Slave Boy

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I was only nineteen when my former master delivered me in chains to my new mistresses. He had kept me in chains ever since I tried to run away six months prior to the sale. When the two spinster sisters, Clara, age 31, and Hannah, age 39, offered him five hundred dollars for me, he accepted willingly. They seemed old to me then. I was only nineteen but as time went by, I realized their age was unimportant.

He warned the sisters, “Keep his legs chained. The stupid boy wants to run away.”

When I was alone with my new owners, they stood me in front of them and removed all my clothing. What they couldn’t remove over the chains, they cut away with their scissors.

They sat back in their chairs and admired my nude body.

“It’ll be fun dressing him in good clothes; just like having a life-size doll,” Hannah, the elder sister said.

“I can just picture him in a frilly dress with a lace bodice, and a blond wig,” Clara, the younger sister replied.

Soon, Clara, my younger owner commented, “His dickie is hanging limp. That won’t help us.”

Hannah, my elder owner, replied, “I’ll straighten it out.”

She took my penis in her hand and started pumping it. It was soon erect. I didn’t object. I was a slave; I had no right to object.

“Would you like to suck on his dickie, little sister,” Hanna asked.

“Oh, yes, Hannah. I would.” Clara dropped to her knees before me, put my erect penis in her mouth, and moved her head back and forth. Soon, my hips were moving in harmony pendik escort with her movements. I ejaculated deep into her mouth.

When I finished cumming, she released my penis, and swallowed my juice. “Oh, that was delightful. He’s going to be a good slave, sister. Would you like to try him out?”

“Yes, but we have to let him recuperate. I’ll get him a chair so he can sit and rest.”

Hannah placed a chair behind me. I sat. She reached her hand into her bodice and, as she took out a key, she said to me, “I think someday soon you’ll be reaching in there to feel my boobs.”

She released the chains on my arms but not the chains on my legs.

The sisters talked excitedly about their new possession, me. They made their plans for me and I liked their plans.

During waking hours, I was to be their houseboy and caretaker. During sleeping hours, I would sleep in bed between them every night and service whichever one – or both – wanted service that particular night. Three to a bed sounds cozy and, under those circumstances, it is.

At one point, my younger owner said, “I like the idea of a spontaneous fuck.” The elder sister agreed. Right then and there, they agreed that if at any time, I wanted to service one or the other of them, at least one of them would oblige me.

My former master had made no provisions for my sex life. All that I could do was jerk-off when I was alone. The thought of having two good looking mistresses to fuck whenever I wanted was stimulating to maltepe escort say the least.

The conversation was giving me a hard-on so I boldly asked, “Would one of you want me to service you right now?”

Both excitingly exclaimed, “Me.”

“Well, take my leg chains off so that I can service you better.”

“Do you promise not to try to run away,” the elder asked.

I promised. Who would want to run away with two nice pieces of ass to fuck whenever I wanted. And, they had to provide my support.

When I was free of my chains I said, “Now, one at a time, undress for me so that my hard-on is strong enough to service you both. Their response to my requests was unbelievable.

“I’m older. I get to undress first. Clara, you unbutton my dress.”

Dutifully Clara unbuttoned her big sister’s dress. It dropped to the floor. Hannah’s bodice slipped easily over her head. The key dropped to the floor. Hannah picked it up and put it on the table.

Clara helped her sister remove her petticoats and pantaloons. Hannah stood naked before me.

Clara was so eager to undress that she needed no help removing her clothing.

Hannah led the three-person parade to the only bedroom in the house. I positioned the two women crosswise on the bed, their legs dangling to the floor.

I picked up Hannah’s legs and positioned them on my shoulder. The aroma from her genitalia did not encourage me to eat her pussy. I quickly and unceremoniously stuck my dick in her vagina kartal escort and pumped a couple of times. I withdrew because I knew Clara wanted service.

Clara’s pussy didn’t smell bad but I couldn’t eat hers without eating Hannah’s and I didn’t want to taste Hannah’s until she washed it.

I put a couple of thrusts into Clara. Then I withdrew my penis, reinserted it into Hannah and let her be first to receive my cum in her pussy. Clara had already received my cum in her mouth.

I was their slave and they were my owners but they did all I asked them to do. The roles may just as well have been reversed.

I took the two girls to their wash room. I ordered them to bathe one another and to pay special attention to their genitals. Not only did they obey me, each woman used her fingers to help the other woman masturbate. Hannah even squirted copiously.

After watching them masturbate one another, I was ready to fuck anyone available. There being only my two owners available, I chose Clara and gave her a long fuck. She loved it and squirted before I could come but I finished fucking her anyway. I made Hannah wash Clara and me. Then I ordered my two owners to clean the room. Neither Clara nor Hannah questioned my orders.

As we prepared for bed that first night, Hannah surprised me by saying, “You jerked off in Clara’s mouth this afternoon and let her eat some of your cum. Will you fuck me in my mouth and let me eat some of your cum, too?”

Of course, I had to say “Yes” in order to maintain my dominance over them. I had Hannah kneel beside the bed and I fucked her in the mouth. She swallowed all my cum and thanked me profusely for the service. Clara watched our performance and gave us a round of applause when we finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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