Something New

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Jim and Jessica had been friends and coworkers for several years. An opportunity came up to visit the Las Vegas office of their department. Jim had told Jess about a special friend, Teresa, whom had shown interest in getting together with him when he arrived. More interest, when Teresa was told Jess was coming too! They all met for dinner, in the hotel restaurant, enjoying each other’s company. This would be the first time they had all met face to face. Nervous excitement filled the air. The meal was good, and the drinks calmed their nerves. They brought a bottle of wine to the room to enjoy as they got to know each other better. As they relaxed in the suite, shoes came off and a comfortable feeling enveloped them as they sat together on the couch, drinking the wine.

Jess was sitting next to Jim, since they knew each other well, while Teresa sat across from them in a wide plush chair. As they chatted, Jess would run her hand and fingers down the front of Jim’s shirt while her head was tilted to his shoulder. She would playfully whisper in his ear that she liked Theresa and wished they had gotten together sooner.

Jim was staring into Tee’s eyes gauging her reaction, as Jess continued to lick at his ear and play with his chest hair, unbuttoning his shirt as she did. Jim’s hand was on Jess’ thigh now, gently squeezing easing her legs apart as his hand slid further up the thigh.

Teresa was now leaning back into the chair and staring at the couple in front of her, enjoying the show. She downed the remains of her drink and set the glass down on a table nearby. She was feeling a tad warm, and could feel herself getting damp from the erotic scene before her. She stretched her arms above her head pushing her ample chest out, and as she finished, ran her hands down the front of herself. Spending some time to feel her own nipples begin to stiffen. She continued to watch as Jess openly fondled the growing bulge in Jims pants. Tee had reached between her yenibosna escort legs, rubbing through the fabric of her dress, enjoying the sensual feeling her hands created.

She caught Jim’s eyes looking at her and lifted her dress to reveal her naked pussy. She was enjoying herself, hands at her trim bush. He had his hand at Jess’s thong and pulled the material away to show off Jess’s pussy. It was clean shaven, and wonderfully pink inside. She could see how moist and wet Jess was. Tee removed the rest of her clothes and moved toward the couple on the couch.

Jim had opened the front of Jess’ shirt and unsnapped the front of her bra, letting her breasts tumble freeexposing them for him to lick and suck. Jess was now leaning back on the couch as Jim’s fingers rubbed her clit in a circular motion and sucked on her right tit. She felt Tee’s hands spread her knees and felt the girl’s hair against the inside of her leg. Tee could smell the intoxicating aroma that was coming from the girl in front of her. Jim stopped his rubbing and just held the lips spread open, so her stiff throbbing clit was exposed. Teresa gently blew on it, causing Jess to shiver. Then she flicked the tip of her tongue at it, placing small kisses on it. Jessica moaned deep in her chest. Tee continued to lick her clit and taste the sweetness that was soon dripping down her lips. She pushed the tip of her tongue inside Jess bringing a shuddering moan from Jess’s lips. Delighted with the reaction, Tee brought two fingers up and inserted them in side Jess’s cunt, to give her a nice fingering.

Jim had removed the rest of his clothes kneeled on the cushions. Offering his dick to Jess to suck on as Teresa was eating her. She took the shaft in her hand and fed the head into her mouth as she sucked it like a lollipop. She licked slowly up and down the length of him, looking up into his face as she did. His eyes rolled back in his head, and yeşilköy escort he struggled to stay upright with this new feeling assaulting his senses. As Tee’s fingering sped up, Jess would moan with him in her mouth, stroking him as she sucked. It felt like a small vibrator around his cock. She kept jerking him off as she blew him and was rewarded after 15 minutes work with a face full of dick cream. Jess was soon after. Tee had her frothing and Jess squealed as she shuddered, a small jet of her juice gushing from her cunt. Drenching the face of Tee.

Jim relinquished his spot on the couch to Teresa, as Jess wanted to return the favor to her new friend. Jess crept up the other girl’s body and gave her a deep sensual kiss, with tongues exploring, and lashing out at each other. Jim refilled his wine glass and sat enjoying this display of wanton desires. With Teresa’s head thrown back, Jess began licking down the nape of her neck, stopping at the girls ripe young breasts, the nipples were stiff, begging to be suckled and nibbled on. Jess took each nipple in hand and squeezed them, earning a moan from Tee. Jessica’s leg had parted the other girl’s thighs and she moved her leg up until contact was made. Jess could feel how wet Tee was, and rubbed the now moist area of her sex. Jess’ hand moved to rub the top of her mound all the way to thru her lips down to the puckered bud. This girl was wet! Teresa was now squeezing and pinching her own tits as Jess moved down to her hot steamy cunt. Jess pushed the hood back to reveal the hard nubbin; she flicked her tongue at it and heard the change in breathing as she licked it. Tee was finding it hard to breathe, as the sensations soon filled her. Jess was darting her snakelike tongue deep into her and she knew she was oozing wetness. Jim had left the room for a moment and returned with a familiar pink and white butt plug, the toy of choice in their previous talks. Handing it to zeytinburnu escort Jess, she had licked the toy and then licked at Teresa’s asshole. She relaxed herself, and looked forward to the insertion. She wasn’t disappointed; Jess knew what she was doing. Jess slowly poked the tip into her and waited a second before pushing further, all the while licking and sucking at Tee’s puss. It filled her nicely and was very comfortable.

Jess looked up at Jim and they exchanged a meaningful smile. Teresa felt as though there was an unspoken command. Jess gave her friends pussy a few more licks and moved out of the way. Jim moved in and was hard and ready. With a hand on either of Teresa’s knees, he spread her wide. Jess had taken hold of his meaty cock and gave a quick lick to the head before pushing it towards Tee’s open cunt. Jim pushed into Tee’s cunt and she moaned loudly, feeling as though she was going to burst. He adjusted himself and pushed further. He could feel the butt plug thru the thin membrane between the two holes. He started to pull back and plunge forward again. She was in heaven; she’d never been so filled in her life. She felt the first stirrings of orgasm and screamed as the spasms hit. He continued pounding away at her hot dripping pussy and Jess reached down and started pulling out the plug.

Oh God! NOOO!! But she felt the device slide back in! Oh God, she was getting fucked in both holes – in and out and she felt another orgasm coming. She kept pinching her nipples as they fucked her with real dick and plastic one. She removed one hand from her tit to rub and play with her clit as they pumped her full of cock. Another rushing climax and she was spewing cream over both hand and cock. He knew it would be tight and he wouldn’t last forever. He bent forward and gave her a deep kiss, tongues playing with each other. He asked her if she was having fun yet? She could only smile at him and stated ” Indeed”. He fucked her for a few more minutes and then he pulled out and grunted that he was coming .He pumped out a small pool of jism on her belly. Jess was smiling at them both and knew they had just made something special happen. Teresa felt quite satisfied, and knew that they would have all sorts of fun for the next few hours. After all, this was something new…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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