Some Time with Annie

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I was home on leave and was scheduled to be heading off on cruise in 2 weeks. Annie had called me up and we made plans to get together and hang out. Annie was an amazingly beautiful woman. She had large full breasts that haunted many of my dreams over the years. She had a thick build but she made it all work. I’d tried t get her to date me relentlessly over the last five years or so. She always told me that I was too innocent for her. Well now I was in the navy and innocence was long gone.

I showed up at her apartment and she welcomed me inside with a hug. As was all I was really expecting. So we broke out some Captain Morgan’s spiced rum and a 2 liter bottle of coke. And we began to bullshit about all the good times we’d had growing up. Soon I was lying on her bed and she was sitting next to me playing with poker chips just flicking them up in the air and then catching them.

Eventually she began to flick them up in the air and have them land on my chest. When she ran out she would collect them and start over. The first time it happened it caught me by surprise; the chip was surprisingly heavy as it crashed down on my right testicle. Naturally I jumped.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” She said less than earnestly testing my reaction. “I’ll let you get that chip.” So I reached down and handed it to her.

“No apologies necessary.” I assured pendik escort her. Half hoping it might happen again. She continued her game as we continued chatting about my new life in the military and how I felt about going on this cruise. A couple more chips landed on my cock before I caught her aiming them in that direction. When she had once again run out of chips she said to again that she would let me get those chips. My heart was pounding. I’d be in love with her since I was a freshman in high school. With reckless abandon I reached up and pulled her head down to mine as I kissed her hard and passionately. She sank down on me as our bodies melted together seemingly a perfect fit for each other. I rolled over on top of her and slowly unbuttoned her shirt letting it fall to the sides exposing her black lace bra. I could see her erect nipples poking through the material. I’d fantasies about what they would look like often. They were large but not too large, about the size of .50 cent piece. The color was a medium dark pink and they were now very erect.

I slowly kissed her breasts as I unhooked her bra in the back. She threw it across the room. Her hands gripped the hem of my t shirt and she pulled it over my head, exposing my chest muscles and washboard abs. her hands ran over my muscles as I lowered my face to her ample breasts and began maltepe escort suckling her nipples and flicking them with my tongue while I massaged the other in my strong hands. I slowly kissed her down her stomach, I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and slid them to the floor. I looked over her beautiful naked body. The body I fantasized about so many sleepless nights. I lowered my face and let my lips meet hers. And I sank into her kiss.

She traced the lines of my abdominal muscles and ended up and the button to my jeans. She fumbled a little bit but soon the zipper was down and my jeans had made their way to my knees. I kicked them off. She hooked one finger into my boxer shorts; she took a deep breath, pulled on my shorts and peeked inside to catch a glimpse of my nearly 8 inch erection. She then snapped the waist band with a giggle and slid them down over my ass to my knees. I then kicked them off over by my jeans.

She then rolled me over and took my hard dick in her hand and kissed the head. She licked at the pre cum starting to form at the tip. She then took the length of my member into her mouth taking me to the hilt. I was instantly in paradise. She firmly massaged my balls with one hand while working my dick in rhythm with her mouth. She was sucking so hard her mouth made a pop when she pulled my member out. She kartal escort began working the head of my cock with her hand while she took my balls into her mouth. This nearly brought me to an orgasm. She slid her large beautiful tits up my masculine body and came to rest as she gave me a kiss. I stared into her brilliantly captivating eyes. Annie reached down and grabbed hold of my throbbing shaft and guided the head to the wet welcoming lips of her womanhood. She slowly lowered her hips to meet mine. She engulfed my swollen dick into hot wet pussy. She began moving up and down on my cock, starting slow but speeding up the pace and intensity. Taking me to the hilt. She let out a moan as she impaled herself on my hard throbbing cock. Her wonderful breasts were bouncing with her effort. She tilted her head back when she let out another loud moan.

I put my hands around her waist and rolled her over on the bed. She put her feet on my chest and guided me back into her warm wetness. I entered her and began to forcefully thrust my hips down on her. Pulling out and drilling into her again. There was a smacking noise of our flesh meeting. I was thrusting my penis deep inside her. I could feel the cum rising to my head. She let out another moan as she came to an orgasm. Her vagina clenched around my pulsing member, forcing me over the edge. I buried my head deep inside her womanhood and shot my hot juices into her depth.

We stared into each other’s eyes and sunk into another long deep kiss. I was massaging her breasts again when my phone rang. It was my friends in the drive way to pick me up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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