Skye Loves her Stepdaddy Pt. 01

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I’ll cut to the chase.

I married my wife Becky 4 years ago. She’s a great wife; she’s a nice woman, she’s cute, she’s a great cook, she don’t bug me too much, it’s been real good between us. But at the end of the day, I’m a man.

I like to fuck, I like to watch porn. I’m a big guy, I’m a high school football coach, 6″2, 240 lbs, lots of testosterone. Also, I got a big dick, a solid 9 and 1/4 in. and that thing, it has needs. My wife, does she understand? Eh.

She’s been good to me. But she’s just a lousy lay. The sex has never been very good, she just isn’t good at it. She’s never fully satisfied me in that department. And I’m not the type to pretend I like something when I don’t. Fortunately, I’ve recently found a compromise for my “situation.” And her name is Skye.

Skye is my step daughter, so obviously she wasn’t someone I ever thought I’d have on my cock. She was only 14 when I first married her mom. She was a cute girl, never had a dad in her life, so I tried to play nice with her. I let her sit in my lap sometimes, gave her an allowance, did the dad thing.

Here lately though, she’d really started to fill out, if you know what I mean. She just turned 18 a couple days ago, and it was like overnight, “bam!”

She’d always been a tiny thing, but her ass was starting to stretch her little spandex exercise shorts out a little more these days. She walks around the house in at t-shirt with no bra, and here lately there was a little extra jiggle under her shirt.

Even other than the tight little package, she was a pretty girl. Long dirty blonde hair, freckles, hazel eyes. Her lips were small but full, just like the rest of her.

It all started off innocently enough. Her shower was on the fritz, so she had been using the one in our bedroom.

I was in the shower one night, and as I got out I stopped to admire my physic in the mirror. Well, I stopped to admire my big fat cock in the mirror anyways. I was halfway hard, and I gave it a nice couple of jerks, just to watch it bounce.

I heard a gasp from the door way. As I turned to look I didn’t see anyone, but I had a good suspicion on who had provided the sound effects.

My suspicions were confirmed a bit later as I walked into the kitchen to grab water. Skye was leaned over the island, texting away, as per usual. She definitely wasn’t wearing a bra tonight either.

As I drank, I noticed how her eyes went straight down to my package, only slightly concealed in my night shorts. Just watching her watch me caused my dick to twitch a little. I cleared my throat, and she quickly averted her eyes.

“Everything ok?” I asked, bemused.

“Sure daddy.” she said, staring a hole through her cell phone.

She walked out, putting a little more swing into her hips than usual. I definitely noticed.

So a couple of nights later, I was leaving the HS locker room, getting everything locked up. We’d won the game that night, so I was feeling pretty good. All of a sudden Skye came bounding around the corner, still dressed in her cheerleading uniform.

“Hey daddy!” she said a little breathlessly, squeezing herself into my side.

“Skye?” I asked, confused. She usually went off with her girlfriends after the games. “What’s going on?”

“Oh nothing.” she answered, trying to sound nonchalant. I’m just kinda tired tonight I guess. Can I just ride home with you?”

My eyes narrowed, as I eyed her suspiciously. I felt like she was up to something, but eh, who cares? I was actually a little excited to be giving her a ride home. She looked sexy in her little red cheerleading uniform.

She chatted away in the car; I was only half paying attention. Her little skirt had rode up pretty high on her leg, her creamy skin a sharp contrast to the bright red skirt.

Suddenly she began to rub her thigh, softly at first, but then putting a little more pressure on it.

“What are you doing down there?” I asked gruffly, as I jerked my head toward her legs.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s kinda sore here.” she said, pulling her tiny skirt student sex parties porno up, showing me her inner thigh. She rubbed it harder, groaning a little. “Maybe I pulled something?” she said innocently, as she continued to rub her hand between her legs.

I swallowed hard. Thank God, we were home. My cock was doing me no favors right now.

She ran upstairs to her room; her skirt flashing me a glimpse of her round bouncy ass as she left. I went to the kitchen and chugged a beer, then grabbed a couple more and carried them back to my king sized recliner.

As I watched tv, I heard her come back down stairs and into the kitchen.

“Skye!” I hollered at her from my chair.

“Yes daddy?” she asked, appearing quietly next to me.

Damn. She still had her skirt and tennis shoes on, but her top was off, revealing a skimpy mesh sports bra.

“Where’s your mom?” I asked, as I tugged at the bottom of her skirt, flipping it playfully.

“She’s passed out already.” she laughed. “By the tune of her snoring I’d say a good hour into the sleep meds.”

“Hmmm…” I said, looking her up and down. She stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Well, since you’re home tonight, why don’t we take this opportunity to have a little father/daughter bonding time?” I asked suggestively.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked, sounding a bit nervous.

“Why don’t you climb up here in daddy’s lap and have a beer with me?” I asked, patting my leg. “It’ll be our little secret.”

“Okay.” she said shyly, giggling, as she slowly but seductively climbed into my lap.

I cracked open a beer, took a swig and handed it to her. She giggled and took a sip, letting some dribble down her chin onto her bra. It gave me ideas.

She passed the beer back and I sat it down, as she wiggled around on my lap, trying to get comfortable. I felt my cock start to swell underneath her warm tight body.

“I feel really close to you right now daddy.” she whispered into my ear as she rubbed my big forearm with her fingers.

“Daddy needs to ask you a question Skye.” I said, trying to sound stern.

“Yes daddy?” she breathed innocently.

“Did you see daddy naked when he got out of the shower the other day?” I asked.

She paused, breathing heavily underneath me. “Yes daddy.” she admitted. “I just couldn’t believe how big it was!”

Her admittance made me excited. “Well, that was very naughty of you to spy on daddy.” I mocked, trying to hide my excitement. “I think I’m going to have punish you.”

I let my hand run up the back of her thigh, up to her ass. I began to squeeze it softly.

“What are you going to do to me daddy?” she asked, her voice trembling. She was really rubbing my forearm, just like she’d done with her thigh earlier.

“We’ll get to that in just a minute.” I said. “First though, how’s your leg? You said you thought you’d pulled a muscle.” I asked, trying to sounds concerned. “You better let daddy take a look at it.”

Without a word she turned around facing the front, her back up against my chest. She spread her legs open slightly, giving me better access.

I reached around from behind her, dropping my very large hand down into the inside of her right thigh. I began to rub it softly, letting my fingers drift higher and higher.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned softly.

“Does that feel better?” I asked, as I let my hand “accidentally” graze her warm, panty covered pussy.

She nodded her head, continuing to moan as I teased her incessantly.

I left her thigh, and began to rub her pussy up and down over her panties with my large calloused fingers, feeling the wetness starting to soak it’s way through.

“Daddy…” she moaned, leaning her head back excitedly.

“Why don’t you turn around now, and give daddy some sugar?” I whispered huskily into her ear.

She turned around in my lap, so that she was straddling me.

“What about mom?” she asked innocently, as I ran my hands up to her full round ass, pushing my submissive cuckolds porno hands up underneath her panties, feeling her crack, letting my fingers slide in between her cheeks.

“Don’t you love daddy? Don’t you want to have this special secret with him?” I asked sweetly, as I bit down gently on her hard nipples, sucking them through her little mesh bra, while gently rubbing her pussy lips from behind. I could felt the wetness start to glaze my fingertips.

She gasped, running her hands over my shaved head.

“Yes daddy!” she squeaked, as she began to dry hump her pussy into my stone hard cock. “I want us to have lots of secrets.”

I grinned at her, and kissed her pretty mouth. “Good girl!” I said, giving her ass a squeeze. “But right now, you have to have your punishment.” I said seriously.

“What is it daddy?” she asked, playing along. “I promise, I’ll be a very good girl and take my punishment.”

I stood her up, and unzipped my pants. My hard cock sprang out, swaying like a small tree in the wind.

She gasped, wide eyed, as she took it all in.

“Its your turn to help daddy massage his muscle. There’s alot down here, and I need your help.” I said wickedly. “Now put your little mouth down her on daddy’s giant cock, and give it a good tongue bath.”

She squatted down and began to rub my massive meat with both hands. I wrapped one of my big hands around both of hers, and showed her how to jerk my cock up and down.

She leaned her head forward, and very slowly began to lick the head of my dick, experimentally sticking her pink tongue out and digging it right into the tip. A little pre cum began to ooze out onto her tongue. She lapped it up, cocking her head to the side a bit, judging the taste in her mouth. Her eyes lit up excitedly, like she’d discovered candy for the first time.

She sucked the whole tip into her mouth, bathing it with her tongue.

“You want to get the whole thing nice and wet baby girl.” I explained to her, like I’m teaching her to ride a bike.

She nodded her head, and dove back down, sucking a little more this time. I grabbed the back of her head and gave her a nice push, ramming her sweet mouth down onto my rod. Her eyes got real big and watery as I forced her down on it, again and again.

I let go, letting her gasp for air.

“I thought you were gonna be a big girl and take your punishment?” I asked, popping her on her lips with my cock.

“I’m so sorry daddy! I’ll do better, I promise!” she cried, as she gobbled my cock down into her mouth. I leaned back and let her go to town.

She slurped on my cock, using her hands to jerk me off, while forcing herself onto it. I could feel it slide down her throat, her throat causing a strange but wonderful feeling as she gagged and coughed while I was still lodged inside of her. The saliva ran down my dick and onto her tiny fingers, giving her some added lubrication. It was all getting me really hot, but I wasn’t ready to give it up just yet, so I had to stop her after a few minutes.

She protested as I lifted her head, trying desperately to shove my dick back in her warm mouth.

“You’ve been a very good girl for daddy Skye. Now it’s time for your reward.” I told her, as I wiped her lips off while she stood back up.

“Can you take off just your bra and panties for daddy?” I asked her.

She pulled the bra up over her head. Her perfect little tits bounced forward. A nice small C cup, very perky with nice fat nipples. Just perfect.

She gave her panties a little tug, and they slid down to her ankles. She still had her cute white tennis shoes and her little skirt on as she stepped out of the little cheerleading undies.

“Come here baby. Do you want to get back in this chair with daddy?” I asked her.

“Yes daddy. I really want to sit in your lap again.” she replied, moving forward.

She climbed into my lap on my left side, and began to stroke my cock with her hand. I yanked her leg up and began to rub her oh-so-wet pussy with taboo heat porno my fingers.

It was so beautiful. Small, but swollen, completely bare. The skin was so soft, as her natural lubricant ran out of her tight hole and onto my fingers.

“Mmmmm, I really like this daddy!” she sighed, as I stuck one finger inside of her, trying to stretch her out before the big show. I then took my wet fingers and rubbed the fresh juice all over her nipples, before I leaned over and sucked them into my mouth.

Her nipples were large and puffy, a beautiful sweet pink color that matched her pussy. She moaned and groaned, her tight little twat flooding my hand with her sweet honey, as we mutually masturbated one another. Once her pussy was nice and slick, I knew she was good to go.

“Daddy wants to fuck you now baby. He wants you to play mommy with him. Are you gonna be a good girl and let daddy fuck this little wet pussy?” I asked, very lewdly in her ear.

“I’m just scared daddy! It’s so big!” she confessed.

“But your pussy is so wet for me little girl. It needs a big cock inside of it.” I convinced, as I began to roll her over to the side. “I’ll go nice and slow, just for you.” I said, as I continued to work my middle finger in and out of her hole.

“Ok daddy. I’m ready…I’m a big girl, and I want you to fuck me now.” she moaned.

I got her into the spooning position, pulling her leg back up and over me. I put the tip right in her hole, feeling her juice pour down over my cock head. I pushed through; the tightness of her pussy hole was mind blowing.

Back and forth, just half an inch at a time, as I slowly worked my way inside her tight little cunt. It gripped at my cock in a way I’d never felt before; it was almost too much to take.

I reached around and began to rub her little bitty clit with my finger, loving the way the sensitive little nub protruded. She reached her arms up over her head and around my neck in some sort of involuntary sign of surrender. I began to fuck her in earnest now, the sight of her perfect body on top of me almost too much to handle.

I had a beautiful 18 year old girl, who was also my step daughter, still halfway in her cheerleading outfit, letting me fuck her tight as fuck pussy with my giant cock, as I rubbed my fingers on her pussy. It was too much.

“Daddy needs you to cum for him baby!” I cooed into her ear, as I drilled her hole and flicked her slick clit simultaneously. “Daddy wants you to squirt all over his cock while he fills your pussy up with cum. Be a good girl and cum for daddy. Squirt your pussy all over me baby!” I moaned as I pounded her hard and fast.

She was panting along with me at this point. “You want me to cum for you daddy??” she cried out, as I felt her pussy start to jerk around my cock.

“Yes baby. You need to squirt your wet pussy while I cum inside of you.” I continued, though gritted teeth, “be a good girl for daddy, give him your special juice!!”

She began to thrash wildly, meeting my every thrust.

“I’m cumming for you, like a good girl!! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m gonna squirt all over your big fat cock daddy!” she cried out, holding my finger in place over her clit as I continued to strum it wildly.

I began to grunt as I felt my jizz boiling up through my cock, ready to explode into her tiny pussy.

“Fuck Skye, now daddies gonna cum! You’re gonna make daddy cum baby! Daddy needs to cum in your pussy baby!” I pleaded.

“I’m cumming daddy!! Don’t stop cumming in my pussy! Yeah, I can feel it daddy!! Give me all your hot jizz!” She cried out in sweet release, as I felt her tiny little pussy popping on my cock, trying desperately to suck out all my cum.

My load was huge, as wave after wave of cum spewed out into her hot wet pussy, both of us wailing, crying out in sync as we came all over one another.

We laid together for a few moments, lost in the euphoria, trying to catch our breaths as our bodies shuddered together.

I was actually a little nervous; we’d gotten really carried away. Thank God my wife was knocked the fuck out.

She got up slowly, gathering her clothes, and leaned in softly to kiss my lips.

“‘Night daddy!”

I chuckled. “Goodnight baby girl. Go shower up and get in bed.”

I gave her a soft pat on the ass as she walked away, already looking forward to round 2.

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