Sister and Brother Grow Up

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I just had to get this submitted. We are over 18 in this story.

My brother and I are a year apart. We grew up together in a typical household. Maybe what was not so typical was that my Dad was a diplomat, so we traveled a lot and lived in foreign cities. Often, my brother and I had no close friends in a new place, and we were forced to depend on each other for company. When we were little, we spent all of our time together. We played tag. We played house. We fought. I always loved my brother, though. He was the person closest to me. We talked a lot.

Growing up, I never thought about sex and I certainly never thought about my brother as anything but my brother. My parents tried to teach us to be mature about sex and nudity, but we never went around the house naked. Their lessons were more matter-of-fact, and my brother and I understood that someday each of us would find someone we loved and then we would experience sex with that person. My parents were also pretty liberal about the clothes I wore when we went on vacation on the Continent, so I started wearing pretty small bikinis whenever we visited the beaches in Europe, and I often dressed in pretty skimpy skirts there, too, which was the style for teenage girls. On holidays in hotels or on cruises, it was okay to share rooms and beds, and even see each other in our underwear, but other than that my brother and I were never really curious about seeing each other naked, or so I thought.

I grew up to be tall for a girl, but I never developed big breasts. I thought this was a blessing, because I was active in sports and it turned into a real advantage in competition. My breasts stayed small all through puberty, but my figure did change and there were other things I noticed were different. My hips became wider and, of course, I starting growing hair around my labia. I remember spending hours in the bathroom examining myself.

A little later, I noticed my brother was growing into a bit of a hunk. His muscles were developing. He shot up one year to almost six feet tall. He looked good in his swimshorts, I noticed. I was quite proud of him. He was starting to look like one of those models you see in the magazines.

We were living in Africa when I was in high school. I dated but I never had a serious boyfriend. I went to college in the states. I still didn’t have any serious boyfriends my first year. My roommate and I, a girl from California, messed around a little in our dorm room in the last month of the school year. That was fun. Someone had slipped both of us something at a party, I’m sure of it now. When we got to our dorm room, we just fell into each other’s arms on the beds and started kissing. It was the first time someone kissed me down there, and it gave me the yummiest feeling. We were about the same physique, which was fun, too. Kissing her felt familiar, like kissing myself. We started taking showers together, where we would fondle each other’s breasts and suck each other’s nipples. That’s about as far as we took it. Well, except for that time she licked my anus. I wasn’t ready for that but it felt good, too, so I let her. I pressed my breasts against the shower wall. She spread my cheeks and put her finger up inside my butt. No one had ever done that before.

The school year ended and I went home. My parents had just moved back to the states. They got a small house since houses were so expensive in the city and my brother and I would both be in college now. There were only two bedrooms on the top floor. Each had its own bathroom. So when I got home, my parents gave me the only other bedroom besides theirs, and my brother slept on the couch downstairs. There were twin beds in the bedroom and my brother and I shared the closet for our clothes. We each had a bureau in the room for our things, and we would share the bathroom. We didn’t mind. It was a short-term solution, since my brother was planning a backpacking adventure with some friends for most of the summer and then both he and I would be gone again for the school year.

I was so excited to see my parents and my brother. We gave each other great big hugs, and that night we went out for dinner. The next night, my mom cooked us our favorite dinner at home, and my dad allowed us to drink wine with our dinner. During dinner, my parents told my brother and me that they had to go to Maryland, where my aunt lived, because Uncle John had just passed away from a heart attack. They would leave the next day for the funeral and be back in two days.

It was an old house. I thought it was quaint, and when I went to the bathroom later that night I noticed the doors had old-fashioned keyholes. I took a shower and washed my hair. While I was in the shower, the tecavüz porno warm water felt so good. The little wine I drank must have made me feel a little warmer, too, and I began to think about the last time my roommate and I had showered together. I thought of her kisses on my lips and the way she fondled my tiny breasts. She would pinch my nipples until they became hard, which didn’t take long at all, and then she would take my hard nipples into her mouth. I remembered how she knelt down to kiss my pussy as the water almost drowned her.

How embarrassing to use that word, pussy, even now. My roommate was always using that word. She loved to talk when she kissed me there. She’d say things like, “What a sweet pussy,” and ask, “Does your pussy feel so good?” The truth of it was that my pussy did feel pretty fucking good. Oops, there goes another taboo word. My roommate would use that word, too, the f-word, and she was always calling my breasts boobies and titties. Once, when she got me really excited she called my pussy a twat. That time she fingered my butt, she had whispered the word cunt. It felt dirty and exciting at the same time.

So I just had to masturbate myself. When several minutes went by, I forced myself to stop. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. I hadn’t finished masturbating, so I put one leg on the vanity and watched myself finger myself in the mirror. When I finally came, I threw my robe on and, without a thought about it, walked into the bedroom.

There was my brother standing next to one of the bureaus, turned slightly away from me. He was wearing boxers and no shirt. He was looking for something in a drawer and pulled out a tee shirt. I must have gasped, because he apologized.

He said, “I was just getting some things to get ready for bed. I’ll leave so you can go to bed.” He said goodnight and closed the door behind him.

I thanked him and said goodnight. I sat on one of the beds. I continued to dry my hair and thought about how surprised I was to see my brother in the room. And then it began to dawn on me. Was it possible that my brother had spied on me in the bathroom through the keyhole? Did he see me masturbating? I was mortified by the thought of being caught masturbating. How much could he really see anyway? And shouldn’t I be mad if he caught me by peeking through a little keyhole? What a little pervert! Why should I feel any shame?

But the more I thought about it, the more shame I felt because now I was certain he had seen me. I remembered that look in his face, part knowing and part evasive. He didn’t look me in my eyes. He hurried out of the room. Was it my imagination, or was he purposely hiding something from me? There was something unnatural about the way he stood there and then left, his body slightly twisted away from me, and then the way he held the tee shirt. And then it occurred to me that maybe he was hiding a boner in his boxers. He had seen me! And he was excited! I had excited him! I had made my brother get a boner. That thought produced an unexpected reaction in me. I was excited. Was it the idea of a hard penis that aroused me? Was I just a horny college girl who hadn’t gotten any for a long, long time? Or was it because he was my brother and brothers aren’t supposed to get hard looking at their sisters? Was it, I had to ask, because sisters aren’t supposed to get excited thinking about their brothers?

I finally got some sleep that night. When I woke up, I dressed in slacks and a blouse, about as conservative as I could dress, and went downstairs. My brother was already up and eating at the breakfast table. He had jeans on and the tee shirt he pulled out last night. Mom and dad were rushing about, eating some toast, drinking some coffee, and getting ready to leave. I said good morning and poured myself some juice. He said good morning, too. There was something strange, though. I felt like we were strangers. There was a newspaper to read, and the television was on. My parents were preoccupied by packing, and my brother and I just quietly let it be.

About an hour later, my parents were gone. My brother and I were still in the kitchen. Something had to change, I thought. Maybe we should get out, do something. Maybe we’d have a chance to talk later. Maybe nothing happened. Maybe I was just imagining things.

“Any plans today?” I asked.

“I was thinking about going to the beach,” he said.

“Going with any one?” I asked.

“No, not seeing anybody at the moment.”

I laughed. “No, I meant are you going to the beach with any one?”

“Oh,” he said. He laughed, too. “No, I thought you might want to go. I found a nice beach about 20 miles from here. teen porno Thought you might like to go.”

So we made some plans to go. He wanted to take a shower first, so he went upstairs. I heard the water running. When I went upstairs to change, I found out he was in mom & dad’s shower. I peeked into their room. The door to the bathroom was closed. I couldn’t help myself, I went to the keyhole and peeked in. The room was steamy, and the shower door was closed. I could see my brother’s figure, however, through the frosty glass. I couldn’t see him very clearly, but I was sure he was masturbating. I wanted to keep looking, but I didn’t want to get caught. I went into the other bedroom, grabbed a bikini, and went into the other bathroom to change.

As I changed, I thought about what I had seen, or thought I had seen. Maybe he wasn’t beating off, I thought. Maybe he was just washing, and I mistook it for something else because I wanted to think he was masturbating. I mean, I really couldn’t see his penis. How could I be sure? I heard the water stop running, and I quickly tied up the bikini strings.

Moments later, I went downstairs to the kitchen in my bikini. My brother was standing at the counter, wearing his swimshorts. He looked really good, and I felt a little flush.

“Damn, sis,” he said. “I haven’t seen you in a bikini since last year. I forgot how skinny you are.”

“Skinny?” I asked, unsure of myself. “You think I look skinny? Is that bad?”

“No, no,” my brother tried to backtrack. “I didn’t mean ‘skinny’ as a bad thing. It’s, well, you know, I mean like sexy skinny, you know, like a model.” He was blushing now.

“Well, I don’t know what I think about my brother thinking I’m sexy,” I said. I knew I was teasing him but that was how it often was between us. Just a little good-natured teasing.

“Okay, I won’t think about you being sexy,” he said.

“But you do,” I said, pushing the limits a little.

“I do what?”

“Think I’m sexy.”

“Well, you know, I know you’re a sexy woman. Of course. I just don’t…,” he stammered.

“You don’t what?” It was my turn to ask for details.

“You know, you’re my sister.”

“And sisters can’t be sexy.”

“Well, I’m sure they are, sometimes.”

“Well, am I one of those sexy sisters?”

“You are my only sister, and, yes, you are sexy.”

“Thanks for thinking I’m sexy.”

“You’re welcome.”

“And if it helps, you’re one of those sexy brothers.”

This got his attention.

“Maybe we better go to the beach,” he said, changing the subject. He was always good at that. “You ready?”

“Let me grab a few things,” I said.

It was a great beach. We were tentative at first, but we soon were playing in the waves together. He was body surfing, and I tried it a few times. One wave knocked me down, and I staggered up from the bottom, coughing, my hair completely tangled from being thrown around by the wave. My brother helped me to my feet. It took me a few minutes to get my legs again. Then I noticed that one of my boobs had fallen out of my bikini top. There was my white breast and a hard pink nipple exposed to everyone on the beach. As I fixed myself, I looked at my brother, but his eyes were already looking out for the next wave. I walked to the shore and plopped myself on a beach towel while my brother continued to body surf.

Had my brother seen my little white breast and my erect nipple? I wondered. How could he not? As I lay in the sun, I felt a little excited about this innocent accident. Was it an accident? There was no way to know. I watched my brother walking out of the surf. Were my eyes playing tricks on me again? There he was, walking towards me, muscular shoulders, a flat stomach, powerful legs, and was that a semi-hard cock laying almost horizontal in his swimsuit? I made a little calculation of its size. Maybe I was overestimating. He dried his hair, with his back to me, and when he turned I thought the bulge position in his swimsuit had changed.

We showered and changed in the facilities at the beach, and drove home. I was wearing a little tank top, no bra, a pair of baggy cargo shorts, and flip flops. I had forgotten panties. My brother wore similar clothes. I wondered if he were commando, too. It made me feel excited again to think about his semi-hard dick in his swimshorts now lying on his lap inside his shorts as he drove us home, just as my pussy felt exposed without panties under my shorts.

It had been a long day. I was exhausted. I didn’t even want to eat. I told my brother I was going to take a nap and plopped on my bed upstairs. I fell asleep immediately. I had crazy dreams. I dreamed I was in travesti porno a room with other people I couldn’t see. I was wearing the clothes I’d worn coming home. My brother was in the dream. He was lifting my shirt off, exposing my tiny titties. He was pulling my shorts aside, exposing my cunny.

About an hour later, I woke up. I was definitely horny from my dream. The room was dark. I turned on the light. The other bed looked messy. Had I done that? I was pretty sure I hadn’t. I went downstairs. My brother was on the back deck. He was drinking.

“I decided to help myself while you were sleeping,” he said. He looked drunk. “You wansum?” he asked, his words slurred.

“Don’t get up,” I said. “I’ll get my own.”

He continued drinking while I made a drink for myself. He was only wearing his shorts, and I wondered if he was commando or not. I sat in the chair beside my brother. We talked and drank, enjoying the night air. Soon I knew I was tipsy, too. It felt like that night my roommate and I first started kissing and feeling each other up. My brother, however, was beyond tipsy. He was dead drunk.

“Maybe you better stop drinking,” I said.

“S’okay,” he said. He closed his eyes. A moment later he said, “I think I better go lie down on the couch. I don’t feel so good.”

He couldn’t get up, though. I helped him out of his chair and into the house.

“Thanks, sis,” he kept saying, as he crashed into the doorway and stumbled onto the couch.

He was sprawled out, and then I noticed that the tip of his dick was hanging out of his shorts. He was definitely commando. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the head of his dick. I wanted something, I just wasn’t sure what. I was hornier than I had ever been in my whole life. Hornier than the first time I let a boy fuck me. Hornier than the time my roommate had called me a cunt and I let her finger my ass until I came. The last 24 hours were more than I could bear. I was on fire now.

As my brother lay on the couch, I sat in the big chair across from him. His eyes didn’t open again. I think he was snoozing the alcohol off. As I watched him I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down just enough so I could slowly masturbate. It felt so good. Then I noticed that his dickhead seemed to get bigger.

“Are you peeking at me?” I asked.

“Hmrrrp” was all I heard.

“Were you peeking at me before?

Again, “hmrrrp.”

“Do you like?” I asked, pulling my shorts further down.


“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” I said, pulling them off.

“Hey, sis,” my brother finally said. “You’re…deffffinite…ly… the sexiest sister…in the whole…world.”

“Thanks,” I said. “You’re the sexiest brother in the whole world.”

I took off my top.

“You sure have…the prettiest…titties,” he said.

I laid back in the chair and spread my legs wide over the armrests.

“And you deffffinite…ly…have… the most beautiful pussy,” he said, just before his head fell back on the pillow.

At this point, I was a little frustrated but I also felt bolder than I’d ever been. I crawled over to him on all fours, my ass wiggling behind me, my titties falling from me weightlessly. When I got to my brother, I quietly unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down his legs, and off him. My brother was as naked as I was. He looked beautiful. His dick sprang up. It was beautiful. I thought it was pretty long, but what struck me most about it was how straight and pink and hard it was.

I took his dick into my hand, bent over him, and put it into my mouth. He moaned as I alternated between sucking him into my mouth, licking his shaft up and down, and kissing the tip of his dick. He reached down to fondle my titties. I held his balls in my hand.

I adored having my brother’s hard dick in my mouth. It was so deliciously wicked and, well, satisfying. I doubted he’d even remember. It was fun to slurp on it, feel it throbbing in my mouth while my hand held him tight at the base of his shaft. I could tell he was enjoying it. He started thrusting it into my mouth. I knew what would take him over the edge. I pointed my index finger, licked it, and reached under his sac, searching for his anus. I put the tip of my finger into his asshole up to the first knuckle. With my other hand, I took his dick out of my mouth and furiously stroked him.

His dick felt hot, and as I held it I felt it begin to convulse.

“Cum for me, brother. Cum for me now.” I continued to stroke him furiously.

He let out a cry, and his dick started shooting gobs of jism into the air. I almost laughed, there was so much and it just kept coming out. When he was done shooting, I thought I saw a huge smile on his face. I know there was a big one on mine. His dick felt slightly softer now in my hand.

“Thanks, baby,” he said.

“It’s okay, dear,” I said, and let him drift into a deep sleep.

Damn, that was good, I thought.

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