Sister’s Licker

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Lacey tripped down the stairs to find her mom and brother in the kitchen. Her mom turned from the sink to give her a disapproving look.

“Sorry I’m late, mom! But you could have woken me!”

“We tried! Well, Max did. He went up to your room, but found you dead to the world as usual.”

“Yeah, I know, sometimes I sleep like a log,” she grinned at her brother, who twisted his lips.

“That’s a mild way of putting it,” he muttered.

She came to him to give him an elbow in his side, but he drew away as if stung. Shrugging, she faced her mom, who was now drying the dishes.

“So, when are we going to pick Mae up?”

“First, you need to get dressed,” her mother reminded her, looking meaningfully at her young daughter’s clothes.

“Oh yeah,” Lacey said, glancing down at her plain white tee and shorts, both of which she’d only managed to jump into when she’d woken up minutes earlier.

Little did she know what a provocative image she portrayed with her young, firm breasts stretching the light fabric of the tee , the big fat nipples as discernible as brass buttons. Her shorts were mere cut-offs that barely covered her bum, leaving her long, endless legs to taper down to her pretty, pink-polished feet.

“Hardly appropriate for picking your prim and proper cousin from the airport, I guess,” she noted wryly.

“Hardly,” her mother agreed. “And don’t talk about Mae like that. She’s a sheltered teen, that’s all. Her father is a reverend, after all.”

Lacey nodded, sitting next to her brother who was looking through the morning papers so seriously, that she reached out to pinch a piece of bacon from his plate just to annoy him. No one messed with Max’s food. But he ignored her.

“Get your own breakfast,” her mother was the one who teased. Lacey poked a finger into the newspaper he was holding in front of his face. “Hey you! Worried about your stock prices or what?” she grinned.

He really was so preoccupied that morning. “Don’t be such a pest,” he said shortly, suddenly rising and leaving the kitchen, taking the paper with him.

“What’s up with him?” she turned to her mother quizzically, chewing on the piece of bacon. Her mother shrugged. “We need to get to the airport in half an hour. So move it.”

“Oh all right! Gosh, everyone’s so moody this morning!” And with that, she bounded up the stairs again.

In his room, Max heard Lacey slam the bathroom door shut. Then came the sounds of the shower running, and his sister singing in a comical, high pitched voice she saved for bathing. It would have made him laugh like it always did; she was such an adorable brat. But not today. Today, every thing was different. It had all changed, it seemed, just an hour ago.

He’d come upstairs, on his mother’s instructions, to try and get his sister out of bed. He’d burst into her room, ready to rouse her with a bucket of water if he had to. But the sight that met his eyes had stopped him in his tracks. His sister lay sprawled on her tousled sheets, utterly naked except for the strip of panties that hung low on her shapely, widespread hips. He’d drawn in air sharply, unable to move as he drank in the view of the most beautiful body, in and out of a girlie mag, that he’d ever seen in his nineteen-year old life.

The covers lay abandoned on the floor by the bed, and he figured that she’d probably kicked them off sometime during the night. He found himself shutting the door behind him before stepping closer into the room, gazing down at Lacey who still slept on, oblivious to the ogling eyes of her baffled brother.

Where the hell, he wondered, had Lacey grown such fantastic, melon-sized boobs? She lay on her back, her face turned to the other side, and so her magnificent breasts seemed thrust in the air, lifting high with each deep breath she took. The nipples were enormous, with fat brown aureoles, and he felt suddenly tempted to reach out, see if the crinkled little nubs would feel rough beneath his palms. Then he stopped short. The last thing in the world, he knew, was to even be standing there, gazing lustfully at his sister’s naked body.

But that didn’t stop his eyes travelling down her flat tummy to where her widespread legs, one knee bent, bared her pale femininity to his hungry gaze. Her flimsy little underwear, mere strips, barely hid from sight the pink, hairless folds of her pussy, the lips so tightly furled it took his whole willpower to keep himself from bending forward to push them apart with suddenly twitching fingers, to discover more of her deep-set secrets…

Stop it, Max! She’s your sister! a tiny voice snapped him out of his daze of lust, and he shook his head slightly, at last reaching the bed and shaking her gently by the shoulder. Her big, pale-skinned breasts jiggled accordingly. “Lacey, wake up for goodness’ sake,” he said loudly, his voice somewhat squeaky to his own ears. Her skin felt soft and warm to his touch, and without thinking, he stroked his hand down her slender arm, gripping slightly.

“Lacey!” She replied with a tiny cumlouder porno snore, turning away from him and on to her stomach, snatching the rest of the air out of his lungs as he was faced with the smooth, deep tunnel of her bare back, which ended in the curve of her utterly beautiful, rounded little ass. He could see now that her panties were a thong, the strip so narrow it was almost non-existent, safely embedded in the crack of her nicely toned ass-cheeks. They were so deliciously grab-able that Max actually felt his two hands twitching. Her legs, hairless and as unblemished as the rest of her body, were just as shapely, and he longed to stroke their seemingly endless length down to her little pretty feet.

He’d always known Lacey was beautiful. She was a fitness enthusiast, was into yoga and pilates and all those stuff, and he’d thought she was pretty cool for a younger sister. But he’d never, ever, considered or even imagined her as being this freaking HOT! She had the most fuckable body he had ever seen in his life, and if she wasn’t his sister, hell, he’d…

Disgusted with himself at the way his mind was working, he jumped to his feet and fairly ran out of the room, shutting the door behind him and dragging in air like he’d been suffocating. He looked down at himself and discovered, to his shame, that he was sporting a huge erection poking forward in his jeans. He pressed down on it ineffectually.

“Well, did you manage to get her up?” his mother had asked when he’d finally been able to return to the kitchen. What could he tell his mother, that his sister had managed to get HIM up? It would have all been so laughable if it wasn’t so distressing to him, and he could only mumble a reply before burying his head in a newspaper. It was a few minutes later that Lacey appeared.

And now, lying back on his own bed, staring up at the ceiling, he heard her turn off the shower, and her squeaky singing. He made himself imagine she had to be drying herself off now, rubbing the towel down her neck, round her proudly bouncy breasts, then down between her thighs… Oh shit, he thought, as he felt himself go painfully hard again. This was ridiculous. They’d been living in the same house together all their lives, they’d been best friends, worst enemies, and the tightest siblings on the planet – but he’d never been aware of her as a female, as a proper woman, until now.

Lacey was all grown up, sexy as hell – and his sister. He had to keep telling himself that. He heard footsteps on the corridor, and was just in time to turn on his side to shield the bulge in his jeans when his door burst open and Lacey came in, heading straight for his wardrobe. “Don’t you knock?” he heard himself ask testily, not sure if he was happy that she was here in his room, with so many of the wild thoughts going round his head about her just then.

His cock seemed to be throbbing out of control just at the sight of her in the ridiculously tiny towel that barely stayed in place around her shapely body. She glanced back at him like he’d just asked the dumbest question. Which he had. No one ever knocked in their house, no one locked their doors, even while bathing. Ever since their parents had got a divorce when they were ten and eleven years old, they’d become a very tight-knit family, never hiding anything from each other. So Max felt guilty that he now had a secret he would have to keep to himself: he had the hots for his sexy sister, and no one must ever find out.

“Just want to borrow a shirt, okay?” she threw over her shoulder, rifling through his clothes. She did this all the time, but Max knew that everything was changed now. From his side, at least. “Ah yes, my favourite,” she said cheekily, picking out Max’s most expensive dress shirt. “This would look great with my blue jeans.”

He began to protest, but the words became dislodged in his throat when just then, she flung off the towel and, with her back to him, shrugged on the shirt. That unexpected flash of her fresh, naked body was enough to get his rampaging hormones going, and he had to squeeze his thighs together to quell the ache in his loins. Turning to face him, she quickly did up the buttons. “Are you going to keep lying there? I just heard Mom yelling something about you getting the car out of the garage. We really need to be going soon.”

“Well, you’re the one who overslept,” he accused. “I was ready ages ago.”

“Yeah, sorry, I know. These days, when I fall into bed I’m out like a light and it’ll take an earthquake to get me up in the morning sometimes. Must be those herbal teas I drink last thing at night,” she said with a shrug as she did up the last button. The hem of the shirt reached almost to her knees, but she still looked like a sexy goddess in his over-sized shirt, her hair golden and tousled around her pretty round face. He felt the sudden urge to drag her down to the bed beside him and kiss her for ages, before tearing his shirt off her and…

“Just go,” he found himself telling her in a somewhat strangled voice. “I’ll be out czech amateurs porno in a second.”

“Sure,” she shrugged, heading for the door, sparing him a backward glance as she wondered what had come over him that morning. He was really acting weird. They drove to the airport soon enough, and picked up the newly arrived Mae. Mae’s mother and theirs were sisters, and she usually spent a month or so of the year with them. It was the last few weeks of summer, so they were surprised to see her dressed so warmly in a long, flowing skirt, shirt and sweater. But then, Mae always dressed like a nun. She was pretty, or she would have been if she didn’t wear those thick, unfashionably large pair of glasses that made her look like a spinster headmistress, although she was just a few months older than Lacey. She was a sweet-natured girl, though, and her cousins and aunt always liked having her around. Back in the house, they took her stuff to the guest room, where she always slept during her stay. Lacey helped her unpack as they tried to catch up on almost a year’s worth of stories. “I’ve planned a lot of fun things we can do while you’re here!” said Lacey, folding the last of Mae’s bulky sweaters into the closet. “Shopping, picnics, parties…” Mae was shaking her head.

“Dad said no parties, Lacey. Certainly not the ones you usually go to,” she said with a good natured smile. Lacey threw up her hands. “You’re eighteen, Mae, not eighty! When is Uncle Paul going to let you have some fun? I mean, your clothes,” she waved a disparaging hand at the open wardrobe, “The way you look, both need a complete overhaul. And this year, no one is going to stop me from seeing to it myself!”

“Can I at least take a shower first?” Mae grinned through her cousin’s tirade.

“Oh, yeah. Sure,” Lacey said, and just stood there until she realised that Mae was waiting for her to leave before she’d undress.

“Just..come down when you’re ready,” she told Mae as she headed for the door. “I could make Max take us swimming at the lake. We haven’t gone since we were kids, I think.” “Okay,” Mae nodded, though she inwardly panicked as she realised she hadn’t packed a swimsuit. She wasn’t sure she even had one. But a swim sounded great, so when Lacey was finally gone, she got ready eagerly.

It took some convincing to get Max to agree to take them. He claimed he had a game but Lacey talked him into driving them in the end, thanks also to their mom’s cajoling. She also rustled them up a feast of a picnic, and sent them on their way. The lake was several miles out of town, wooded and secluded, and the water looked so fresh and inviting in the afternoon glare that they were all glad they decided to come.

Without much ado, Lacey was the first to strip out of her clothes to reveal a skimpy, colourful bikini with mere sandwich-size triangles covering her nipples and the vee between her thighs. Max found himself swallowing convulsively at the sight of her, hiding his reaction as he offloaded the coolers from the car, not sure he really wanted anyone to notice him ogling his own sister.

Mae was shedding her own clothes at a more demure pace, and left Lacey and even Max gaping when she finally stood in a pair of light, full-blown baggy shorts and an equally chunky tank top. She blushed somewhat when Lacey burst out laughing. “You’re surely not going to swim in that? Oh, Mae! You’ll probably sink.”

Max chuckled, shrugging out of his own tee shirt. He watched as his sister went to her bag and retrieved a swimsuit. “Thank goodness I always carry a spare. This should suit you, we’re almost the same size.”

She held it out to her cousin, who made a doubtful face. “Chill out, will you! It’s one of my more decent suits,” Lacey assured her.

“Besides, it’s only us around. No one else comes around here these days.” When Mae still hesitated, Lacey sighed impatiently. “Really Mae, your dad’s thousands of miles away. It’s not like you’re about to do something bad. Just to wear a purely functional piece of clothing to go for a swim!”

Mae bit on her lip. Her cousins were looking at her funny and she began to feel guilty. This was supposed to be a fun outing for them, she didn’t want to be the one to try and ruin it. She took the suit from Lacey, then disappeared into the woods. Minutes later she returned to find them both treading the water, and came forward to join them, only to be stopped short by their stares.

“Gosh, Mae, you look hot! Are those real?” Lacey gasped. “Those” were Mae’s watermelon-sized breasts that seemed to be bursting out of the top of the one-piece swimsuit, her waist so tiny it enhanced even more the fantastic bulk of her boobs. She always wore bulky, layered clothes so neither of her cousins would have guessed she was so heavily endowed at the top. Her hips and legs weren’t bad either. In fact she had an incredible body, and Lacey was impressed, if not a little jealous that her own healthy-sized boobs were outclassed by Mae’s kegs.

Mae blushed once again, diving swiftly into the water, hardly czech casting porno able to reply Lacey’s question.

“We are definitely going shopping tomorrow,” Lacey declared. “No way you’re going to wear any of the stuff you brought with you. You need to show off that gorgeous figure.”

Mae pushed her now wet hair back off her face, as they both stood close together in the shallow end. Unknown to her, her raised arms thrust her firm, heavy breasts forward, the deep-lined cleavage somewhat maddeningly inviting to Lacey. Without thinking, she reached forward and squeezed the rounded curves experimentally. Mae fairly jumped out of her skin. “What are you doing!” she yelped, swimming away.

Lacey merely burst out laughing at her. “Just checking. I had to be absolutely sure. Fuck, they ARE real!” She turned to Max with a grin, and he actually grinned back.

“I just saw some girl-on-girl action,” he murmured. “Nice.” His sister splashed water in his direction, and he ducked away with a laugh.

Mae had never been so embarrassed in her life. Lacey grabbing her boobs like that -! It had been a shock. But what was even more of a shock was the funny little fizz of pleasure that had flowed through her at her cousin’s unexpected touch. Apart from the fact that she had almost fainted, of course! She was so confused, she dived underwater.

Max swam up to his sister. “Naughty,” he said with fond admonishment. He had to admit to himself that it had been fun to watch. Even arousing. Imagining his sister caressing and stroking Mae’s incredible tits were going to be the opening scenes of his erotic fantasies for some time to come.

“If I had boobs like that, the things I would get up to…,” she said musingly. His eyebrows raised.

“Do tell,” he said.

She shrugged, swimming on her back, her own sizeable breasts tilting skywards, the nipples prominent and taut within their skimpy covering. He wondered what she would say or do if he suddenly did to her what she did to Mae. He was dying so hard to feel her tits that he felt his cock rear up in his swimming trunks. Damn, she looked so beautiful and inviting, her skin glowing with diamond water drops, her hair floating around her lovely face. If it was a sin to want his sister, then he was in deep shit. Because he wanted her like mad.

“Oh, I dunno,” she shrugged, and one breast almost slipped out of its vee-shaped cup.

“Probably be a topless model. Star in a porno flick or two.”

Max’s mouth hung open. Mae had resurfaced and heard Lacey’s flippant reply. Her own eyes ran over Lacey’s body and she found herself thinking that her cousin had a well-proportioned figure, not like hers which she felt looked ridiculous with her massive top half. Ever since she’d been thirteen and her breasts had started popping out like balloons, she had taken the extra effort to always sheathe them in solid bras that made her boobs less obvious to the undiscerning eye.

“Jeez, Lacey, you can’t say stuff like that! You, a porn star. Don’t sound like a tart,” Max said almost angrily, the thought of his sister being fucked by well-hung male co-stars making him see red.

The very image made him want to hit something. He turned and headed out of the water, grabbing a towel and walking off into the woods.

The two girls looked at each other in surprise.

“Wow, you really got him mad. I guess he wouldn’t want to think you’d be even joking about that kind of thing,” Mae said quietly.

“For heaven’s sake, I was just kidding!” Lacey cried, suddenly fed up. “You and Max, you two really need to lighten up! Jeez!”

And she too stomped out of the lake, before immediately disappearing. Mae looked around her in resignation, wondering when things had got to such a head. She really wished Lacey wasn’t always so provocative about everything. First squeezing her boobs, then announcing she’d have liked to be a porn star. It might all just be her taking the piss at them, but it wasn’t fair, Mae felt.

Meanwhile, Lacey burst into an opening in the woods and found her brother sitting on a log, his back hunched as he dug into the soft earth underneath with his toes. She sneaked up to him, then slipped placating arms around his waist. He stiffened for some moments, then relaxed. She laid her head against his bare, broad back. “I’m sorry, Max! I didn’t know you’d get so mad. I was just joking. I’m not a slut.”

“I know you aren’t,” he said quietly, trying to distract himself from the delicious feel of her cushiony breasts pressing against his back in what he knew was an innocent, sisterly embrace. “I just — I hate it when you talk like that.”

“It’s okay,” she assured him, and pecked his cheek fondly. He was so handsome, even with that dark, brooding frown on his face. His adorable yet manly features, well-defined and somewhat aristocratic, softened at the touch of her lips on his firm jaw.

“Let’s go enjoy that picnic,” she told him, rubbing his well-toned pecs, her hands grazing his tiny brown nipples. He drew in air at her affectionate caress, deeply shamed when his dick prodded straight out in his trunks. His face went hot as he felt sure she noticed what her nearness, her touch, was doing to him. He jumped to his feet hastily, keeping his back to her as he pretended to be dusting off dirt from the log off his thighs.

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