Step-son Comes Home Ch. 02

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After a night of sex, we woke the following morning and went about our business. Neither of us mentioning what had happened the night before. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen again. But I had the video to look back on. I hadn’t looked at it yet, but I knew it was going to be hot. I had so many fantasies. Now I could add fucking my step-son to the list. Even though I had had him I knew it would want him again.

Most my fantasies were on the taboo side. I wanted to be tagged team, which was something I hadn’t started thinking about until I was in my 30’s. I thought was hot to watch gay sex, and I wanted to use a strap on and fuck someone. Guy or girl it didn’t matter to me. I wasn’t sure what that said about me as a person. I just thought it meant I was horny.

Dewey and I hadn’t spoken of the incident between us. We just went on about our business. It was the middle of July and we were having some excessively high heat indexes. Most nights I would swim before I went to bed. It helped me to relax and to cool off.

It was Friday night and the temperature had been 104 with excessively high humidity. I came home from work and went right out to the pool. Living in a secluded area I was able to swim naked whenever I wanted. My suit was sticking to me and I couldn’t wait to be out of it. Driving in to the cool water I found myself relaxing instantly.

After about an hour of swimming, I decided I would get something to eat and go to my room. I had air conditioning there and I would be able to get some work done. Wrapping a towel around myself I walked into the kitchen and grabbed something to eat. Feeling better I started making my way down the hall. I stopped halfway to my room as I heard noise coming from the family room.

Tiptoeing down the hall I peeked around the corner to find Dewey and his friend Shawn and Mike watching our homemade movie.

“Dude, I can’t get over how hot your mom is.”

“No shit Dewey, I can’t believe you fucked her. That is so hot.”

I couldn’t believe he was showing it to his friends. We had never said we wouldn’t, I just didn’t think he güvenilir bahis would.

Dewey was sitting in a chair by himself but Shawn and Mike were sitting in the sofa next to each other and I was surprised when they started jerking each other off. Dewey didn’t seem to think anything of it. He just watched the screen and licked his lips. I wanted to see just how far these young men were willing to go. Perhaps I could fulfill several fantasies in one night.

Knowing the boys were in the other room watching me and Dewey going at it excited me. I quickly started working my pussy. I was so excited. I came almost instantly. Reaching in my purse I called the house phone and was delighted when Dewey answered it on the second ring, allowing the video to continue playing in the back round. I could hear our moans from our previous encounter.


“Oh hey Mom what’s up?”

“You are? Are you still stroking that big cock of yours?”

“Umm yes.”

“Is Shawn sucking Mikes cock yet?”

“Yeah how did you know?”

“Dewey, do you want to fuck Mommy again?”

“More than anything, you know that.”

“Will you do whatever I say and ask?”


“I want to watch the three of you fuck each other. Then I want to take all three of you on. Will you do that for me?”


“I’m waiting. I want to watch you fuck one of those guys in the ass. It will turn on me on like nothing else. But first sneak down here and cover your cock with my juices and then have Mike suck it off.”

To my surprise he was in my room in a flash, completely naked and with a raging hard-on. He didn’t hesitate and pushed himself inside of me. I was soaking wet and soon you could hear slurping noises.

“Now call Mike to come here.” I had already set the video camera up. It was recording and I was going to get all the action.

Within seconds, Mike was standing in the door way to my bedroom, his jeans open but his cock stuffed inside of them.

“Get your clothes off.” I instructed him.

Once they were off, I told him to suck Dewey’s cock. It must have been türkçe bahis something he always wanted to do because he was on his knees in a flash and licking and sucking Dewey like a man starved. When Dewey started to moan, I knew he was seeing Mike sucking his cock, he was just enjoying the feeling. Mike had commented a couple of times on how good my pussy tasted on Dewey cock. But each time he would start to talk, Dewey would push his cock deeper down his throat.

“Tell me son, does that feel good? Be honest.”

“Oh yeah Mom, he’s a good cock sucker.”

About that time Shawn walked into the bedroom. He was completely naked and his enormous cock stuck straight out from his body. It was easily the biggest cock I had ever seen. At least 15″ long and about three inches in girth. I couldn’t wait to have it inside of me. Having seen all the boys’ cocks I had decided what would go where when the time came.

He didn’t ask or wait; he moved in behind Mike and pushed his cock inside of him. It was probably the hottest dirtiest thing I had ever seen and I was totally enthralled. As I watched the three men I started playing with my pussy. I was getting so hot; I thought I would go nuts. Sean and Mike both came within minutes. They had been over stimulated by the movie. But surprisingly Dewey was still rock hard. He pulled his cock from Mike’s eager mouth and moved to the bedside table. Reaching in he pulled out the cock ring and put it on himself. The look in his eye told me I was going to get fucked but good.

Climbing on the bed, he put my legs on his shoulder and pushed inside of me in one long hard thrust. “I took a Viagra; I’m going to fuck you for a long long time. When we’re done with you, you won’t be able to walk. But even better when I’m done with you, you want let anyone else fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are. That’s what you want isn’t it Mom. To be fucked like a whore.”

I didn’t know what had come over him, but I couldn’t speak I was so turned on. He started moving slowly at first, but before long he was pulling almost completely out of me and ramming back inside. güvenilir bahis siteleri “How’s that feel, tell your son how good it feels to have his young hard cock in your pussy.”

“Oh Dewey it feels so good. I love the way you fuck me. You’re such a good mother fucker.”

He was ramming his cock in and out of me his balls slapping against my ass. I was in heaven. I hadn’t been this turned on, ever. I heard movement in the room and was surprised to see Shawn on the bed. He was talking to Dewey but all I could hear was buzzing. Before I knew it Shawn was on his back and I was slowly lowering myself onto his huge cock. There was no way I was taking all of this monster.

It was all happening so fast now. I felt my ass cheeks being pulled apart and then the lube being pushed into the nether regions. “This is it Mom your fantasy come true.”

He pushed himself inside of me and I let out a moan of shear joy. It was a truly awesome feeling. Both of these men had such big cock and I felt full. Dewey took a hold of my hair and pulled my head back and there was Mike directing his cock into my mouth.

This was it, this was what I had wanted and I started cumming. I couldn’t stop coming.

“Dewey, your Mom is such a good fuck. I can’t believe it.”

“I know, she loves cock. Don’t you Mom. You love all this cock in you don’t you.”

Mike was the first to cum and he shot his load deep into my mouth. Filling it with his hot sticky juice. Leaning over I kissed Shawn and we shared the taste of Mikes cum and soon he was shooting his load inside of me. Dewey on the other hand was still going strong.

With Shawn’s cock going soft inside of me, to my surprise Dewey stuck his cock in my pussy. I had two huge cocks inside of me. Shawn’s had started to deflate but was soon on the rise again. I could hear Mike talking excitedly.

They pounded my pussy with their cocks; I couldn’t take much more and was relived when both of them came inside of me. It felt like the two of them had unloaded a gallon of cum into my pussy. When they pulled out, there was cum running out of me.

I lay on the bed panting. Unable to move. Dewey came up next to my ear and whispered. Next time you can dominate me Mommy. I think I’d like that. But for now you rest and when you feel up to it. Watch the video; I think you’ll like it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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