Sisterly Love Ch. 23

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Paris Waterman

Life Changes

It took longer than I thought it would to complete the move from Yonkers to the City and my sister Stephanie’s.

I finished the school year at my high school, refused any further sexual action with my mother–although she continued trying to tempt me into her bed; even inviting her sister, my Aunt Elaine for a short visit. And that might have done the trick had it not been for Duane, who at my request set us up with another visit with Claudia.

On the night before I was to leave for the city, Stephie called with last minute advice on what essential items to pack, and to assure me that she would be meeting me at the station when I arrived. I was a bit surprised when my mother oversaw my packing and added several items that I had overlooked. I was grateful and we parted on good terms instead of leaving with a cloud hanging over us.

“I hope you’ll come see me from time to time, Howard,” she cried and I joined her, promising that I would.

“That’s all I ask, that you come visit. I—I’ll visit you two in the city too. I promise.”

The hug that followed turned into a passionate kiss that took us into her bedroom where I fucked her once more. No, it was three times before I staggered out, dressed and grabbed my two suitcases and left. My mother remained in her bedroom.


Thanks to Duane and his circle of horny housewives, I arrived at Stephie’s with $27,000 in my bank account that only I knew about. What’s more, Duane and I had decided to continue our little business, expanding it to the city, thanks to Claudia’s wide number of female friends where the number of possible female clientele was endless.

But there was some trouble ahead in that I had to convince Stephie that my ‘business plan’ was workable. She feared that Duane and I would be arrested and that my mother would never forgive her for allowing me to do it.


But I’m getting ahead of myself. My sister met me at the station and we took a cab back to her apartment. Enroute, she said, “Your timing is perfect by the way. Candy has already moved in with Wendell. The last of her stuff was gone by ten this morning.

“I’ve been thinking about our situation too. And there are some things we can do, even if we don’t get married anytime soon. Common-law for instance; but the main thing is that we can be together, I won’t let you drop out of school. I’ll nag you relentlessly if you even think about it.

“Oh, Howie I won’t get any sleep tonight!”

“Why?” I asked naively.

“Because I’ll be thinking of you and that big dong swinging between your legs and how often I’ll be able to use it, and how many ways I can use it, and …”

I was rock hard thinking about some of those ‘ways.’ And as soon as we unloaded my stuff into the apartment we hopped into bed and rutted for several hours before we both collapsed, exhausted. I slept like a baby.

Seven hours later: “What do you want to do now, baby?” Stephie murmured tracing a finger over my mouth as I slowly recovered from my exertion, making it clear I could do anything I liked to her.

I grinned at her and pulled her closer by her perfect ass cheeks.

“Right now, Sissy, I want to find one of those fantastic bakeries near here. Or a deli … I could eat a horse and a cow for dessert!”

Stephie giggled and hopped from the bed. I took in her fantastic upturned breasts as she pulled on her salmon colored panties.

“Now that you mention it, I could do with a little snack too. Come on, you slowpoke, get up! Get dressed! I thought you were hungry!”

We skipped out of her apartment and only when some passersby gave us a strange look did we realize we were causing people to notice us and we began walking normally although we continued to hold each other;\’s hand.

Four blocks away we came to a delicatessen and settled in at a small table for two.

As we ate, we chatted in low tones about what had happened, our chairs gradually moving closer to each other until we were sitting almost hip to hip. At some point, Stephie began feeding me choice tidbits of her food, and I did likewise with mine. It seemed to be the most natural thing in the world, occasionally leaning in to lick or kiss crumbs away from each other’s lips, revealing our love to anyone who cared to look in our direction, and more than a few did. Some smiled and nodded. Some frowned distastefully and some laughed and went on their way, no doubt feeling better about life in general.

The dynamic between us had changed from being simply brother and sister–to lovers.

My sister paid the bill and left a sizable tip, telling me that since I now lived in New York I had better get used to leaving a generous tip whenever dining out.

“How much?” I asked.

“Generally I would say …” She paused for a second, thinking, “Okay, in a better than average restaurant, 20% for normal service. For poor service, 10%. You must leave something. It’s what they depend on, latin sex tapes porno and the bus boys and dishwashers are part of it. So poor service doesn’t mean leaving zero even through you may feel they don’t deserve anything. There are others to consider.”

“In a diner or the like, 15% is enough and if you see someone in your parry is stiffing the server, either prod them into leaving a tip, or add more of your own money to it.”

As Stephie was sharing this information with me, I had an opportunity to see behind the scenes as a busboy racked plates of their leftovers, and a dishwasher started scrubbing them. I got the message loud and clear and never forgot it.

I also didn’t forget how sexy my sister was, and had my hand up her dress as soon as the elevator doors closed behind us in her building.

Stephie giggled and shimmied against my hand. “You’re such a naughty lover boy, Howie!”

“Am I?”

“Yes,” she said as the elevator doors opened at her floor. “Just for that you have to spend twenty minutes just kissing my poochy as nice as you can!”

“Okay,” I said and slipped a finger a little way into the tight little knot of her anus.

“EEEK!” She shrieked, and slapped at my hand before hurriedly rummaging in her purse for her keys.

Moments later in her bedroom, I began licking and tasting every square inch of her magnificent body. I started the usual way, kissing her on the mouth, but soon enough I had her toes in my mouth while caressing her calves as she moaned happily.

Stephie seemed to feel the same way, for her hands roamed over me as well, testing my muscles, sampling the texture of my skin, and the feel of my hair against her fingers as she hand-combed my hair back off my face.

As for me I had gorged myself on her exquisite body earlier. Now was the time to savor her, for example, although we had had sex many times previously, I had not noticed the crease at the tops of her thighs where the buttock flows into the thigh proper. From there I moved up to explore her lumbar dimples, wondering why I’d never noticed how erotically satisfying it could be to gently circle them with just my fingertips, and then kissing her neck before tasting her lower back and licking the tip of her ass cleft.

Stephie’s satisfied moans were a symphony to my ears as I continued my explorations. I took in the elegant curve of her neck as it flowed into her shoulders, before pressing another kiss to her neck and feeling the beat of her heart on my lips.

Stephie later confided that watching me take her in–taking all of her in–got her so hot she came without being touched sexually. And THAT had never happened to her before!

Her eyes were gleaming with lust when I laid her out on the bed.

“Twenty minutes you said?”

“Oh, Howie … I didn’t mean …”

I was already sucking on one of her stiffened nipples. When she moaned I quickly moved to the other while capturing her buttocks with both hands as I bit hard on her nipples.

“Oh fuckkk–Howie!”

Moments later I was on the move again; my left hand was on the back of her right leg below her spread knees and I leaned forward.

Stephie squeaked in anticipation of what I was about to do.

Then I did it. Leading with the tip of my tongue, I moved between her thighs and inhaled. I could detect the scent of freshly washed and rinsed skin with the undertone of aroused womanhood just before my tongue pushed aside her sparse curls and I dragged it up to her swollen slot–Stephie screamed–“YES!”

There was not even a hint of urine mixed with her mild, minty taste as my lips opened and I covered as much of her fresh little treasure with my mouth as I could.

“Oh fuckkk–Howie!”

I gently worked the tip of my tongue up and down a little and then used more in and out, worrying open her swelling pussy lips with a few drenched curls of her pubs on my taste buds until I felt the silky membranes of her inner lips unfurl to the insistent prodding of my tongue.

“Ugh–ugh–ohhhh—my-god!” my sister moaned as my tongue wormed its way even further into her depths.

I began to move my tongue in a more up and down, lapping motion. I was getting closer to where her clit was located; and then felt the nodule brush over the tip of my tongue. Her clit was just a bit larger than a BB pellet as I tongued it and worried it out of its fleshy hood.

I had performed this act before, and had memorized the unfolding topography of her most erogenous zone as if I was blind man and her clit were brail.

“Ohhh–my–god–ohhhh–my–god…” Stephie started to chant in an urgent quiet voice in rhythm with the beat of my tongue. “I didn’t think … ohhhh–my–god–I didn’t know you–you meant it!”

I wondered what she was talking about, and raised my face from her crotch to ask.


“What? What are you talking about?”

Evidently that pause in cunnilingus was enough to allow her to regain her composure sufficiently lezbiyen porno enough to tell me she was only kidding about me having to spend twenty minutes on her ‘poochy.’

But when I gave her ‘poochy’ one last kiss and sat back on my heels, she whined, saying, “No—no … I’m sooo fuckin’ close, Howie!”

“Sister dear, wasn’t it you that told me ‘Anticipation is part of foreplay?’

“Ohhh, Howie!” Stephie groaned, and apparently decided to fight back a different way. She took a deep breath, exhaled, and then in one swift plunge of her head sucked my cock deep into her wet mouth.

I could feel her tongue swish over the bottom side of my cock as she rapidly suckled, released, and suckled again. But after that she seemed to concentrate on the corona, and especially on the part that connected to the shaft itself. I could feel the rapid breaths from her nostrils on the skin that was outside the tight seal of her lips. Her suckling was in cycle with her rapid breathing and was driving me crazy with lust.

I found myself fighting the urge to grab her behind the head and slam my cock down her lovely throat.

Seeming to sense those thoughts, Stephie slowed down and just nibbled at the head of my cock like a goldfish at one’s finger when sticking it into their bowl. That sensation was marvelous as well and I told her so.

Stephie responded with, “Uhhh-huumm,” without breaking the seal of her wet lips and switched to pushing the tip of my cockhead against the downward slope at the back of her mouth without even the hint of a gag or a choke. She started moaning with each down stroke of her head, which added vibrations to her technique, “Uhm … uhm … uhm … uhm …”

Wanting to repay her for services being rendered, I sent a fingertip between her slippery, swollen outer labia and caught in the folds of her inner lips. Stephie moaned and rotated her hips forward freeing the finger and allowing me to drag it up to her now inflamed clit. Her hips shuddered as I vibrated the fingertip back and forth across the surface of her happy button.

Stephie fought to catch her breath. It took her several long seconds before she did. It was good that she did, for that was when her orgasm hit her with tsunami like force.

Yanking my dick from her mouth, she screamed, “God–Howie … don’t stop—don’t stop … Ohhhh, no… PLEASE, don’t stop!”

I can say that the voice amid the ragged breath husking out of her small mouth while I strummed her slimy clit was unrecognizable under the stress of her orgasm.

I smiled into her eyes and winked at her.

I slowed the fingering of her swollen clit and moved the tip of my finger down her wet groove. I tickled through the tangles of her silken curls, unfurling the warm lips until I found the constriction that was the mouth of her pussy. I started to worm my finger up inside Stephie’s tight, weeping satin channel.

She squeaked out a sobbed, “OH-GOD,” with each quarter-inch penetration I managed to attain.

When I got the second joint of the finger she was huffing and puffing and still cumming, while my cock, no longer being warmed by her magnificent mouth, was rapidly cooling.

Ah well, I thought, I need to save up for out fuck anyway and went back down on her again.

Twenty minutes my ass–I gave her the full thirty minute lube job. Thank you Duane Masterson, tutor extraordinary.

Stephie was actually begging me to stop, and I did. I let her rest for one minute then had her mount me cowgirl style, and impale herself on me, before telling her to fuck us both silly.

Duane and I had tried this with one of our ‘clients’ with great success and I saw no reason not to try it with Stephie. In both instances, the woman was reeling from her orgasm, or multiple orgasms, and had to be given instructions at first.

“C’mon, Steph … shove that bone in there and try to wear me out!”

“Howie … I can’t … I’m kinda out of gas right now.”

“No whining allowed, sis–get that ass moving … c’mon, cowgirl, ride that bucking bronco!”

That’s when I turned loose my rat-a-tat-tat moves on her, and had her in the midst of another climax before she knew what hit her. Stephie was a virtual fucking machine after that: “Oooohhhhh … this way is … wonderful!” she cooed into my left ear as her silky hair caressed my face and her tight snatch took hold of my dick like an iron fisted glove and I gushed what seemed a gallon or more of milky cream into her seemingly bottomless cunt. _________________________

I woke feeling refreshed, relaxed, and completely at peace with the world. Stephie was still sleeping spooned against me. We’d slept about four hours, making it about two in the morning.

The feel of her firm bottom pressed against me caused my cock to stiffen to full size, poking solidly into her rump. I pondered how long it would be before the sight or feel or scent of Stephie would stop me from reacting that way. Well if there is a God it will be a long, long time coming, I silently prayed. liseli porno

Stephie stirred, her eyes slowly opened and she smiled at the feel of my arm around her, She turned her head slightly, to see my eyes looking directly into hers.

“Hello, my beautiful man!” she murmured sleepily, turning round to hug me and kiss my chest; simultaneously rolling his stiff cock deliciously against her smooth belly and grinning at my soft gasp.

“Hello, my gorgeous woman!” I said, grinning back. We were both laughing as I pulled her tight and nudged my erection between the cheeks of her exquisite ass.

“No—no! You were supposed to kiss my poochy!” she wailed although her eyes were sparkling with suppressed laughter, before biting her lip in a way I found breathtakingly sexy because as she protested she was rubbing her ass against me.

“Have you ever …?” I began only to see her roll away and leave the bed.

“I need a shower!”Stephie chirped.

Then beckoning with a finger, she called, “Come with me!”

And as she entered the bathroom turned her head and called over her shoulder, “You can do my back.”

She slapped her derriere for emphasis and I leapt from the bed to follow her.


Stephie had the shower going by the time I managed to join her, having paused to relieve myself first.

“Will you let me hold it for you some time? I’ve always wondered what it was like to direct the stream the way you guys can,” my sister laughed as she gently encircled my balls, her fingertip lightly rubbing the perineum.

“We won’t get far if you keep doing that!” I sighed, already having closed my eyes thinking she was about to suck my cock. Instead, Stephie kissed me, slipping her tongue between my lips and kissing me softly as her warm little hand gently squeezed my balls.

I groaned and slid my cock into her in one long, slow glide, feeling her hiss into my mouth as I stretched her pussy all over again.

“Oh yes, Howie, do that, do that, oh yes, oh yes…!” she chanted softly as I slowly pumped in and out of her, my hands sliding down to the small of her back and pushing her nipples up to where I could suck them as I fucked her. Stephie groaned at the assault on her overly sensitive nipples and her hips bucked up to meet me as I thrust into her repeatedly.

Eventually I pulled out of her and leaned back on my haunches, pulled her up to me.

“Turn around, baby-girl, turn around … yes like that!” I murmured as Stephie got on her hands and knees. My eyes fixed on her beautiful, heart-shaped rear and her tight anus; the little pink knot quivering as she flexed her taut ass-cheeks in anticipation.

I knee walked up to her and took hold of her smooth hips, my throbbing cock pointed straight at her wet pussy, and slid my cock between her swollen labia, Stephie hissed as I filled her once again, and pushed back as I began pumping into her. Almost without thinking about it, I slid my hands under her rib-cage, to catch and squeeze those magnificent hanging breasts; once again feeling her nipples stiff and straining between my fingertips as I gently squeezed and rolled them. Stephie gasped and pushed back harder against me, her taut buttocks bouncing and flattening against my midriff as I simultaneously thrust into her.

Stephie later told me she felt as if she were in a new world–just the two of us–and all she knew was the feel of me boning away at her and it was the most erotic thing she’d ever felt.

She began milking me and I came, bolt after bolt of jizm jetted into her, hot liquid spurts filling her convulsing pussy with my sperm.

That, of course, set Stephie off as well. As her orgasm passed we were both entangled on the floor of the shower, mindless of the spray beating down on us for some time.

“Wow …” My sister gasped after a while. “That was something else, Howie.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” I said in agreement.

“You’re mine now, Steph …, never forget that; you belong to me, and I’ll always be yours, so long as you want me.”

“Howie … Howie, I’ll always want you, I’ve always wanted you, I’ll never let you go now; you’re mine now, my beautiful man-boy!” she smiled, and accepting a kiss from me and burrowing happily into the circle of his arms, “Just remember one thing, Howie, you look at any other girls, for any reason, and I’ll fix you, just you wait and see!”

I laughed, and gently smacked her quivering bottom, enjoying how the firm flesh bounced and jiggled beneath his hand. “Well don’t forget my sideline with Duane. It’s a money maker, Stephie, and we can use the money.”

“I know–I know, but it hurts knowing that you’ll be making love to some rich bitch while I’m here waiting for you to come home.”

She let a smile cross her face and added, “Maybe I should become a call girl and bring in my share of the rent money, you think?”

“Hell no, Stephie, I’m only doing it because it’s easy money. If you tried it there’s the danger factor that I don’t have. So no, you stay in your regular job and I’ll do the dirty work.”

“You meet up with jealous husband and you’ll find your work is dangerous too, Howie.”

“I won’t. These women know their husbands. They know them well enough to schedule Duane and me when they’re occupied with business.”

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