasts and tight arse, but Sandra had a softer rounder figure, something to hold on to so to speak. Sarah and Kat did everything together and over the next few months it became a bit of a game to see if I could embarrass them and tease them. Now Sandra worked as a waitress and would often work late shifts, I would go and collect her and drop her home, occasionally we would fuck in the car, but as the relationship grew stronger we would stay at her house and I would sneak out in the early hours.

One morning her father had caught me and I had a lecture about safe sex and being courteous. It was agreed I could stay over and things from there just got better and better.

Sandra’s father was in a well-paid job that took him abroad once a month, he worked over in the Middle East, so would go for a week or so at a time. On one occasion he had a project that would take him a month to complete so his wife decided to spend several weeks out there with him.

Sarah had been given a week of illegal bahis late shifts and I had a week off from work, so I would stay over at hers and then potter around during the day. It was during August so Sarah and Kat were of from school, they were at that time, between leaving secondary school and going to college. The girls would often sleep in and I would wake up, kiss Sandra good-bye and go and do my thing.

It was a Friday night when I had gone round to Sandra’s and waited for her to come home, she had started to get lifts from one of the other waitresses, which meant more often than not I was warming the bed for when she returned. It was late and Sandra rang to say she was going to go out for a few drinks, I encouraged her to have fun and if she wanted to stay at her friends that night it was okay, she readily agreed and said she would wake me in the morning.

I decided I was bored so I ventured down stairs to the living room where Sarah and Kat where watching TV, the two were curled up on the couch and watching some thriller / horror, each had a glass of beer and a bowl of popcorn. I plodded myself down and made a few crude comments as usual, Sarah stuck out her tongue at me and I told her if she did it again she would have to use it. Kat piped up she didn’t know how. Sarah laughed and said she did.

The film was coming to an end and a few more glasses of beer had been consumed, Kat suggested another film and asked me to choose. I knelt in front of the TV cabinet and pulled out blank videotape with the words of “Our Wedding” on. I laughed and, made a joke saying I didn’t think that her parents where married before video was popular, and that is probably a porn movie. Sarah rose, snatched the tape from my hand a pushed into the machine. I sat back laughing and the screen blinked to life, right in front of my face was a picture of the girls mum, lying flat on her back and fingering her own cunt. illegal bahis siteleri From the side of the shot another blonde women leaned over and started to kiss the girls mother. In shock just sat and stared, the two girls did nothing, the tape rolled for about another minute when I finely reached forward and switched the tape of. The two girls had gone bright red and nobody said anything. Suddenly Kat blurted out that it was aunt Rose in the video, aunt rose was her mum’s sister and they were fucking each other. Sarah looked at me and asked me to turn the tape back on, she wanted to see more. I did as I was told and we sat and watched the film, which lasted for about ten minutes. Towards the end the girl’s father had entered and had fucked his wife’s sister. The recording finished and an old copy of faulty towers came on. All three of us sat in silence. The only thing moving was my rock hard dick standing hard against my shorts.

The first to notice was Sarah who smiled and said to Kat it had an effect on me; she looked over as I tried to cover the bulge with my hands. Kat smiled and said she was glad she wasn’t the only one turned on by it, and that it proved I was just a normal man. Sarah nervously laughed and said that dads dick was very big, and she could not believe that mum had fucked her own sister, for the next five minutes we discussed incest, neither girl however said she was against it.

I laughed and said there mum had a fantastic figure, but it did not compare to Sandra’s. Sarah piped up saying she and Kat had better figures, so I said to them to show me. Kat said she would show me hers if she could see my dick. I stood up and pulled down my shorts. The end of my dick was already covered in precome and it was dribbling down the shaft.

Kat rose and started to undress, very quickly Sarah did the same, their bodies were identical, very hard erect nipples, tight stomachs and pussies canlı bahis siteleri that looked like they had been totally shaved. I looked and my dick grew even harder. I pointed to the girl’s cunts and asked if they shaved, they said no and that the hair was very, very fine and it just looked that way. Sarah asked me if she could touch my dick, I moved forward and the touch send shock waves through my body. I stood there and took hold of Sarah’s hand and moved it up and down the shaft. Kat moved over and I felt her hand caressing my balls. Sarah turned to Kat and they gently kissed, I removed my hand from Sarah’s and started to feel one tit on each of the girls. As I touched Sarah’s she moaned.

Sarah then pulled my dick and placed it full in her mouth, she started to suck like at it like a lollypop, and I exploded deep in to her mouth, she gagged slightly and coughed, a little of my come split from her lips and on to her chest. Kat reached down and licked the come of her sister’s tits. I stood back and watched as these two eighteen-year-old twins started to kiss and caress each other’s bodies. They explored every inch and Sarah lay between Kats legs and sucked her clit until she came, Kat returned the compliment, by this time I was hard again and ended up sliding my dick into Kats very wet pussy. The three of us carried on fucking and licking and coming for the next few hours. As we lay there in a heap, the two sisters had explained they had actually seen the video before and had discovered how good family love was.

As I lay there the two girls collected there clothes and headed up to the showers, I lay on the couch and was stupid enough to fall asleep. It must have been about seven the next morning when Sandra finely came home, she saw me asleep on the couch and a pair of her sisters knickers lying on the floor, my dick was still covered in juices and she could see it. Sandra went fucking ballistic and ended the relationship right then and there.

I saw Sarah a few months later and joked we should try it again, but Sarah told me Sandra had told her parents and that the two girls were under severe house arrest, since that day I have seen none of them.

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