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I just hate working these late shifts. With you working early shifts it seems I hardly get to have anytime with you except on the weekends.

I come into our bedroom seeing u lying naked in bed. You have your arms under the pillow as you lie on your breast. I lay beside you, watching as you slumber in peace. I take my fingers and lightly let the run along your collarbone through your hair over to your other collarbone. Feeling your soft smooth skin under my fingers, I let my hand slowly run down your back.

I love how you feel, your warmth, your peacefulness as you sleep. My hands slowly run up and down your back as I carefully straddle over you. Softly massaging your back as you slumber, I lightly run my finger down your spine. Feeling every little bone just beneath your sensuous skin over and over again.

Running my finger down between your soft, smooth ass cheeks, I feel you slightly wiggle in your sleep at my touch. Lying back on my side, I lean over you softly kissing along your collarbone. Letting my hand run slowly up and down your thigh and calf, feeling your firm muscles beneath. You feel my hands lightly kneading along your thigh, down to your calf. As I look down your legs, over your smooth tight ass, I gently kiss down your back as you slumber.

I can only imagine the number of times I have admired those sexy shapely legs. Having them wrapped around me. Seeing them in the stockings you know I love seeing you wear. I just let my fingertips run up and down your legs now. pendik escort Watching the lines I make in your skin and seeing them disappear shortly afterwards.

Now I have my lips slowly kissing and licking over your smooth ripe ass. The same ass I love having sit on my lap as u wrap your arm around me. Slightly giving me a wiggle and now making sure I know that you are there on my lap.

Would love to work my hands down your feet. Slowly and meticulously working my hands over every inch of your feet. The pounding you put them through. Must be sure to take care of my princess in her slumber. I feel u slightly stir in delight as u gently roll over as I give you space. Making sure I don’t wake you, I work my firm hands back up your calves

looking up between your thighs.

“Mmmm what is that I see?” Is there a moist glistening wetness there? I can’t help but work my hands further up your legs. As I slowly massage the front of your thighs, looking up at you. Seeing your firm soft breast rise up and down as you breathe. Paying close attention to how your nipples stand at attention. As my hands move more up your thighs, I let my fingers, slowly work into your abs and belly.

As i slowly kiss up your inner thighs, little lick here, kiss there, peck there. Looking up as your breast rise up and down in your slumber, my hands work up under your breast. As my nose, barely out of touch with your sweet velvet lips, takes in your sweet scent. I start kissing, pecking, and licking maltepe escort over your firm abs and belly.

As my hands slide up along the side of your breast, up over your shoulders, towards your neck and back out again. I work down one arm, slowly massaging and kneading my hands into your soft skin. Working every kink out I can find. Then I give your other arm just as much attention.

With one knee on your outer thigh and the other between your thighs, my hands move back towards your tender neck. Finding every sore muscle you have. Feeling my thumbs just below your ears, softly massaging as I softly kiss between your breast. As I kiss up towards your neck as you feel my fingers rubbing along your scalp and through your hair.

Gently kissing, lightly licking and pecking along your neck. Looking down at the top of your breast. Seeing how much more at attention your nipples are. Listening to you breathe. How heavy you are breathing in your slumber? As I kiss and lick and nibble along your ear.

Whispering in it. “I know your not sleeping. Just when did u wake up sunshine? Did you know what? I thought about you at work tonight.”

As I let my hand slide between your breast. Slowly you feel my fingers run down your abs. The pressure of my finger as it slowly slide over your pulsing clit for the first time. My finger finds it target, as it gently slips in you.

Gently massaging your wet, sticky inner lips. In and out, in and out ever so slowly as I let my lips kiss kartal escort yours. Feeling your heat next to mine. Feeling your other lips gently suck my finger deeper in you. Feeling your legs tremble as your back slightly arches as you whimper under my lips. As I slide another finer deeper inside you. Feeling your warm sticky cum coating me fingers.

I take my fingers, covered in your sweet moist honey and run them along your hard erect nipple. Coating your nipple with your cum, I dip my finger into you for more of your honey. Again I coat your other nipple. I kiss down your tender neck, working my way down your soft breast, that until now I have neglected and I taste you.

Tasting you off your hard erect nipples, mmm sweetness. Puckering my lips on your nipples as you feel my fingers easily slip back in you. I feel u grind yourself on them as I suck on your other nipple, licking you clean.

Once again I find myself kissing down your abs. Lips hovering over your clit

as I slowly suck on it. Sending waves of pleasure thru you once again, as I take my fingers out. I reach up having you taste yourself off of my fingers. As you slowly lick them one by one, tasting what I am tasting right now as my tongue rolls along your clit. I gently work my way up and down your lips. My tongue slowly crawling deep inside you as I roll my arms under your thighs. Drawing you closer so I can shove my tongue as far as I can inside you

feeling u grind your pussy on my face.

As you cum for me once again, your nails running through my hair. I slowly slither back up you. Kissing your lips with mine, as you again taste yourself off my lips.

Can you feel how hard my cock is? The belly of my cock throbbing on your clit right now…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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