Snowed In for My birthday! Pt. 03

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Jenna pulled slowly into the garage, slipping quietly back into the house she stood frozen inside the door as she watched her Dad and older sister Emily in passionate kiss.

She must have made a noise because they jumped apart and looked at her. They had no idea she was up much less been anywhere this early in the morning.

“What the hell, Dad? Is this why Mom left?” Jenna shouted loudly.

Brian heard Jenna, threw on some clothes then ran up the steps and into the kitchen.

He looked between the three of them, his Dad, Emily and Jenna, the third was shooting daggers at her dad while standing at the door that led to the garage.

Then he noticed she was dressed as if she’d been somewhere. He looked at the clock it was 6:30 am. No one in the house should be up this damned early.

He could see that Jenna was visibly upset. “What’s wrong Jenna?” Brian asked her.

“Ask Dad!” She retorted.

“Dad?” Brian asked.

“Let’s sit at the table and I’ll explain everything.” Their Dad said.

“Let me start at the beginning and then you can ask questions, okay?” He asked.

Both Jenna and Brian nodded.

“To start at the beginning, right after Jenna turned 5, I caught your mother cheating. She swore it was the first time yet I didn’t believe her. Therefore I had paternity test done all 3 of you. Yes, you’re mine!

That’s when I put the house in her name and bought this land. It took me 3 years but I finally got this house built. There’s been an agreement since then that we’d each have our own property and money.

I can’t touch her’s nor can she touch mine. We agreed to stay together until Jenna turned 18.

However there wasn’t anything physical between us anymore. She kept her stuff in the spare room. She’d become so spiteful at Emily because she had youth and beauty that went beyond hers.

Then when Emily became pregnant with Lily your mother snapped. She thought history was repeating itself so she threw her out while czech first video porno I was gone on a business trip.

As you know your mother got pregnant with Emily while still in high school. It was a struggle for awhile.

Emily called me, she was staying with a friend. As soon as I got back I got her an apartment and a part time job. We started spending time talking and getting to know each other. She’d gotten pregnant Prom night because she’d had too much to drink.

We were soon fighting an attraction that was becoming overwhelming. I was starting to read incest stories on a site called Literotica. One night while I was in the shower I just so happen to leave the laptop open.

As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom she was all over me. As soon as her lips touched mine I no longer in control. It was like we were both consumed. From then on out we were constantly making love.

We’ve kept this a secret. If you’re wondering yes, Stephen is my son & my grandson. Now Emily is 4 months pregnant. We love each other and we aren’t ashamed of it no matter what society may say.

Your Mother left for good because that’s been the plan for quite some time but mainly because I told her I was bringing Emily and the kids here to live permanently.

Now do you two have any questions?” Their father finished with a question.

“So you’re saying that you & Emily are together as a couple?” Brian asked.

“Yes, we are Brian, but I don’t believe we’re the only couple in ts family.” Emily retorted.

“Brian, we know that you and Jenna have been spending a lot of time together, especially in the basement. Is there something you’d like to tell me?” Their Dad asked.

“I’m pregnant!” Jenna blurted out. “The baby is Brian’s. We hope you aren’t ashamed of us Dad.”

“Never could I be ashamed of either of you.” David said with a smile. “I love you both. I’m thrilled I’m going to be a grandfather again. A true czech gangbang porno love baby!”

Brian pulled Jenna into his arms kissing her in the kitchen. Then he led her to the basement to their bed.

“Where’ve you been? How do you know that you’re pregnant for sure? Not that I’m not happy.” Brian said.

“I got up at 4 am, drove 2 counties over bought a 3 pack pregnancy test then took one before I left the store. It gave me a plus sign.” She told him.

“Can you take one with me here?” He asked.

“Yes, for you I’d do anything.” She said.

She walked into the bathroom as he stood at the door, she peed on the test, covered the tip, lay in on the counter and washed her hands.

Brian watched anxiously for the pink plus sign, when he saw it he smiled, “We’re going to be parents, I love you Jenna.”

“I love you too Brian. I was so scared. I was afraid you wouldn’t want me anymore.” She told him.

“Always!” He said roughly.

Upstairs is a whole new conversation…

“David, I think you should take me to the bedroom and make love to me again, I need you.” Emily told her Dad.

David grinned and led the way. She craved sex while she was pregnant. Closing the door to their room, David made quick work of stripping his daughter, kissing her passionately, cupping her heavy breast then running a calloused thumb across each nipple.

He pulled his mouth from hers, took one nipple into his mouth gently biting it. “Ooooh Daddy,please! “Emily moaned. David’s cock was so hard, Emily wasn’t the only one who enjoyed pregnant sex.

He switched to the other nipple, then kissed his way down to her pussy. Opening her lips he nipped her clit with his teeth and she came hard then. He went to town sucking up the juices that was flowing freely.

His pre-cum was oozing as he slid up her body and pushing his cock into her slowly. Her pussy was still so tight, she gripped him like a vise, he loved brazzers porno being inside her and he loved her. For just a moment he wondered what Jenna might feel like. He shook that thought away as he began to thrust into his lover.

She lifted her hips to meet his every thrust. He’d suck on one nipple then the other, then he could feel her convulsing around his cock, he went faster and faster until he could fill himself shoot deep into her womb.

He kissed her gently as they were both wet with sweat. “Time for a shower before we start the day.” David said with a laugh.

Meanwhile in the basement…

Jenna and Brian are wrapped in each others arms while kissing. Jenna threw he leg over Brian’s body, straddling him, slowly sliding down his swollen cock.

“I love fucking you Brian. What are we going to do? Stay here or move away so we can pretend we’re married?” She asked

“I don’t know baby, but we’ll figure something out and Oh God baby that feels so fucking good!” He growled in enjoyment.

Oh how he loved the feel of her! Knowing they’d made a child thrilled him and he never wanted to lose her.

She bent down kissing him while she rubbed her g spot against his cock then she creamed all over him. While she was doing that he flipped her over and began thrusting in ernest.

Soon she was screaming, “Fuck me Brian, fuck your pregnant little sister!!Oh oh oh yes yes yes! Fuck me!”

That just spurred Brian on until she screamed and he erupted deep inside his sexy, wonderful and pregnant sister. Life was going to be good and their Dad was cool with it.

He’ll after all he had his oldest daughter and for just a fleeting moment he wondered what Emily’s pussy felt like.

A few hours later they we’re eating breakfast together like nothing had happened that morning.

David found himself watching his youngest daughter while Emily watched him. She knew that even though he’d never once considered having sex with Jenna that he was now.

That was also fine with her because she couldn’t stop checking Brian out. She was thinking to herself that he would be rough with her. While he Dad made love to her and didn’t like to get real rough.

Brian was also watching his Dad watch Jenna and Emily watch him. Things could get very interesting in the upcoming weeks.

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