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It was the end of summer and I was newly single, having broken up with a girl I had been seeing for a few months. I was working as a motorcycle courier, delivering packages from place to place around London. It was a simple but arduous job, negotiating my way through city traffic could be something close to hell on earth at times, but the money was good enough and the hours suited me.

It was a Friday and I was tired after a long week, by mid afternoon I was on my fifth delivery of the day. The pickup was simple, an envelope of documents to be taken across town from one law firm to another on the other side of the city. Within a few minutes I was on the road, heading across the city to the delivery point.

I arrived at the anonymous glass and steel office building, parked up and went inside. Sitting behind the reception desk was a strikingly pretty young blonde. She was dressed smartly and conservatively in a dark skirt suit. Her blond hair was held back by a hair grip and her beautiful blue cat-like eyes looked back at me from behind a pair of expensive and stylish spectacles.

“You’ll have to take that off,” she said, indicating my crash helmet, “its company policy.”

It noticed that her voice was soft and she was well spoken, not like the receptionists and office girls that I often have to deal with.

I dutifully removed the helmet and placed it onto the desk in front of me. A motorcycle crash helmet is no good for keeping your hair tidy and I hadn’t shaved that morning so I felt a bit of a mess. Immediately I noticed a flicker in her eyes as she looked at me. Her polite smile became something a little more personal and I could tell that there was something simmering beneath the cool exterior as she looked at me.

“Package for a Ms Davis” I announced, presenting the large envelope. There was a momentary pause as she continued to look at me.

“Oh, yes of course” she said, as if startled out of a daydream. “That’s me, and my name’s Veronica.”

“I’m Ryan. You’ll have to sign for this, Veronica.” I slid the form across the desk to her and watched her sign it then pass it back across the desk to me.

“That’s great.” I said, noticing that her eyes were lingering on me.

“Actually Ryan, could I ask a favour of you. There’s a package that needs to be sent back across town and, as you’re here, I wondered if you could see to it for me.”

The tone of her voice was laden with meaning that had nothing to do with what web tasarım she was actually saying, and her eyes were saying something else completely. Intrigued and slightly aroused, I went along with her suggestion.

“OK, I’ll see what I can do. Have you got the package ready?”

“It’s close by, follow me and I’ll take you to it.”

She stood up and walked across to an office area behind the desk. I followed, transfixed by her sweet pert arse and sexy shapely legs. She was a petite girl, which I have a real thing for, and everything about her was well proportioned and shown off to perfection by her outfit.

She led me back through the deserted office area. It looked like everyone except Veronica managed to get away early on a Friday afternoon. I followed her through the office area to a small, enclosed area that was used for breaks. The remnants of tea breaks were scattered around; a kettle and some mugs, a large box of biscuits – but nothing that I could see that looked like a package that needed delivery.

She stood close to me and leaned forward to whisper in my ear.

“Ryan, I haven’t been laid in three months and I’m gagging for it.”

Her words sent a rush of excitement that coursed right through my body and down into my crotch, stirring my cock into life.

“What would you like me to do about that?” I asked softly, looking deep into her eyes and seeing the turmoil of lust and excitement there.

She spoke with a tremor in her voice, perhaps fearful of what she had said and what she was getting into.

“I-I-I want-” she started, but I cut her off, speaking slowly and deliberately.

“You want me to give you a damn good fucking right here and now, don’t you?”

She nodded in agreement and a wicked smile crept across her lips. I leaned forwards and kissed her sweet lips, tenderly at first then harder. I felt her respond to me, pulling me in closer and kissing me back just as hard as the passion rose within her. As we kissed, I eased her back against the table that was set in the middle of the break area.

“Get your knickers off.” I demanded.

Obediently she slid her hands beneath her skirt and, with a wiggle of her hips, pulled an expensive-looking pair of black knickers down her legs to her knees, letting them slide the rest of the way down to her feet then stepped out of them. She settled back on the small table and pulled up her skirt, allowing me to glimpse the soft pink flesh that nestled web tasarım ankara below the neatly trimmed coarse hair of her mound.

I unzipped my jacket and unbuckled the belt of my trousers. I eased my trousers and boxers down to my knees. Her eyes flicked down to my crotch and she watched as I quickly stroked my already firm cock to its full rigid erection. I moved forwards, aiming myself at the soft glistening target between her splayed thighs. She pushed her hand against my chest.

“Wait.” She said sharply.

I assumed that she must be having second thoughts, perhaps it was all a joke that had gone wrong. I froze for a moment and searched for an answer in her eyes. She gave me a very knowing look and reached into the inside pocket of her jacket, producing a small carton of condoms. She shook the carton out into her hand, took one of the small foil packets and tore it open.

“Let me put this on you first.” she said, reaching down to my hard cock.

She pressed the pink latex against the head of my cock and quickly rolled it down my shaft, making sure that it was fitted properly. The feel of her delicate fingers as they slid down my hard cock was a sensual pleasure in itself. When it was properly on, she gave my now encased shaft a playful squeeze with her hand.

“Now we’re ready to get started.” She said with a wicked smile and settled back, spreading her legs a little wider than before.

I eased forward and guided myself inside her with my hand before taking a firm grip of her and began to thrust rhythmically from the hip. Her little pink pussy was silky smooth and glistening wet from her arousal, allowing me to slide easily in and out of her. Her response was immediate, she certainly hadn’t been joking about three months without sex. She gasped and struggled to stifle passionate moans almost from the first moment I began fucking her. It didn’t take long for me to start getting into it too, the heat built steadily throughout my body and forced me to sweat through my tee-shirt. I could already feel that the first beads of sweat were forming at my hairline and ran slowly down my forehead and cheek. I gripped her smooth thighs firmly with both hands and took her deeply, much to her delight.

“Oh fuck,” she muttered breathlessly over and over as I upped the tempo a little more.

My own rasping breath kept time with hers. As I pounded away, I looked down at her. Her eyes were shut and she had reached up behind her head with one hand. I could see her body surrendering as the sensations gradually overwhelmed her. The powerful scent from her scorching hot hole drifted upwards and filled my nostrils, urging me on to take her more vigorously.

She could stifle her passion no longer and her words dissolved into breathless gasps that filled the small room, matching the pace of my thrusts like the beat of a drum. I could already feel myself starting to get close and I was sure that she must have been getting there too.

“Oh, that’s it Ryan, make me come” she suddenly exclaimed.

Her words were like adrenaline rushing through me and urging me on to make the final rush to climax. I upped the pace of my thrusting once more and pushed a little deeper than before. I would not stop until we both came. Her cries went up an octave and her knuckles turned white as she gripped the table while I began the relentless drive to orgasm.

I felt myself getting closer and closer until finally I groaned loudly and felt the orgasmic rush releasing the knot of tension within me as I exploded inside her. In the same instant, three months of pent up sexual torment within Veronica’s body was unleashed in a powerful juddering orgasm that left her flushed and gasping. I stood at the edge of the desk, weakened by my powerful orgasm and feeling the glow in my body slowly fading. After a few moments, I became aware of warm wetness in my crotch and glanced down to see clear glistening droplets splashed over both of our crotches, my God, she had squirted when she came and I hadn’t even noticed.

“Oh shit, I’ve made such a mess.” She said, suddenly embarrassed and hurriedly reaching for a roll of paper towel nearby. Sensing her vulnerability, I quickly leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

“My God, that was amazing,” I said, “and so are you.”

A little smile momentarily crept across her flushed face and I hoped that she felt a little less embarrassed. We spent a few moments cleaning up the desk, and ourselves until all signs of our little rendezvous were gone.

“Here, you can have these as a souvenir” she said, stuffing the soft tangle of her knickers into my jacket pocket.

“I feel so used,” I said jokingly and patted her firm arse, “but I still want your number.”

She stopped for a moment, turned and smiled at me, pulling her mobile from her pocket. I quickly retrieved my own phone from inside my jacket and we traded numbers. Within minutes I was outside again and on my way back to the dispatch office, hardly believing what had just happened and wondering if I should share my encounter with Veronica with any of the lads at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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