Simply Southern

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Writer’s Note:This story is a fantasy and is intended to be fun. It is inspired by a veteran Literotica member and is in no way true, (At least to my knowledge). Some items are based on what this member put in her profile. Everything else is just fantasy for you, the reader to enjoy. It is dedicated to Simply Southern

Jerry looked out upon the dance floor and sighed. He knew that he probably shouldn’t have come tonight, but he also knew that he had to get out of the lonely and austere house before he completely went nuts.

So far it seemed to him that this first year of study at North Carolina University was really no different than his time spent in high school. He thought that at least he would find people here more grown up and less childish in the way they treated one another. He realized that he had definitely guessed wrong in that department.

He had enrolled to take a course in the field of paralegal. He knew that the way things were going in this day and age, he would be pretty well assured of getting a good and well paying joy, and, it would allow him to meet new people.

Jerry sighed again and took a sip of his drink as he watched the University students as they danced and congregated into little cliques and groups. He had always been a bit of an outsider, not because he couldn’t socialize, but because he was brainy. He had always been stereotyped as a nerd. Granted, not like what you see in the movies, such as ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ and such, but because he was so studious and such, the moniker seemed to remain attached.

He raised his glass again to take a sip and just as he did, he spied one of the girls from his classes seemingly gazing back at him. He almost choked on that sip with the surprise of that gaze. He raised his glass in her direction and nodded. He could feel the flush start to color his cheeks.

It wasn’t because he wasn’t good looking, on the contrary, he was rather ruggedly handsome. He kept in good shape and he knew how to carry himself. It’s just that the stamp of nerd that he had lived with for so long, made him wonder about the attention that he was getting.

He tried not to stare, but he was fascinated by her gaze. Not to mention her looks. Jerry remembered her as Simply Southern. She was, in his estimation a strikingly pretty girl. She was probably right at his age and she did not seem to have any hang-ups at all. She had darker blonde hair, was rather small in stature, and the thing that seemed to hypnotize him into staring back at her was her eyes. They weren’t exactly blue, but rather an azure color; and penetrating, as if she could see right into his soul.

She was definitely well proportioned, her breasts were not small by any means, but they held up well, and she had well defined hips, and a great ass. She was definitely a looker. His mind wandered as his imagination took hold and he didn’t realize that his mind was spacing as she walked towards him across the dance floor.

Suddenly it dawned on him that she was almost to him and he could feel the warmth start to caress his cheeks again. He clumsily picked up his drink and took another swallow. Yep, there was no question now, she was heading his way and as she got closer, he was impressed with the way she carried herself. She had a gentle sway and yet she definitely exuded an air of confidence.

“Hi,” she said as she closed in, “do you mind if I have a seat?” God, she had a great smile!

“Uh, no, go right ahead. Here, let……” he started to say as he got up to pull out a chair for her.

“My name’s Simply Southern,” she said, “but my friends just call me Southern.”

“Jerry,” he answered, “just Jerry.”

‘Just Jerry’, he thought to himself, what a comeback.

She gazed at him kind of questioningly and asked, “You’re in my paralegal class aren’t you?” God that smile was infectious.

“Yes,” he stammered, “I sit just behind you a bit.” Damn, the blushing! He hardly ever blushed.

“Well, Jerry, I see that you aren’t dancing. Did you come alone?” She kind of cocked her head to one side as her hair shifted in front of her left eye. Without what seemed to be a conscious thought, she took her hand and flicked her hair aside.

Jerry thought to himself, ‘Oh no, here it comes, the part I admit I’m a loser.’ He sat straighter in his chair as he looked up at her rather sheepishly and stated, “Yeah. I like the music as well as the atmosphere. Thought I would just come by and have a drink and unwind. And you, did you come alone also?”

“Oh yes, but I very rarely leave alone.” She was so sure and confident, thought Jerry. “And tonight, I would like it if you and I could leave together.”

For a moment, the answer didn’t register and he just kind of looked at her blankly. “Uh, uh, you want to leave with me?”

“Yeah, sure. Why not?” she asked.

“Well, for one thing, you don’t know me.” Jerry couldn’t believe she had asked.

“I know how you are in class. I know that I like what I see and,” she paused as if to let that sink in,” I want to get to know you better.” Tonight was really blowing his mind, he thought escort ataşehir as she continued, “A lot better.” With that she just winked at him.

Jerry felt the blood surge between his legs as he realized what she was saying. The way things were, he probably wouldn’t be able to stand up in front of her right now. Jerry was no prude, but he also had not been a ladies man. He had had a few flings before, but, they were far too infrequent and, he just couldn’t fathom why she would want him.

She had risen out of her chair and held out her hand to him. “Come on big boy, take me home and I’ll fix you a drink.” She appeared to be so at ease.

She didn’t let go of his hand as they walked toward the exit of the building. It felt pretty good to be walking with such a beautiful girl just then. Jerry’s mind was racing full throttle right now, wondering what Genie had granted him this wish. Her hand was so warm and comforting.

They got to her car and Jerry held the driver’s door open for her and then went to the passenger side and got in. He just gazed at her as she started the engine, shifted the car into gear and sped off. In about five or six minutes they arrived to a small duplex, she switched the ignition off, pulled the key out, and then looked at Jerry for a second, leaned over and planted a kiss, square on his lips.

Man she felt good as he replied with some pressure upon her lips. Her lips were full and sweet. He slowly probed with just the tip of his tongue as she flicked hers in similar greeting. She then pulled away, and with a breathy sigh she said, “Come on big guy and let’s go inside.”

Jerry jumped out of the car and went to open her door when she climbed out and slammed the door shut as she started walking down her sidewalk to her front door. ‘Wow,’ he thought, ‘that is some woman,’ as he watched her sachet towards her door.

“Come on Jerry, you can ogle my butt much better when were inside.” She grinned as Jerry realized she had caught him staring. She opened the door and waited for Jerry to enter and then closed the door behind them as she turned the deadbolt.

“What would you like to drink? I have wine and some beer. Or soft drink, water, tea?” she offered.

“Actually, just some water would be fine right now.” He replied.

“Have a seat.” She entered her kitchen opened the fridge and took out a glass bottle with some chilled water and poured him a cup. Looking up, she asked, “Ice?”

“No thanks, just chilled is fine.”

He had taken a seat in the easy chair she had in her living room. She gave him his water and motioned to the couch, “Come on, sit over here by me.” She picked up a remote control, which turned out to be for her stereo and turned it on. What came from the stereo was instrumental, strings and brass, very melodic.

Jerry took a seat by her. “Now, where were we?” She asked as she pulled him closer. Leaning over she planted another kiss on his lips and this time he wasn’t holding back. He kissed her firmly, and without hesitation was probing through her lips for her tongue. He could feel her teeth as his tongue met with hers. She was so warm and soft. He could feel the passion in her kiss and he momentarily thought, ‘she certainly doesn’t hold back.’

Jerry allowed his tongue and lips to explore her mouth. His tongue traced the curves and fullness of her lips. His tongue tasted the wetness of her mouth and her tongue as the flush of sensation began to sweep over him. He had always felt that a good kiss was one of the greatest turn-ons.

She slowly pushed him away as she gasped a big breath and sighed. “I knew it was going to be the right decision.” She looked into his eyes as she reached up with her fingers and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. “I’ve got to get more comfortable.”

“Do you want me to do that?” Jerry asked.

“Nope, you just sit there and let me do this. I’ve wanted to do this with you since the first day I saw you in class.”

She slowly drew her blouse away from her shoulders and Jerry could see the thin bra that covered her breasts. She was absolutely beautiful. Her breasts were full and firm. He could see her nipples poking at the cage of her bra as if demanding freedom from their enclosure. Jerry was fascinated. He was equally fascinated at her apparent comfort of displaying her body so easily.

“Do you like?” she asked as she cupped her breasts in each hand as if to offer them up to him.

“I do, I do. You are absolutely gorgeous,” he replied adoringly.

She reached back and unclasped the restraints that allowed her breasts freedom. Jerry thought that they might fall as she pulled her bra away and threw it to the easy chair. They didn’t, they jutted out as if full of pride. Her nipples were already hard little nubbins that were crying out for a good suck and licking.

This time, Jerry reached out for her hand and drew her close to him. He again attacked her lips with renewed vigor as he allowed his hands to find their mark on her breasts. He caressed her lips, her tongue, her teeth. If he could have licked her tonsils, kadıköy escort he probably would have. She was so responsive and he felt as if he might have died and this was heaven.

He could feel the stirring in his cock as the kiss became more passionate. His cock was dying to be let free, but right now, even though she seemed to be in charge, he wanted nothing more than to please her. He started to withdraw from her lips and plant gentle kisses on her chin, then back to her lips and then caressing her chin again with his lips. He slowly descended to under her chin, to the swell of her throat and back up again. All the while, he had reached up and taken a hand full of tit in each hand and with his thumbs and fore-fingers had begun to gently squeeze each nubbin. Not too hard, but firm, firm enough to elicit a moan from Southern’s lips.

She proceeded to lean back into the cushions of the couch as he slowly, almost frustratingly slow, inched closer and closer to her chest. Every once in a while, he would allow his tongue to snake out and create a patch of wetness that caused an erotic chill wherever the air hit.

Her nipples were so hard and erect, and Southern could feel the wetness begin between her legs as Jerry continued to plant kisses on her neck and then inch towards her breasts. She was almost ready to demand that he take a nipple in his mouth and suck, when he started to lift her right breast and plant kisses around the area of the nipple without yet touching it. She wanted to grab the back of his head and pull him to her nipple and yet, she knew that he was taking control. ‘Geez, he sure didn’t seem to be so shy now’ she thought to herself. She couldn’t help but allow a moan or two to escape now and then either.

Finally and without any fanfare, as he circled her breast with a wet tongue, he reached out and flicked her nipple with the tip of his tongue. She shivered as if struck with a jolt of electricity.

“Oh God,” she moaned as she grabbed his head and forced it to her nipple. “Suck it, please suck it.” She was certainly pleading. She could feel the sensation of his sucking causing the inside of her cunt to draw up. At least that’s what it felt like. It was as if there was a distinct connection between nipple and her cunt. She felt the wetness between her legs so complete. She was squirming on the couch, trying to force her legs apart, as he continued his administrations on her tit.

Then he went to her left breast, and did the same. He’s suck one nipple, then go back to the other. As he was sucking he would take both of his hands and moving her arms out of the way, he would caress her sides from just under her arms and down to the top hem of her jeans, and then back up again. It was electric. That was the only way she could clarify it in her mind.

She was definitely feeling the heat of the moment. It was so pleasurable she didn’t know if she wanted him to stray from what he was doing, and yet, at the same time she was ready to cry out for more. Just as she was giving birth to that thought, he stopped caressing her sides, grabbed her nipples in both hands and started pinching them between his fingers again. All the while his tongue and lips were making a bee-line for her stomach and belly button.

She could feel the flush in her face and the heat of passion as he inched closer to the zipper on her jeans. His kisses and caresses were hot. ‘Damn hot’, she thought. She allowed her fingers to rest on his head and caress through his mane of hair. He had a full and rich head of hair and her fingers acted like combs going through it.

She was panting and sighing, squirming and moaning as she began to gyrate her hips ever so slightly. Jerry caught attention to what her body was saying and reached down and undid the button to her jeans then slowly started to unzip them. There is something ultimately erotic, not just about the action of unzipping, but also the sound of the zipper being pulled downward.

“God, yes, please, yes.” Southern panted. “Take them off quick, pull them down.”

Jerry could see that she was wearing what appeared to be a matching panty. It was very sheer and as he pulled her jeans from around her hips, he could see the part that her pussy lips made in the crotch of her panties. He could also see something else. There was no mistaking the wetness that was developing. He could also smell the faint muskiness of sex. It was like an elixir or a potion to his senses. He pulled the jeans the rest of the way off and tossed them with her blouse onto the easy chair.

He then reached up and proceeded to pull her panties from around her hips and off her legs. He could see the minute droplets of moisture collect at her pussy lips. Like a petal in the morning dew, it was definitely a most erotic sight. He could also see that she was clean shaven. He couldn’t wait any longer and he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the sofa. Spreading her legs with his hands and sitting between them, he lowered his head to her cunt.

First thing he did, was take a strong whiff of her sexual maltepe escort bayan odor. ‘God, she is so beautiful.’ He thought.

He gently, lovingly flicked his tongue out and captured some of her nectar onto his tongue and tasted it. He moaned as he leaned back in and licked once again, only more firm, allowing his tongue to broaden out as he swiped against her cunt lips. Southern moaned a long drawn out moan and reached down with her fingers and pulled her lips apart exposing her sensitive and erect little clit. Jerry dove in.

He tongued her clit, he lapped at her pussy lips, he kissed and caressed with his lips around her outer lips, he sucked her clit into his mouth creating pressure with his lips and would flick his tongue back and forth against her sensitive nubbin. All the while Southern’s hips were gyrating and she was moaning as if to impale herself on his tongue. Her breathing became more of a panting, sometimes deeper, sometimes more shallow as she would suck in her breath. Her moaning was definitely getting loader, as she would take Jerry’s head and try to force it into her womanhood.

She was cumming. She was so close, and Jerry could tell, because he knew that all the wetness was not just coming from his mouth. As she was panting and moaning Jerry reached up and spread her lips wide, and then planting his mouth squarely over her clit, he sucked it into his mouth and pinched it between his lips firmly. That was all it took as she started to shake and gyrate her hips. She was moaning and groaning and moaning.

“Gaaaaawwwwdddd that feels, soooo goood, I can’t believe iiiitttt.” She panted as the orgasm took hold of her. “Oooooohhhhhhhh, jeeeeessssuuuuuuuussss, it’s soooooo sensitive. I’mmmm ccuuuuummmmingg soooo gooood.”

Jerry held on as best he could, until it was too sensitive for her to continue. Southern kept moaning and moaning. You could see the shivers course through her body as she was coming down from that heavenly high.

She just looked a Jerry and moaned, “Ooohhhhh.” She leaned forward planted a kiss on his lips. She could taste herself on his lips and she stuck her tongue out and traced it along his lips. Then she grabbed his shirt at the shoulders and without stopping to unbutton it, pulled it up and over his head. She did the same with his t-shirt and after she had thrown them aside she ran her fingernails across his chest. She racked them across the little nipples that adorned his chest and felt the hardness as they became erect.

She leaned into him and pushed him backwards to a lying position on the carpeted floor. “That was so good. Just what I needed tonight.” She offered. “Now it’s time for me to show you what I can do.”

Southern hurriedly unzipped his jeans and felt the bulge threatening to burst forth before she even got his pants completely unzipped.

“My, but aren’t we eager tonight,” she intoned. She brushed her fingers across the throbbing bulge that she could not only feel, but also see straining against his boxers. After removing his pants and his shorts, she let out a sigh.

“Do you want to 69?” asked Jerry, sucking in his breath.

“No,” she replied, “just lie back and let me at this gorgeous hunk of man you have wanting me.”

She racked her fingers against his abdomen, then leaned down between his legs, and without any preliminaries, plunged her mouth around his throbbing cock. She was good, Jerry thought, oh gawd, so very good. He had never had a woman to go down on him before who seemed to so thoroughly to enjoy it. She allowed her tongue to sweep around the circumference of his cock shaft as she lightly sucked it deeper into her throat.

Jerry could only moan. He couldn’t remember ever feeling so good. This girl, no this young woman knew how to please the one she was with. He felt her rack her fingers lightly along his balls as he felt himself tense up. He was so wrapped up in the sensation, but a thought trickled through his consciousness wondering how much pleasure could someone feel. He felt as though he had won the lottery or something.

Jerry was not small by any means. When not aroused, he hung a good 8 inches, but when he was hard, he was probably 10 inches or so and girth, it was all she could do to get her small hand completely around his member.

She was doing things with her tongue that he couldn’t imagine possible; and the way she used her other hand to massage his balls, he knew he wouldn’t last. He could feel the pressure build as his balls tightened up and he could feel what he could only describe as a feeling of boiling pressure building up. He didn’t want it to end, but by the same token, sweet release, blessed release would be heaven.

Southern loved cock. Almost as much as she loved pussy and she knew she was good at what she did. She also felt that she wanted to give him the best blow job for a couple of reasons. First, no other guy had taken the time to pleasure her like he had, and second, she loved the feel of his cock in her mouth. She could feel the pleasure she was giving by the way his balls would tighten up. When she would feel them get really hard, she would draw back just a little, let him regain his breath and then go for the pleasure again. She loved the power it made her feel she had, to be able to affect another person so extremely. Besides all that, she loved the taste of a clean cock.

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