Strawberries, Marianne Shows Off

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This is the freestanding part four of a six part series.

Resume: John, a smallish but very well endowed virgin young man, has a temporary job at a farm picking strawberries. He stays in an old barrack with five women. The sleeping cubicles are small and without doors. The girls tease him by wearing skimpy clothing or none at all when passing his door way. Marianne, an experienced woman of 28, is the informal leader. She is tall but with a nice female body, big breasted, full round ass, wide hips and a dark bush. She seduces John and then teaches him thoroughly. During the stay they fuck almost every day, outside or in the barn. All women get involved during the last night party. In the third part John is seduced by first Beth then Barbro, the farmer´s wife. Beth is a fellow picker and there was just a onetime fling on the last day. With Barbro there was a much longer relationship and with her husband´s consent. He even helped. The story changes track and focus in this fourth part, from John to Marianne. We are back in time before Marianne leaves the farm.

– – – – – – –

Marianne liked to talk when we were together and not only to give me directions about how to fuck her. When she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasms she always chatted vividly.

One evening in the barn I was slumped on top of her voluptuous, naked body, embraced and held in place by Marianne´s arms and legs. I remembered the first evening when she seduced me. She had compared me with her dad and said that we looked rather similar especially when being erect. I asked how she knew that, had he had a go at her? She denied it and told that her mom had taken great care in teaching her about sex by letting her watch her parents in action. That´s how she knew, she had said.

“What about your brothers,” I asked when we had recovered.

“Yes, what about them?” she asked lazily.

“Well, you resemble your mom in many ways you have told me. Do your brothers resemble your father?”

“Yes, I guess they do,” she answered in a puzzled tone. “Oh now I get it. You want to know if they are as well hung as my dad and you just come to think of it. Why do you think I know? You don´t think I have fucked them, do you?”

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn´t think about that. I just assumed that you knew,” I said feeling very comfortable, embraced the way I was.

“Well, in fact, I do know. Yes, they are as well hung as my father I am happy to tell. And the youngest is even bigger. Happy for them and for the girls that will enjoy their lovely tools.”

“How come that you know if you haven´t fucked them?” I asked, teasing her.

“Oh, that´s a nice story. Want to hear?” Marianne asked, but I knew that she would tell no matter what I said.

“Let´s see,” she started. “Yes, it all happened the summer after when mom first let me watch when daddy fucked her. She had kept on doing it now and then. Oh, it was lovely to watch all the ways he took her and how she encouraged him and made him fuck her in the way she wanted. Yes, it was that summer. My youngest brother had just had his eighteens birthday.

The boys had grown and had got very interested in the female body. They sneaked on me at all times and it had got worse that summer. I complained to mom who talked with the boys but of course that didn´t help much. They kept watching through the chink of the door or the key hole, burst into the bathroom when I had forgot to lock the door and so on.

One day, when I complained to mom for what felt like the thousand times, she looked me in the eye for a long time. Then she said:

‘Are you sure that you really are embarrassed? Or do you complain only for the sake of it? If you really get embarrassed then you have to be more careful. Close the door, lock the door to the bathroom and be dressed at all times when outside your room. Otherwise I am sure you can find ways to handle it. Life can be rather boring in this farm now and then. We have to entertain ourselves as best as we can, using the instruments there are as pastime.”

She kept looking me steadily in the eye for a long time. Then a smile spread over her face.

“You are grown now, not a virgin anymore. You have developed and become a beautiful woman during this year when you have been in the big city. And you really have a woman´s desires. I know that you learnt a long time ago to take care of it. Well, as good as it can be done without a man. We are rather alike and when we reach an orgasm we let the world know. I have heard you many times and it sounds that you really can please yourself. So don´t be too hard on the boys. They hear it too although they don´t understand in full what´s going on and how enjoyable it is.”

She said no more, just looked at me smilingly for a while. Then she turned away.

I thought about what she had said for a few days. It was hard to understand what she had meant. But one thing got clear in my mind. I didn´t get embarrassed when the boys watched me. I just thought that I illegal bahis had to complain. In fact, I got turned on when being watched. I made up my mind.

The next day the boys and I were sitting on the porch.

“Listen boys. I am really tired of that you sneak on my all the time. I don´t like it, I don´t like it at all. So, I have a proposition for you. If you promise not to sneak on me anymore I will give you a reward. What about it?”

“What type of reward will we get?” My youngest brother Eric quickly asked. He always was the fastest in such matters.

“Oh, I don´t know. I haven´t thought about that yet. Maybe you will come up with suggestions when the time comes. Let´s say that we have a trial period until Saturday and then decide.”

They quickly agreed.

Saturday came and I us usual cooked lunch for my brothers. Our parents had gone to town for the weekly shopping. When we had finished eating I thought that it was the right time.

“Well boys, I am very pleased with you,” I said. “As far as I can tell you haven´t sneaked on my since we had our chat about it. So I think you have earned a reward. Have you thought of something?”

“Oh yes,” my middle brother said. He often was the spokesman if the three of them wanted something.

“Excellent, what is it?” I asked.

“Well, you see, we want . . . well . . . we want . . . He got quiet.

“Spit it out. It can´t be that hard,” I encouraged him smiling sweetly.

“Well, . . . you see . . . well, we want to see your boobs. In the nude. Without a blouse,” he said blushingly.

“Oh my goodness, that´s really something to ask for. I don´t know about that. I had thought that maybe I should make you waffles or a cake. . . . But tell me, do you all agree on that request? And that is all you will ask for?” This went even better than I had hoped.

“Well no, not really,” Eric broke in. “We discussed that we wanted to see you in the nude. All of you that is.”

“Oh my, my. So how come that you didn´t ask for that?” I asked trying to sound shocked which I wasn´t. This got better all the time.

“Well, we thought that it would be too much to ask for and that you would be angry if we did,” he said. He always was honest and straightforward.

“Goodness gracious me. You are serious about this. Well, I have to think it over. But boys, don´t you think a cake would be much better?” I said trying to talk them out of it. But they just shook their heads.

“Well, as I said, I have to think it over. Get out now. I have to clear the kitchen,” I told them.

I made the kitchen ship shape and then went outside. The boys were sitting on the porch waiting for my decision.

“Are you really sure you don´t want me to bake a cake?” I asked them.

“Yes sis, we are sure. We want to see your tits,” the oldest blurted out. It was the first time he had said something in this matter.

I stood quiet, trying to look as I was in deep thoughts. But actually I was only trying to get a dramatic effect.

“All right boys. But if I let you see my tits I expect the same agreement for the coming days. Agreed?” They all nodded eagerly.

“All right, step down from the porch then. I´ll be right back,” I said and went into the house to prepare my entrance. I had already decided how to do it. I quickly changed into a pair of short pants and a white blouse. No bra underneath. I went to the door.

“Ready boys,” I yelled and then stepped outside.

The boys stood at the bottom of the stairs, eagerly awaiting my appearance.

I stood on the porch for a little while then started to fiddle with the top button. Slowly I unbuttoned the blouse allowing it to fell apart step by step but not completely. When the last button was undone the blouse was open all the way down showing the full cleavage down to the navel. With what I hoped was a dramatic movement I made the blouse to slide down my arms. I was now naked from the waist up. I straightened up pushing my boobs forward. The eyes of the boys were glued on my tits. I shrugged my shoulders making the boobs to swing slightly from side to side.

I felt hilarious. Mom had been right. I loved to show off and feel the attention I got from the boys. Without thinking it over I took it a bit further than I had planned. I walked slowly down the steps to stand close to the boys to give them a real close look. I stood like that for some time. The boys stood like mesmerized too.

I broke the spell by walking out in the garden. I moved around letting them see my swinging boobs from every angle. I walked up to them again and was pleased to see that they all had got an erection.

I stayed topless in the garden for almost half an hour until our parents were expected back home. The boys were around me all the time. That night I let the world know how much I had enjoyed my show.

In the middle of the following week there was another opportunity. Our parents went into town for some reason I have forgotten. I gathered illegal bahis siteleri the boys and told them that they had behaved so well that I would grant them another reward. Which I did there and then and so quickly that the boys hardly understood what was happening. I was out of my blouse in no time and I went up close to the boys in pecking order.

On the Saturday the tension quickly grew when our parents left for town. But I kept them waiting until lunch was finished. But I had changed clothes to tease them. I had put on a shirt and instead of buttoning it had tied the tails under my bosom. My boobs showed very nicely I thought. And that the boys liked it too was obvious.

“Time for the reward, is it? “The same rules for the days to come? Agreed?” I asked them standing up fiddling with the knot.

“No, well yes, but we want to see some more. We want to see you in the nude. All of you.” the middle boy blurted out.

“Oh my goodness, you aren´t asking much are you,” I said trying to sound and look shocked. But I wasn´t. I had felt that something was up. The boys had whispered among them all through the lunch. I stood at the table seemingly undecidedly. The boys looked at me eagerly waiting for my decision.

“Very well, but there are conditions. You must behave extremely well. And you have to clear the kitchen and do the dishes. Agreed?” That wasn´t much but the only conditions I could think of in a rush. I suddenly got aware of that I had untied the knot while talking. I let the shirt fall open revealing the slopes of my boobs but not baring it all.

The boys rose immediately and quickly started to clear the table. I went to my room to prepare. I wanted to look my best.

I stepped out of my shorts and knickers and stood in the nude looking at myself in the long mirror. I brushed my hair and on an impulse also my pubic hair which I never had done before. It got fluffy and shining looking much better, real nice in fact. I stood for quite a while in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to do this. Eventually I put on a bath robe and joined the boys in the kitchen. I was ready.

I inspected their work and was impressed which I told them. The kitchen maybe wasn´t as spotless as mom kept it but good enough. The tension was very strong now, one could almost cut through it.

“Outside boys, like last Saturday, you know how I want it,” I ordered them. They immediately rushed outside. I followed, seeing how they formed a semi circle but stayed inside the door for a while letting their expectations grow.

“Come on, sis. Show us now,” the oldest suddenly yelled. I understood that their tension now had reached the peak. I stepped outside standing on the porch. I was framed by the door-post and illuminated by the sun like from a real spot light.

“Ready boys,” I asked and let the robe fall to the floor. I stood still, erect and completely in the nude with one leg put a little forward. I had found girlie magazines in the boys´ rooms when helping mom do the cleaning and had studied how the women posed. I now tried to stand like I had seen these models do. After a while I moved into another pose and then again. I was cautious though to keep my legs together. I wasn´t yet prepared to show them my pussy although I felt a strong urge to do it.

I think I posed like that for at least five minutes before telling them that the show was over. I had been nicely rewarded by big bulges inside their shorts. Before I left I turned around giving them my backside. I bent slightly forward and spread my feet just enough I thought to show the ripe peach on top of my upper thighs. I was very cautious not to let it split apart though.

I felt extremely turned on and immediately went to my room to please myself. It didn´t take long until the boys could hear that I was in heaven. I guess the boys jacked off as well because they looked relieved when we met later on.

The boys behaved excellently during the following days. They even volunteered to help me with the dishes which had never happened before.

In mid week I again felt upturned and horny. I told them that I was going to a small clearing in the wood after dinner. I said no more.

They were there when I arrived which I had expected. But I didn´t came from the direction they anticipated. I had went around and come from the opposite direction. I sneaked forward and was able to reach a spot behind some bushes less than ten yards behind them. I got in the nude but kept them waiting for a while before I stepped out.

“Hi boys, looking for me,” I said softly. They spun around and their eyes nearly left the sockets when they took in my nudity. We all stood motionless for some time. Then I felt a urge to move. In one of the magazines a model was doing some gymnastics and I tried to give a similar show which meant turning around, bending and twisting. I guess that I showed quite a lot of pussy but only in very brief glimpses because I was moving all the time. The canlı bahis siteleri boys soon got nice bulges.

I let them watch much longer than I had planned. It felt so good showing off and being outside was an extra thrill. But eventually I stopped and told them to go home. I retreated behind the bushes and saw them heading for home dragging their feet.

As soon as I was convinced that they really were on their way I sank down in the soft grass and buried my fingers in my pussy. It felt marvelous. It was the first time I had done it outside and in full light. I caressed myself to a crashing orgasm. Although I wasn´t aware of it just then I know that I screamed on top of my lungs. I didn´t care if the boys heard me, mom had told me that they all did when I got my rocks off in nighttime.

I stayed lying in the grass on my back for quite some time. After a while my fingers started to explore my depths again and this time it became a long, slow excitement that ended in a similar extended orgasm that that made my entire body to shudder.

We all looked forward to the coming Saturday. Although I felt an urge to give a show already when our parents left I decided to feed the boys first. But I made one change. When I called them into the kitchen they made big eyes. I was naked from the waist up except for a very low cut bra but tried to be calm and behave as natural as I could. I moved around the kitchen filling the plates, pouring the milk and all the usual things. But it also meant that I had to lean over the boys to reach and my boobs swung close to their faces.

They ate quickly and immediately volunteered to do the dishes. I sat at the table watching them and they eyed me all the time. I teased them by leaning forward putting my boobs on the table top or sat back cupping them.

“We are finished. Satisfied?” the oldest said standing close before me. He already had a bulge in his shorts.

“Yes, very. Well done,” I said after having inspected everything again walking around the kitchen with swinging boobs. “Let´s go outside, the weather is so nice.”

This time I followed them directly to their surprise. But I had stopped shortly to put on a shirt that I had handy.

I again used the porch as a stage with the boys beneath. This time I had decided to do a small strip show. I had found a girlie magazine with earmarks on a few sides showing a series of pictures with a girl stripping.

I started with taking off my shoes and socks slowly and one at a time. I saw that I had got the boys attention and that they understood what I intended to do. I went on taking off my pants. They were narrow and I had to wriggle my ass a lot before they were gone. Then I hesitated to build up the tension. I started to fiddle with the buttons in the shirt and undid a few but then stopped looking indecisive I hoped. My hands moved from the shirt to the knickers and then back again. I undid the last buttons but let the shirt hang loose without revealing much of my charms.

I turned around and started to push the knickers down. I did it slowly and it required a lot of ass wriggling. I stepped graciously out of the knickers and shifted my weight a few times to really show my ass. The knickers were dropped to the floor. I stood with my feet well apart gyrating my hips.

Next came the shirt which I let slide down my arms. Only the bra remained and I put my hands behind my back fiddling with the clasp for some time until I let the bra fell to the floor too.

I held the shirt in front of me when I turned around to face the boys.

I was happy to see heavy bulges in their shorts and they grew when I dropped the shirt. I stood before them in all my naked glory. Like before I took several positions that I had studied in the magazines. I ended up like last time by turning around and wriggle my ass before I leaned forward and spread my legs as far as I dared to without risking the peach to split apart.

The boys cheered when I collected my things and went inside.

On the following Saturday I did the same basic routine but I changed it. Instead of being nearly topless I put on a thin white T-shirt and just before I called the boys in I sloshed cold water over my boobs. The front of the shirt got soaked and transparent and clung to my body. And my nipples stiffened from the chill and stuck out real nice. The boys kept staring at them all through lunch.

The strip I made on the porch included some new positions I had found in the magazines including going down on all fours and sitting on my knees with my legs slightly spread. I got a little carried away doing that and suddenly felt that the peach split in halves. Well, I thought, no harm done.

I had started to wonder if the boys deliberately tried to steer my actions because the magazines weren´t very well hidden anymore. And the earmarks were very clear. Well, it didn´t matter. I was happy to give them what they wanted.

On the Sunday afternoon mom and I was alone in the house preparing dinner. We chatted as was our habit.

“You haven´t complained about the boys for some time,” mom suddenly said. “Have you come to a conclusion about what we talked about a couple of weeks ago?” She looked inquiringly at me.

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