Stepmom’s Bargain Ch. 4

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Black Lipstick

If you’ve been following the stepmom bargain series you’ll know what a problem the entire situation had become for me to handle. My solid, hot, older stepmom with an experienced gift for sucking cock, and great pussy also, pleasuring me on a regular basis in return for my giving up motorcycle racing. Was I to give up a sport I love and risk losing my hot young girlfriend as well for this hot affair? That brings up the point, what about my father? A man always away on business for his corporation. The man who arranged a bank loan for a fourteen year old boy to have his first class A motorcycle so that he could train to compete with a decent bike. I felt like I was kicking him in the balls everytime I let my stepmom do me in the various ways she had over the last couple of months. But it was difficult to stop.

In the time since the first blowjob in that hospital room my stepmom must have swallowed at least twenty of my loads. She would come home drunk and slip into my room just long enough to suck me off and then go pass out in her room. She would suck my dick in the middle of the morning just before she went to her nursing shift at the hospital. She would go down on me after I got back from my dates with my girlfriend, which meant that she had been tasting my girlfriends pussy from my dick sometimes. And lately the pleasure had went to the last level with her taking my cock up inside her wet hole several times a week. I had already decided that I didn’t want to risk what would happen if someone found out, and that I wanted to quit having sex with her. But everytime she started to pleasure me I lost the will to stop.

Early this morning, right after she got home from work, she stripped down and came into my room. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked me to a raging erection before climbing up onto my lap and sinking my manhood inside her pussy. She rode me nice and slow, enjoying the feeling as much as I did. I watched her play with her big tits in the dim light of my room as she went up and down. When she brought me up to the edge of my orgasm she dropped back down and swallowed my dick, applying that wonderful suction, draining my balls into her mouth and then cleaning my dick up before leaving me to sleep.

Just a few hours later I pumped another load into her, taking her from behind, bent over the couch. She came in with her short office skirt on and a semi-see through blouse on and asked me if I would mind giving her a little gift to help her sit through the lecture she was required to sit through at the hospital. I asked what she had in mind and she moved over to the back of the couch, raised her skirt, slowly dropped her black panties, and bent over. She further provoked me by rubbing her pussy from underneath and using the other hand to spread her cheeks and tease her tight little asshole.

I found myself on my knees behind her with my face pressed in between her thighs, tongue buried in between her folds. I was urged to run my tongue from the top of her slit all the way to the top of her ass crack over and over again. I paid equal attention to both of her fuckholes and was soon too excited to take it anymore. I stood and stripped quickly, then I pushed the tip of my dick in between her pussylips to sink deep into her. I was beyond caring if someone did walk in on the two of us at that moment. I was able to pump up against her healthy round ass, I gave my stepmom a pounding my girlfriend would never have been able to handle. My stepmom loved every second of it. I pumped until my load shot up out of illegal bahis my dick to fill her pussy to overflow. I immediately had to sit down because I felt weak in the knees. I watched my stepmom pull her panties back up to capture my dirty seed and then she dropped to her knees and gently gave me failing dick a mouth cleaning. She left and I went back to bed.

My poor girlfriend must think that I’m dying. I’m tired all of the time and haven’t went anywhere with her or even left the house in the last two weeks. The most amazing thing in the world is the fact that I am still able to fuck my girlfriend also when she wants it. She has come over several times just to get some relief of her own, as well as see how I am doing. She told me yesterday that the girl that had went down on her in the shower at school pulled her aside between classes and kissed her on the lips. The two of them kissed for a few moments and my girlfriends hands were guided up underneath the other girls shirt to find the girl hadn’t worn a bra. I sat there on the couch and listened to my girl tell me how it felt to feel another girls tits and kiss her. My girlfriend was riding my cock while she told the story, slowly and describing it in detail. The entire situation made her so hot she admitted to me that she wanted to go down on the girl. My girlfriend admitted to wanting to have sex with other girls now- and me too. My sweet, horny, petite, bisexual, babe of a girlfriend grinding her hips against mine in ecstasy did give me even more of a reason to break it off with my stepmom. But how?

A full day passed without any sex, giving me the time I needed to try to work on the problem of how to tell my stepmom that we had to stop. But could we stop? My stepmom was a very horny woman with a “young, hard stud” under her roof and no husband to take care of her needs. I mumbled aloud in the shower that we had lived under the same roof for a decade without having sex. But even as I said it I knew that things were completely different now. She is getting to swallow a load and fuck me anytime she wants, she’s not going to want to give that up. Truthfully, I didn’t even know if I wanted to give it up either. I mean, to have a woman available everyday that loves to have sex, and not just sex, but sex without strings or obligations, that is a great thing. She can get satisfaction without having someone able to start a rumour about her cheating on her husband. I know she still loves him, she calls him every other day. The phone bill has been right up there with the electric bill for nearly a year now. The whole thing was going to have to go away for everybodys sake.

Early afternoon Saturday my stepmom got off the phone and told me that her and a friend was going to go to an all girls party to celebrate one of their friends divorce. “Well, that’s weird”, I said. To which she blew me a kiss and replied with a wink, “well, when I come home don’t be surprised if I don’t have a toy or two.” She was out the door that night and didn’t come back until just after midnight- which was early by what I guessed. The police had broken the party up for excessive noise and all the drunk women were taxI’d to their homes by the hostess. Sure enough there was a bag of goodies with her when she came into the house. I greeted her in my boxers and hockey jersey helping her onto the closest stable object- the coffee table. She proceeded to show me her toys while I tried to get her to just go to bed. There were several video tapes of porn, a bumpy vibrator, a wavylittle thinner vibrator, illegal bahis siteleri some flavored gels and a bottle that she brought specific attention to ‘anal lube’. At the deliberate mention of the lube and the further explanation of what the wavy vibrator was for I began to get the idea that she was wanting to experiment with something new. The fact that I was going to be a part of it brought my dick to attention in my boxers. I was losing my resolve as fast as she was getting undressed- which was actually done slow and clumsy, with my help often necessary.

She placed pillows on the coffee table and the floor next to it and popped a tape in the VCR. The tape was an instruction tape on anal sex. I couldn’t believe it. She had come straight home and wanted me to be the first to buttfuck her. The tape was very good and erotic enough in itself to have gotten me off. Following the tapes instruction I massaged my stepmoms ass and licked her pussy. I began to finger her pussy while I reamed her asshole. She was gushing pussy juice down my fingers after a few minutes of this treatment. I began to rub a good portion of lube between her cheeks and switched to licking her pussy while slowly pushing a lubed finger into her backdoor. She loosened up as I added more lube, and even added a second finger to the probing. She was moaning the whole time I worked my fingers in and out of her ass. I was hard enough to split a 2 x 4 but it wasn’t time yet. Next came the wavy vibe. I was to add yet more lube and slowly insert it in place of my fingers.

At this point I am leaking precum like I never have before, actually I never really did ooze alot of precum before, and I had to have some relief right then. So I moved around to the side of the table and leveled my dick with her mouth, which she took right inside and began to suck greedily on, while I began to introduce the wavy vibe into the depths of her ass. I worked the majority of the length in and then out a couple of times working the lube deeper inside. I felt my cum rising to the top about the time the vibe neared full penetration the third time and I let go inside her mouth with a kingsize flow of cum. It went everywhere as I spasmed over and over again. Temporarily satisfied I could return my full attention to my preparing her for backdoor entry. I attacked her pussy with renewed vigor, sliding the vibe more easily in and out while I ate her. She quivered and groaned and came while I did her this way.

The tape was already at the point where the girls were being shown taking it in the ass in different positions. I was hard still, though not nearly anvil hard as before, and I asked her if she was ready for me to put it in her yet. She groaned out for me to stick it in her ass, she even said please. So without any further delay the vibe was put aside and I made ready to lose my virginity to the penetration of a womans ass. The fact that she was also losing her anal virginity made me a bit harder and I pressed the head of my dick inside her opening with relative ease. It was such a different sensation that I had to resist the urge to drop down fully inside. Little by little I fed myself into her. I could feel her ass muscles working to fit me inside. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt. I bottomed out after several minutes of working it in and out at a more shallow level. I was there, we were doing it.

I was pressed up tight against her ass with the base of my shaft disappearing into the tight round hole in between her round cheeks. I throbbed canlı bahis siteleri with the excitement of the moment. My stepmom began to squirm against my hips, pushed back against me and then leaned forward a couple of times. She let out a gasp as I slid back at the same time as she moved forward. Sweet waves of lubricated friction washed over me, and our hips met again a few slow seconds afterwards, set to do it again. She breathed out a long ‘yes’ as we began to matche each others strokes in perfect time. I was sliding freely in and out of her ass and knew I could do this with her again if I ever planned for us to quit having sex. This was too powerful an experience.

The realization that this would have to be the last time I could be with her filled me with the desire to make this last forever. But I knew it wouldn’t last, she was already whimpering and begging for me to cum inside her ass. She began to talk dirty to me, saying things like, ‘fill my ass, I need your cum’ and ‘buttfuck me, you’re making me come’. I kept my thrusts from being too hard but I picked up the speed as I was gathering up one last shot. It felt so damned good that I had to put my load as far up her ass as I could possibly get. I kept my strokes going deep, really pumping her, and it seemed like I was on the edge of cumming forever. Then it happened, my balls pushed and I began to spray my cum inside her. I pushed hard against her ass and froze while I jerked inside her over and over again. She was crying outand rocking back against me working her ass muscles around my dick sucking me dry. I collapsed and we drew apart moments later to lay out on the floor in exhausted bliss.

The next day the two of us didn’t seem to share the normal talk play that we usually did. As a matter of fact, we didn’t do much except blush at each other the next two days after that. The morning of the fourth day I woke up to feel my stepmom slowly stroking my semi-erect dick. She knelt down and placed as wet kiss on the tip. I felt and watched her tongue trail around the head, then up and down the shaft before she took my entire length in her mouth. I lay back enjoyed the wonderful feeling. She took her time and sucked the whole length from tip to base over and over again, using only her mouth. She gripped the base of my dick and began to speed up the motion of her mouth until she was bobbing her head up and down on two thirds of my dick with good speed. I shouldn’t have been able to even think of cumming but the familiar sensation began to build inside and I knew I would soon spill my cum across her tongue and down her throat. As I swelled up seconds before cumming she dropped down to the base of my dick and sucked harder but slower on the way up several times. I launched my load into her waiting mouth and I heard her moan in satisfaction. It was over in a few minutes and not a drop was spilled from her mouth. She slid up to sit next to me in the bed and looked at me for a moment before speaking, “I called your father yesterday and told him I needed him to transfer back to the local office. I realized that this entire thing between you and I had nothing to do with your racing and everything to do with my being lonely with your father away. I’m afraid I used you as a substitute for him all of this time. We shouldn’t have let things get so far as they did, I’m sorry.”

We hugged and talked the rest of the day. I began to race the very next full season, my dad moved back home (I’ve caught the two of them getting it on several times now), I have moved in with my girlfriend and she has a lesbian lover that stays with her when I’m away racing, (the lover sometimes takes me up her ass but that’s it) and everything has worked out just fine. Maybe I’ll share some of my girlfriend/lesbian adventures at a later date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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