Sitting Sisters

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Big Tits

*** Author’s note: While most of my stories (such as “Sex and the Supercenter”) tend to be more character driven, I was inspired tonight to write something with less depth and more action. So here we have the result: be gentle! ***


I slipped into the house as quietly as possible. It had been another late night at the office, and I didn’t want to wake my doubtlessly sleeping kids. I stepped into the living room from the entryway to find Sarah lying on the floor, engrossed in a school book. She looked incredible, as usual. She sported blue shorts that ended just underneath the curve of her tight, round ass. Her matching top was open in the back, exposing her shoulders and tying at the top behind her neck.

Sarah turned and looked up at me, her green eyes glittering in the dim light. Her smile lit up the room and when she spoke the tone in her voice was melodic.

“Another late night, huh?” she asked. She crawled up on her knees, and her shorts strained against her backside. I was caught up with the sight and didn’t answer for a moment.

“Yeah, again,” I said, trying to keep my focus on anything other than the incredible body of the teenage babysitter before me. “How’d it go tonight?”

“They were angels, like always,” she said. Then she got quiet, as if she had more to say but was unsure of how to say it. “I did bring a little bit of help along today,” she said.

I was curious more than angry. “What kind of help?”

“My sister,” Sarah said, nodding behind me. I turned and saw that another girl had joined us. She was almost Sarah’s age of 19 and actually looked quite a bit like Sarah. She was slightly shorter and her hair was a bit more blond. Her blue eyes shone like the skies above, and her smile was every bit as halting as Sarah’s. “Hi Emily,” I said. “It’s been a little while.”

Emily walked over to me and shook my hand. Her grip was surprisingly firm. “Too long,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“I swear, you could pass for twins,” I said. “Let me get you some extra money.”

I headed up to my room, ignoring the protests of the girls that extra payment wasn’t necessary. I undid the first few buttons on my shirt and left my tie on the bed, then opened my safe box and withdrew some extra money.

After splashing some water on my face, I went back downstairs. I was about to emerge from the hallway into the living room when I stopped short. At first it looked like Sarah and Emily were giving each other a hug. At least until Sarah’s right hand slid down her sister’s back and squeezed her young, firm ass.

The bulge in my pants was instantaneous. The girls turned slightly and Emily shoved her tongue eagerly into Sarah’s eager mouth. The two girls ravenously devoured each other, and it occurred to me that I might have walked in on them when I first arrived home. It would explain Emily’s initial absence.

Either way, I didn’t care. I was mesmerized by the site of these two gorgeous sisters making out in my living room. When my weight shifted, the floor creaked and the girls quickly looked over. Panic washed over them both. They didn’t know what to say.

“I’m so sorry,” Sarah finally got out. “I just… we just…”

“It’s all right,” I said, swallowing hard. My mouth was dry. “I, uh… wow. Definitely wasn’t expecting that.”

“You’re not grossed out?” Sarah asked.

“I think what I’m feeling is the exact opposite of grossed out,” I said gently.

“Our mom would kill rip her up porno us if she knew. So we have to kind of play it safe, you know.”

“I guess I understand that,” I said. I handed Sarah the extra money. “Look… anytime you need to… well, you know. Emily if you want to come with Sarah. I mean, so long as the kids are in bed.”

The girls looked at me like I’d given them a million dollars.

“Really?” Sarah asked.

I nodded. “My parents were anti-anything sex related. I never had a chance to really explore that kind of thing when I was your age. So, y’know, if you think it will help.”

In truth, I knew the girls’ mother very well. We had almost dated. I knew that she was strict with the girls, mostly because she herself had been so open to experimenting and promiscuity. I hadn’t realized how close to the tree these two apples had fallen.

Sarah threw her arms around me. “Thank you,” she whispered. During the hug, I felt her press against the bulge in my pants. She groaned when she realized what it was. She broke the hug but kept her arms around my neck. She brought her face very close to mine.

“I really appreciate it,” she said. “Maybe you’d like to join us.”

I was about to object, but her lips found mine and I was immediately swept away. Sarah’s lip were divine with a sweet flavor I couldn’t quite place. Her surprisingly skilled tongue sought mine out, even as she stepped back slightly from me.

A second later, I felt Emily’s arms wrap around me from behind. She swiftly unbuttoned my shirt and I let it slide off of my arms. She dropped to her knees and I felt her arms reach around to my pants. They slid off seconds later, with my boxers following.

Sarah moved to my left side as her sister came around to my front, still on her knees. My cock was already hard, but seeing her slender young fingers grip it made it harder still. I watched as she stroked it several times. Sarah watched too, and I could feel the heat radiating from her. She brought her lips to my ears.

“She’s so good at that,” Sarah whispered. “I love to watch her.”

Sarah watched her sister as she stroked by cock with both hands, fondling my balls and rubbing my shaft again. She raised my shaft and her tongue lashed out, smearing her hot saliva across my balls and up the bottom of my shaft. When he reached the tip, she took my entire cock into her mouth.

I groaned and my eyes rolled back into my head. I felt Sarah kissing at my neck. While Emily’s mouth swallowed my shaft again and again, I turned to Sarah and kissed her. My head was spinning – never had I experienced this: the most amazing kissing I’d ever had going on at the same time as the most amazing blowjob I’d ever had. I had to try very hard to maintain my composure or I might have lost it.

Sarah kissed me one final time, then slid down to her knees. I nearly came the moment I felt her lips and her sister’s lips on my cock at the same time. At first, they each took a position on each side of my cock. They kissed and licked their respective side while caressing my legs, ass, and balls. My legs grew week and I fought to keep from unloading on both of them – no matter how badly I wanted to see their sweet young faces splattered with my cum.

As Emily took my entire shaft into her mouth, Sarah slid her slips over my balls and began to suck on them both at once. Emily pumped my shaft hard, alternating between her hand and her succulent young lips. I could tell the moment she rus porno tasted the first drop of my cum, because she immediately became hungry for more. Sarah attacked my balls more ravenously. I groaned loudly, warning the girls of the impending explosion. They refused to relent. Sarah put her face right next to her sister’s as the two of them opened their mouth.

My first wave blasted them both across the face. The next three were smaller and landed all across their mouths. Emily and Sarah both had a hand on my cock, draining it dry. As I began to go limp, the girls turned their attention to each other. Emily began by licking all of my the cum off of her sister’s face. Sarah returned the favor. When they kissed, they shared the cum back and forth, letting it run between their lips and down their chins, then licking it up and doing it again.

Finally Emily took all of it into her mouth. She swiftly slid Sarah’s tight short and panties, then took her mouth full of my cum and spit it into her sister’s pussy. I could smell Sarah’s tight, young pussy even from where I was. She was already soaking wet, and her fresh sweet juices glistened against the soft light of the room.

Emily’s tongue plunged into Sarah’s sweet pussy. Sarah groaned and arched her back, spreading her sexy, tone legs wide. She slid her own shirt off, and Emily lifted her head up long enough to remove her sister’s front-clasp bra.

I sat down in the nearest chair and watched as Emily fondled her sister’s breasts and slid a free hand down into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah groaned and writhed under her younger sister’s obviously skilled touch. I felt my cock growing harder by the second, and I couldn’t help but wrap my own hand around and start stroking.

Sarah’s hands were all over her own body, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit while her sister’s tongue pressed deeper into her pussy. Sarah looked over at me and saw me stroking my own cock. She licked her lips and motioned for me to come over. I quickly kneeled down beside her and she hungrily devoured my cock once more.

Seconds later, her entire body began to convulse. “Oh god! Em! Emily, yes! Ooh!” She let my cock slide her mouth as she screamed at the onset of a tremendous orgasm. She ground her sister’s face violently into her crotch; I thought Emily might drown in her sister’s juices.

Emily emerged and wiped her mouth. As Sarah took my cock back into her mouth, Emily came over and kissed me. I could taste her sister’s sweetness on her breath and it drove me wild. I quickly removed Emily’s clothes. Her body was every as stunning and beautiful as her sister’s – every inch of her smooth and tone.

By now, Sarah was on her knees. She pushed me back and spread my legs, continuing to devour my cock. Emily stood over top of me for a moment, then spread her legs over my face and lowered her tight young pussy to my eagerly awaiting lips. She was face down in a sixty-nine position with me. The moment my tongue tasted her sweet juices, I was hooked. It had been years since I’d tasted such a sweet, young pussy. I drove my tongue deep into Emily’s pussy as I felt her lips and Sarah’s wrestle for control of my cock.

I lost track of who or what was touching me. I felt a mesh of lips and hands caressing, stroking, squeezing, and sucking every inch of my cock and my balls. I brought my hands up to Emily’s firm, round ass. I squeezed her tightly, letting my fingers roam around her pussy and to her ass hole. I drove my tongue hard and viciously sert porno devoured her. I could feel her gratitude in the form of groans against my cock.

Finally, after sliding one of my fingers deep into her pussy, I slid it to her ass and began pressing gently. I sucked and pulled on her clit as I slid two fingers from my other hand into her pussy. Emily’s body shook. She resisted at first, but it didn’t take long before my finger was buried to the knuckle in her tight young ass. “Uh… oh god! Jeff, what are you doing to… me!? Oh my god! OH!”

She lost it – her pussy clamped down on my fingers as wave after wave of sweet juices nearly drowned me. She came for nearly three consecutive minutes. Never had I tasted such sweet nectar. I was content to lay there and let Emily cum on my face all day.

When she finally slid off of me, I saw Sarah go after her. Emily’s back hit the floor and her legs spread while Sarah took my place between them. I watched as Sarah’s young ass swayed back and forth. I rose to my knees behind her and slammed my cock into her pussy.

As wet as she was, it still took a moment to fully get inside of Sarah. Obviously her young pussy wasn’t used to a cock. It took a few moments, but I built up a rhythm with her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her toward me, slamming her harder and harder.

Sarah’s body was incredible and her pussy felt incredible; seeing her eating her younger sister’s pussy made the experience so much more intense. I held her hips and slammed her again and again. She groaned into her sister’s pussy. Emily arched her back, occasionally grabbing Sarah’s head and grinding it into her crotch.

Emily groaned loudly as another orgasm hit her. I saw her body shake, saw Sarah drive her tongue deeper into her sister’s pussy. My cock swelled – I knew my time was near as well. I slid a finger in between myself and Sarah, soaking it on the juices flowing from Sarah’s pussy. I then slid it to her ass and gently ran circles around the outside, gradually sliding it in.

“Ohmygod!” she shrieked. “Uh… oh, fuck… Jeff! Jeff!” She slammed her hand off the floor once, twice, again – and finally I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. “Jeff! Fuck me Jeff! Yes!” My cock exploded in the vice grip of her pussy, filling her with wave after wave of cum. She ground her ass hard against me as her entire body shook violently.

Half an hour later, the girls were finally on their way out the door. I embraced them both and they each offered me a deep, passionate kiss before leaving: first Emily, who then left silently, and then Sarah. After our kiss, she looked at me fondly.

“It means a lot, you letting us do this,” she said. “But I don’t feel right about taking your money.”

I grinned. “Hell I’d pay you twice as much for this kind of thing,” I said teasingly.

“Hey,” Sarah said, playfully smacking me. “We aren’t hookers, we’re babysitters.”

“And good ones at that,” I said. I kissed her again, and our tongues danced together. I felt Sarah’s body go week and surrender to me. I caressed her cheek, slid my hand down her breasts to her tight shorts. I slid them aside to find her pussy soaking wet already.

“You’re insatiable,” I said with a grin.

“I know,” she smiled. She guided my hand out of her pants and brought my wet finger between us. She licked it and pressed it against my lips. We kissed again, sharing the juices that were dripping off my finger.

Finally, we broke apart. “So,” she said breathlessly. “Same time tomorrow?”

“Definitely,” I said. “And don’t forget to bring your sister.”

Sarah giggled and slid into her car. As the two of them drove off, I turned my attention toward the next night and all of the excitement it promised.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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