Snippets with my Uncle

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Everyone is over 18, enjoy.


“I need to pee,” I announce to Evan, my second cousin, first removed. The rest of my five cousins were perched in their individual spots on the jagged rocks, their fishing lines already in the ocean. I had been making demands all day. Evan rolled his eyes.

Uncle Drew stood a few feet away from me. “I’ll go with her so she doesn’t get lost.”

“Cuz you know she’ll get lost,” Evan teased.

I steal a glance at Drew, catch his eye, pause a beat before getting up. Tug a bit of hair behind my ear and turn without looking back and walk toward the woods, picking the thickest patch of trees. My Uncle and I . . . have a ‘special’ relationship. But the last two weeks have been torture, with no opportunity to be together.

I can hear his steps, faster than mine, heading into verdant green woods, thick with bushes and small trees, giving way to a full canopy. It becomes dark, rich with the smell of earth and moist heat. Small Ferns brush my calves as I move off the path. He comes up to my side, I pull away, bite my lip. What is he up to?

“I won’t get lost you know.” Mischievous glint in my eyes, looking at his lips. I remember the first time he kissed me, taking me by surprise after weeks of sexual tension reverberating between us.

He just says, “You might be surprised.”

I laugh at that, my excitement and nervousness gives a feeling of giddiness. I am breathless, we are famished for each other. “They’re not that far away.” His little bird with her wing down.

I look back, our eyes meet as he raises a blond czech amateurs porno eyebrow at me, and I pause. Everything is spoken in that instant and I can feel my center melt, the slippery wetness leak between my legs as he says, “Then we’ll have to be quick.”

“But not too quick, I hope,” as I grasp his denim belt loops.

He scans my butter color halter top, the one he watched me wiggle into in the mall dressing room when he bought it for me. Slowly he cups my breasts in his hands, giving my stiff nipples a sharp squeeze. I lean in, letting him do anything. His skin smells like sunshine and fresh straw. He lets go my tits and gently cups my face towards his with both warm hands and runs his thumb across my lips before kissing me. He knows I can’t get enough of it. I sigh, close my eyes, his breath cascading onto my lips and into my mouth. “I’ve wanted you all day,” he whispers.

Normal breathing turns to slow pants. I squirm in his commanding hold, needing to steady myself. As we kiss he reaches beneath my swim coverup, an impossibly short little royal blue rayon skirt, and unties the strings of my bikini bottom at each hip. My breath catches as the little bit of material drops to the ground, and the heat and wetness between my thighs is suddenly exposed and cools in the forest air. His hand cups my pussy without warning and I gasp at fingers pressing me open. The desire in his eyes, as he growls how wet I am. I love the effect I have on him. God I am so wet. How he knows my body!

He turns me round and moves up close czech bitch porno behind, I can hear the zipper of his denim shorts, and arch my back standing on tippy-toe with my ass turned up to him.

Oh God, I am waiting. Feeling lost, so lost, Waiting. Oh I want it.

When. The touch of his cock, pressing between my legs. Feeling it rise in me. Oh fuck!

I surrender to him, my body melts, merging to his touch. I press back against him, feeling his body against my ass, and let him move me how he wants. Each thrust sends me forward. One One One. His cock swelling, bigger than I can remember, my cunny squeezing around him, squeezing so tight. I can literally feel the head of his cock in my belly, opening me right up.

Uh, uh, he’s so big. With his strong hands pinning my pelvis to his pounding thrusts, my legs buckle, my body spasming and pulsing. Again and again and again.

A light comes into view, I pant out, “I’m cumming . . . ” My skin is alight, burning and contracting. He’s fucking harder, faster, harder, then rumbles my name from his throat. His cock twitches, alive in me, he grunts while he releases wet, sticky, messy heat in me. He cums and he cums, my pussy holding on to him until he’s stopped.

Fuck, I want to collapse. My head is swimming, the forest is a blur.

I lick my dry lips, trying to catch my breath. My hands use the tree in front of me to prop me up as he slowly pulls out, his streams of cum trickling down my thighs. I can feel his eyes on my bare ass and my reddened pussy. I’ve lost all track czech casting porno of myself, my body completely exposed.

He sighs, “You’re a mess, my good little girl.”

I chuckle, looking back to meet his eyes, realizing how naked I am; savoring the tickle of his sperm down my legs. How I love him. No one else can make me feel so good, so loved, so sensual. So bad. I can hear him tuck himself back into his shorts, zipping up, as if nothing happened. I am tying my halter back in place, smoothing my coverup over my legs. It will be a while till I can see all of him again.

I reach for my swim bottoms, and his hand flashes. He takes them and tucks them in my pocket. Fuck. I look down at myself. This little coverup is impossibly short. He can’t intend for me to stay like this. and I stand straight up, “Drew,” holding out my hand.

He gazes at me up and down, taking me in, his smile. “I’ll give them to you later. If you’re good.” And I face him and put on a brave smile, The cool air, the feeling of my pussy hairs brushing between my legs, the drying cum.

“Shall we?” His voice is low and relaxed. We have been satiated, for now.

Just a sec, and I squat down and hold a finger right at the top of my puss, let him watch me. I pee.

“I actually did have to pee you know.” I nod, take his pinky finger with mine and we walk back towards the rocks. The forest thins and he lets me walk in front of him, partly so we are not seen side by side and partly so he can watch my ass one more time.

I arrive in the sunlight, at the rocks with Drew behind me. Evan sees us and calls, “Did you get lost? What took you so long?”

Putting on contrived expression of irritation, I point at Drew. “It’s his fault.”

Drew shrugs, “You know how she gets.” He brushes his hand over my ass, only the thin fabric separating us and my knees almost give.

Evan laughs at that.

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