Shopping with a Friend

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I agreed to meet a work friend to spend the day shopping together. We had tried to schedule the date for several weeks, but our conflicting social calendar had forced us to schedule the date far into the future. As the day approached, we confirmed our calendars and agreed to meet at an upscale mall in Northern New Jersey near where she lived. I was excited to spend the day with a new friend shopping.

We met at the appointed place and decided on a mutually agreeable starting point. Both Kim and I needed a formal dress to attend a business function both of us were invited to. We agree to start in a boutique. Kim and I entered the store and begin browsing. Kim is shorter than me but has a fuller figure so we are shopping from different racks. We each picked out two or three dresses and headed into the dressing stalls. Both of the sales women were busy carrying clothing from the back of the store so they told us to call them if we needed help. I couldn’t help but notice one of the girls was dressed very revealingly and I checked her out as we passed her into the dressing room.

As we are changing in our respective stalls, we agree to act as fashion consultants for each other. We try on each of the dresses but really don’t find anything that really is perfect. As we leave the dressing room the hot looking sales clerk apologizes for not helping us earlier but tells us that they are unpacking a new shipment that will be put out later in the day and she thinks we may want to try back later. She takes the clothes we have tried on and returns them to the racks. As we are leaving, she calls goodbye to us. As I return her goodbye, she smiles and winks at me.

Kim and I continue shopping and browsing in the stores. We each buy various things, Kim buys a cute bikini, and I buy a pair of jeans. After several hours, we agree to take a shopping break and have a bite to eat. We each have a glass of wine as we wait for our meals. We are chatting like old friends by this point. We each order a second glass of wine with our meals. Kim asks me if I have a steady boyfriend. I tell her that I am really casually dating several boys but spend a lot of time with one. I ask her if she has someone special. She replies that she is not dating anyone currently.

I ask her why and she replies that she terminated a relationship two months ago and hasn’t met anyone new. I tell her I understand, but comment it must be tough to be alone. We each order a third glass of wine as we begin to compare notes on our coworkers and find that we generally agree on most people. The wine begins to take affect, as our comments become more direct. We begin to giggle as we continue to discuss our coworkers. We begin to trade gossip about things we have learned about our coworkers. Kim shares with me that she has the hots for one of our coworkers but he doesn’t seem to notice her. I commiserate with her and offer her some suggestions to help her get noticed. Kim comments that she is needs to find a guy soon. I let the comment pass and nod my head.

We split the lunch tab and develop a plan to continue shopping. Kim finds a dress she likes in one of the stores. The color sets off her eyes and hair and she looks very pretty in it. It has a very high slit in the skirt and Kim asks me if I think it is too revealing. She parts the skirt and I notice that it extends well up her thigh. I tell her I would wear it. Kim tells me she needs to buy a bra since the dress is strapless. I tell her she should go bra less and she replies that she is too big. I push her back into the changing room and tell her to try the dress on without a bra. After several minutes, Kim opens the curtain and waves me into her changing cubicle.

She has removed her bra and the dress looks stunning on her but certainly reveals a lot of her chest. I ask her how she feels about the dress and she replies that between the high slit and the strapless top she feels that the dress is very daring but she really likes how she looks in it. I tell her that she looks great in the dress. She decides to shop further before making a decision. I tell her to turn around and I help her unzip the dress. I lower the dress so Kim can step out of it and as I pick the dress up, I can’t help notice her body and cute green thong panty. I try to casually check her body out. She had large, firm breasts topped by large areola and semi-erect nipples. Her nipples look thick and very kiss-able. I realize that I am openly checking her out and I look up to her face to see if she has noticed me. She has. She tells me I don’t have to be so obvious. I try to play it cool and ask her what she means. She coolly asks me if I like what I see. I stammer a denial but I stop in mid-sentence. Kim tells me that she has wondered if I was BI-sexual and now has her answer.

I move close to her and lean forward and take one of her nipples into my mouth. Kim inhales sharply and as her nipple hardens in response to my caress, she moves a hand up to cradle my head. I continue to suckle her breast while her hand supports antalya escort my head. Kim turns me around and sits me down on the bench and pulls my head back to her breast. She tells me that she loves what I am doing to her and asks me to continue. I return my caresses to her breast and wrap my hands around her waist. Kim begins to gently moan as I continue to caress her. Her hands are on my head and she moves closer to me and straddles one of my legs. She whispers to me that she is really aroused. I reach down and run a finger under her thong by her ass. As my finger moves down between her legs I feel the wetness of her pussy. I curl my finger and slide it into her wet opening.

Her hips buck in response to my caress. I remove my finger from her pussy and slide it up to her ass and insert my wet finger into her ass. Her moans are now louder and her body begins to shake. I rotate my hand so my finger remains in her ass and my thumb can rub her clit. Her pussy is trimmed very closely and as I begin to caress her hard clit, I feel her nipples harden and my hand gets soaked as Kim’s orgasm begins. Her body shakes as her orgasm consumes her. I continue my caresses as her body shakes. As her orgasm passes, I stand up and turn her around so she can sit down on the bench and recover. I kiss her lips and tell her I will wait for her to dress outside the changing area. Before she can respond, I leave the cubicle and walk away. My body is on fire from what has just occurred. As I walk away, I intercept a sales lady who is heading back to see if we are OK.

I tell her that Kim likes the dress and that she is changing out of it. This satisfies the sales lady who turns around and leaves. I look for a mirror to see how bad I look. A quick inspection tells me I need to reapply my lipstick and run a brush through my hair. As I complete this, I turn back to the changing area. I see movement below the curtain that tells me that Kim is recovering. After several more minutes, Kim opens the curtain and steps out. She picks up her packages and walks towards me. I ask her if she is OK and she responds that she is great. I ask her about the dress and she tells me that my enthusiastic response has convinced her to buy the dress. We walk over to the sales counter and Kim buys the dress. As we head out of the store, Kim grabs my hand and tells me that her pussy is still flowing from her orgasm and that she needs to find a bathroom to repair herself.

When we find a bathroom, Kim invites me to join her in a stall, but I laughingly tell her that I still need to find a dress. She goes into the bathroom and after several minutes rejoins me. She has repaired her makeup and brushed her hair and looks OK again. I ask her if she is OK to shop some more and she replies yes. I wait for Kim to discuss what has happened and within minutes she tells me that she feels wonderful and would like to return the favor if I am interested. I reply that I am certainly interested and let’s see how the day unfolds. We continue shopping in several more stores but I still don’t find a dress that I like. It is now late afternoon, and we decide to head back to our cars. On our way, we pass the boutique we started in. Kim asks if I want to see if any of the new dresses were more to my liking. I head into the store while Kim heads into a music store next to the boutique.

The sales girl that talked to us earlier sees me enter and she comes over to help. She leads me over to the racks, and we jointly pick out several dresses that I like. The selection is much better than before, and the clerk is very helpful. She takes the dresses and leads me to the changing room and hangs the dresses in a cubicle. She volunteers to “help me”. I accept her help. Before I know it, she joins me in the cubicle. She tells me her name is Trini. I look at her and ask her what kind of help she is prepared to offer and she replies that this is a full service boutique and she is prepared to help me however I need. I decide to see what kind of help she is offering and begin to undress to try on the first dress. I strip down to my bra and panties and I quickly change into a jersey halter dress that I particularly like.

The dress looks really good on me and as I look at myself in the mirror Trini suggests that I should try the dress on without a bra. I look at myself and agree with her assessment. I take off the dress and remove my bra. I slip the dress back on and look at myself in the mirror. Trini tells me that I look really good in the dress. I continue to look into the mirror. I like the dress but decide to try on the others before I make a final decision. I start to take off the dress and notice Trini staring at my image in the mirror. I turn to her and ask her if she is all right. I move closer to her and ask her again if she is OK. She looks at me and tells me that she is really hot for me and wants to make love to me. I tell her that would be nice but I’m not sure this is the right place. She assures me it will be fine and she tells me she will be right lara escort back.

As I stand in the dressing room waiting for her to return, I can’t help myself and I begin to caress my breasts. My nipples quickly harden and I feel my pussy beginning to lubricate. My hand leaves my breast and makes its way inside my panties and between my legs. I image Trini between my legs, pleasuring me. I look up to see Trini and Kim standing in the cubicle entrance starring at me. I realize how foolish I must look with one of my hands playing with my pussy and the other tweaking my hard nipples. Trini breaks the ice by chiding me for not waiting.

I look at Kim and tell her that I was very hot from earlier. Trini looks at me in confusion. I explain what happened between Kim and I earlier. Trini looks over at Kim and tells her she is welcome to join us but she is planning on licking my pussy until I can’t stand it anymore. With that, she begins to strip off her clothes. I barely get a chance to see her curvy body before she pulls my wet panties down my legs and guides me down to sit on the bench. She spreads me open with her fingers and wraps her lips around my needy clit. She sucks it into her mouth and while sucking on it begins to feverishly run her tongue in circles around it. I arch my back and bring my legs up and put them on her shoulders. I spread my legs wide and push myself against her tongue. My hips start to ride her mouth as bolts of pleasure flow from my pussy to my brain. The woman sucks on my clit like a Hoover vacuum.

The feelings are incredible and I almost immediately come. I lift off the chair, tightening my hips against her head and digging my heels into her back as I ride on her tongue. I feel her move down as her tongue thrusts into me as she licks my flowing juices. I hear myself gasp with pleasure as her tongue begins thrusting into me as she laps my pussy. I collapse back in the chair and try to push her away to let me recover but she pushes my hands away and continues to tongue me. I look up at Kim and see her standing there watching us. I open my arms to here and wave her to come to me.

I tell her to come sit by me. She starts towards me and I tell her to get undressed so I can caress her body. Kim strips down and joins me on the bench. I lean over and begin to lick her breasts while she pulls my hair back so she can watch me. Trini is still sucking me and I am nearing another orgasm. Kim’s nipples are hard from my caresses and I look up at her and tell her I want her to lick my pussy. She nods her head. We exchange a hot tongue kiss and Kim makes very clear from her rapid tongue movement that she know how to please. We break our hungry kiss and I reach down and pull Trini away from my dripping pussy. I tell her that I want Kim to lick me while I please her. Trini looks at me and tells me that she really wants to finish what she started. I reply that if she does, I will be useless for anything else and I want to repay my debt to her.

I pull her up until she is standing in front of me. I caress her breasts as her nipples rapidly harden to my caresses. I watch her close her eyes as Kim stands up and exchanges a hot kiss with her. Kim is caressing Trini’s other breast as I leave her hard nipple after a final gentle bite slide down to a kneeling position on the floor in front of her and run my tongue down to her navel. Trini places her hands on my shoulder for support as Kim moves behind her and takes both of her breasts into her hands and continues to caress her breasts. I gently nip her mons as my tongue continues down to her pussy. I can smell her arousal as I get closer. I feel Kim sliding between my legs as my tongue reaches Trini’s patch.

She has a very closely trimmed triangle that points to her pussy. As my tongue reaches her pussy, I see that her lips are cleanly shaven and her pussy lips are engorged and open. I dart my tongue between her lips, finding her hard clit. I slowly run my tongue around it, moaning into her pussy as I feel Kim’s tongue begin to lick my pussy. I try to concentrate on Trini as my tongue continues to lick her clit. I wrap my hands around her grabbing her ass as my tongue snakes along her wet pussy. Trini moans when I stick my tongue inside her, wiggling it against her opening. Her ass clenches as she thrusts herself against my tongue trying to push it deeper into her. I moan as Kim’s finger wiggles into my ass as her finger slides easily inside. I decide to copy Kim so I move my tongue back up to her clit as I slide a finger into her wet pussy.

After several seconds, I take the finger and place it by her ass. Trini moans as my finger slides into her ass and her hips buck against my face. Trini moans and tells me to fuck her ass as her hips push back against my hand. I suck greedily on her clit as I fuck her with my hand. Trini moans that she is coming as her hips thrust one last time. I continue to lick her clit as I feel her ass tighten around my finger. Her hips lock as she moans loudly. Her climax manavgat escort signals me and I barely help her complete hers before mine begins. Kim has two fingers in my ass as my hips lock down on her head. I let out a loud moan as my orgasm continues. Like a wanton slut, I grind my hips against her tongue, impaling myself on her fingers as I continue to peak. If my hands weren’t still holding Trini, I would collapse.

As I slowly recover, Trini pulls my fingers from her and steps away. I look down as Kim wiggles out between my thighs and smile at her. I shakily stand up and kiss Trini as I pull Kim to her feet. I kiss Kim and thank her for my orgasm. The three of us look at each other and I finally tell them this is an excellent break from shopping. We all laugh as we find our clothes and put them back on. When we are all dressed, Trini asks me if I have made a decision on a dress. I tell her that I am buying the halter dress since she liked how I looked in it. Trini replies that I am making an excellent choice. I pay for my dress and Kim and I exchange phone numbers with Trini, agreeing to get together again when all of our schedules work out.

As we head out of the store, the manager smiles at both of us and tells us to please come again. We laugh at her obvious entendre and Kim blushes a deep shade of red. Trini comments that we were the best tasting customers in a long time. We head out after a final kiss.

Kim asks if we are done and ready to head home. I tell her that I am done shopping but I am not done with her and invite her to my boy friends apartment for some more girl fun. Kim asks me about my boyfriend and I tell her that if he plays his cards right, maybe we will invite him to watch or if she likes maybe he can join us. Kim smiles and tells me she is willing. We get to our cars and she follows me back. When we arrive back at Dave’s house, it is empty. He has written a note that he is over at a friend’s house and will be back for dinner. I look at the clock and see that it is 4:00. Kim and I have some time to get to know each other better. I invite her to join me in the shower. She agrees. Kim follows me into the bathroom and I start the shower. We undress and enter the shower.

I love shower sex so when Kim gets into the shower, I am ready with soap and a washcloth. I tell her to turn around and I wash her back, legs, and feet and then turn her around. I wash her legs, stomach, chest and face. I shampoo her hair and rinse it. I then hand her the soap and washcloth and ask her to clean me. Kim returns the favor. When done, I move close and begin to caress her breasts. Her nipples are very responsive and harden almost immediately. I take one in my mouth and slowly suck it until it swells even further. I move to the other nipple and do the same thing. Before moving on to other things, I remove the showerhead and point it at her hard nipples. The force of the water against her swollen nipples causes her to moan. I slide down to my knees and spread her pussy lips. I then point the showerhead so the water hits her swollen clit. Almost immediately, her moans get louder and her hands reach down onto my shoulder. As the spray continues to hit her clit, I slide a finger into her ass. Kim is now moaning almost continually. I remove my hand from her ass and direct her to the seat in the shower. I move between her legs and caress her pussy with my tongue as I gently squeeze her nipples. Within minutes, Kim begins her orgasm.

While she recovers, I shave my pussy while she watches. Kim is very curious about this and asks me why I shave. As I rub baby oil on my bald pussy, I tell her about why I do it. I ask her if she would like me to shave her. She agrees. I shave her carefully and then apply baby lotion. By the time I am done, Kim is all turned on again so I lick her until she has another orgasm. I look up at her and ask her if she wants more but she tells me it is my turn. I sit down on the seat and Kim begins to caress my breasts. I am very horny from all of our fun so Kim has me moaning within minutes as she nibbles on my pussy. I begin to caress my breasts as Karen’s tongue continues to arouse me. I scoot forward and spread my legs wide to allow her unlimited access to my swollen pussy. I respond to the inevitability of my orgasm as my hips begin their dance against her tongue. I lean back and lift my hips off the seat as Karen’s tongue sends me over the edge. Karen locks her mouth around my clit as she senses my orgasm beginning and the sensation heightens my pleasure.

As I complete my orgasm and return to earth, I look down to see Karen still on her knees looking up at me. She asks me if I would like more. I tell her I would love more but I feel like a prune and suggest we leave the shower to towel off. We move to the bed and begin to kiss and caress. Dave chooses this moment to arrive home. I hear him enter but Kim doesn’t. She realized Dave is in the room when I begin to giggle. Kim finally looks at Dave standing naked with his hard penis in his hand while he strokes it. I introduce Kim to Dave and invite him to join us. While I performed introductions, Dave crawled on the bed between us. Kim wasted no time in mounting him and proceeded to frantically hump him. Not wanting to be left out, I slid over Dave’s face and let him lick me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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