Spring Break

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Spring Break usually means some extra off duty work and this year was no exception. I picked up an assignment at one of the local hotels for right after I got off my shift. Being one of the department’s motorcycle cops, I was wearing the traditional knee high riding boots along with all my normal uniform gear including the black leather basketweave gunbelt. I didn’t want to go to the house and change and get my car, so I just took the motor to hotel.

Extra duty during spring break is normally fairly simple. Keep the ruckus to a minimum and act as common sense for those who have lost theirs or never had it to begin with. I usually stroll between the floors, the pool and the beach area. Most of the kids are pretty cool and tonight was no different. You always have some clown that wants to hang on a balcony railing like Spiderman, and it never amazes me when they get mad because you think they should get down. I usually give them a routine that usually works. “Think I can I get your name and address so we will know who you are, cause we won’t be able to tell when you are a greasy spot on the ground below.”

Then there are the girls. Oh, yes. The girls. Young and shapely and full of life. And wearing bikinis that are so tight and revealing. I get a fair amount of teasing from them too, mostly good-natured. My favorite is, “If I call 911, will you cum?” they always ask with a giggle. If they only knew what I could do.

I’m sure they look at me and think I haven’t gotten it up in years. It’s not that I’m old, I’m only 40, but to an 18 year old girl I’m sure I look like an old geyser. To my advantage, I do stay in shape. At six foot one, I weigh 205. I hit the gym at least three times a week, and could and have run circles around younger guys. But still, I know it’s just a fantasy to think that some girl would want to “do” a guy like me. Especially a cop.

So I spend my time, chatting and walking, admonishing and walking, and looking and walking. I had made my way to the parking lot and wanted to check on my motor. I knew it was safe, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought it with me. It’s just that my Electra Glide is my baby. I could tell you all about it, but this is supposed to be a short story.

As I turn the corner I am surprised to see two young girls and one on the back of my baby. Now I have a hard time letting the shop mechanic on my kaçak bahis siteleri motor, much less anyone else. Stay calm, I keep thinking.

“Excuse me Miss. Do you think you could get off my motorcycle please,” I ask trying to sound polite and not being too sure if it came out that way.

“Oh, gosh, I’m sorry Officer. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry” she babbled.

“Well I guess no harm done,” I comment checking to make sure there was no harm done.

“It’s a really nice bike. I love Harleys and this one is sweet,” she tells me.

I look at her again. Maybe 18 or 19. Nice figure, soft brown hair in a ponytail and of course the prerequisite bikini, yellow over what looked to be a very nice tan. Well I hope my Glide liked having this young thing sitting on her. I know I wouldn’t mind it.

“Officer, can I ask you a favor?” she looks at me with begging puppy dog eyes.

“What would that be sweetheart?”

“Could I sit on it, and then you start it. I love the way a Harley feels when it is running. My old boyfriend had one and I loved to ride on it,” she tells me like I care about her old boyfriend.

‘Yeah I guess so,” I answer wondering if it’s possible to be pussy whipped even if you ain’t got the pussy yet.

She climbs on and I put the key in and thumb the start button. The motor rumbles to life as the not quite factory pipes resonate through the night air. I blip the throttle a few times, watching the young girl’s face break into a big smile each time it rips up. After killing it, she climbs off my motorcycle.

She moves over to me and on tiptoes kisses my cheek. “Thanks, Officer. I just had to know,” she says turning to walk away.

“Had to know what?” I ask.

She stops walking and turns back saying, “Whether or not my pussy still got wet from the rumble.”

Of course I look right away at the motorcycle and am rewarded with a chorus of laughter. Yeah, okay. Make a fool out of the cop. You win this round, I think to myself.

“What time are you going to be done here tonight?” she asks.

Little fucking tease. “Midnight,” I grumble.

“Come see me then, Room 407,” she continues to tease. “By the way. It still makes me wet.”

She walks off. I walk pissed off. I spend the next hour and a half in a daze. I try not to let what happened effect my work, but I catch myself thinking more about canlı bahis siteleri that little tease in her hot yellow bikini than I do anything else.

At midnight, I bid my ado to the Desk Clerk, grab my helmet and make my way to the lot. There is no way I will be humiliating myself by knocking on the door to Room 407. Probably some old grandma in there anyway. Okay, so I walked by the room about 10 times but I just wanted to make sure the floor was safe, that’s all.

I get to my bike and throw my leg over the seat. I put my helmet on the mirror as I get my gloves out of the saddlebag. I’m just about to hit the switch when guess who walks up.

“I thought you might not show up at the room. I figured you were pretty mad at me. You probably think I’m a tease. The truth is I am still hot and horny from when I was on your bike earlier. Can I make a proposition to you?” she asks.

“What’s that?”

“I’ve got this really wild fantasy and I’d like you to help me make it come true. I want to be naked, on your bike, with the engine running. I want you in uniform between my legs eating my wet pussy,” she confesses.

I can think of maybe three or four times in my life where I have been left speechless. I will have to adjust that count.

“Then, I want you to sit on the bike. I want you in uniform except for one thing. And I’ll suck that thing off for you,” the young girl continues. “There is only one concession. I want a picture to remember it by. In fact, if you give me your address I’ll send you a copy so you can remember it too.”

“We can’t do that here,” I tell her trying to stay as rationale as possible.

“I bet you could think of a place where we could go. We could follow you in our car,” she offers.

“Follow me then,” I tell her putting my gloves and helmet on faster than I ever had to catch a speeder.

I do know a secluded spot (all good cops do) and pull to a stop. The friend is driving and pulls up so the headlights shine on the motorcycle. I almost didn’t get to the second part of the deal when yellow bikini steps out of the car without the yellow bikini.

She strolls naked over to me and the bike as I step off. She squirms a bit on the seat and asks if she can get one picture of just her and the bike. I move out of the way as her friend takes a few pictures. One was her naked but in a normal yasal bahis siteleri riding position. The next she was leaning back over the radio box with her tits sticking straight up (just like parts of me were).

She finally moves so she is sitting sideways on the seat, both legs on one side. With a crooked finger she motions me over spreading her legs for me. I crouch down and find the most delectable, trimmed, young pussy I had ever seen. I waste no time sliding my tongue along her wet slit as the Harley engine rumbles the seat under her ass. I run my tongue up and down her slit several times, teasing her with my tongue.

“Lick my clit, Officer,” she tells me and I oblige. Her hands find the sides of my head and hold me to her. She starts to buck and moan incoherently as I attack the little nub.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she yells as her friend begins to snap pictures again. I keep licking her until she pushes my head away.

Wasting no time she dismounts the bike and pats the seat for me to sit down. She unzips my pants and pulls my hard cock out. Her tongue flickers over the end and up and down the shaft before she pushes the head past her lips and into her sweet teenage mouth. She works hard and fast on my cock. It’s been too long since I got a blowjob this good.

I motion for her friend to move over behind the bike to take the picture so it will show my cock in her hot mouth. Much too soon, but very inevitable, I feel the need to unload.

“I’m gonna cum, “ I announce. The young girl nods her head without taking her mouth off my cock and in response I shoot my first volley into the back of her throat. Her friend is taking pictures again as the young girl moves her mouth off my cock and takes the rest of my load on her face and tits. When it looks like there is no more she licks me clean and I tuck it away, happy for once.

I fish in my pocket for a card, scribble my address on it and hand it too her. God she looked hot wearing my cum.

“I’ll get them back to you as soon as we get home,” she promises before climbing in the car and taking off.

I get my helmet and gloves back on and enjoy the night air on the ride back to the house, hoping she really does send the pictures.

She did send the pictures. To my Chief of Police. We had quite a conversation about the differences in misuse of city vehicles and my idea of public relations. Fortunately when it was all over I managed to walk away unscathed.

Oh, the pictures. My copies showed up two weeks later with a note that read, ”Had lots of fun. See Ya next year!”

Maybe a video camera would be better next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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