Shipwrecked Sister

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Mark & Jennifer had been looking forward to this vacation. Their uncle had been planning a trip up the east coast of Africa. Mark, just 18, a handsome young man, and his gorgeous, dark-haired 19 year-old sister Jennifer were to join him. They’d been packing for a month in anticipation of the trip. They were going over land up the coast, at least as far as Zanzibar, and would then have to turn back in time for the new college semester. They had finally left their home on the East Coast, and started their expedition. They had spent two weeks on the road before finally reaching their destination, and were camped on the coast of Zanzibar when disaster struck!

They’d rented a large canoe to explore the Islands that litter the coast off Zanzibar, when one of Africa’s late afternoon thunderstorms hit. It tossed their canoe around madly, throwing all three of them into the water. Mark and Jennifer struck out for the nearest land, and after an eternity of hard swimming, they collapsed on the beach.

When he came to, Mark slowly raised his head. He saw his sister Jennifer lying a meter or two from him, exhausted, wet, but alive. Their uncle was nowhere to be seen. They wandered the beach until it got dark, looking for their uncle, to no avail.

Mark headed back to where they had first landed, and stumbled across one of their waterlogged backpacks, which had washed ashore. Mark emptied it and found a water canteen, a Swiss army knife, and a first aid kit. Better than nothing, he thought. Jennifer was crying nearby.

“We’ll be alright. I promise,” he said.

“I’m just so scared Mark,” she sobbed back at him. “We’re all alone, and Uncle Terence is missing!” She broke down again.

He held her close, comforting her, feeling her large breasts against his body.

“We’ll be alright, Jenny – at least we’re alive.”

Mark constructed a lean-to shelter for them to sleep under, while Jennifer furtively scanned the sea for sign of other boats.

After a couple of weeks, both teens had given up on a quick rescue. Their parents weren’t expecting them back for weeks, and there were dozens of islands in the area. They fell into a routine of collecting fruit and water, resting in the hot, tropical afternoons, and taking turns at watching for boats.

By this time too, they’d started to recover from the initial shock of their ordeal, and were struggling to adapt to their new circumstances. Mark’s young beard started to grow, much to the delight of Jennifer, who teased him about it.

Two weeks in the wild without her Lady Bic razor had left Jennifer with a very full bush that peeked out from her bikini, and crept down the inside of her thighs in a rich, dark auburn. Soft, downy dark hair appeared on her legs as well. As for her armpits, what had started as dark, peppery stubble was now thick tufts czech gangbang porno of luxurious dark hair. She only had one T-shirt to cover her bikini, and even when she wore it, one could see a dark shadow under her arms.

None of this was lost on Mark. He had noticed the lush, dark hair under his sister’s arms, and the curls around her bikini. He had always known that his sister was attractive, and had always enjoyed stolen glances at her large, full breasts. Here, hey were less shy about their bodies around each other, and every time he caught a profile of his sister’s big, soft tits (he had yet to see her nude) and hairy armpits, he felt his cock stiffen, and inevitably had to rush off into the bushes to stroke himself while he imagined running his hands all over Jennifer’s hairy body.

Mark awoke one morning with a raging erection, and was about to go and do something about it when he noticed that Jennifer was already awake. Her eyes were transfixed on his crotch, which throbbed noticeably through his worn out shorts.

She slept close to him, so she had a good view of his hard-on. She had raised herself up onto one elbow to get a better look, and he couldn’t help but notice the dark hair in her armpit. This made his cock throb all the more. Her breast was spilling out from her ragged bikini top, and he could see the pink glow of her areola.

Jennifer suddenly noticed that his eyes were open, and where they were focused.

“Ohh! Ohh, Mark…I didn’t…” she gasped as she wrenched her gaze from his erection, embarrassed both by what she’d seen, and by what he’d been looking at. She quickly closed her arm against her side and looked away in shame.

“Hey”, Mark said with a worried tone to his voice. “It’s perfectly normal for us to have feelings like this.”

Still at a loss for words, Jennifer could only blush more deeply as Mark continued.

“I mean, it’s not easy being marooned with a beautiful girl, Jennifer.”

“You’re don’t have to make me feel better, Mark. I’m dirty, my clothes are in tatters, I have no make-up, and I haven’t shaved in weeks. I’m really not feeling all that attractive. But thank you for trying, anyway.”

By now, Mark’s cock was so hard it felt like it was going to explode. He was so overcome with lust that he pressed on with the topic.

“Jen,” he gulped, “you’re incredibly attractive. You’ve got a lovely face, a great body,” he took her hand as he spoke. “And all this hair really turns me on.”

Jennifer didn’t know what to say. The two of them lay there in awkward silence.

“You say you’re turned on by me? By this? The hair in my armpits?” she asked, gesturing toward her underarms. Mark’s cock sprang up like a soldier.

“Oh, god, yes, Jen. You look so beautiful that way. Your pits are driving me czech harem porno crazy! And your bush…I can totally see your hair down there from your bikini. You’re so – so hairy and hot!” he replied.

“I’m surprised to hear that. Most boys would be grossed out by all this hair,” she said.

“I don’t know,” her brother replied. “You’d be surprised. Most guys I know get a secret thrill from seeing a hairy girl. It’s actually a real turn on!”

As he spoke, she gently ran her hand down her shoulder and gently stroked the stray wisps of hair that peeked out from under her arm. “I’m still getting used to it. You know, being hairy. I kind of like the way it feels. I’m glad it turns you on, Mark.”

Mark reached into his pants and shifted his rock-hard erection. His pulse quickened as his hand reached his throbbing member.

“What are you doing, Mark?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh, ah – nothing,” Mark replied.

” Mark? Are you touching it? Are you touching it because of…because of my hairy armpits and my …you know?” Jennifer asked innocently.

“I’m just trying to shift it around a little,” he whispered.

“Can I see it?” she asked, pointing at the bulge in his shorts, and blushing even a darker shade of red. “Maybe I can, you know, help.”

Mark almost came in his shorts as Jennifer slid her finger gently under her arm, in and out, in and out…

“You can look at me if I can look at you.” she said. Jennifer reached back and slowly undid the bows holding her bikini top in place. Mark took a deep breath as he saw both of her dark, hairy underarms in full view. She was spectacular! He couldn’t wait to touch her, to run his fingers over her body, and feel all of her hairy places!

Mark slowly pulled down his pants, easing them over his pulsing cock.

Jennifer exhaled sharply as his erect member came into view. She’d had her hands in her boyfriend’s pants once before, but this was the first one she’d actually seen up this close. It was a big, thick, throbbing cock, highlighted by veins as it bobbed in front of her. She wanted to feel it, to touch it, taste it, and rub it all over her young, hairy body.

Jennifer reached back and slowly removed her top, exposing her big, soft breasts to her amazed brother. Now it was Mark’s turn to gasp as he saw them for the first time. They were large, they were full, and they were round, soft, beautiful, and creamy white against her island tan. Her nipples were large, and tempting. He couldn’t take his eyes off his sister’s breasts. They were absolutely mouthwatering.

“Oh, god. I’m so hard!” Mark’s cock bobbed at the sight before him.

Without moving her gaze from his erection, Jennifer slipped off her bikini bottoms. Mark watched in fascination as her massive bush of pubic hair was finally unveiled.

“What czech sharking porno happens now?” Jennifer asked. They both felt a surge of new feelings coursing through their bodies, unlike anything they’d ever felt before.

Unable to utter a word, Mark lay down beside her, and tenderly, they began to explore each other. Mark’s hands roamed her body as they kissed, lost in a passionate swirl of desire. He felt the rise of her soft breasts, and the heat of her nipples. He found the hair under her arms and stroked it lovingly, teasing it with his fingers.

Jennifer moved her hand to his cock, and began to stroke it up and down. Mark’s mouth found her breast, and his hand ventured south to the wild, wooly hair between his sister’s legs. She jumped, and then groaned in pleasure at his touch, gyrating her bush into his hand as he stroked her outer lips and gently teased her clit. She began to tremble, and climaxed from Mark’s delicate handiwork.

Jennifer pushed Mark to his side, and then brought her head down to his throbbing erection.

“I’ve never done this before.” She eyed his cock hungrily. She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip.

“Mmm, it tastes nice,” she cooed. She licked it again, her tongue bathing his cock in her warm saliva. She wrapped her lips around Mark’s cock, and slowly engulfed him, moving her tongue around and around the crown until he couldn’t take it anymore…

Mark pulled out of his sister’s mouth and kissed her on the lips. They fell to the sandy floor as she pulled him between her legs. Mark’s body responded as her hands moved down, parting her thick bush, and she guided his drooling cock to the entrance of her wet, hairy pussy.

“Mark, I’m glad it’s you,” she whispered, tickling his cock with her hairy bush.

Mark slid his cock back and forth in her hairy bush, just barely touching her awaiting lips. He pushed lower, rubbing the head against her clit, and then finally his rock-hard cock entered the softest, wettest, hairiest pussy he had ever experienced.

Mark thrust forward, almost falling as he entered her, over and over again. She thrust her hips back at him, moaning as he licked and sucked her sweaty breasts and nipples. His hands found the dark growth in her armpits, and he grew even more inside her. The new feeling of Mark’s huge cock plunging deep in her pussy sent wave after wave of pleasure though Jennifer. He reached the point of no return as he buried his face in her hairy armpit, smelling, licking, and tasting his sister as she writhed in the sand screaming his name. She shuddered over and over again in an earth-shattering orgasm, which sent Mark over the edge. He pulled his spurting cock out of Jennifer’s sopping wet pussy and erupted all over her beautiful, hairy body, shooting his final blast across her big, beautiful breasts, rubbing his drooling cock on each of her nipples. He collapsed on top of her, and they kissed for a long, long time…

They held each other as the sun set, gazing into each other’s eyes, neither one hearing the approaching patrol ship as Uncle Terence sounded its horn and the search party entered the cove…

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